Spasilk 100% Cotton Hooded Terry Bath Towel with 4 Washcloths-Dinosaur Blue/Green

Spasilk 100% Cotton Hooded Terry Bath Towel with 4 Washcloths-Dinosaur Blue/Green

Spasilk 100% cotton hooded terry bath towel with 4 washcloths, these extra thick and soft hooded towels are absorbent and perfect to dry baby after bath time. Make bath time fun for baby and you with these wonderfully thick, soft and absorbent hooded towels.

Main features

  • 100% cotton terry, thick, soft and absorbent
  • Hooded to keep baby warm
  • Perfect for drying and wrapping baby after bath
  • Coordinated applique hooded towel with four washcloths
  • Perfect for shower gift

Verified reviews


Cute but low quality terry towelling

I was looking forward to this but was so disappointed with the quality of the towel and washcloths. It is so very cute when purchasing online but the end product was not what I expected. I’m using it till I cannot any longer. I cannot recommend this to anyone.

Geri Toms River, NJ


great quality and I love the color. I can’t wait to use it for my son . I love it. Thanks

Queen Orefield, PA

Very good!

We used it to gave our son sponge bath after he was born, this pack has got everything we need. Love it!

Leola Jackson, MO

Very cute!

This towel and washcloth set looks supercute! It is not the softest towel, that’s why I’m giving only 4 stars, but other than that it is good quality. Very cute 🙂

Tessa East Orange, NJ

Little fuzzies

Nice size towel and rags but after a wash in the washing machine the towel still left little fuzzies on my son.

Sheila Malaga, OH


This towel is so much more absorbent and snuggly than other hooded baby towels we got. They are cute too. I wish the washcloths were softer since I don’t use fabric softener on my baby items but overall I like them.

Christa Cedar Lake, IN

Just OK

I wish these towels were softer and absorbed water better. I don’t like their texture and use them as head rests for the baby during the bath. I use regular adult towels to dry the baby because they are well made and absorb water and leave your baby feeling warm and dry.

Doretha West Paducah, KY

soft and thick

Love this towel! It’s thick and soft and very absorbant. The wash cloths are so heavy duty that they’re almost too much to use in the bath for my son.Overall: high quality, good craftsmanship and I highly recommend it!

Haley Enterprise, UT

Great for every day use

We have used the towel for our son from the time he was a newborn, he is now 3 months and we still use this towel. It is soft without being scratchy or rough. The only bit that could be rough is the hooded bit due to the embroidered dino but it isn’t that bad really. We have hand washed this many times and it has turned out fine every time. This is not a plush towel, it is an everyday simple towel. This towel is also a good size, our son is quite long (99th percentile) and there is plenty of room for him to be wrapped.The wash clothes are great for everyday things. We have used it to wipe down those messes on the changing mat to wiping his bottom. They are great for those kind of messes. We generally prefer these for bath time as they have a bit of roughness that is great for wiping down without being harsh on newborn skin. I still prefer the terry wash clothes for little delicate faces as they are softer than these ones.Overall, good value for money!

Marian Mound Bayou, MS

Very cute!!!

These are just way too cute!!! They are perfect and are soft and absorbent which is what I look for in a towel for my precious baby!!!! Just over all happy with this!!!

Michelle Wapiti, WY

Great for price!

I got this adorable little set as a gift and it makes me feel great knowing it was money well spent. Towel is on the thicker side and absorbent. The colors are nice and bold and don’t already seem faded and worn like other brands. 100% cotton so they don’t have that generic feel of part-polyester products. Good size and I don’t see any reason why this set won’t last until baby physically outgrows it. (Unless your washer or dryer is on the wrong setting!)

Josefina Saint Paul, KS

Soft and dries well.

Very soft and dries baby well. Love it. I think I will be ordering more of these. I just wish it had more of the larger towels..maybe a 2 pack.

Margery Selden, KS

Perfect for bath time

This set is nice and thick – the washcloths didn’t look like much out of the packaging but fluffed up nicely after the first wash. Not what I use for wiping her face and hands throughout the day, when I prefer a thinner cloth–the same company sells a 10-pack of cotton/poly washcloths that I use for that purpose–but these fully cotton ones are perfect for bath time and sudsing up. Highly recommend.

Cornelia Edgewater, FL

Plush and darling!

This washcloth and towel set is very cute. Thick, soft, and good for larger babies also. Teh 4 washcloths are a nice size and very thick and soft. Love the towel and the thicker ply and larger size.

Joy Sealston, VA


The towel and wash cloths are okay. They are a little rough and the wash cloths are too small. They become rougher after washing and are little harsh on babies skin.

Jaime River, KY

Kind of thin and scratchy

These towels are OK–kind of thin and scratchy but OK if that’s what you have. Now I use them to line the tub while my son is taking a bath to prevent slippage. I actually use the washcloths more than the towels!

Christy West Monroe, LA

Nice towel

This is a nice and pretty towel. Has a good size for newborns andi like the fact that it comes with small towels for bathing our baby. Use them every day. Will buy again!

Lelia Ceres, VA