Spasilk 3 pack Soft Terry Hooded Towel Set, Blue

Spasilk 3 pack Soft Terry Hooded Towel Set, Blue

3 pack Hooded Towel Set in coordinated colors and appliques, soft blend 80% cotton 20% poly. Perfect for baby bath time, soft, absorbent and practical. Keep baby warm and dry after bath, Perfect for baby shower or gift.

Main features

  • 80% cotton/20% poly
  • Imported
  • 3 pack super soft hooded towel set in coordinated prints and appliques
  • Hooded to keep baby warm
  • Brightly colored prints with matching applique
  • Soft, absorbent and easy to use
  • Perfectly sized and machine washable

Verified reviews


Thin and not absorbent

You get what you pay for. These towels are thin and not very absorbent. The certainly don’t keep my little one warm when he’s just out of the bath. Save your money and buy one nice hooded towel. You don’t really need more than one.

Dorothy Great Bend, KS

Decent for the price

These towels are a bit thin – but they are soft and they get the job done. They survived my first wash in the laundry so I guess they are ok.

Barbara Robbins, CA

Not impressed

Flimsy, thin material makes these pretty useless as towels. Even when washed according to specifications, they started to look worn pretty quickly.

Fanny Clubb, MO

Adorable…but thin compared to other spasilk towels!!

We bought the cute yellow ducks and I gave this product a three star because it’s thin compared to the other spasilk baby towels we just received…for the price they should have been 100% cotton not 80/20. This being the first spasilk towels we’ve purchase I now know only to buy the 100% cotton ones there much thicker and they come with four wash cloths and one bath towel. Overall this 3pack towel set is cute but thin!!

Deanna Bimble, KY

Good, but too thin

These towels might be really good for use during summer, or if your house is super hot… I found them too thin for use during winter. We keep temperature at 74F during winter, but it still feels kinda chilly after hot bath, so I think my daughter feels uncomfortable in this towel – it’s too thin and becomes very wet too easily. Now I know to look for thicker, cuddlier type of the towel. I’m planning to use these when we take our daughter to the outdoor pool this summer.

Sally Ramsey, NJ

Good quality

These towels are good quality and the price was reasonable as well. I would recommend them to new parents as well as grandparents.

Genevieve Stanchfield, MN

Cute, right size, but thin.

These are great towels for having something to place the baby in right after you take them out of the bath. Their body temperatures can drop so fast that it’s important to get their heads covered and their body covered as quickly as possible, and that’s what these cute little towels do. However, because they’re so thin you’re going to need a secondary item like a blanket or another cloth just to get the last dampness off of their skin before tucking them into whatever outfit they will wear! It hasn’t been much of a bother to me since I usually have a blanket within arm’s reach anyway to lay her on for a second before dressing her and that’s really all it takes. Plus, they’re just precious!

Julianne Longlake, SD

Love Them!

Yes, these towels are a bit thin, but they get the job done. My son is 10 weeks now, and we use these at every bath time, even over the thick, expensive towels we have. We wrap him up, dry him off quick, and get him to his changing table to get dressed. If you’re planning on leaving your baby wrapped up in a towel for a while, these might not be for you. But for the price, you really can’t beat these towels. I actually like the Spasilk towels more than the highly-rated washcloths.Update: My son is almost 11 months now, and we are still using these towels every bath. They have held up fantastically wash after wash and are still big enough and absorbent enough for my growing boy.

Dominique Jenkins Bridge, VA

Doesn’t dry very well

The inside of these towels are not soft like the outside its more scratchy. They do not absorb very well either. I get wet before the baby is even fully wrapped up. I put a big towel on me and then the terry towel for the baby. This keeps me from getting wet and keeps them warmer. Otherwise the hoods are very large which is great as the baby grows. All the designs are as shown in the photos.

Helen Philpot, KY

Okay But not Great

These work well for the price. They are thin and not super soft. The parts with the images printed are scratchy. If you are looking for something cheap and workable, these are your towels. If you are looking for something nice to give as a gift, look elsewhere.

Janis Westhampton, NY

hooded towels

Perfect for a newborn. They are adorable colors and perfect size. Super soft. Also very well priced. I would give as a gift to any expecatant mom.

Luisa Manokotak, AK

Great !!!

Soft, practical, functional. Baby loves bath-time but these towels simply add to the fun. I love them! They work perfectly.

Jami Dickeyville, WI

Adequate Towels

These towels are pretty thin, but they get the job done. I usually wrap the baby in one, to get them mostly dry, and then switch them to a second one.

Selma Auburn, NH

really thin, not as soft, 80/20 cotton/poly blend

Look for 100% cotton towels and skip these 80/20 cotton/poly blends. They’re not as fluffy as aden+anais towels, and they’re super thin, so they’re not warm either. And because they’re thin, they don’t last in the washes as well either.

Wilma Booth, AL

Great quality!

These are great towels that stand up well to repeated washings. They are not too thin like some baby towels. They are also large enough to last at least up to one year.

Hannah East Granby, CT