SpaSilk Washcloths, Blue, 0-36 Months, 10-Count

SpaSilk Washcloths, Blue, 0-36 Months, 10-Count

10 pack Washcloth by SpaSilk comes in solid coordinated colors. Soft terry blend fabric is 80% cotton 20% poly to gently wash baby. Practical and perfect for bath time. Measures 9″ x 9″. Recommended for all ages.

Main features

  • 80% cotton/20% polyester
  • Imported
  • Soft and smooth for baby’s tender skin
  • Practical and perfect for bath time
  • Measures 9″ x 9″
  • Recommended for all ages
  • Comes in solid colors

Verified reviews


Great for infants and washing those tiny toes and hands

I have tried various wash cloths on my kids and I prefer these. At first they seemed too thin and small but once I started using them i really started to love them. It is actually better that they are thin because it is easier to wash in between my daughters tiny toes and fingers. Thicker washcloths are too big for these small areas. I also like to put one on her belly to keep her warm while she bathes and these are better than a thick one because they are lighter weight. I highlly recommend these for infants.

Antonia Lake Villa, IL

soft, pefect for little ones

they are the perfect softness and thickness for babies and toddler. nice pink colors. Just FYI, the loop part of the terry is only on one side (as is the case with all other brands of baby washcloths i have purchased, which doesn’t bother me.

Hope Carthage, AR

Soft and good size for babies, they curl up after drying

These washcloths are very good for babies and soft skin. For a newborn, they can be used as quick burp cloths, sponges for little baths and cleanups, and as washable baby wipes.They’re very soft, and they stay fairly white over time, but the one negative is that the edges seem to curl very easily when the washcloths are dried; you can flatten them out by hand, then fold them, and they’ll stay flat for a little while, but the next time they’re dried, they’ll curl up again. If you air dry them, they don’t curl as much, but it’s still an annoyance.Since all the other washcloths I’ve used (generic brands, mostly) have the same problem, to a greater or lesser extent, it’s not a big deal. You can’t really have enough washcloths for a newborn baby!

Hope Cutler, IL

No complaints

I’m using these as cloth wipes on my kids, so they are more than serving their purpose. They are on the thinner side, but even used as a washcloth, I think they would be fine. Can’t beat the price!

Jeanette Elm Mott, TX

Great for use as wipes

We use these as wipes with cloth diapering. They work great because they are thin and the right amount of absorbent and textured for use like this. We make our own liquid wipe solution and pre-moisten the wipes. Works great! Baby is five months and some of the wipes are obviously thinning, but no holes yet. Some of the seams have de-threaded but I have a surger and can fix that, though I haven’t needed to yet. I just cut off the loose thread for now.

Germaine Thayer, IL