Spectra 9 Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump with Tote! 2 Phase Cycling! Rechargeable Battery!

Spectra 9 Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump with Tote! 2 Phase Cycling! Rechargeable Battery!

It’s finally here! The AWARD WINNING SPECTRA 9 ADVANCED ELECTRIC BREAST PUMP W 2-PHASE CYCLING! AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY THROUGH MOTHER’S MILK! NEED A COMPLETELY PORTABLE, PROFESSIONAL GRADE BREAST PUMP FOR LESS? If you are a working mom or a mom who is going to need to pump a couple of times a day, the SPECTRA 9 is the perfect pump for you. The SPECTRA 9 is a daily use, single(but can be used as a double) breast pump designed for moms who pump a couple of times a day(if you pump MANY times daily, we recommend the our hospital grade Spectra Dew 350). The Spectra 9 is portable, convenience for discreet pumping anywhere!!! It’s so small, it will fit in the palm of your hand….. WHY THIS PUMP OVER MEDELA? THE LIST IS ENDLESS! Lightweight and slimline, it HAS to be the best looking pump on the market today. Now, let’s take a look at the features: RECHARGEABLE BATTERY- The Spectra 9 will provide powerful, completely versatile and portable pumping for you with the option to either use electrical power or just use the inbuilt rechargeable battery when you’re on the move. Either use the unit plugged in or unplug and express wherever you like using the inbuilt battery. It’s that easy! ATTRACTIVE AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN Not only does this pump look nice but it’s also nice and portable and will just about slip inside your (decent sized) pocket. DIGITAL DISPLAY- The Spectra 9 comes with a digital display which will really help you understand where you’re at with your pumping. The cycle and vaccuum strength are both displayed in bars – so it’s easy to see how high you have each setting. The battery life is also displayed – as well as the mode at top right! LET-DOWN MODE We should also tell you that the Spectra 9 is super easy to assemble and clean – absolutely no fiddly bits and pieces to get lost, lose suction or be impossible to clean. Ships to U.S. and Canada only!

Main features

  • DUAL PHASE “Let-down” pumping program: This means you can start with a more rapid cycle to stimulate let down faster. Small and lightweight too!
  • Large DIGITAL LCD Screen: for ease of viewing and adjusting your pumping cycle program
  • Adjustable Vacuum and speed, even in let-down mode, for your customized comfort. BPA Free: Chosen for you and your baby, all parts that come into contact with the breast milk are BPA free.
  • Built in RECHARGEABLE BATTERY for pumping on the go, so you can pump anywhere at anytime. Provides 3 hours of pumping when fully charged. DuaHYGIENIC protection: Prevents any potential milk back-flow, making sure that hygiene is maintained at all times. Current stock is WHITE color.

Verified reviews


great portable pump

I got this as a gift and used it after several days pumping with a Medela Symphony in the hospital. I don’t know how my production would’ve been had I started on this, but this is a great little pump that offers great value. I actually like the clear valve apparatus rather than the membrane on the Medela. Didn’t leak (I used it with the Simple Wishes hands-free bra) and milk production was great. Fits the bottles they gave me at the hospital. It isn’t quiet but neither was the Symphony.UPDATE: Still using this pump and it works well. It started making a funny noise so I started charging it more often, but it’s still going strong. I have even pumped in the car on several occasions. It is quite portable and I have learned that its parts are compatible with Medela parts, including bottles & the adapters for the Medela pumping bags.

Lorrie Verona, IL

Less than okay

I exclusively pump and this does not work for me! I broke down and bought a Medela finally. This would be fine if you pump once in a while, but it does not keep up your milk supply and it’s extremely slow. Sometimes it malfunctions as well. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

Abigail Brandt, SD

Good customer service

I have been using this pump for about 4 months, maybe once a day, 5 days a week. I really loved it, and thought it was a great value. Even after using the hospital-grade Medela pumps when my son was in the NICU for a week, I thought this was comparable. A little less powerful suction, but still got the job done just fine.However,after 4 months of use, it started to get completely weak after about 5 minutes of pumping each time. The motor would still run, but the suction cups would become extended so that they could not move back and forth to get good suction anymore. I still used it for a couple days, but I would have to turn it off and back on and it would work fine, or I would just disconnect the tube while using it so that air could get it to release the suction. So yeah, that was pretty/very annoying. I emailed Spectra on the company’s webpage and got no response. Then I came on Amazon and saw the great reviews for the seller, Mother’s Milk, and wrote to them describing the problem. I got a fast reply back even though it was 9pm, stating that the pump was under a 1 year warranty and if I provided my order number, they would send a new pump. On the downside, it did take about a week (including the weekend) to receive the new pump. On the upside, Mother’s Milk is a great seller and it was very easy to communicate with them.

Ophelia Viola, IA

Somewhat dissapointed

I purchased this based on the reviews. It did work but I had to pump on one side at a time for it to be effective which doubled the amount of time it took me to pump. I ended up renting one and then purchasing Medela PIS which worked much better for me. This was also much louder than the hospital grade pump and the PIS.

Margaret Bat Cave, NC

Efficient and gentle, works almost as well as many less portable pumps!

[See below for my update, written after Spectra released the S1. Now that Spectra’s best pump is available with a built-in battery, I’d only recommend the Spectra 9 if you absolutely need a very small, lightweight pump. And I wouldn’t recommend it as a daily use pump, in any case–you will get better suction and milk production out of one of the Spectra full-size pumps.]I’ve been breastfeeding and pumping for over a year and a half now. After my second Medela PISA crapped out on me, and after I briefly tried a Hygeia Enjoye, I recently started using a Spectra S2 as my main pump. I absolutely love the S2 – it’s way better than my previous pumps – but it can’t run on battery power, and I decided I needed to have some kind of backup solution for when I was traveling or otherwise not near a power outlet. None of the manual pumps I have tried are good for more than a quick relieve-the-pressure, mid-date-night pump (Lansinoh makes the best manual pump I tried, FYI), so I started looking for some kind of portable electric pump. When I saw the Spectra 9 on sale, on Amazon, as part of a fundraiser for cancer research, I jumped at the chance to get it at a good price, and I’m so glad I did – it’s excellent for a portable pump!SUMMARY: This portable little workhorse performs in a league with some larger, less portable pumps I’ve tried. I have only used this pump a few times, so I can’t comment on how it will perform over the long haul. But so far I’d say it’s comparable to my Medela Pump in Style Advanced (better in some ways, not as good in others), better than the Hygeia Enjoye, but definitely not as good as the Spectra S2.PROS:- Super gentle. When I first tried it, it was so very gentle that I thought to myself, “What a waste – this pump isn’t going to do anything!” I was surprised when it got a the milk flowing in short order and then pumped only a little less than I’d normally get pumping using my S2! (FYI, I didn’t use the massager inserts – just the normal hard breast shields. It’s something about the pump action itself that makes the 9 gentle.) It’s as gentle as the S2, and much gentler than the Medela PISA and the Hygeia Enjoye.- Fast. Not as fast as my S2, but that’s not really a fair comparsion, perhaps – the S2 is a hospital grade pump with more suction and customizability. But it was much faster than my Medela PISA was!Here’s the time comparison, for a full pump, double-pumping and using a hands-free bra (Simple Wishes D Lite Hands Free Breastpump Bra, Soft Pink, X-Small to Large):—Medela PISA: 20+ minutes—Spectra 9: 12-13 minutes—Spectra S2: 6-10 minutes- Decent suction: I haven’t measured to compare (since my PISA no longer works and I’ve returned my Hygeia pump), but it seems like I have been able to pump almost as much as I’d typically get with the Medela PISA, and about the same as what I’d get with the Hygeia Enjoye. I definitely do not get as much milk with the Spectra 9 as I’d get with the S2. To experiment, I tried using the S2 once after I’d finished pumping with the Spectra 9, and I was able to get more milk out with the S2 afterwards – got about 20% additional milk by following up with the S2. But for a portable pump, I can’t imagine you could do better, for suction, than the 9.- So far, the battery has a good life – still shows as almost fully charged after several pumping sessions – and maintains suction power even when partially depleted. But again, I haven’t had the pump that long, so I cannot comment on how well the battery will hold up over time.- REALLY portable. I’ve posted two photos, showing the 9 next to a soda pop can, to show just how small it is. If portability is an important consideration for you, the Spectra 9 is a great option, especially since the 9 is wearable. (In my original review, I had said that this pump doesn’t come with a neck strap for you to wear it, but I was wrong – when I looked back at original packaging, I saw the small, thin, pink neck strap that’s included. There’s a tiny slit along the top of the pump to thread the strap through.)- Letdown mode gets the milk flowing quickly- Customizable pumping experience due to independent speed and suction controls- Closed system if you use the included collection kit with its backflow filtersTHE NEUTRAL:- Quiet enough. It’s not as quiet as the S2, but it’s comparable to the volume of the Medela PISA – safe-for-work pumping behind a closed door and quiet enough to use while watching TV without the need to turn up the volume. Like any pump, it would be even quieter if you muffled it in a tote while pumping or something.- Not sure how long this pump will hold up over the long haul. I will update this review after I’ve used this pump for a while to let you know.CONS:- Not as much suction as the S2. If you’re just using this as an occasional pump, for when you need something more portable, it’s not a real downside at all – I doubt you’ll find a more powerful portable pump. And I have found this pump to have better suction than the Hygeia Enjoye, which is a full-sized pump. So if you absolutely need something portable, this is probably the most efficient pump you can get. But if portability isn’t absolutely essential, and if you’re thinking of using the Spectra 9 as a full-time pump, I’d say that the greater efficiency/suction of the Spectra S2 makes it better suited for the job.- Nice LCD screen, but no timer (handy function to have sometimes if you’re at work – the S2 has it)- The collection kit could be better. It’s the same collection kit as comes with the S2, and the biggest problem is that if you need a different size/style breast shield, you are going to have to use a completely different collection kit than what comes with this pump. Due to the fact that the breast shield and connector are all one piece, you can’t just swap out the flange (the part that goes over the breast) as you can, for example, with the PISA. (If you’d like more detail on the collection kit, see my review of the S2 – just click on my name to see a list of my reviews. I’m trying to keep this review a reasonable length, so I don’t want to repost all that detail here.)CONCLUSIONS:-Absolutely need a portable pump? Given that this portable pump is almost on par with some well-loved non-portable pumps, I’d say this may be the best pump for you.- Don’t need a portable pump at all, or are you exclusively pumping or trying to build your milk supply? The Spectra S2 is your pump, especially since if you get it without tote, it’s priced comparably to the Spectra 9.-Most people, I suspect, lie somewhere in the middle – they don’t need a portable pump all the time, but do need something that can run on battery power on occasion. If you expect to be pumping for more than a couple of months, I can almost guarantee you’re in this category – though you want the best everyday pump you can comfortably afford, you’re also probably going to want a portable pump at some point – for date night, for travel, for some weird day at work where you can’t pump at your usual place and end up pumping in the car, whatevs. If you’re in this category, some kind of two-pump solution is probably your best bet, given the S2’s superior suction and the 9’s battery power option. Consider getting the S2 as your main pump and the Spectra 9 as your occasional pump. You can make this 2-pump option somewhat more affordable if you get the S2 without tote (a good option if you have a decent tote lying around anyway), and can get the Spectra 9 at a promotional price, as I was lucky enough to do. (As of this writing, a few promotional price Spectra 9s are still available on Amazon, albeit under a different listing from the normal-priced Spectra 9, and not at quite as low a price as they were last time around.) If you go this route, you will be out a little more money than you would be, say, by getting the Medela PISA, but you’ll have both a better everyday pumping experience, and a more portable pump for times when that’s needed.If you’re on a really tight budget and that won’t work, and if you only need a part time pump – or if you’re sure you’ll also be breastfeeding regularly (not exclusively pumping during the week) -the Spectra 9 might be an okay one-pump solution. (See my update below for why I think the Spectra 9 may not be an ideal full-time pump option.)UPDATE, May 7, 2013: I just got back from a long weekend away from baby, when I exclusively pumped with the Spectra 9 for 4 days. Since I got back, I have been surprised by a slight but significant drop in my milk production, which is troubling, since I was only gone for a few days! Now that I am back to breastfeeding and using the S2, I am sure my supply will rebound, but given this experience, I wouldn’t recommend the Spectra 9 as a full-time pump – even for those who (like me) haven’t had supply problems. It is fine as an occasional pump, and I am still amazed that such a portable pump can be as effective as it is, but after my dip in supply from using this pump, I would choose something else as my regular pump.UPDATE, July 2013: Spectra has released the S1, which is a hospital-grade pump with internal, rechargeable battery. Now that the very best Spectra pump can function as a portable pump, I wouldn’t recommend getting the Spectra 9 unless you absolutely need a very lightweight or small pump – if you do the Spectra 9 is as good as portable pumps get, but otherwise, go with the S1. The S1 is definitely larger and heavier than the 9, and it is also more expensive, but from early reviews, it seems to be on par with the Spectra S2 in terms of its performance, which means it’s a much better daily use pump than the 9. And if you go with the S1, you have a 1-pump solution – you won’t have to also buy a portable pump to cover your bases (again, unless you absolutely need a tiny pump).

Julia Quinton, VA

Great product

This is a great pump and a good value. I love that it comes with a carrying case that just looks like a purse and the cooler is nice too.The pump works really well. I am able to pump pretty quickly.

Thelma Sagle, ID

Great little pump!

I bought this pump only for rare occasions like when my baby sleeps for longer than usual or when I need to leave milk for a caregiver. I had been using an inexpensive Playtex model that I had purchased somewhere on clearance. I figured that if I didn’t need it very often it didn’t matter what kind of pump I used. Right? Wrong! It was taking me thirty minutes to get just 3 ounces and the amount of parts I had to clean afterwards was just overwhelming. There weren’t many reviews on this product but I took a chance because the price was too good to beat. The lines NEVER have backflow so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them or purchasing new ones. There is really barely anything to clean after/before pumping, which is great when you’re half asleep. I haven’t taken this on the road yet but I’m really excited about the fact that it can be used cordless. The different speed/suction settings are great and the letdown mode is perfect. There are only two little reasons that I didn’t give this product 5 stars. First, the bottles seem a little cheap. The bottoms of mine seem to bubble out a bit and don’t stand up just right- this is just a minor issue and I usually feed him from different bottles anyway. Second, the noise this machine makes is a little funny. My husband calls it the “bullfrog.” It’s definitely not super quiet (althought not ridiculously loud either) and I think I’d be pretty hesitant to use it around many people. Again, *minor* issue. All in all, the pros definitely outweigh the cons for the quality and price of this pump. I am confident that I made the right purchase and I’d recommend it to anyone.*Update: My child is now 7 months old and this is still the only pump I use and I still love it. I only put it on the charger about once a month. I can’t believe how long it holds a charge! Even if you just use this at home, please take advantage of the cordless option and you’ll never plug it in again! Every night, I get a clean shield and valve, pop on a bottle, and stick the pump next to my bed. When I wake up around 3 am, it is fully charged, fully assembled, and all I have to do is walk my happy butt into the bathroom and pump away while I sit on the floor and get on my smart phone. Seriously, it’s too easy.

Shelley Gordonville, TX