Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pump, 3.3 Pound

Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pump, 3.3 Pound

The S2 boasts so many great features and is designed to truly meet the needs of moms wanting to feel confident that they have an effective, powerful breast pump to support supply while also incorporating features to make life a little easier. Like all Spectra pumps, the S2 is a closed system – a physical barrier between the milk and the pump ensures hygiene and motor performance. The S2 is intended to rival the Medela Symphony, and even surpass it with some of its innovative features designed to make life easier for moms. The S2 is hospital grade – strong and efficient enough to support milk supply. With a maximum suction strength of 300mmHg and the ability to be used as a single or double pump. Completely flexible, touch button with the S2 pump’s digital controls. These allow you to set the pumping program to the speed and rhythm most effective for your body. The pump will start in ‘massage mode’, a short, shallow mode designed to stimulate your body’s letdown reflex (start the milk flowing) just like how your baby tells your body to start milk flow. The pump will then switch to expression mode, a deeper, slower pattern of suction which mimics how your baby nurses when the milk is flowing. For women who find it hard to get a letdown when pumping, this feature really helps – switch back and forth as needed. The suction is also adjustable whether in let-down or expression mode. Includes a timer and nightlight. This pump is also NEARLY silent… You can see on the picture that you can adjust both cycle (how often the pump ‘sucks’) and vacuum (the strength of the suction) easily, and the digital display allows you to see your program at a glance. If item has been opened and/or used it is non-returnable due to health and sanitation as these are considered single person use items. For product issues please contact the seller directly and you purchased pump from.

Main features

  • Super quiet, Letdown mode and fully adjustable program to best suit your body
  • Closed system – hygienic for you and baby
  • Night light and timer
  • Everything you need for double pumping
  • Powerful, adjustable suction yet so comfortable you won’t realize how powerful it is

Verified reviews


Best pump I’ve ever had!

This pump is truly amazing! I went back to work this past week, and this has come in handy. I used a Playtex Embrace with my other two babies, and I never wanted to try anything else, because I loved it so much. I went through three, though, because the motors kept breaking. :(The Spectra S2 is a lot stronger and quieter that I thought it would be. I love the letdown feature; it works very well for me every time. I also love the timer, because I try to watch how long I am pumping and try to keep it to 15 minutes so I can get back to work in a timely manner. I don’t use the night light feature, but I can see how it would be nice for using at home, if one had to pump at night time while the baby is sleeping.I love that this one did not come with a tote and a bunch of extra items. I have some totes from my other pumps and certainly didn’t need another. I just carry it in a VB purse that has 3 pockets on the inside. I leave the actual pump plugged in at work during the week. I put my milk bags in one pocket and the pump tubing and y-connector in another. I store the breast shields in a gal size ziplock bag in the purse, rinse them between uses at work, and wash them at home every night. Because fresh milk keeps at room temp for up to 9 hours, I don’t even use a cooler. The bags stay right in the purse until I come home and refrigerate them. All the milk is used within 2 days by the baby anyway, so I don’t freeze them either.The only thing I wish this pump had is a back-up battery. I do have an outlet handy at work, but it would be nice to have that for emergencies. I use my Lansinoh manual pump for emergencies instead, which is fine.

Emma Spencer, TN

Spectra Baby USA S2 Hospital Grade Double/single Breast Pump NO TOTE

We wanted a closed-system pump and this one had the best reviews for the price. My wife says that it works every bit as good as the Medela Symphony that she was using in the hospital. The nurse in the hospital was skeptical of our purchase, and commented that the Symphony costs $1600, so there was no way that the Spectra could be as good. Sucks to be the insurance companies who are paying for the Medela pumps, I guess. This one is great! Nice size (fits on the corner of the nightstand), easy to clean, awesome features, super quiet, etc. Why anyone would pay $300 for a personal (open-system) Medela pump is beyond me!!

Tori Greenland, AR


My son had difficulty latching on the the breast so I opted to pump and supplement immediately. This thing is small and powerful. it gets the job done and it does wonders for maintaining my milk supply. Its lightweight and very portable, but you need a power outlet at all time. Other than that, it just what I needed.

Rachel Jennie, AR

Excellent Pump!

Works as good as the Symphony, which I just spent $150 to rent for 1 month! Though it is not as quiet. It’s gentle, but effective. The "flutter"/massage phase is very similar to the stimulation you’d get from your baby in warm-up mode.My only complaint is that it only has a few modes and suction levels. I would love to be able to really crank it up….but I also think I don’t need to with this pump because it has such a gentle pull you don’t notice it is on high. I think it is just that effective.It has a great, modern, fun, sleek design and the night light feature comes in handy.The best part of the pump is the single unit pump pieces. The internal openings of the suction cups are wide, thereby drying easily and quickly for those who pump frequently, versus Medela parts that seem to always have water in them. Excellent quality construction, nice rubbery tubing, and special attachments that prevent back flow of any liquids into the tubes. It also has the option to use only one suction cup, quickly going from 2 to 1, or vice verse.I would purchase this pump over any Medela any day!

Janine Collegedale, TN

No comparison but it works well!

I’m the guy so I can’t really get into details on how it works, but my girlfriend loves it. It worked from day one (well, day 3 with the baby) and was very easy to setup and use. Quite silent so she can do it while we both watch tv. We use this along the milk trays to freeze the milk in 1oz sticks and it has been working well.Too bad it’s pink though, should’ve been a more neutral color IMO.

Chrystal West Lafayette, IN

Lots of settings

It has lots of settings. I had lots of trouble trying to get anything out without my child being the one doing the work but once I found the right settings and pressure it went fast. Easy to clean and very quite. I used it many times next to my sleeping child and she never woke.

Tessa Richards, MO

Comfortable, Quick, Quiet, Super Efficient – Blows Medela PISA out of the water

[See below for my update, posted after Spectra released the S1 pump.]I decided to try a Spectra pump after my second Medela Pump In Style Advanced crapped out on me, and I am so glad I did – the S2 pump is amazing – so much better than the PISA (and than the Hygeia EnJoye pump I briefly tried) in almost every way.SUMMARY:PROS: comfortable to use, sucking action more like a baby than any other pump I’ve used, quick/efficient, quiet, letdown mode, completely customizable pumping experience due to independent speed and suction controls, closed system if you use the included collection kit with its backflow filters, very good customer service through Mother’s Milk, amazingly low price, lightweight, motor life of 1500 hoursCONS: collection kit not that great and some (surmountable) difficulties with using other collection kits, no option to run on batteries or car chargerOVERALL: All in all, even with my complaints about the collection kit, I love this pump and highly recommend it!ALL THE DETAILS: (Warning: I’m including LOTS of details, since this product has just come out, and reviews are hard to find.)I work full-time and have pumped at work since my son was about three months old – so I’ve been breastfeeding and pumping for over a year and a half now! I got this pump after using a Medela PISA regularly for most of that year and a half, and after trying the Hygeia Enjoye for a couple of weeks. (Both Medela PISAs I owned gradually lost suction strength until they were basically useless – Medela replaced it, at no cost, the first time this happened, but wouldn’t replace the replacement when it became useless, too. The Enjoye lacked a letdown mode, which meant it always took longer for me to get the milk going, and to get a second letdown, and it was also just way too loud to use at work. I tried the Enjoye for a couple of weeks but ended up returning it.) The S2 is by far better than both of these pumps.First, this pump is the only thing I’ve used that comes close to mimicking a baby’s sucking action – thus, it is gentle, comfortable, and super-efficient. I cannot emphasize the “gentle” part enough – compared to this the PISA really tugged at the nipples and was always at least a bit uncomfortable, even at pretty low settings. The EnJoye wasn’t as bad in this regard, but the S2 is still way, way better. When I used the PISA, I always felt relieved not to have to pump at all over the weekend, when I was home with baby. With this pump, though, it’s hardly different from nursing in terms of its comfort and gentleness. The letdown mode is quick, gentle, and fluttery, just like the baby’s stimulation phase of nursing. Thanks to this, it is super effective at getting the milk flowing. (The PISA has a letdown mode, but it doesn’t work as well as on this pump, and the EnJoye does not, unfortunately.)Because you can adjust speed and suction separately, this pump is also great once you switch out of letdown mode. With the Medela PISA, there is only one dial, so you have to turn up speed and suction together. This meant that unless I wanted the suction to be inadequate, the pump was almost always cycling too fast – the milk would still be freely streaming out and the Medela pump would tug again. With this pump, I can turn down the speed enough that it only pumps in between the streams of milk. That saves you a LOT of needless tugging on the nipples, and makes pumping so much more comfortable and efficient. On the S2, I have been setting the cycle speed to 38 and a suction setting of 3 or 4, and I finish pumping in 5-10 minutes – compare this to the 20 or more minutes it would take to get the same volume from the Medela PISA or the Hygeia EnJoye! Sometimes I have to switch back into letdown mode to get a second letdown, so it is really handy to have a button for letdown mode, and then that the pump defaults back to the same settings you used last time when you switch back out of letdown mode.This pump is also super-quiet. I wouldn’t say it’s whisper-quiet – it’s more like cat-purr-quiet – but in any case, I’m not worried that everyone on the other side of the office door knows I’m pumping, and I can also pump while I’m watching TV with my husband without the pump noise making it difficult to hear the television. The Medela PISA was noticeably louder, but still within a tolerable range, and the EnJoye was just way too loud, even if I put it in the tote to try to muffle it.Other nice features you should know about: this pump has a nightlight with two brightness settings, and it has an integrated bottle stand. I don’t really need the nightlight, but if you pump at night in the baby’s room, I bet it would be super handy – the light is embedded in the underside of the handle so that it shines down on and illuminates the display and the control buttons. It’s a subtle light, just bright enough that you can see what you’re doing in a dark room. The pump has stand for one bottle in the top of it, and it holds the bottle snugly enough. It also comes with a bottle stand you can attach to the bottom of the other bottle if you’re double pumping.I have absolutely no complaints about the pump. My only real complaints are with collection kit:- First, the bottles aren’t that great – the bottom of one bulged out after I did the initial sterilization of everything (in boiling water, for 5 minutes, as per the instructions), so it won’t stand up any more.- Second, though you can use other standard-neck bottles, the threading on the breast shield part that attaches to the bottles isn’t great, so it can take a little fiddling to get the two attached.- Third, it comes with duckbill valves, which seem notoriously short-lived, given my experience with manual pumps that use them – they always start to pucker and then you lose suction and have to replace them. (And the S2 doesn’t come with any extra valves either.) And the way the collection kit is designed, you have to tug and squeeze a bit to remove the valve, which won’t improve its lifespan any. However, this problem is easily remedied – you can use a Medela valve and membrane with the Spectra collection kit and it works fine. (They Medela valves are more durable, and it’s easier to find replacements for them – you can buy them separately from a Medela pump or collection kit, too!)- Finally, the breast shield part doesn’t detach – the breast shield and connector are all one piece – which makes it a little tricky to swap in a different size or style of breast shields. You would have to use an entirely different collection kit and tubing to use different breast shields, and here’s the catch with that solution – you probably can’t use the backflow filters if you do this, and then you won’t have a closed system any more. In the Spectra system, you attach the backflow filter to the back of the breast shield/connector piece, then attach the tubing to the back of the filter instead of connecting it directly to the collection kit – that’s what keeps milk and condensation from getting into the tubes. The backflow filters can only be attached if the backs of the connectors are flat, like on the Spectra breast shield/connector piece, but most other collection kits aren’t shaped like this – the Medela and Hygeia kits aren’t, for example. This isn’t a huge deal for me, since I use the standard size breast shields (the ones that come with the S2 seem to be 24 mm ones), and since I don’t have problems with milk in the tubes anyway. But if you need/want to use different shields, and if the closed system is appealing to you, keep in mind that you may have to choose between having the closed system and using the breast shields you prefer. I don’t know why they didn’t make their collection kit parts more interchangeable with other sizes and styles of breast shields.One other small complaint – the documentation is really sparse. For example, the first-time use instructions say to sanitize the parts before first use by putting them in boiling water for 5 minutes. Problem is, I’m pretty sure not all the parts should be boiled – the tubing and filters probably shouldn’t. It’d be nice if they mentioned that! Also, the tech specifications aren’t included in the owner’s manual, but you can find them online, at least.Finally, there is no battery pack accessory or any alternate power source available for this pump. This would have been a problem for me when baby was younger and I was pumping more often – the Medela PISA includes that battery pack, so I could always pump in the car if I was somewhere without pumping facilities at work, and I could even bring my nursing cover and pump on the plane when I was traveling. Can’t do that with this pump. If that kind of situation is pretty rare for you, you could just use a manual pump when you can’t get to a power outlet. Otherwise, I guess you’d have to get a portable double electric for those situations – something like the Spectra 9? (Haven’t tried any pump in this category, but as impressed as I am with the Spectra brand from this purchase, I would be tempted to try the Spectra 9 if I needed to travel for work again before baby was weaned.)All in all, the problems with the collection kit and the lack of a battery power option are both relatively insignificant given just how awesome this pump is.I know there aren’t a lot of reviews out there for this pump yet, so if you have questions about anything I’ve written, post them in the comments and I will try to answer in a timely manner. Also, I will update this review after I have been using the pump for a while to let you know how it holds up – right now it’s only been a week, but I love it!UPDATE, July 2013: Spectra has released the S1, which seems to be exactly the same as the S2, except it has an internal, rechargeable battery! From the early reviews, the S1 pumping experience seems to be just as good as with the S2. As far as I’m concerned, that makes the S1 the holy grail of daily-use pumps. Though I still love my S2, I would recommend that anyone shopping for a pump now have a look at the S1 instead. If you breastfeed and pump for any length of time, you will be glad to have spent a little more money on a pump that has a built-in battery – for most women, that option will come in handy some time when you need to pump in your car or somewhere else with no power outlet. And that way you won’t have to also buy a portable pump to cover your bases.

Dee Alamosa, CO

Worth Every Penny

Been using this pump for 3.5 months now. I previously used a single avent pump and have to say this is sooo much better. I absolutely love this pump. When I was in the hospital I used the medela symphony (the really super expensive pump) which was nice and this pump was like using that one except this is much smaller and you can easily move it. It’s super quiet and the nightlight feature is great when your with a sleeping baby or trying to watch a movie or whatever. I only have to use the 3rd level vacuum which is perfect and simulates baby very well. Only thing that’s a little bothersome is there are a lot of parts and you have to make sure some are completely dry before assembling so the water won’t go in the tubing but nothing that would keep me from buying this amazing pump again.

Michaela Sandown, NH

Is as it is described.

Great pump…No really. It is not that loud at all. I am able to pump while my two babies sleep. The light is great. The controls are super easy and the set up? There is no set up. Plug it in and go. It is small enough to fit on a nightstand without taking up the whole thing (depending on the size of you nightstand of course. It is light, and works very well. This coming from someone who has tried several brands. Ameda for instance is terrible compared to this. This machine is totally affordable. And now that Obama care has started kicking in, our insurance has totally reimbursed us the cost of the machine. WOW, thanks Obama. I could not be happier…so far.

Corrine Lockwood, CA

Wish I Had This Sooner!

I started off with a Medela PIS, but it just did not work well for me. My milk supply decreased and the PIS just didn’t get the job done. I finally gave up and ordered the Spectra Baby S2 and wow, what a difference!! I read reviews about it being too slow, but I actually like the speed. I feel like it is more efficient so it doesn’t take nearly as long to pump. I am not sore afterward and I like that it has a timer so I don’t have to keep track myself. It’s quieter (sounds like a cat purring) and the light is helpful when it’s dark. I so wish I had started off with this. Maybe I wouldn’t have hated pumping so much.Also, the tubing is more heavy duty. All in all, it just feels like a better made product. I will say the bottles that come with it are kind of cheap, but I don’t use them anyway. I pump right into the medela bottles.

Marie Dryden, TX

Same output as Medela Symphony in side-by-side comparison

We bought this pump based on advice from a friend, but we also rented the medela symphony pump from the hospital for the 1st 2 weeks to build up a good supply. By the end of the 1st week, we were using this pump exclusively because it is easier to clean the parts and gets the same volume in the same timeframe (~30min).

Bonita Bondurant, IA

Spectra S2 single/double breast pump

At its price point, this South Korean-made breast pump is without doubt the best breast pump available in the US market. Look no further.Having said that, the US distribution of this superb breast pump is amateur at best. The English translation from the original Korean user’s manual is absolutely horrible (unclear and incomplete). And their U.S. customer service lacks a professional style.Despite those criticisms, I still solidly recommend the Spectra S2.Apparently, it is impossible to design and produce a good breast pump for around $150. Based on the Amazon reviews, it would seem that almost 50 percent of the Medela and Phillips users (the strongest brands in the $150 price range) are unhappy with their pumps to various degrees. However my wife and I are 150 percent satisfied with our Spectra S2.

Gertrude Orangeville, PA