Spectra Dew 350 Advanced Double Electric Hospital Grade Breast Pump with Tote! In Pink!

Spectra Dew 350 Advanced Double Electric Hospital Grade Breast Pump with Tote! In Pink!

Can you believe it? A REAL HOSPITAL GRADE breast pump for about $200? You would have to pay $1000 with any other brand to get the same quality and efficiency! Suitable to establish and maintain supply OVER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME! NEED A COMPLETELY PORTABLE, HOSPITAL GRADE BREAST PUMP FOR LESS? If you are a working mom, a premie mom or a mom who is going to need to pump many times daily, the SPECTRA DEW 350 is the perfect pump for you. The SPECTRA DEW 350 is a daily use breastpump designed for moms who pump several times a day. We have personally trialed, tested and examined all breast pumps on the market(We have been providing breastfeeding services since 1999!) and we can tell you that the Spectra Dew 350 can stand toe to toe with the Medela Lactina or any other hospital grade breast pump any time – but it’s less bulky, less noisy and of course, less expensive. No need to rent a pump, you can buy one right here!!! Express your milk quietly and comfortably with the elegantly designed Spectra Dew Electric Breast Pump that boasts some of the latest technology. The Spectra Dew Electric Breast Pump provides Hospital Grade Suction AND EFFICIENCY! The Spectra Dew electric breast pump is very quiet and represents the ideal solution for regular and discreet expression. It features an easy to adjust suction dial. So you can easily adjust the suction level to suit your body. Spectra Dew also comes with backflow protection to ensure safe and hygienic expressing at all times. Features: High Suction Power: Shorter period for expressing breast milk &helps draw out inverted nipples. Quiet even at maximum power: Makes expressing discreet and pleasant, minimizing any disturbance to baby. Dual pumping Adjustable Suction Power BPA Free Ships to U.S. and Canada only!

Main features

  • DuaHYGIENIC protection: Prevents any potential milk back-flow, making sure that hygiene is maintained at all times.
  • “PARENT TESTED, PARENT APPROVED” SEAL OF APPROVAL AWARD! SPECTRA BABY USA IS THE ONLY COMPANY TO HAVE 2 BREAST PUMPS AWARDED THIS PRESTIGIOUS HONOR! 1-Microfiber designer tote bag(you will get compliments on this one, it is beautiful!) 1 x Spectra Dew Electric Breast Pump-comes in PINK! 2 x Filter Tubing 2 x Filter 2 x Tubing 2 x Shield 2 x Valve Head 2 x Membrane 6 collection bottles with lids 1 Spectra cooler with freezer packs(fits inside the tote) 1 x Soft Teat 1 x Bottle Stand 1 x AC Adapter 1 x Instruction Manual PLEASE NOTE- SILICONE MASSAGERS ARE NOT INCLUDED. Please purchase separately if you want them added to your order.

Verified reviews


Can’t wait!

So I got this in the mail a little bit ago and I love the way it looks. Honestly one of the reasons I picked it out was because it looked like a giant boob! I just thought it was too funny. I have tried it out, only for a few seconds, and it works very well. It isn’t too loud at all. It does sound like someone breathing very heavily, as some of the other reviewers have mentioned, which isn’t a problem for me as my mom’s old breast pump was way louder than this one. I’ll update my review later once I’ve started pumping for baby.

Lisa Pacific, MO

First Impression

My pump just arrived today. It came packaged in a stylish black shoulder bag with a plaid inner lining. It came with 6 bottles, 1 nipple and a cooler with ice packs in it. The pump looks exactly like it does in the photos (like a big nipple to me). Its not really very big or heavy. There’s a handle on top to help carry it. Mine basically came set up so I just plugged it in and connected the milk bottle to the breast horn and then attached the tube from the great horn to the pump. It took me about 5 minutes to realize that you have to push the on/off button on the back and not the big pink nob in front. I’m still pregnant so I only tested it for about a minute or two. Its quieter than I expected. I would describe it as the sound of maybe someone breathing in and out of their nose heavily. I turned the suction up to minimal to half way and it seemed pretty intense. I will have to do an update once the milk actually comes in.

Lorna Dennis Port, MA

good pump, dislike the attachments

I like the pump as it lets me choose the suction strength. I prefer this pump over the Medela Lactina and Medela Pump in Style. Medela’s suction caused nipple pain during the times I had mastitis or yeast infections. Pain equals to no let-down, which means no milk & engorgement!. This Spectra pump doesn’t give the option for speed, only suction power. I highly dislike all the parts – cheaply made. Worse part is having the valve fall off during pumping. I would have to stick my finger inside and contaminate the milk just to get the flimsy valve out. I prefer to use Medela parts with this pump. Pumping sound is loud, but not as loud as Medela. The Ameda Elite Electric Breast Pump is more quiet, but it’s too large to be used on the go.

Katy Wardell, MO

So far so good

This pump so far has been wonderful. Easy hands free pumping with the pump bra. We tried manual pumps before but it was way too much work and very little milk came out. Then we used spectra and it increased milk production and required very little effort. Even the tote bag that comes with it looks really good. Only small problem I had were the bottles that came with the pump. They’re very low quality and not well made, so I wouldnt feed out of them. Some of the bottles are also uneven(don’t sit straight).

Brianna Waukee, IA

great product, would have kept if I had known….

So, there were 2 big turnoffs for me with this product. the first was the size, its a bit bulky. the second was an error in the manual: it says you can’t microwave the plastic to sterilize. not to sound lazy, but thats a lot of work! after i returned it, i found out the manual was outdated. the customer service is beyond excellent. they allowed me to return it and were very kind. the suction is intense on this but adjustable. although i did return it, i would have kept it if i knew then what i know now. i currently have an ameda and its not as good. for the price, this is a steal.

Alissa Hulett, WY

Works very well

All of the pieces of this are interchangeable with my hospital grade Medela pump which made me really happy so that I can switch pieces out when others need cleaning, etc. The only part that doesn’t work between the two is the little white rubber circle valve cover thingy. The nub that fits into the valve is larger than Medela’s. You can use a Medela one with the blue housing of the Spectra’s, but it’s a loose fit & I had one fall off in a bottle while pumping.The suction variation doesn’t seem consistent.. all the way low I feel nothing, but I barely move it up and it’s turning my nipples purple. I’m wondering if there may be some inconsistency between suction strength in all models as some reviews mentioned that it didn’t have good suction. I did find a happy setting that isn’t too weak or two strong.I pump just as much milk with this as I do my hospital grade one and it’s so much lighter. The price made it easy for me to have a dual pump for home and one I can leave at work and wouldn’t have to worry about lugging anything back and forth except storage containers.I do think the styling of it is a bit silly looking. It looks like a giant boob. But i bought it for function, not looks. 🙂

Bertha Revelo, KY

Impressive power for such a little machine.

I’m writing this review after only using the pump a few times, but here are my first impressions:It’s pretty compact, which I like having to tote it around to work 40 hours plus a week.It is relatively quiet, more so on the higher vacuum setting, less quiet on a lower vacuum setting, which I NEVER use.The design is simple, which I like1The power button is in the back of the pump which is an annoying nuance but not a deal-breaker.The machine has a tendency to get very warm, if not hot after about 30-45 minutes of continuous use which I suppose is not a real problem being that a single pump session really shouldn’t exceed 30 minutes anyway- I just lose track of time.The suction is about as good as it’s more expensive counterparts but without being too excessive or painful, thus the reason I have a tendency to lose track of time.The flanges and membranes that come with it are not my favorite to use, as i have tried flanges by Ameda and Medela and Ameda’s XL 30.5mm size is by far the most comfortable I’ve ever used even in the absence of breast massagers, which I have always found to be more trouble than they are worth. The flanges that come with the Spectra Dew are not at all comfortable due to the standard SMALL size that is included with the pump and even less comfortable is the outside edge of the flange is almost sharp. Pressed up against my more than ample rack it really does almost cut into them. NOT cool!**You can order a larger size by Spectra Dew that comes complete with additional tubing and membranes, but you have to buy TWO as only ONE flange is included to the tune of $19,99 a piece.On a positive note, my Ameda tubing and XL flanges I bought are compatible with the Spectra Dew pump which is a MAJOR bonus as they are wayyyyy more comfortable. I will probably return the single XL Spectra flange I bought recently since I already have some that work.SO FAR…for the price, a pretty decent pump given the price tag. I will update my review in a month or two after I have REALLY put it to the test.

Lynn Cranston, RI

Best Pump for Price!!!

First time mother — and chose to exclusively pump after breastfeeding in the hospital. This pump is wonderful! And only at $200…this would be my number 1 choice especially comparing to Medela. Love the tote and thermal bag as well as ice packs that come with it. Also, there are 6 bottles that come with it so you can continuously pump throughout the day and not have to transfer milk into bags. Also, there are many adapters that come with it to fit most bottles and/or the Kiinde bags! Absolutely love this pump!

Cheri Lake Arthur, LA

Awesome pump!

This pump has great suction and has really helped to build my supply. It works with my Dr. Browns bottles too, which is a plus. I highly recommend it!

Lana East Providence, RI