Spielstabil Nesting Stacker

Spielstabil Nesting Stacker

Colorful indestructible five piece tower set with bottom holes in some pieces of the tower for drianage! Comes with a handled bucket. Recommended Ages: 12 months & up

Main features

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  • Five cups colorful cups fun for stacking, or filling with treasures
  • Largest cup is a handy small bucket
  • One cup has a perforated bottom for sifting or pouring water through
  • Spielstabil products are made from food-grade ABS, plastics. They are PVC-free and guaranteed to retain their color and shape for two years!
  • Made in Germany

Verified reviews


Very nice set, made in Germany

This is a very nice set of stacking cups, and probably my baby’s favorite toy. The lip is big enough that they can all stack easily. Two of the cups have a pattern of holes in the bottom, the others are solid, so you have both options when playing with water or sand. The smallest cup is small but not so tiny as to be a choking hazard. Very nice colors, and I like that the largest cup has a handle attached to it so you can put them all in and carry them easily.Update: We’ve had these for well over a year, and these are still a favorite. Great in the bath, fun for stacking, for pretend meals, for pouring water between containers, and for talking about colors. Great purchase. I wish they made a set of 10!

Michelle Centerville, IA

bpa free, lots of uses, grows with child

this is the best ‘stacker’ i could find that was safe (bpa free) for my baby to put in his mouth. i first gave them to him around 6 months old and he LOVED them! they are fun to stack (and knock over!), to put other toys inside, to play in the bathtub (a few of the cups have draining holes in the bottom), and to play in the sand. they are very durable too!

Ebony Springfield, MN

7 mo. old loves it!

Utilizing this showing the different ways to “stack” these – starting with big upside down and going upwards to the smallest then starting with the smallest and making each smaller one “disappear” with the next larger one! FUN! THEN we put them inside each other starting with the largest – lots of ways to make his brain work. One of the best toys that’s educational/mind bending (at least for a 7 mos old), inexpensive and pvc free. LOVE IT!

Hope Pauline, SC

Sturdy stacking cups/buckets but….

They could be better. This toy consists of 5 stacking cups/buckets. I give it 3 stars because- there could be more colors and therefore more cups. Why give two red cups ( largest and smallest)? An orange and/or purple cup would have been a better choice so kids learn a greater range of colors. The size is good, creating a decent height tower that kids will enjoy knocking over. The largest bucket comes with a handle, good for toting around all kids of kiddie treasures. Some of the buckets have holes in the bottom for bath time, pool time or beach fun. They are easy to wash and dry quickly. For a 5 star product, that is slightly bigger, has more colours, same features/function, I suggest looking at the stacking buckets made by Tupperware. We own those too and love them!

Leeann Fedhaven, FL

very nice stacking cups

Love these stacking cups. They are not too many that they get lost, two of these have drip holes to play in sand or water, the largest one has a nice handle to carry it around, the product is made in Germany(if that gives some relief to some parents) and the plastic is safe. What more do you need? The only thing I would change is instead of having 2 red cups, I would have preferred one in some other color like orange or purple.

Lara Bergenfield, NJ

My son’s favorite pool toy!

Cute, durable and fun! My son absolutely loves these nesting buckets. Two have bottoms where water can pour out. Extremely durable. I am considering buying a second set to keep in the bath tub!

Inez Walnut Grove, MS

great toy that baby can play with for a long time

My 5 months old son loves these. He can grab them easily and later on he’ll be able to stack them on top of each other or place them i each other. We also use it in the bath since some of them have little holes on the bottom and the water comes out of it like a little shower.

Patrice Chemult, OR

Best Nesting Cup Set

I was watching my son, 18 months old, play with his nesting cups this morning and I realized how wonderful this product is. The colors are vibrant. The largest cup has a handle. On the bottom of each cup, there are ridges to help stack the cups. The #1 reason this product is superior to other nesting cups is the size of each of the cups; each cup is clearly smaller than the next. Maybe that’s not a great reason for some people, but life doesn’t always have to be frustrating, especially at 18 months old. We can upgrade to a more challenging set later.

Lesa Hanover, NM

Sooo well made!

These stacking cups are some of the best we’ve come across. Our little guy has a set from Green Toys, which we also like (but those are pastel colors). The colors on these are vibrant and they are sturdy. Definitely German-made. Wish the main bucket was a bit larger so that we could use it for the beach, but all the same it’s a great set & we’d recommend it!

Laurie Swanzey, NH

My baby loves this nesting cup set!

We have been playing with this nesting cup set in the bath tub since our baby was 5 months old and she absolutely loves them. First we play with the ones with holes and sprinkle the water like a little waterfall. Then as she got older, she’s 8 months now, she likes to hold them and bang them together. She uses them every bath time and it keeps her happy and we use them to rinse her hair of the shampoo. Very convenient, practical use.

Jacquelyn Oak Ridge, PA

How simple, yet fun and educational

My 8-month old LOVES this toy! The buckets stack both inside each other and on top of one another. Some of them have holes so the water/sand trickle through. I didn’t think too much of it until I saw how my child uses this toy – in the bathtub he is exploring the idea of volume and relative size. As a bath toy it can’t be beat – doesn’t retain water and stink like rubber duckies. They come in handy when rinsing him off too. Who would have thought a simple collection of buckets would be so much fun!UPDATEAt 16 months, my boy still plays with these every time he takes a bath. I have added other toys to his bath repertoire, but he prefers the stacking buckets. He now knows how to stack them and continues to do so repeatedly. It’s also funny to see him trying to grab the water that trickles down from the buckets with holes…he still hasn’t figured out that water is not solid….

Rita Little Birch, WV

These are great!

These are great multi-use toys. They stackk, nest, can be used in the tub or sandbox. I got them for my son on his 1st birthday and he is now 18mos and still uses them!

Jami Willernie, MN

Been using it in the tub

We bought this toys when our son’s 15 months but he never really paid any attention to it until he was almost 20months when we bought him to the park with a huge sandpit. But now its mainly used in the tub as he loves to fill the cups up and see it drains. Never been using it as a stacking toy as he has so many other but I can see him making a stack with these. Cheap and good.

Antonia Joy, IL

Best nesting stackers!

I love that this product is free of dangerous substances, safe for babies to put in their mouths. The edges work well for stacking in lots of combinations.

Valarie Bogata, TX

Excellent quality baby toy that will grow with your child

I bought this set when our baby was 7 months old – he’s now 10 months old and loves playing with this set.You can do so many things with this set of cups/buckets. You can teach your baby – colors, sizes, inside/outside, banging, nesting, stacking, pouring, organizing, etc… as they get older. It’s perfect for the sandbox or baby pool – since two of the 5 cups have draining/sifting holes.I love the fact that it’s a high quality product designed with babies in mind. The lip on each of them is soft and is good for impromptu teething. Like another reviewer mentioned – it’s thoughtfully designed so the red cup can be stacked with the green cup even though it’s not the next sized cup in the set.Highly recommended and a great price on Amazon.

Alyssa Canyon, MN

Who knew that cups could be a favorite toy?

These cups are incredible! Brightly colored, soft, easy to stack and nest, fun to bang together, fun to put things into them… so many uses I was not even aware were possible. My daughter goes for these cups first thing in the morning when we pull toys out of her toy box. They don’t light up or sing a song or use batteries – all good things in my opinion. They are sturdy and have withstood throwing and banging very well. My husband stepped on one and it did bend inward a little, but I was able to easily flex it back into shape. No harm done and frankly, it demonstrated how well the cups are made to withstand such accidents. I thought that the cups would be bigger but they are great for little hands. We love these cups!

Terri Helena, NY

well made in Germany!

You don’t see that too often! These are great stackers. We have a few varieties of them but these are our favorite. They are pretty sturdy.

Felicia Montgomery, PA