Squeez’Ems 6oz Reusable Food Pouches ~ New & Improved Screw-Top Design!

Squeez’Ems 6oz Reusable Food Pouches ~ New & Improved Screw-Top Design!


Main features

  • Childproof lid to avoid spills
  • Easy to fill, clean & store
  • Holds 6oz ~ Reuse & save money
  • Freezer & microwave safe

Verified reviews


Best thus far

So my rating is based on my child solely, others may not have the same issues. The attached cap annoyed her so I had to cut it off. She is also in the throwing stage so once she sucks out as much as possible and tosses it more food comes out compared to other style pouches. What I like about this style compared to other though is that they unscrew at the top and not unzips at the bottom. My daughter figured those out in 5 seconds. These have been the best pouches I have found thus far.

Maryanne Royalton, WI

great for starting self feeding

my son never really took to the fruit pouches in the stores. so I bought these to make my own purees. I bought them a little late, at age 3 for my son. wish I had found them sooner, he’s so passed that eating stage. but they are great to put my home made lotions in LOL

Harriet Londonderry, NH

Great reusable pouches!

I love these pouches, especially now that the top has been redesigned to screw off rather than click shut. I have two of the previous design, and the only flaw was that the top would sometimes flip up or be difficult to close. So happy they fixed the issue with the redesign! These are super easy to fill and to clean (I just use a bottle brush). Everywhere we go, I am always asked where we found these. Great for homemade purees, yogurt, applesauce and even soups – love them!

Edna Brookfield, MO

good but a bit difficult to use for my 14 month old

My son loves squeezy pouches but I refuse to keep buying the disposable pouches – they were too expensive, create too much garbage (bad for the environment), and there were too many horror stories about them in the news lately (moldy food inside).I bought the yummi pouches originally but the zip lock material on each and every pouch (i had 6) broke after about 2 months of use. I also didn’t like that the spout was on the side with those. Much easier to use when the mouthpiece is on top, like with these.I have to admit – I didn’t have very high hopes for these but so far, they’re really great. I like that they hold about 6oz of food and that they have a clear portion of the pouch so you can easily see how much is left inside. They’re also super-easy to fill and very affordable. We buy organic apple sauce from BJs and just pour it directly into these pouches. These pouches are also easy to clean and don’t have any crevices where food gets trapped (the yummi pouches constantly had food stuck in between the zip locks and i couldn’t clean that, no matter how hard i tried).Now the not-so-great:The cap is attached which is good since we don’t ever lose the cap, but my son finds it a bit distracting and is constantly being hit in the nose with the cap. Also, since they have a screw-top design, a lot of air gets inside these and the first few sips my son takes are 90% air. Sometimes this causes him to get frustrated with it and assume it’s empty. This is only an issue when the pouch is about half full.The instructions say that these are dishwasher safe, but that if you want them to last even longer, you should hand wash them. They’re pretty easy to wash – I just use a bottle brush to clean the insides thoroughly and then air-dry.I’ve only had them a couple of weeks so far but am satisfied and am happy I bought them.I would recommend them to others.

Lauri Bethel Park, PA

These things are awesome!

We use these for our daughter’s "smoothies" in her lunch. I love that I can pack her fresh fruit purees, which she loves, without all the wasteful packaging (or price) in those foil packages from the store. She gets to be just like her friends in terms of packaging, and I save a buck and pack her something I know is wholesome. Win-win!

Gay Logan, WV

Good product

The materials are great and they’re really easy to fill up and clean out. The only problem I have found is that when the food inside the pouch gets to the end it’s really hard to get it all out because of the harder tops.

Justina Clymer, PA

Highly recommend! Great product!

Excellent product!! It helped my child eat more vegetables, however I realized that a lot of food would remain at the top near the nozzle. You can’t squeeze it all out like you can with a squeeze packet. But I am very thankful my child loves then and will now have veggies. I highly recommend.

Alba Brooklyn, MD

great design

I really like this product SO much better than the pouches with the zip closures. It works really great and is easy to load. Only problem is my kid doesn’t seem to like eating out of it. It is very top heavy.

Isabella Paragon, IN