Stachifier – The Gentleman Mustache Pacifier

Stachifier – The Gentleman Mustache Pacifier

The Gentleman Stachifier Pacifier. One Size Fits Most. Available in ebony. Stachifiers are made using a special dual injection process so even though the shield is tough and hard, the stache is soft and flexible – like a good mustache should be. It is actually made from the same material as baby teethers.

Main features

  • BPA free
  • Silicone teat
  • Snap-on hygienic cap
  • Natural orthodontic shape
  • 0 – 6 months

Verified reviews


Too top heavy

It is cute but to top heavy for a baby to keep in their mouth. Bad idea, even if it is a novelty.

Louise Niagara Falls, NY

Fantastic, just what I needed.

This was my 1 year old’s mustache for the mustache and pizza party I through for her and her sister (who turned 13.) Since she couldn’t have a sticker mustache, I thought this might work even though she doesn’t do pacifiers. She loved it, everyone loved it, and it was adorable.

Sherry Wallace, SC

Super cute

It’s hilarious when my baby is sucking on this bc the mustache wiggles. My only improvement would be that the mustache sticks out a little far and makes it easy for the pacifier to pop out or for baby to grab it by accident.

Audra Castleford, ID

Lots of compliments!

This is a very cute binky. We have received a lot of compliments on it. Unfortunately it’s too heavy and frequently falls out of baby’s mouth.

Marta Jeffersonville, NY

Very cute pacifier but my son did not like it

This pacifier looks so cute on so we took it everywhere with us. But when my son got fussy when we were out, this pacifier did not calm him like the Avent ones. I still like it because we got some great pictures.

Vonda Harrisburg, PA

baby didn’t take to this pacifier

he wouldn’t keep it long enough for me to take a picture so i was a little disappointed. Will pass it along. Maybe a younger baby would like it.

Cristina Riggins, ID

show stopper pacifier

how can you not love this? yes, it is an expensive pacifier. but the baby loves orthodontic pacifiers best, and I love the look of it. its our go-to binky and he uses it just about every day.

Denise Prattsburgh, NY

It’s cute

I bought this as a joke and well most people seem surprised and amused when they see my baby with this. But for some reason he doesn’t seem to like it much… he spits it out very quickly… and well we all know how annoying it is to be spitting out the dummy and it falling on the dirty ground. Maybe it’s the weight of it… I don’t know. Otherwise it’s great for a good laugh.

Julianne Jamaica, VA

cute, but not functional

My kid just chews on the mustache part and doesn’t suck on it like a normal pacifier. Therefore, we don’t often get an opportunity to see him mustached.

Michelle Shingletown, CA


Adorable but son will not keep it in his mouth so it;s never been used. Too bad because it’s super cute and I like that it’s silicone.

Kristen Blairsden-Graeagle, CA

Stachifier Review

Pacifiers can be so boring, right? If you want to add some `funny’ to you and your child’s day as well as getting plenty of smiles and laughs, you have to check out the Stachifier. Geared for babies and toddlers between the ages of 6-36 months, the Stachifier is a natural orthodontic shaped silicone pacifier that is BPA free. Did I mention it is HILARIOUS?

Milagros Ophir, CO


came quickly as expected, quality as expected also! so very cute and the mustache reminds me of the little ones great grandpa

Joanna Glen, MS

Love it…

We have a baby girl and she keeps spitting it out! LOL i love it thoe and will make sure every one of my children will have a chance to try it out! :D.

Cherie Selmer, TN


Waste of money, but funny. Good for a gift maybe. My mom bought it for my new baby bc she thought it was funny. I wouldnt spend $9 on it myself though.

Rocio Biscoe, AR


my baby looks adorable. it’s made well and the fact that the ring is clear just helps with the illusion. i flood the whole pacifier with water and freeze it. it helps her when she’s having teething pain.i’m almost tempted to buy the other mustaches, but it’s too expensive for what it is.

Elise Poynor, TX

Novelty item- Not for everyday use!

Very cute. It makes the perfect gift for babies and makes funny pictures. However, after using a few times and rinsing it off moisture is visible inside the pacifier. And while I’m sure it won’t lead to mold or anything it seems very unhygienic!

Jennifer Mount Carmel, SC

Your baby as a mini Joe Namath with a horse shoe ‘stache

I always see things like this and wonder why did I not think this up!?! The mere addition of this paci to your babe’s sweet face will turn him from a wall flower into the life of the party. Seriously, no one can resist a baby with a horse shoe mustache. Tests have been done and it is impossible not to be 100% in love with any adorable baby that rocks this Mustachifier. The good thing about it is that it is well made and if your baby takes a paci, it will enjoy sucking on this one just as much as it will any of its other pacifiers.I do give it four stars for the fact that your baby will also enjoy sucking on the mustache portion of the pacifier. So, you will likely need to readjust the paci back into place frequently. However, that minor annoyance aside, this pacifier is so cool that you will love it. People will laugh out loud and comment about how cute your baby is sucking on this pacifier. It’s a blast and if you have any sense of humor at all then you must buy it!

Leonor Highland, KS

Cute pacifier!

I bought this for my 6 month old for pictures. It’s a little heavy which is why I gave it 4 stars vs. 5 stars but it’s really cute & I got a lot of questions because you usually only see the black mustachifier but my son is blonde so I thought this one would go cuter & it sure did. He only sucks on it for about 3 minutes though because the shape of the actual pacifier isn’t his favorite.

Jocelyn Hermitage, PA


This is adorable and hilarious. The only problem is that the "nub" part is ginormous, so my baby seemed to gag on it.

Avis New Berlin, IL

So cute!

My 1 year old looked amazing with this paci! Everyone loved the way he looked and even stole the show at his baptism!

Esther West Valley, NY

Absolutely Hilarious

My dad used to have a mustache and everyone would like him to grow it back – we bought this as a joke and it is absolutely hilarious to see my little girl with this. Definitely worth the money for the joke 🙂

Herminia Waterloo, IN

We get lots of reactions with this binky

People always laugh and ask where on earth we got this pacifier. It’s a great conversation starter and I plan on purchasing the cowboy one soon 🙂

Octavia Attleboro, MA