Star Kids Play ‘N Go Travel Tray, Green

Star Kids Play ‘N Go Travel Tray, Green

Whether on a plane, in the car or out to eat, take the Play n Go with you to entertain your child with educational activities.

Main features

  • Easy on and easy off
  • Educational activities to entertain your child while on the go
  • Works with high chairs, airplane tray tables and fits perfectly in the snack and play travel tray
  • Washable with cold water
  • For 6 months and above

Verified reviews


Not quite right

The idea is good. Something I needed when taking our baby our to restaurants or something. It doesn’t show how it attaches. It won’t attach to tables. High chair – yes, at home. Honestly, it was a waste of money because it isn’t useful. The activities are kind if lame. Especially for the age group that would use this product.

Aurora Brentford, SD

Keeps my 6 month old entertained on airplanes!

We recently flew with our 6 month old and bought this toy to cover the tray table and keep her entertained. It certainly worked. She played with it for a good 45 minutes in the air. When she was bored, I just flipped it over. I pull it out at home and she loves it just as much sitting on the floor. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone flying with a baby.

Kenya Suamico, WI

Good toy for around 12 months

I bought this for a 14 hour travel day (including a red eye) flying solo with a 15 month old. The intent was for it to be used on the airplane or while she was in her car seat. Honestly that didn’t happen much, but she did enjoy running around with it at the airport, and playing with it during meals on our trip. She wasn’t crazy about it, but I think she was a bit old. We have a second child on the way and I think this will be nice for car rides, going out to eat etc. for a slightly younger age. Overall happy with the product, just not a favorite of my kiddo!

Irma Kendall, KS

Good quality, baby likes it

It’s bright, colorful, busy, and feels fairly durable. I’m pretty sure my infant will take at least a few months to destroy it.

Clarice Voorheesville, NY

Good for flights

I’ve used this on plane trips, and it does keep my daughter on flights between 11 and 10 months entertained, so far. You can’t put the tray table up with it strapped on, and it’s a bit of a hassle to re-strap it on when you flip the sides, but overall worth it to not be picking up toys off the floor all the time.

Jenny Jonesburg, MO

Not all that entertaining….really.

We flew with our infant regularly, so I needed product(s) that would be compact and keep her entertained on the plane. Maybe it was just my daughter but she was not a fan…the zipper was fun…the clip was a little too much for her (and still is at 15 months)…it just did not seem like each little item was collectively age appropriate. My daughter could do the zipper at 8 months no problem and pull of all the little pieces…she could not do a button though or the clip…well now she is 15 months and can do the button with ease, not the clip and has no interest in the other pieces because she essentially outgrew them. The mirror is completely fuzzy and was since we purchased it, light does not even reflect from it very well. Not worth the price…there are so many better toys out there for travel!

Queen Baltimore, OH

Better for a younger child

I think this is a great idea but in reality I think my son would have been bored with it. A younger child might find these types of "activities" really engaging but it was too simple for my 14 mo old. I sent it back.

Bonnie Lexington, KY