Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray, Black

Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray, Black

Provides a sturdy surface for travel treats and toys. Easy on/Easy off, Safe and easy to use. Use with car seats, booster seats, or strollers.

Main features

  • 100 % Nylon
  • Imported
  • Car seat tray provides flat, safe area to eat and play
  • Fits most booster seats; buckles around children, car seats and strollers
  • Soft, durable, 100% nylon; soft foam reinforcement folds on impact
  • Includes 2 large side pockets and 2 ” wall stop
  • Recommended for on the go families

Verified reviews


Preschooler is iffy about it

This works great for what it is, but the buckle in the back is totally unnecessary and even quite annoying. My 3 year old likes to be able to take it off and put it back on in the car so she can move her legs around, and if I were to buckle it during road trips, she’d go totally crazy until I pulled over (understandably so) if she couldn’t take it off sometimes. Also, the bags are really deep and she can’t reach most things at the bottom, so the side bags are really only good for big toys (stuffed animals, dolls) and not so great for storing markers and pencils.I bought her a write-on, wipe-off book and dry erase markers to use with this and that has been very effective.In general, this product works, but the bags would be more effective if they were shorter. I’d recommend for anyone with a child 2-5 going on long road trips.

Ruthie Greenville, GA

GREAT Lap thing

Its not a tray, a tray is hard. This is GREAT. I got it for my 3y/o daughter to use on a 13 hour drive, and she loved it! The drive actuall turned to 18, but this helped all of our heads. she didnt drop crayons, coloring books, or toys (That she didn’t mean to drop). We really didnt use the sides, but I think my next trip I will use those. we also had a behind the seat holder, which she kicked things out of while she slept, or getting in or out. I really wouldn’t put much in them, since youll have to move it to get in or out and dont want to drop, or hit anything.We didnt secure it behinde the seat, first so it was easier to get her in or out, but second, she got bored of it or wanted to sleep, and would throw it to the side.I WILL be buying a SECOND for our other daughter.Good Luck!

Jesse Ottawa, IL

Must have for long road trips!

I was really excited to try this out with my 8-year-old who needs constant stimulation in order to remain happy. We take numerous road trips each year, some spanning several days and some as short as 3-4 hours. Regardless, if he doesn’t have some kind of entertainment, no one will be happy! We gave this a test run on a recent outing and I was pretty impressed. It folds down fairly compactly and I was able to fit it under my front passenger seat. He still sits in a booster and needed some help getting it around his waist, but once it was on, he was good to go.He was playing with cars on it, propped up his iPad to watch videos on it, he even ate lunch on it! I was skeptical about the lunch idea because it doesn’t really sit as flat as it looks in the picture. Given that it’s all folded up when you receive it, it’s already got a little hill in the center that I don’t think will ever go away, especially if you keep folding it to put it away when not in use. Even so, it still provided enough of a firm, flat surface for him to play on and eat his lunch on while I was driving. Usually it’s a complicated circus involving numerous cup holders and creative use of the glove compartment. Now, everything fits nicely on his tray and he can still use his built in cup holders in his booster seat for his drink. Now if only it had a built in bib.. (kidding!) It did seem to minimize the amount of food bits that accumulated on the seat and floor around him, but there was still a bit of mess. The edge kept most of it contained though. And none of his cars slipped away and onto the floor, which is a huge bonus! I can’t even count how many times I’ve had to exit the freeway on a long road trip to pick up toys that have fallen off his lap because I won’t allow him to take off his seatbelt.The most important feature of this travel tray, however, is the safety. If there is a collision, the tray will collapse. Despite it being rigid enough to support play and dining, I could easily collapse it from the front with a single hand, so I have no worry of the soft material injuring him in any way should a (heaven forbid) collision ever occur. Overall, I think this is the ONLY option for play on a long road trip. Hard plastic trays that many people use may provide more play space, but they are DANGEROUS, and not only that, but there’s no way to secure them to the seat anyway so they’re likely to slide off just like everything else. This tray stays put and keeps the contents where you want them. This would even be great on plane trip as well. It can easily fit into a suitcase or duffle bag, no problem.The only reason I deducted a star is because it will never be flat like it shows in the picture. Picky kids may be annoyed by this and it may make some play a challenge, such as with play sets. My kiddo loves cars so the little bump made a nice jump for his invisible race track. I just want potential buyers to be aware that it is not perfectly flat like in the picture. Other than that, it’s a great purchase and I’m glad I have it. Can’t wait to try it out on our spring break road trip!

Jeanie East Poland, ME

Totally love this tray!

This is a great tray for a 3-10 year old kid to keep them busy in their car seat on a long road trip. It is great for multiple activities including drawing or writing, putting a tablet, small laptop or media player to watching a movie, for dry snacks, etc. It is very versatile and you might find that this works for something that you didn’t initially thought about.Another great thing that I love about this is that it’s washable. Although if your kid spills liquid on it, it will take some time to dry it. If it were plastic, you could just wipe it. But then it would be dangerous because it could also hurt your kid. So the material (i.e. Nylon with soft foam) makes it very safe for kids. If you suddenly hit breaks, this won’t hit your child and hurt him/her. Plus, this material makes it very easy to fold and store.This is a great little travel tray that more than filled a need. I think it is durable and should last for some time. For the value it provides, I highly recommend it.

Brooke Savannah, GA

Works okie

I bought this for a 12 hour road trip with my 19 month old son. I think he may be too young for it, but it rests on his knees & seems to really bug him.I really like the raised sides, it keeps his playthings and cheerios from sliding off of the tray. This keeps us from having to twist around from the front & try to retrieve the “lost” items. :)It’s very large, so plenty of room for his books. He likes to “read” in the car, but his little hands often have trouble holding on to the books, so this solves that problem.I also like the netted holders on the side for when he is older and has the dexterity to reach in and pull things out.I don’t like how it rests on his legs. It’s vinyl and therefore is uncomfortable on his skin and is hot (we live in Florida). But it is very easy to wipe off.We have a Britax Boulevard and the sides slope too steeply is the reason why it rests on his knees.He’ll use it for about 10 minutes, then he wants it off. Maybe when he’s older, it won’t bother him as much.

Marguerite Creston, CA

fit perfectly

I have BRITAX Roundabout to go with this tray. Fit very nice and tight because the strap can be daughter already plays in it with paper and pen =D looking forward to bring this in airplane with her carseat!i’ll update the review after the trip**UPDATE**We use this to travel internationally. It fits great since we got the bulkseat on the plane. So she has her own tray she can use for playing and drawing.The only thing is that, the foam was not sturdy enough since it is made lightweighted (so that it can fold well). The handcurve on the britax roundabout made the end of the tray a little slump down. So this is not an even tray.I did not use it for her food tray just because I worried it will tip off and made a huge mess in the flight. and worried also that it will be hard to clean on the corner side of the tray and the side tray wall.The material is mostly like a disposable tablecloth for the party (of course with more weight and better quality than that). So you can wipe it.For the car use, it hold up verywell to keep my daughter entertained with whatever toys put in front of her.

Patti Kirklin, IN

Did not care for this one at all

I am very sorry – when I purchased this it seemed like a great idea, but it did not work out for me and my son at all. The tray actually tilts while in use which means that all of the toys, crayons, etc, end up in the car seat and not on the tray – everything falls off the tray (it tilts towards the child). Also, tray is not rigid enough – so it kind of sits on my child’s legs and irritates him – so he tries to kick it off – also does not work very well.All and all, not as good of a design as I was hoping were and therefore it does not serve the purpose at all.

Robert Youngwood, PA


i bought it to use as a table on a cross country car ride but it was too bulky and my toddler could pull it off/around in a totally useless manner. it was rolled up really soon into the trip and i threw it away after he threw up on it. it didnt eve hold all that from making messes and i didnt want the bulkiness in my car after that.

Lorene Hunter, NY

Its ok, but not great

Like many other reviewers here, my daughter does like to use this sometimes on long car trips. When she does, she is able to do some coloring.But like other reviewers, I wish it had a flatter, harder surface. I understand that for safety reasons it may not be possible, but I can always dream.

Alexandria Chatham, NY

Happy so far

I received this today and it shipped rather quickly. It is just as described and pictured. Very bendable so would not hurt my son in an accident, yet seems quite sturdy. I don’t think putting a drink that isn’t spill proof would be recommended, but sturdy enough to hold some toys or snacks, etc. Will be using this when we make out trip from oklahoma to pennsylvania this Christmas. Will update on how well it works for us.

Diana Lockwood, MO

It worked, wished it could have been better

The strap componant has a clip on each side so if your car has the room to unclip one side and sort of flip it out of the way then that would work great. Our carseat is next to the door on the passenger side and my mom sitting next to the car seat could easily reach to unclip the one close to her but then trying to shove it out of the way between the door and carseat didn’t work so well. We used this on a 16 hour drive for our 2.5 year-old and when it was in position she could color nicely. It was too flimsy to do much else on, I wouldn’t try and serve snacks on it for instance because of the slope. Also our daughter seemed to feel hemmed in when this was in place because it covered so much of her and because the strap has to loop behind her we had to stop the car to take it on and off. For the return trip we didn’t use it all. Perhaps when she’s older and can manipulate it herself this will be more handy.

Della Bronson, TX

Save your money

I disregarded the other reviews about the fact that this wasn’t a tray and not hard. Please know – this is very misleading. The sides to this tray are just fabric. I would have much preferred hard sides. We just went on a 15 hour trip to Missouri and my kids tried these but immediately threw them in the back. Waste of money and space.

Willa Lindstrom, MN


Whoever invented this was a genius. This allows for fun in the car while traveling. I love it. The pockets on the side are a little cheaply made, but over all it is a good sturdy hard surface to play or draw on. And you can wipe it down if something get’s spilled on it.

Lynne Emlenton, PA

nice if your stroller has a tray already

This is a great item for a car seat, but won’t work on an umbrella stroller or any stroller without a pre-existing tray. It is made out of foam and does not stand up on it’s own.

Doreen Gay, WV

Can’t believe we ever lived without it, no joke!

My daughter constantly dropped her toys in the truck. We would go over a little bump and the toys would fall, or fly, onto the ground. We thought of this as a way of maybe only having to reach back there, every other bump. We were mistaken. We don’t have to reach back there at all! This stays in place, and has edges that are around 2 inches high, so nothing slides off! Her books, her babies, whatever she is playing with stays in place over every bump and around every corner.It does bend easily, as some reviews state, however that is part of the safety feature. If you were to be in an accident, the tray collapses so it doesn’t injure your child. If you attach the tray correctly however, the dip in the middle is barely noticeable. I wouldn’t expect a ball to just sit on it, but it does exactly what it is suppose to do.

Consuelo Goldsmith, IN

Sturdy enough and safe

OK – No it’s not a hard desk – it’s made of thick firm foam – but for those who were wanting something harder please think of the safety aspect. If you got in an accident and this was forced into your childs frame it would not hurt them and thats much more important than making sure their cheerios dont slide off!This is sturdy enough that my little one can color on it, eat on it (crackers etc) and I think she’ll be able to more comfortably put books and activities on it. The side pockets are super handy too. I showed it to 2 of my girlfriends and they are getting one for their kiddos too!

Althea Cedar Creek, NE

Couldn’t imagine not having this.

What did I do before this. Food every where. I love this travel tray. My daughter loves it too. She can eat, use her tablet (my tablet) and not make a huge mess!!

Susana Hickam Afb, HI

works great

this works great in my car with my little one, she eats and plays in the tray then when shes done or sleeping i just unclick the sides and the back stays in place such a great find. it works better than the ones i seen at babies r us with dora and elmo. this one is so much bigger and better, it is a little soft so your child cant do homework or color to the max but i bought it for snackies and playing and it works perfectly.

Margo Lake Spring, MO

Served its purpose…twice

I thought this travel tray was great, the two times we used it. Then one of the webbing straps frayed just about the point of useless. I can probably repair it, but I would expect this item to stay intact for more than two uses.

Erika Goetzville, MI

Keeps Baby Occupied

I got this to use on the occasion we take our grandson in our car. Just slip it over his legs, the strap holds it in place. Holds toys, pacifier and even a bottle. I like it because whenever he drops something, it doesn’t fall onto the floor of the car. My wife usually rides in the back seat with him, making it a real convenience for her also. It works really well.

Jeanette Middle Brook, MO

Friendly and it does the job

Easy to attach and detach. Not very sturdy, though. Good for reading, coloring, but for snacking –not so much. The food travels in all corners, so no more snacking on it. It is okay. Especially that is waterproof.

Delores Poy Sippi, WI


This tray is WONDERFUL for long (or short) car trips. Gives our toddler a place to play with his toys (cars or trains, usually) without dropping them CONSTANTLY and asking us to pick them up while we are trying to drive. This has made many hour-long car trips, as well as two 8-hour car trips. GET IT. You won’t be sorry!

Lawanda Marengo, IL

Great Tray – Makes Long Trips Enjoyable For All!

Have you ever had one of those "someone must have made…" moments? That was me with regards to a tray to use with a car seat or booster seat for my daughter. We regularly drive an hour or more and while my daughter is a great passenger, she definitely can get bored after a while. She is self-entertained most of the time, but it is tough to color, draw or even play with most toys just on your lap. I set out to find a solution to this conundrum and found this tray.It only took a few moments to install and it works great! The size pouches are stretchy so we can keep small containers of markers or crayons as well as some toys. Having the raised edge keeps things from falling our while driving. The only drawback is that the tray covers the cup holder in the car and booster seats we have – for closed bottles we just put them in the stretchy pouches though. Now if I could only round up another strap to make moving it between cars even easier!

Taylor Perley, MN

Didn’t work for my situation

I have twin toddlers who are nearly 2. We went on a 12 hour trip to a family member’s house for Thanksgiving last week. I thought these would be great for play and eating while strapped in their car seats. They are folded up in the bag when you get them. I unfolded them and set them up, but the fold causes them to slant in the middle. Everything rolls to the middle and they don’t seem to fit on our car seats very well. One of my daughters liked the tray and the other one hated it because it didn’t fit well (very bulky – seems like it would work better for older children). We really couldn’t use them for the intended purpose, so I folded them back up and used them as a wedge under the car seat to recline it for sleeping. It could be our car seats or maybe I didn’t strap them tight enough to help keep the tray straight, but from the photos it looks like the tray would be flat. Either way, this was not a good purchase for us.

Arline Erie, KS

Travel Snack Tray

I used this once. I thought the tray part would have been sturdier. Other than that it really would have been fantastic.

Ofelia Valparaiso, FL


Have really used this product. My daughter used it when she was younger, around a year old. It folds in and doesn’t really hold stuff up so she can get to it.

Leola New Canton, VA


hoping this will work better now that we have a larger car. in my smaller it was a bit crammed. still i dont think i will be attaching this around my child. it is soft, so id rather chance that this shifts or even flies in an accident then tangle her in a tight spot more.

Opal Salem, VA


We got this for our 1 year old for road trips. He is great in the car but he loses his toys and treats frequently and I have to try to locate them twisting around from the front seat. This gives him a surface to play on and the mesh compartments on the sides work great to keep treats, sippy cups and extra toys. It is also very easy to adjust and attach/install. The material wipes up easily too. We keep this in the trunk of our car and it folds nice and flat, not taking up much room. My only slight complaint is that the blue tray surface is not hard, although it is stiff. It may not be ideal for coloring on, etc. I think this was probably intended so it would be easier fold up for storage but I would rather have had a harder surface. All in all, this is a great item to have around and I definitely recommend it. FYI – we have a very wide car seat and this fits it fine. Should work for any size seat.

Angelina Grand Saline, TX


We bought these trays for a 1000 mile trip with our two year old twins. It was the best thing for the trip! The kids were able to color easily. The raised side kept the crayons from rolling away. We ate meals on the road thanks to the tray. The material wiped up easily. The tray also allowed them to keep several toys in front of them at once. It was comfortable enough that the kids would nap with them still attached. One reviewer mentioned how the tray was a bit flimsy. I disagree. The tray is made from a stiff foam and held up fine. If it was a hard tray, it would become dangerous in an accident. Since it is foam, if there was an accident, it would collapse around the child instead of causing injury. One complaint I have, and it is very minor, is that no directions were included and no instruction was given about where to place the strap. The first time we used the trays, I placed the strap around the child thinking that would keep the tray closer to them. It made the tray sit unevenly and didn’t work well. The strap should go behind the carseat. Having clips on both ends of the strap made it easy to remove the tray. This is also nice so you do not have to remove the strap from behind the carseat every time. I HIGHLY recommend this travel tray! Don’t take a trip without it! Worth every penny! (We have Britax Boulevard carseats and it works great with them.)

Etta Dayhoit, KY

Why didn’t I buy this sooner!

I bought this for my 20 month-old for a verrry long trip. I love how large it is and even more I love that it is safe for him to use! This is a must for any long trip or any car ride to keep your little ones happy.

Denise Antler, ND