Starter Supplemental Nursing System with 80ml Bottle

Starter Supplemental Nursing System with 80ml Bottle

Medela Starter Supplemental Nursing System with 80ml bottle. A disposable system ideal for short-term (24-hour) supplemental feedings at the breast. Quick Clip; attaches to mom’s clothing for maximum convenience. Sterile packaging

Main features

  • This comes with the bottle

Verified reviews


Great product if needing to supplement!

This product is a lifesaver if you’re needing to supplement. I’ve purchased three of these and I have to supplement on a long-term basis and these are fantastic. Make sure to have the yellow piece and the membrane put together well and snapped into the system or else it will leak. Otherwise a great product. You can also use ready to feed bottles instead of the bottle it comes with as they screw onto the feeder as well.

Roxie Elkridge, MD

A syringe and feeding tube worked better for us

The item didn’t work for us becuase we had a syringe and feeding tube we were using from the hospital to help get baby at the breast more in order to help my milk supply (which was only marginally improved and we still had to supplement 50% of the time with formula even though we started using this technique within hours after birth). The tubing is much more soft than the feeding tube we were used to an only had one hole at the end. As such, our baby found it harder to maintain in position and also didn’t like that the flow was slow if even with my breast or too fast if in any other positon. Also since the tubing is very flexible you need to use tape which we didn’t have to do with the syringe, it was a hassle to need about 3 pieces of paper tape each time. After trying to make it work for us for about 10 feedings, we went back to buying syringes and feeding tubes (that adhere to syringe) to encourage time at breast. At one month, since my milk supply hadn’t improved, we decided to use a bottle instead and didn’t even use that at all.It would have been nice to know that the tubing was very soft and that it only had one whole. We did like the large capacity of it compared to 10cc syringes and we didn’t have any of the trouble with leaks as some reviewers have described. We never had one leak. It just didn’t work for our baby.

Tasha Hopkins Park, IL

Great if you know how to use it

It is nice if you know how to use it. I had alot of problems with it and could not get it to work. If you buy have it handy and go to a lactaion nurse for help.

Denice East Lynn, IL

Very helpful, but a little cumbersome

I got this product in the hospital after my baby was born. She was just so hungry and my colostrum/milk wasn’t sufficient to make her feel satisfied. It’s a little awkward to use, and sometimes takes a pair of extra hands, especially in the beginning, but this product has made it possible for my daughter to learn how to latch on, even when she wasn’t getting much from ME.

Melissa Tall Timbers, MD

I finally solved the leaking problem!

I am forever grateful to Medela for making this product which allowed me to supplement my baby at the breast and not using a bottle. But once my milk supply increased enough I was more than happy to jettison it because it was a pain in the rear to use — breastfeeding is hard enough but it was that much more difficult for my baby to latch as his little mouth had to cover both my nipple and the tube. And the leaking was intolerable. I was supplementing at times with my own breast milk. Every drop of it was painstakingly pumped so you can imagine my heartbreak and fury to see it leak away! No matter how loosely or tightly I screwed on the top, it leaked… until I figured out a trick:1. Engage the lock on the tube2. Make sure the white valve is pushed all the way into the yellow disk. Sometimes, the “nub” is only partially inserted which causes leaking3. Fill the tube with however much supplement (formula/breast milk) is required4. Squeeze the reservoir tip to create a vacuum5. WHILE STILL SQUEEZING THE TIP, place the yellow circular into the tip and push it until you hear a “click”. Make sure the disk clicks into place along its entire circumference6. WHILE STILL SQUEEZING THE TIP, screw the reservoir tip onto the tube7. Quickly invert the tube and as soon as it is turned upside down, simultaneously release the reservoir tip. You will see that once the vacuum disappears, some supplement flows into the tip8. Continue to tighten the reservoir tip onto the tube. Do not over tighten, but enough to prevent leaking9. If required, squeeze the tip to pump some more supplement into it10. Once you unlock the tube, you’ll find that supplement will quickly flow down the tubeA few other things to note:A. Although this is supposed to be a 24-hour device, I spoke to a lactation consultant, and she said a Medela representative told her it can be used for longer periods of time, but since they can’t be sure whether users can clean them properly after they leave the hospital, they market it as a short term device. Just make sure to run hot water through the tube as soon as you finish each feeding. You will eventually have to replace it when the tubes get too gunky but they last a heck longer than 24 hours. I used my SNS for 4.5 weeks before I stopped using them altogether.B. If the capacity of the test tube is too little for your purposes, try using other larger bottles. I found that the Dr. Brown bottles fit wellC. Be creative in where to clip the SNS! I have tried the straps of my nursing camisole, the lid of a baseball cap turned sideways, and I finally settled on a towel which I used to cover my nursing chair.I hope this helps! Keep up the great work with breastfeeding.

Martha Mc Daniels, KY

This did not even last 24 hours.

This is a temporary device due to the fact that the bottle is so small that when you clean it and push water through the tube, the bottle doesnt force enough liquid through the tubing in order to get it clean. So to prevent bateria growth this is recommended to be used only for 24 hours. This is per Medela. Now, onto our review,…This stopped working after two uses. We ended up buying the regular SNS instead. The liquid stopped flowing into the reservoir nipple and we had to manually squeeze the bottle to make it flow. NOTE THIS IS FOR BREASTMILK ONLY. FORMULA IS TO THICK TO FLOW THRU THE TUBING AND WILL LEAD TO HOUR LONG OR MORE FEEDINGS.

Katelyn Hillsboro, IN

If you need to supplement, this is a lifesaver!

Easy to use (you need practice and an LC to get you started won’t hurt!) once you get the hang of it. Simple to clean. Is very helpful if you’re having supply issues or inducing lactation.

Jewell Lebam, WA

educate yourself on them before using one of it can cause weight problems for your baby

works and you still get to feel a strong connection to baby while you feed but they are hard to clean and if you use them too much than they can cause your child to be very under weight no matter how much you are feeding them just due to how much harder they have to work to get the food so basically they burn what they are eating and not getting the nutrients so be carful to watch for that.

Jesse Woodbourne, NY


It’s kind of awkward, and it’s difficult to get the tube to aim properly. I wasn’t able to use it.

Nanette Hopwood, PA