Starting Small Frog Novelty Hamper – Green

Starting Small Frog Novelty Hamper – Green

Starting Small Frog hamper and toy chest is great for organizing toys, laundry and more. This comes with convenient carry handles. It measures 24″X18″X11″ in size. This can hold loads of multiple toys and laundry.

Main features

  • For organizing toys, laundry and more
  • Frog hamper and toy chest
  • Measures 24″X18″X11″ in size
  • Convenient carry handles
  • Holds loads of multiple toys and laundry

Verified reviews


Great little hamper

This hamper matches my daughter’s room perfectly and she loves “helping” me do her laundry. It’s short enough she can put the clothes in it herself. I don’t let her play with it though. Not quite sturdy enough when she trys to lay on it. It serves it’s purpose of looking good in the room, while being a functional.

Jocelyn Chicago Heights, IL

Fun addition to our baby’s room

This looks adorable in our jungle-themed room and actually matches the paint on the walls. It is a great size (bigger than I expected) and easy to toss things into from across the room, while changing a diaper, etc due to the nice-sized opening at the top.

Carlene Covington, OH

a little small

It’s a little smaller than I expected and I wouldn’t fill it up with heavy toys then try to carry it around, but over all it’s no worse or better than any similar type hamper/toy box, and I’ve owned 4 in the last 9 years from all different brands. My 9 and 7 year old boys have destroyed them all, along with 3 heavy plastic hampers and one expensive wicker one. This one I purchased for my 5 month old son’s toys, and it is by far the cutest one I’ve had.I guess what I’m saying is, it’s not going to last forever, and it won’t hold a bunch (barely holds one load of laundry packed tight) but it’s way cute, and the price is right.

Gilda Smithville, AR

Best hamper!

I absolutely LOVE this hamper, it matches perfectly to my sons animal theme. It’s sturdy and holds a lot of clothes, and plus it’s just so cute! I’ve had it for a few months and I’ve had no problems with it.

Tabitha Cheltenham, MD

Really pleased

I live in a larger two-storey house, and with the birth of our first baby, I quickly got tired of running upstairs (where both laundry and nursery are located) to bring up every pice of soiled clothing or spit-up rag throughout the day. We converted a small room on the main floor for baby usage, and have a changing table, etc., located there (more convenient). I wanted a hamper to use so I wasn’t constantly running upstairs, or worse- leaving a pile of dirty clothing etc. on the stairs waiting to go up to the laundry. I found this, was very happy with the price, and was surprised how quickly it arrived. It is super light-weight, so I can scoop up any baby items on the main floor and bring them upstairs when I clean up for the night, and then toss it over our balcony back to the main floor. It washes well in my opinion – I throw it in the load once a week – and it air dries well. I plan to use it for extra toy storage once we move past the soil-everything-you-wear stage, but our baby is still on 4 1/2 months old, and so between spit up, drool, and parental lack-of-skill with diaper changes this is quite useful as a hamper for us for now.

Rachel Swainsboro, GA


Quite a fun touch to my baby’s room. Though it was a bit pricey for me. However it is still holding up quite well after almost 9 months. I’m a wee bit fussy (OK a lot) but the flap with the eye does not hold up well … It’s a bit wobbly now but it still functions quite well.

Hilary Blythedale, MO