Starting Small Novelty Hamper, Floral

Starting Small Novelty Hamper, Floral

Floral Novelty Hamper is great for bedroom, playroom and more. It is convenient to carry handles. It is made up of durable fabric holds laundry, toys, and more. It measures a giant size of 24″X18″X11″.

Main features

  • Great for bedroom playroom and more
  • Durable and sturdy 100% polyester fabric
  • Convenient carry handles
  • Holds Laundry Toys and More
  • Giant Size 24″X18″X11″

Verified reviews



perfect size for our unborn daughters room. I only gave it a four because you had too put the support sticks in the sides, not sure how long it will last but for the price you can’t complain.

Carissa Teton Village, WY


This is a simple hamper that works just like we wanted it to. The pattern is nice and not too flashy. Holds a good amount of clothes.

Selma Langley, SC

Great for the purpose intended: Baby clothes hamper.

This is perfect for a second baby clothes hamper. Did not tip over and lightweight to carry to laundry. I would buy again.

Matilda Norcross, GA

Very cute!

Cute little hamper, seems sturdy enough for what I use it for (baby clothes). Can’t hardly beat the price, so I’d buy it again!

Kayla Alba, TX

The handles are weak

This hamper is perfect for small spaces but hte handles (or, strictly speaking the plastic rods that go into the sides and with which you can pick it up) are hollow and thin. They bend when the hamper is 3/4 full – and I don’t dare lift the thing by them when it is completely full because I am certain they will break.

Olive Hunter, AR

Love these little hampers!

My MIL bought me a Starting Small hamper (from a baby store) for my nursery – it was the perfect size for all her dirty baby clothes and blankets. It’s pretty sturdy and very cute in her room. I liked it so much I came on Amazon and bought 2 more! I use it for her stuffed animals and baby blanket STORAGE…they look great and keep the room tidy! Great purchase for the price…can’t beat that!

Leticia New Braunfels, TX