Starting Small Puppy Novelty Hamper – Tan

Starting Small Puppy Novelty Hamper – Tan

Starting Small Puppy hamper and toy chest is great for organizing toys, laundry and more. This comes with convenient carry handles. It measures 24″X18″X11″ in size. This can hold loads of multiple toys and laundry.

Main features

  • For organizing toys, laundry and more
  • Puppy hamper and toy chest
  • Measures 24″X18″X11″ in size
  • Convenient carry handles
  • Holds loads of multiple toys and laundry

Verified reviews


Way Better quality than i expected

I’ve seen these pop-up like hampers before and thought the too flimsy but this one was cute and it was after all just for the baby’s room so I bought it because it was neutral and I thought the baby would like to look at the puppy. I was really surprised at the sturdiness and construction. Love the handles, it doesn’t collapse on me and it’s really cute! Baby loves the puppy face. This also makes a great toy hamper!

Estelle Mahwah, NJ

Surprisingly big capacity

I had been shopping around for a hamper to replace the piece of junkEddie Bauer Hamper Teddy Bearthat broke when we were still in the newborn stage. I ordered this cute novelty hamper and aRubbermaid 4D06 Configurations 23-Inch Foldable Laundry Hamper, Naturalfolding bin from Amazon. I wasn’t really expecting this novelty puppy hamper to be durable enough, and I also suspected it might be too small (yep, toddlers generate a ton of dirty laundry). I figured that if it didn’t work as a hamper, we could always use it for storing his toys, etc. When both hampers arrived, I was surprised by the capacity of the puppy hamper… I can fit as much as with a standard hamper (2 – 3 loads). The lightweight fabric provides ventilation for drool-soaked bibs, etc. And I like that it doesn’t have a lid for small fingers to get snapped– plus I’m usually tossing the dirty clothes into it from across the room (from the changing table). And now that our boy is bigger, he likes tossing his own dirty clothes in to the puppy (again, no lid is a big plus for this early training for the ultimate goal of when he can reach the washer and dryer 😉 The Rubbermaid hamper is also very nice… holds a lot, and we’re using it for parent laundry.March 2012 update: Sadly, little dog hamper has expired… the support/frame sticks have ripped through the fabric, which is not only annoying, but also not the safest situation for a small child’s room. The mesh makes it impractical to attempt an effective repair. It was great while it lasted!

Miranda Pottstown, PA

Great hamper

Very cute and is as pictured. The size is great, the handles are sturdy and adds a great little touch to a baby’s room.

Meredith Red Oak, TX

This hamper is pretty big

The size of this hamper is actually pretty good. It competes with my big wicker hamper. Small enough to fit anywhere but big enough to hold a lot of clothes and even a baby comforter. Decent quality. Not sure how it would hold up if completely full… we keep doing the babies laundry so haven’t seen it at max capacity.

Freda Alamo, TN


My original review is below. While everything I said is basically true, I am now editing this review to state that this hamper does not stand the test of time. The fabric around the poles that cause it to stand up and open rip, so that the poles no longer work, and then the hamper collapses. This has happened to both of my Starting Small Hampers, although this one lasted nearly 2 years (the other one lasted only 6 months). I am disappointed, and deducting a star. This hamper is too expensive to fall apart so easily.ORIGINALThis hamper is huge, cute, and light-weight. It is exactly what we were looking for for my son. The puppy’s face and paws are made with layers of fabric, which give the hamper depth and make it more attractive and unique. We’re very pleased with the purchase, and are looking into buying another one (different pattern) for our daughter’s room. The only negative could also be a positive – it’s really quite large, so it doesn’t fit in the spot we had set aside for it. But it holds 2 loads worth of laundry! Overall, we’re very pleased.

Gena Reamstown, PA