Stay-Put Inflatable Bed Rail Set

Stay-Put Inflatable Bed Rail Set

So, you want soft, secure bed bolsters, but you don’t want to fuss with anchor straps? Try our inflatable, under-the-bedding bumpers – the only ones with anti-slip flocking! No straps needed; your fitted sheet holds the bed guards in place. Plus, you get two inflatable bed rails for the price of one (after all, there are two sides to every bed). So portable, we’re including a carry bag. Keeps kids from rolling out of bed, at home or when traveling. Foot pump and carry bag included; for speediest inflation, use an electric pump. For ages 2 and up. Designed by OneStepAhead! This is a OneStepAhead exclusive! Our in-house Design Team invests thought and care into every last detail, to bring you high-quality products you can’t find anywhere else. These inflatable bed rails prevent kids from rolling out of bed or getting wedged between the wall and the bed. Ideal for kids transitioning from the crib as well as active sleepers. Our unique, anti-slip flocking helps prevent the bed rails from shifting Fits all size beds, including platform beds The bumper’s inflatable design lets you adjust their size and firmness. If the sheets are stretched too tight over the bolster, just release some air. Bed bolsters are made of phthalate-free PVC; carry bag is made of nylon Repair kit included, just in case Bed rails measure 48″L x 4″W x 7″H fully inflated. Each bolster inflates in about 10 minutes, using the included foot pump Clean with soap, water, and washcloth

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Easy to use and travel with… BUT not durable!

Heavy duty and definitely has a strong valve. The carry bag and foot pump that come with the bumpers are easy to travel with. Also the foot pump has both inflate and deflate ability. The seams are strong, we often sit on the bumper briefly when putting the kiddo to bed. The underside has a felt like material which keeps them in place under a fitted sheet. Great solution to avoid the hospital rail look and the difficulty putting up the side in the middle of the night. Highly recommended!UPDATE: 15-Aug: The seams have split on BOTH! I was hoping to repair with a simple tube repair kit but this is a folded seam and it just wont hold. I’m pretty disappointed. Never did anything but use these as bumpers and only taken on one trip. Great idea but the seams need reinforcing. My toddler is 28 pounds, so if it can;t take his head using the bumper as a pillow – I am not sure how they are going to hold up for you. It was a slow leak – found it by placing the bumper in water. unrepairable….

Mona Norma, NJ

Great product

These work great! I use these everyday at home in my 2yr old daughter’s room instead of rails and they are fantastic. I have had them on for 2 months and they have yet to lose air. She lays on them and bounces around in the bed and they hold up great. They stay put for the most part. When they do shift a bit it is not in a way where they would be ineffective. They just may slide up or down a few inches in the bed from time to time. They remind her of where the edges are and I think will lead to an easy transition of no side protection at all. We use two as her bed is not against a wall. There is no smell to them and the pump they come with is very nice.

Robyn Moxee, WA

Works mostly as described

Recently received the bumper bars from Amazon. When I opened the package, it came with the deflated plastic bumpers, a pump, and a bag. The pump easily connects onto the bumper bars, and I had no trouble pumping it up with my foot. The pump also has a de-inflate function, which I haven’t yet tried, but there are instructions on which connector you need to put it in (simply placing the tube on either the blue or red connector). This was very easy to set up.I thought the bumper bars were a little smaller than expected — the picture shown is a bit misleading. However, it works when placed on my pillow-top queen mattress that we converted into a toddler bed for our 18 month old. We placed it under a cotton mattress pad, a cotton fitted sheet and a cotton flat sheet. It may give about a 6 – 8 inch (estimate)rise on the bed edge to prevent her from falling. There are little rubber pads on the bottom that’s designed to keep the bumpers from moving around, but I feel that the fitted sheets mostly keep them from moving around more. So far, she has not fallen out, and watching her roll around it bed when awake and active, it appears to do the job.It does come with 2 bumpers which for the price, I would certainly expect 2.Finally, we discovered that our little girl rolls around a lot – she rolls to more than just 2 sides of the bed. Since we had some body pillows laying around, we tried putting body pillows on the other ends of the bed under the mattress cover, and this seemed to work just as well (except for the flattened out body pillow, for which we replaced with a new one — and this made a fantastic barrier).I’ve included a picture of our toddler bed we created for our kiddo.Hope this helps!

Janie Providence, UT

leaked after a few months.

leaded after a few months. ugh. just use 3 swim noodles made into a triangle for each side. ut this is good fro traveling.

Phyllis Pine Beach, NJ

Great for toddlers and travels

Great for the time that they are new to the big bed. If you like to rent houses at the beach or vacation in rentals, these are helpful to give them a safer sleeping experience.

Myra Naval Air Station/ Jrb, TX

Lasted a month

I bought two and When it worked, it worked great. But somehow they both got a leak a week a apart.

Cleo Quinton, NJ