Stephan Baby Boo Bunnie Comfort Toy and Boo Cube, Yellow

Stephan Baby Boo Bunnie Comfort Toy and Boo Cube, Yellow

Boo-boos, owies no matter what you call them, if you have a little one you know that minor mishaps are bound to happen. For over 25 years, Stephan Baby’s ingenious and multi-award winning Boo-Bunnie has been comforting and soothing baby’s tiny bumps, bruises and sore spots and making tears disappear. The concept is simple: each soft plush bunnie is designed to wrap around the sides of the frozen 1-1/4 x 1-1/4 x 1-1/4″ Boo-Cube providing softness and comfort while gently applying diffused cold to the boo-boo. Each set includes one Boo-Bunnie and one Boo-Cube. Boo-Cubes are 100% bisphenol-free plastic and arrive pre-filled with distilled water; simply pop the Boo-Cube in the fridge or freezer until it’s needed. Boo-Bunnies are 100% polyester plush and are machine washable and machine dryable. So, whether it’s a boy or it’s a girl, Stephan Baby’s Boo-Bunnie is sure to become one of any new mom’s must-have items. Since 1987, Stephan Baby has been dedicated to fine quality, unique and heartwarming gifts that celebrate the magic of baby’s first year. The Stephan Baby family invites you to discover their inspired collections of blankets, gift sets, charming apparel and accessories, beautiful keepsakes and oh-so-huggable plush animals, available on Amazon. All Stephan Baby products are CPSIA tested and approved.

Main features

  • Stephan Baby Boo Bunnies have received top awards from iParenting, the Family Review Center and Parent to Parent
  • Boo Bunnies are ideal for gently soothing minor owies while comforting your little one
  • Each set includes 1 plush Boo Bunnie and 1 bisphenol free plastic Boo Cube pre filled with distilled water
  • To wash Boo Bunny remove Boo Cube, machine wash, tumble dry low, do not bleach, Boo Cubes may be washed in warm soapy water and air dried, Boo Cubes should not be washed in the dishwasher
  • Since 1987, Stephan Baby has been creating unique and heartwarming gifts for little ones

Verified reviews


Super Tiny!!! Frozen block is direct frozen ice to baby’s skin, no covering on ice pack bottom!!

This thing is so tiny, I think it must be 3" total across. You would think that the underside would be covered in rabbit material, but no. The underside and top side, behind the ears, are just a little blue block. This cover you see only covers all sides, but not top or bottom of the blue block that is supposed to be the ice pack. It’s a hard blue square and once you freeze it, the block will be come extremely cold with frost on it. So tell me, who wants to put a frozen plastic block on your child? I thought that was the point of this thing. To have it be an ice pack for boo boos? How can that be if it’s open with no cover?? Would you get an ice pack from your freezer and put it skin to skin?? No. So why would we put this little frozen plastic square skin to skin on our baby?? This company needs to toss this design and get the rabbit material on the underside to protect baby’s skin!!!!Also, it’s so damn small, it’s like the size of a mouse at Petco. Unless you plan on using it sideways, you will give your baby freezer burn in no time at all. I am returning this for a refund, STUPID IDEA.

Cherie Squirrel, ID

Cute, functional and calming

Purchased this for our grandchild who is just learning to walk, which of course produces a few ouch moments. Just seeing the bunny come out begins to calm her down. The little reusable ice cube easily stores in the freezer ready to soothe. We have had no problems with the cube being against the skin as it quickly warms just enough to be comfortable yet effective. The cube is small 1-1/4" but just the right size for those little bumps and for her to hold. Well constructed, cute, lots of color/pattern options available in the line and makes for a great baby shower gift.

Jessica Ridgefield, WA

An excellent way to ‘cure’ a boo-boo!

This Boo-Bunnie is very similar to the rest in the series, so my review will follow the one I wrote forBoo Boo Bunnie Soothing Reusable Comfortable Ice Pack.As with the other ‘bunnie’, my twin daughters ask for it by name, “boo-boo, boo-boo”. Also like the other ‘bunnie’, I like that there is both a less cold grip-able part and a colder cube part to put directly on an ouch. The cube warms up fast enough that we haven’t had to worry about it hurting them through exposure, but at the same time it stays reasonably cool far after the liquid has fully melted. Though they haven’t noticed it yet, the bunny is quite cute and makes for an ‘enjoyable’ way to forget about a small boo-boo.*** There are, however, a couple important differences between the two products. This particular ‘bunnie’ has managed to keep all its accoutrements attached (the other one lost the bow fairly quickly). I would consider that a distinct plus. The pattern with this one is very nice, the dots and stripes are cute, but! the fabric feels different. I do not like how ‘synthetic’ the material feels. The other one, I’m sure, was just as synthetic, but it felt more ‘real’ or more ‘natural’. This one has a slippery feel to it. ***That said, my kids love it and it is a wonderfully simple device, doing exactly what you want (and expect)!

Cathy Mount Horeb, WI

Always Makes My Daughter Feel Better

Whenever my 18 month old daughter gets hurt I ask her if she wants to get the Boo Boo Bunny. She doesn’t even use it properly or let me hold it to her boo boo, but the simple act of holding it seems to make her feel better. Kids are so funny like that. Hey, whatever helps my baby feel better, right?

Amelia Waynesfield, OH

Not useful for the price.

This is something you buy someone for a shower gift to be cute and neat-o, but not a parent buying for your child. The ‘boo cube’ is a hard plastic block. Where do you soothe the child? Through the material or through the block? I ended up sewing material around the block, which helps. But still, silly price for something not so useful for a mom. Plus blood is hard to get out of the fuzzy material.

Maribel Marietta, NC

A must have

If you have a toddler you need one of these. It is small so it takes very little space in the freezer. And it always cheers up my daughter when she takes a tumble. They also make great little baby shower gifts.

Nola Moorpark, CA

So cute!

I love these things. Cute, soft, gets the job done. We started introducing these to my toddler so she wouldn’t need a hug and kiss everytime she fell down. Now she asks for boo boo bunnie to make her feel better. We keep ours in the fridge since she doesn’t like it freezer cold. I have already bought two and would highly recommend to others!

Debora Sloansville, NY