Steribottle Ready to Use Disposable Baby Bottles, 10-Count

Steribottle Ready to Use Disposable Baby Bottles, 10-Count

Imagine if you don’t have to wash or sterilize baby bottles or nipples anymore. Imagine the convenience of a disposable diaper but for baby bottles. Trusted by UK parents since 2000, Steri bottle is the safe and simple way to feed your baby anytime, at home, or on the move. Steri bottle is 100% BPA free and phthalate free, and is 100% recyclable. Steri bottle is designed with care in the U.K. and made with pride in the USA. Each package contains 5 or 10 complete bottles and nipples. Steri bottle is pre sterilized and ready to use out of the box because the bottles and nipples are manufactured at high heat in a clean room facility in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. No human hands touch the sterile bottles and nipples the manufacturing and packaging process is automated. Use Steri bottle when traveling. You used to pack an extra bag with clean bottles, nipples, brushes, and maybe even a sterilizing kit. You used to stay up late washing bottles when everyone else was asleep. Now, just open the Steri bottle package, remove one pre sterilized bottle and nipple. They’re ready to use. Fill the bottle, warm it up, close the lid, and feed your child. When you’re done, you can recycle the entire Steri bottle. Use Steri bottle at home. It’s 3 a.m. – it’s time for a routine feed. Suddenly, you realize that there are no sterilized bottles in the cupboard. And you have to be at work in the morning and desperately want a few more minutes of sleep. There’s no need to spend up to 10 minutes or more washing used bottles while half asleep. Now you can just reach for a Steri bottle. Open the box, take out a pre sterilized bottle and nipple. Fill, close, and feed. This has taken you 10 15 seconds. Steri bottle has been feeding babies and saving U.K. Moms and dads thousands and thousands of hours of bottle washing and sterilizing. When you can enjoy a few more moments, or go back to sleep faster, you will see why we say that Steri bottle saves you time and more.

Main features

  • Perfect for use when travelling or at home because steri bottle is a single use baby bottle that’s ready to use out of the box
  • No need to wash or sterilize baby bottles or nipples because Steri bottle is manufactured at high heat in an automated clean room facility in the USA
  • Completely BPA free and phthalate free
  • Single use disposable and recyclable because the bottles and nipples are made from polypropylene (recycling code number 5)
  • Package contains 5 or 10 complete bottles and fast flow nipples and is recommended for infants 3 months and older

Verified reviews


Why buy?

Can I ask what the point is??? Why buy a bottle that can’t be reused? Has society really come to this point? Use and toss is such a waste. Is there seriously even a market for this item? At about $1, you may as well buy Evenflow bottles and through them out everytime you use them. Or go to the dollar store and stock up just so you can trash them after each use. SAD.

Saundra Basco, IL

Not perfect, but not bad either.

While these bottles appear to function well, there are a handful of reasons I rated them only three stars.1. They are pricey. At about $1 each (if buying a 10 pack), someone could buy a standard Gerber bottle and thow it away when finished OR reuse it if s/he chose to.2. They are absolutely one time use. Once the lid is snapped on, it is on for good. If you try to pry it off, the lip of the bottle breaks (that is if you don’t break your finger first). There is no putting water in these and adding powder formula later. When the lid is on, it is on.3. I found that the valve that is supposed to let air in to eliminate colic, didn’t function at all.4. The nipple is very fast flow so it wouldn’t be appropriate for a small baby or one that needed a slower flow.5. They are recyclable, but they are a number 5 which (at least where I live) isn’t allowed to go in curb side recycling. I’m sure this will vary with different recycling programs.That said, there are a few good things about the bottles.1. They are BPA free.2. When I took the first one out of the package I thought there was no way that bottle wouldn’t leak. But, to my surprise, I couldn’t even force it to leak when I tried.3. If they were priced lower, they would be great for traveling or just keeping in a diaper bag in case of an emergency.4. The nipples are individually sealed so they stay sterile in a bag. Unfortunately, the same can not be said of the bottles themselves which makes no sense to me at all.Overall, I feel they are middle of the road which is why I gave them three stars. They aren’t the best product out there, but they could fill a niche and appear to function relatively well as a 100% disposable bottle which is something missing in the market.

Kitty Hooksett, NH

These are perfect for on the go

These are perfect for on the go….I love them I don’t have to carry a bunch of bottles around just these and throw them away Yea….

Debora East Otis, MA

Convenient? Definitely. Recyclable? Only technically.

Despite selling themselves heavily based on their recyclability, these bottles are recycle code 5. In many, many areas, that’s not actually recyclable.These bottles are great for certain circumstances, but i’d never recommend them for everyday use. Keep a spare one in your diaper bag, in the car, or bring a box with you to the babysitter. But for most people, rinsing a reusable bottle with warm, soapy water shouldn’t be so onerous that you need to further contribute to your local landfill.

Jean Sharpsville, IN

Very well made and greta for emergencies

My only beefs with this are what has been said already. I am not a fan of disposables because it’s bad for the environment. Notice how I said environment and not the hoax of manmade climate change. It’s cheaper in the long run to use reusable bottles, especially since many of the great brands are BPA free. Yes, I believe in recycling something used. but what if you never had to thrw it into the recycle bin in the first place.That being said, these are great to put in a diaper bag, have a spare in the car, etc. I think that’s the real value and benfit of these. I mean, you’re not going to wash out a bottle in the restroom of a gas station and then dry in on your dashboard. No, you need something clean and readily available to feed junior.Bottom line… get some quality Dr. Brown’s, Playtex, Avent, etc. for regualr use. Buy these when you’re going on trips or will be away from home for awhile.

Emma Warren, MI

I don’t think I will be switching from the Playtex Dropins I have been using

I don’t think I will be switching from the Playtex Dropins I have been using.The re-sealable bags for the Steribottles are easy to use and do help keep them clean. Sterility of the bottles and the nipples is ensured by their being stacked, one on top of the other (think Dixi Cup dispenser). The bottles themselves are 8oz and graduated. The nipples are fast flow.The procedure to unseal and reseal the bag to get out the bottles is straightforward, although probably not necessary. Once you open the bag it is no longer sterile. The need to carefully and only partially unzip the packaging for the nipples is tedious. The nipples leak very little when the bottle is inverted, but when feeding, the flow is very fast (too fast, much faster than a Playtex fast flow nipple).The biggest surprise was that once you put the nipple on the bottle, you can’t take it off. I discovered this while testing it empty and had to waste a bottle and nipple. This means you can’t “top off” a bottle, or add something to an already made bottle. Forcing the nipple off the bottle breaks the sealing mechanism and renders the bottle useless. The bottle is recyclable, but not reusable. There is a lot less trash with the Dropins.I see no reason to switch.

Vicky Chester, TX

a good idea, could be better

There are several advantages to these disposable bottles. They are sturdy and work well. They are BPA and phthalate-free, and are recyclable. And they come sterilized. But there are some issues. The main reason I wanted to try these is so that I could keep a sterilized bottle in each of my cars and in my cabinet in case of emergency, and I thought they would be individually wrapped. But they come in two sets of 5, and once you open each package, you are expected to use them within a week which defeats the purpose of keeping them on hand for emergencies. Unless you want to use them regularly…an expensive and somewhat wasteful idea, these might not work for you. They also state that you should not attempt to reopen and reuse them, which means you must use a new bottle if your little one wants a refill.

Kathrine Pleasant Valley, IA

practical for on the go, not for daily life

These bottles are lightweight so they are perfect for travel.Perhaps the bottles don’t need to be perfectly sterile for the baby, but I’m still hesitant to approach these as completely sterilized. They bottles are sterile in the pack they come in, but once you open them, then what?The fact that they are recyclable is a bonus, but these bottles are incredibly pricey ($1/bottle) to be used daily at every feeding.

Lina Mohegan Lake, NY

Great idea, but probably works better in Briain

We received these bottles in the middle of battling thrush, which was nice — we didn’t have to stress out about sterilizing my son’s bottle nipples every time he used one. They would also be helpful in a situation where you didn’t want to have to worry about washing a bottle or lugging one around to bring back home.The bottles are easy to use; you just take the bottle and the nipple out of their wrappers, fill the bottle up and snap the nipple on. The nipple itself is on the wide side. Unfortunately, my son didn’t seem to care for the nipple — he’s always used thePlaytex Drop-Ins NaturaLatch Silicone Nipple – Slow Flow – 2 Pack, and there’s no way to use that nipple with this bottle.So, what are the downsides? First of all, the price. I would definitely not use these if you are bottlefeeding exclusively — it would be very costly. For families like ours that only use bottles when Mom isn’t around, they might be an option, or you could use them just on certain occasions when a disposable bottle might be more convenient.The other downside is the obvious environmental impact. These are clearly meant to be recycled, but our curbside recycling doesn’t accept #5 plastic, and neither does our township recycling center. In the UK, where everyone has bins for recycling, and it’s a much bigger thing there, I can see these being a more environmentally friendly option. For us, though, we have no choice but to just toss them in the trash.

Kerry Evant, TX

its okay

it might be okay .. have’nt used it yet but looks okay not sure about how it has been sterilized

Lynda Warrensburg, MO

Good for Travel, but not for Daily Use

Baby bottles are expensive, and any product that will save money- and add convenience to the process- is going to be a welcome addition to the infant feeding routine. Steri- Bottles promise to assist parents in this important task, but they don’t quite fulfill their lofty promise.First, let’s talk about the good points of Steri-Bottles. The nipples for the bottles are packaged in a sealed bag, making them sterile and ready for immediate use. The bottles themselves hold eight ounces, which is just about right for most infants. And because they are disposable, they make a good bottle choice when traveling. You use them once and toss them out- hopefully, in a recycling bin since the plastic is recyclable. Add to this the fact that they are BPA- free and you have the makings of what would seem like a parent’s dream come true.Unfortunately, the dream is short- lived with Steri- Bottles and there are many factors that contribute to the feeling of disappointment. One is the fact that you cannot remove the nipple, once sealed, to fill the bottle a second time. Just try taking off the top to refill and you will see what I’m talking about. The device will crack, rendering it useless. Then, there is the cost. At a price of approximately one dollar each, much of the appeal is gone before you even fill your first bottle. Drop- ins are less expensive and are also disposable, making drop- ins a better overall choice, in most circumstances.All things considered, however, Steri- Bottles do have their use. They are good for travel because you can use them when needed and then throw them in the trash. But for everyday use, I don’t recommend them. The price is a little too high for something that can be used only one time. I agree with others that drop- ins are still the best and most convenient way to bottle- feed.Overall, Steri- Bottles are a disappointment because they could be so much more. But they offer enough good qualities to award them an average rating and a small recommendation.

Joni Williston, ND

Great on-the-go “green” safe bottle

I was very excited to try these out. At about a $1 a piece I wouldn’t use them all day everyday, but I think they are great for on-the-go or a quick bottle when all the dishes are dirty! I would take them with me to the church nursery so they don’t have to fiddle with keeping the dirty bottle for me to tote around all Sunday afternoon or for a quick trip to the store and I can throw it in the recycle trashcan when my baby was done.I am very big into things that are safe for my children and the fact that they are BPA-free and phthalate-free is a huge selling point to me. They come with the nipple, the bottle and a cap. I will warn you—once they lid is on it’s hard to get off (good for the baby messes, but bad when dad tries to refill it and it splashes all over the house). My son uses expensive bottles that have nipples like a breast, but he easily transitioned to these for two weeks.There are so many ways I could think these would be easier than having real bottles when I’m out. I think I will use these in the future for date nights for the sitters and everytime I’m out shopping or going to the park. There are recycle bins every where now days.It’s a breath of fresh air to not have to wash, sterilize and repeat for those days when your baby needs a bottle—NOW! I would highly recommend them for backups.

Elda Palau, PW

Baby Bottle Toss and Go

I don’t have a baby, but my favorite cousin just had one. She’s an absolute angel and the first baby in my family that I’m actually willing to keep. These are perfect for the one time every three months that I babysit. If you don’t mind the price and the toll these will take on the environment, this is a useful product. They are a one-time use product; once the cap is snapped on, it can’t be removed. What’s the problem with this? At least where I live, you are supposed to rinse products before you put them in the recycle bin. Can’t open the top without tearing the bottle apart, so you either can’t rinse or you get to struggle with broken pieces of bottle if you want to recycle. The baby was willing to use them, perhaps because she knew nothing was coming out of my boobies, so they work. As for the price, you know what you are paying for when you order the product.

Amparo Mindoro, WI

Bottles on the go

I love these disposable bottles! I took them on a trip to California and didn’t want the hassle of cleaning bottles while we were on the go. I did notice that they did leak if you squeeze the bottle, but if you are just holding it, it didn’t leak. I have gotten more than one use out of one bottle. If you carefully take the lid off it will come off without breaking anything. Great bottles for when you are traveling, they are a little pricy, but worth it when you are traveling and on the go.

Natasha Enfield, NH

You’ll wonder how you traveled without them

I first saw disposable baby bottles on a trip to the UK and wondered why the U.S. didn’t have a like product. Finally we have the Steri-bottle which I believe is the one I saw at the UK drugstore Boots.YEAH.If you have ever traveled with a baby or small child on a plane, train, or a long trip in the car where your baby needs bottles, then you will immediately understand why these are such a fantastic invention. No need to worry about throwing out old milk, sterilizing the nipples and the bottle (if you don’t use liners)in a strange bathroom, and best of all these are easy to use and easy to dispose of in any recycling bin or trash can.The pros for these bottles include free from BPA and phthalates, recyclable, convenient when you travel, anti-colic valve, microwavable, and just truly easy to use.The cons are the cost. You get ten in this package for about $10. They are wrapped in packages of five and when you open a package you are suppose to use all five within a week. The lid fits on snugly and cannot be removed so you can’t travel with powder in the bottle and fill with water as you will be unable to get the lid off, so you will need to continue to bring formula and water or milk.Having traveled extensively in Asia by train, bus, and plane with a baby, I would have snapped these up immediately for the trip if I had known they were available. The trip would have been a bit easier without having to worry about dirty bottle storage and sterilizing.

Jennie Bapchule, AZ

Great idea, but not great in practice.

I was really excited about these bottles, as my husband and I just took our one year old son on a trip out of state to visit his grandparents. The drive is about five hours, and we thought disposable bottles would be the perfect accessory for such a trip. They were nothing more than a headache! Thank god we brought two regular bottles (just in case). The first two bottles that were pulled out of the package for use were faulty. The lip around the rim that snaps to the nipple (top portion) of the bottle was broken. Just the smallest little crack spells BIG disaster on the road! Leaks everywhere. Unhappy baby…angry parents…not a pretty sight.The idea is a good one, but luck was not on my side with these. In the long run, it might just be easier to take a long a few plastic bottles.

Katelyn Challis, ID

Great for travelling!

I used these over a holiday weekend while we were travelling. They made it a bit easier – I could pack all of our normal bottles in our bags, and use these in the car. All of the instructions were for formula-fed babies, and our daughter is solely breastfed, but obviously you can figure it out. I liked that these were single use so that I didn’t have to worry about storing dirty bottles. I have a tendency to forget because we so seldom use bottles and I have found very unpleasant reminders weeks later. 😉 With these, that is taken care of. I don’t have to feel bad about wasting a perfectly good bottle, or trying to salvage it. I also liked the wide design. We use the Playtex drop-ins on the rare occasions that our daughter even gets a bottle, and these were very similar as far as nipple width and flow rate. She didn’t seem to mind using them at all. They didn’t seem to give her gas or anything like other solid plastic bottles, either. She get gassy really easily, so we are always careful when bottle feeding, but even with being in the car seat for 14+ hours, it wasn’t a problem!What I don’t like is, of course, the cost effectiveness. I hate to use anything once and throw it away. However, the convenience that it brought was worth it. We don’t travel very often because we have multiple pets and 3 children under the age of 5. This was a nice one-time deal for us, but probably not anything I would do all the time. Bottom line for me: offers great convenience, very well designed, but at a dollar per bottle, I am glad I don’t travel or feel the need to use these very often. 🙂

Mara Montrose, GA

I look like a hero

We have to young kids who are past the bottle stage, however, I have a niece and nephew, as well as god son and daughter who are all using a bottle. Having this around the house is great. They are ready to use, and so far, nobody has rejected them. My brother and his wife love them, and bought some to keep for trips, etc. When they come over I look like a hero. They don’t have to worry about a thing, and it doesn’t seem to create any extra gas, etc.. BPA free is great, and another feather in my cap for having something like that in the house. We had some kind of steamer that would sterilize the bottles, and it took only a minute, however, this is great for trips, guests, etc. I think that everyone who has kids/relatives should have a box of these, and the 10-pack work out to $1 each. How can you go wrong? Anyone comming over will be so thankful that you took the time to buy this and prepare for their visit. This is a great idea, and I wish it had been around for my kids. I cane asily recommend this and am confident that you will be happy.

Carole Dodge, WI

Good For Extended Travel Where You Can’t Wash Bottles

While I feel a little guilty endorsing a disposable product where a non-disposable alternative is well-established, these are at least recyclable, and I really can see situations where they make sense.In particular, my wife and I only tend to carry about two clean bottles with us in our diaper bag, and if we’re out all day, like on a long drive to Grandma’s or at our upcoming Disney trip, it may be inconvenient to try to find a way to wash the used bottles. That is, I think, where these bottles make sense, and they’re everything you’d hope they’d be!They are BPA-free, the nipples have individual caps, everything comes pre-sterilized, and the bottles are both stackable (a five-high stack only takes up about 8 inches of space) and stored in a resealable bag.I do recommend trying to recycle them vs. throwing them away, but I anticipate they’ll come in handy for us at times!

Aimee Sandwich, IL


These are really nice and very handy. They come well packaged and already completely sterilized, so it really saves on time when you’re in a rush. I like the big size too, so they work for little babies, or babies who will drink a full bottle. They would even work for toddlers with juice or older kids by just using the bottle part without the nipple. Even though they are disposable, I feel like they can be used more than once, but that’s just me. Overall, I’m really pleased with these bottles and will definitely use them in the future.

Cherry Russell, IL

With some improvements, could become a 5 star product

I was not impressed with these bottles. For almost the same price, you can buyFirst Essential Fashion Tints BPA Free Plastic Nurser With Latex Nipple, 9 Ounce, 3 Packand reuse them, if you so choose.Pros:- BPA Free!!!!!!!!!!- Already sterile (Although they are not shrink wrapped individually, so are they TRULY sterile?)Cons:- Pricey- Once the lid is on, it cannot be removed & reattached. (No putting in powdered formula before heading out & just adding water at time of feeding!)- Easily cracked. Out of a pack of 10, 1 was cracked upon receipt and another cracked while traveling.- They are not shrink wrapped individually, so are they TRULY sterile?If the company found a better way to package these and could improve the lid, they would have a wonderful product.

Anna Westby, MT

In Case of Emergency

Open in case of emergency is what comes to my mind when investing in the Steri-bottle. If you must, I would suggest:- Take the 10-pack to bring the cost of each disposable bottle down to $1.00. Compared to regular BPA-free reusable bottles like Philips Avent at MSRP, then you could say one 9-oz bottle of is equal to 10 dispoable Steri-bottles.- Once you place the cap on, there is no turning back. You can’t re-open it if you tried without breaking the bottle. So make sure you prepare the proper amount or you just wasted everything including the milk.- There are two kinds of teat available – “fast” and “medium” flow. Medium flow is usable for new born babies, while Fast flow is for 3 months and above.- I find it very convenient to store breastmilk and place in the fridge (or even freezer) for later use which the manufacturer says the bottle won’t crack.- Great for on-the-go when all the sterilised bottles have been used up then it’s time to whip out these “babies”.- 100% recyclable. Just make sure your recycling centre accepts polypropylene or the recyclability aspect and cost will have been in vain.OVERALL:Once you understand the convenience as well as limitations of having a disposable bottle, I would recommend investing a few 10-packs of these to have handy in the home for late at night when there’s no time to sterilise or even for guest baby sitters without having to question if proper sterlisation was done with the reusable bottles.Perhaps in time cost will come down as well as the wide acceptance of recycling these kinds of bottles then we all would have made an impact to both our baby’s health and the environment.

Christa Fulton, NY

Baby refused

I took this on a trip so I wouldnt have to wash bottles on vacation. Well, my baby refused it. Absolutely hated it so i was stuck washing the only real bottle i packed over and over. Good product though.

Marylou North Marshfield, MA

Concept, silly & wasteful in my opinion…but product title is fitting

When I first saw that there was actually a disposable sterile bottle, I figured I HAD to try it since I have an infant still drinking out of bottles. I must say I was very excited to try them out, but sadly disappointed when they arrived. Many bad things about these bottles…(1) The nipple is super fast flowing. When my baby drinks from it, who just turned 1, his milk/juice just pours out of the corners of his mouth because it comes out just way too fast(2) Recycle code is 5…I have lived in many cities and none of their curbside recycling has accepted #5 plastics. This really bothers me because we have way too many disposable products in the US and majority of people who use them won’t be able to recycle them so they will wind up in the landfills anyways.(3) This is a personal dislike, but I don’t like how big the bottles are. I prefer a 4oz bottle over an 8oz because my baby waste’s a lot of milk/juice/formula in the 8oz’s…I can refill a 4oz if he wants more, but wind up throwing it away if I give him an 8oz. Sure, you could just fill it half way, but them he has to tip the bottle even more to drink (and let’s face it, babies aren’t always so good at that), resulting in baby swallowing more air. Maybe they should come in 2 sizes like traditional bottles do??(4) They are pricey!! At about $1 each, you could buy a cheapo non-brand name bottle from a local pharmacy that isn’t disposable and keep it or throw it away.(5) Others have stated the nipples are sealed inside the packaging, but the bottles themself aren’t…this was not true for my box…nipples sealed in one bag and bottles sealed in another. But how can they advertise that you will always have a clean and sterile bottle available if each bottle & nipple isn’t individually sealed rather than in groups of 5?? Not a huge complaint, but kind of misleading.(6) If you plan on giving one of these to your baby and they don’t drink it all but want to carry it around with them, count on being right behind them cleaning up all the drips. The nipple has 3 small holes in it (thus the fast flow rating) and all of those holes leak, drip, spill…just make a mess!! They should have went with a tri-cut or y-cut nipple because they don’t leak.(7) I carry spare bottles in the diaper bag with just the powdered formula and add water when needed. This can’t be done with these bottles because once I put the lid on with just the powder in it, you can’t get the lid off without breaking the bottle’s lipOn a more positive note, and the only reason I gave these 3 stars versus 1 star, they are truly a disposable bottle. I can’t give something a bad star rating simply because it isn’t something I would buy (got these as a free trial). If you want a disposable bottle to make a bottle at that second, don’t mind a dripply nipple, have the money to blow, and don’t mind contributing to the recycleable things piling up in our landfills…this is for you! But if you really think about it…why do you need a disposable bottle? For emergencies? Are you going to carry this in your pocket everywhere you go? Of course you wouldn’t, but you typically carry your diaper bag…which should have a bottle in it…so why would you need these? Just all seems silly to me…

Amanda New Hyde Park, NY

Recyclable Disposable Baby Bottles–Good Concept!

This review will be much shorter than my typical reviews, since I am very happy with this product and don’t really have much to say about it other than it works and it’s very handy to have.My wife and I have a 3 month old who bottle feeds infrequently. However, when the need arises, it’s nice not to have to sterilize a bottle get it ready and then wash/rinse/sterilize again for another use. What to use? The Steri-bottle.It’s really quite an amazing, yet simple product. I’m surprised that this wasn’t invented longer ago. There are 10 sterilized bottles in the box. You just take one out, fill it, put the cap on and you’re good to go. When the baby finishes, you can either re-fill it for immediate use, or you can toss it into the recycle container. I don’t recommend using this bottle as a long-term solution to bottle-feeding, since long term reusing of a product like this may increase the risk of bacteria build-up. The instructions also recommend using the bottle once and disposing of it.I’m happy with the product. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 is that they’re pretty expensive if you have to buy this product multiple times. Maybe they’ll offer a bulk-pack discount in the future. However, this is a great alternative to baby bottles in general. Go get some!

Lorraine Kasilof, AK

Great as a “back-up” bottle or for traveling

These work great as “back-up” bottles for my 1-year-old. You simply take a bottle, fill it, and snap on the nipple/cap attachment. Amazingly, these bottles do not leak, and babies can’t take off the top and make a mess. For those times when you just need a clean bottle, and fast, these are excellent. They don’t replace regular bottles for everyday living, but they’re not designed to.

Annmarie Lenore, WV

Excellent for when convenience is necessary

These bottles fill a niche in the baby product market and are a great thing to have on hand away from home. You pay more for this convenience product, but they are not a frequent use item and I like to have them as an option. While each bottle is indeed a one-time use, they make life easier by saving time and adding bulk to your diaper bag and besides they do not leak and the plastic is thick enough to be strong. Best yet, they are manufactured here in the USA, actually at a local plant near where I live.

Shanna Skiatook, OK

Did not work well, feels wasteful

I really dislike washing bottles. I thought that these disposable bottles would give me an occasional break from my dreaded task. But I was wrong.These disposable bottles did not work for me for several reasons.1. The leaked.2. My daughter, who loves her bottles, would not drink out of one. It wasn’t that she was full either because after trying to feed her from one of these, I tried out of her normal bottle and she took the milk without a problem.3. They are expensive at $1 each, you really do not want to throw it away after one use. But even if you wanted to, there is no way to reuse one because the lid does not come off.I can see a few instances where it might be nice to have a disposable bottle but not enough to justify the cost and waste of these bottles.

Maude Mableton, GA

Good idea but not executed very well – still, it has its uses

First off, the name alone is a little deceptive. This bottle is not packaged in a totally sterile manner. They could improve the safety and sterile aspect if they wrapped each bottle individually with the nipple cap inverted inside of it. They didn’t do this in order to save on room. Therefore, once you’ve handled the packet of nipples, all the nipples will be less than completely sanitary and same with the bottles. This is why an item such as this is more of an emergency use item to be packed in the car, at your mother-in-law’s house or in a Church Crying Room than say, packed in your diaper bag.Another complaint is the size of the bottle and the nipple flow. The bottle is too large for younger infants who are consuming only 2 to 4 ounces at a feeding. These are 9 ounce, single use bottles. Even though there is a bottle cap (nipple guard) included for each bottle, it isn’t very secure. The nipples themselves have a large opening which again, is not suitable for younger babies who can’t handle that rate of flow. We did try this using rice cereal mixed with formula and it worked pretty well but for formula alone, it will leak like crazy if you cap it for re-use a little later. We did also try them with Playtex nurser plastic inserts and didn’t have a problem although it took a little fiddling to get it right the first time.I would say these are good for babies in the 8 to 12 month range. The entire bottle set-up can be rinsed and put in the recycle bin and it’s BPA free. it’s a little bit costly but I could see this being useful for Emergency supplies. I live in Earthquake & Brush Fire country so, Im always looking for products to toss in the evacuation package. If they made these in a smaller size, they’d be even more useful.

Cherie Broadway, NJ

Convenient and easy

I held on to this product for quite a while, almost eight months!My son is now old enough (five months) to be able to use the Steribottle. This is because the nipple on the Steribottle is a fast-flow so you’re better off waiting until baby is closer to six months old. Any earlier and you’ll waste formula or breast milk and annoy baby.Preparing the bottle was easy: rip open the plastic covering on both the base and the nipple, pour the formula or milk into the base and firmly press the nipple top housing onto the base which is capable of holding 10 ounces. The click sound ensures a seal, but for me, when I shook the bottle for further mixing, the formula spilled out of some unknown opening and all over my hand. After making sure the lid was on tightly after that, it functioned normally afterward.There is a small hole near the base of the nipple housing that lets in air as baby sucks; this is important to reduce air intake–babies really don’t like having air trapped somewhere. As far as I could tell, the hole worked well and my son had no more issues with burping with the Steribottle as with any other.In fact, for traveling I really like the Steribottle. It’s convenient and easy to use although I have to figure out why it leaked when I shook the formula. Apart from that little hiccup, four stars.

Becky Boyce, VA