Sticky Bellies Baby Onesie Monthly Milestone Stickers

Sticky Bellies Baby Onesie Monthly Milestone Stickers

You will receive (1) pack of Sticky Bellies Nifty (Gender) Neutrals 1-12 Months stickers AND (1) bonus sample of Tooth Tissues for babies and toddlers. About Sticky Bellies and Tooth Tissues -Sticky Bellies are removable stickers that help you photograph life’s most important milestones with style and ease. -Tooth Tissues are disposable textured dental wipes specially designed to help remove plaque from your baby and toddlers teeth and gums. Tooth Tissues are perfect for busy new parents eager to get their child off to a healthy start. Use Tooth Tissues with confidence!

Main features

  • You will receive (1) pack of Sticky Bellies Nifty (Gender) Neutrals 1-12 Months stickers.
  • You will also receive (1) bonus sample of Tooth Tissues for babies and toddlers.
  • Peel, stick, and snap pictures of your baby’s growth!
  • Try the disposable tooth tissues to clean your baby’s teeth, gums, and tongue!
  • Perfect baby shower gift!

Verified reviews


Great stickers!

These stickers are well-made and stick to baby onesies and clothes well. They hold up even with spit up and drool, which will probably happen at some point during your month-by-month photos! They do get a bit less sticky when baby tries to remove them a few times though. Overall, I’m very happy with these stickers, and like how each month is a different pattern and design. I purchased the boy stickers for my nephew, and the girl stickers for my daughter; both are cute!

Sherry Richeyville, PA

Love it

Great quality and easy to use. They look great in photos. I would recommend to anyone who wants to see the progress for the kids first year.

Kelley Edwards, IL

they are what they are

I used these cute stickers to take monthly photos of my first child and now I’m using them for my second. They’re colorful and sticky enough to reuse if you don’t capture a good photo the first few times…until the little one learns to pull them off and play with them. But then those photos are priceless.

Louise Centereach, NY

Sticky Bellies

Who came up with the idea of Sticky Bellies for babies – to mark their milestones? LOVE ‘EM! This has been so much fun to use on my grand daughter to track her age. We keep coming up with different ways to use them in her pictures other than just on her outfit. Can’t wait for an excuse to buy more!

Michaela Austin, PA

great for chronicling the first year!

I bought these knowing, from reviews here, that they don’t stick very well. Overall, I’ve been glad they’re not stickier because I often have to reposition them. However, when my 2 month old squirms, the sticker sits fall off. We love taking our monthly pictures!

Rhea Woollum, KY

Very cute

These are very nice looking stickers but the sticky part is actually not that strong. it does not stick well to the clothing. I had to re-position it on the baby several times as it was falling off.

Allie Oelwein, IA

Super cute

I wish I ad gotten thus right away when I had my son! They are super cute and easy to use.

Carolina Hatteras, NC

Great idea

Will use these to mark the milestone. They dont stick like great stickers, but i think thats the point. if they were to stick really well, they would bend with the clothes and you wouldn’t always be able to see it in pictures. this sticks enough to take a quick picture.

Muriel Bradley, ME