Stokke Sleepi System, Walnut Brown

Stokke Sleepi System, Walnut Brown

Regular Price $999.99

Main features

  • Designed to grow with the child and can be used from birth through approx 10 years of age with additional parts
  • Unique oval shape with soft curves for safe and comfortable environment
  • Fits through an average doorway, making it easy to move from room to room
  • Made of cultivated beechwood from sustainable forest, providing strong, solid and a durable product
  • Includes a crib and a bassinet conversion kit

Verified reviews


Cute but not worth it in the end

I can’t say that I would buy this again – it looks great but it has been a pain many times over. First the company delivered the wrong part – took a month to get fixed. Then trying to read the picture-only instructions (no words at all!!) was a very annoying experience. If you want this crib, take my advice and get just the regular crib without the bassinet parts. My child outgrew the bassinet in 3 months and I could have saved a lot of money and just got a moses basket or used her stroller basinet. The bedding is also very expensive – luckily I found some discontinued bedding from Dwell on sale but anything from Stokke will be greatly overpriced. I love the look of this crib but all the work involved has turned me off.

Lauren Flynn, TX

Not long enough to keep as toddler bed

I found this crib @ Goodwill for S49.99 so of course….. It was sold with a mattress that still had the plastic on it Double Score**. My son is now 14 months old and 30.5 ” and I can not see this bed lasting him until he is 3 years old as there is not that much space NOW for him to move around. I keep seeing these cribs on CL and wondered why people would sell them when they can be converted to Jr. Beds but i guess they figured it would be cheaper to just replace the bed. As for me I will look for the conversion kit on CL or ebay and then convert the crib into the 2 chairs that it can be made into as it is a nice piece of furniture. I also like that i can roll it around to where i want it to be. I am using Wonder bumpers on this crib but I would not recommend them as the large wood rails will not fit wonder bumpers and my son has knocked his head.on those pieces I am going to make my own bumbers for these 4 spots

Tonya La Sal, UT

Bought used from craigslist

For us this was a fantastic purchase for $300 and bought mattresses (bassinet and crib). It was barely used as original owners ended up cosleeping. Very easy to set up. It seemed small at times (son is now 13 months old) in the crib but he ends up squishing himself in one corner when he sleeps anyway that he never utilizes all the space there is. We wheeled it often from bedroom to living room. We used a breathable bumper to keep his pacifiers and limbs in the crib with no problem looping th bumper in the bars. He’s knocked his head a good multiple times on the crib when he’s flinging himself about and no injuries, he’s chewed on the rails a little bit and I don’t know if its the cherry color but I had to look for the marks to really SEe them. Our budget would never have allowed this crib at a new price and Im unsure we would have bought it at a much higher price than I paid just because there are cheaper alternatives. Oh check the wheels once in a while especially if its moved frequently because one day a wheel had come off and we didn’t notice until we checked in on the baby after a nap. This was after a year’s use.

Sonya Frederick, CO

Wish I had bought this one in the first place…

Originally purchased a babyletto crib as space was a major concern. Our daughter slept in her crib next to our bed for the whole first year. She woke up frequently and never looked really comfortable sleeping. The crib was just too big for her. I worried as she would sit up next to the solid side and cry/bank her head against it till I would pick her up. So the cry it out method was not going to work.. Having already invested alot of money on this, I was apprehensive about buying a new crib…We LOVE our Stokke high chair and so considered the Stokke crib. Thankfully my colleague gave this set to us as a gift–hoping I would get more sleep and be more productive at work. And literally within a week, my daughter was sleeping soundly 8pm till 7am. So in retrospect, I wish I had bought it instead of the babyletto crib. Would have saved us money, and months of sleep deprivation..

Lisa Zephyr, TX

We are SO pleased with our Stokke cribs– 3 years and still happy!

Now that I have owned two different Stokke cribs (walnut and grey) for over 3 years, I feel I can give a well-informed review of how the Stokke system transitions and works from bassinet for newborns to crib to toddler bed to junior bed for young children.The Stokke system is designed to grow with your child. This means you get everything you need for the bassinet, crib, and toddler bed in one box. Once you child is older and needs a regular bed, you purchase an additional “junior bed” extension kit, and you are all set. So, if the price seems high, keep in mind that you are purchasing an entire bed system that will take your child from birth to 9 years of age.Here are the highlights, by age/crib size:1) BassinetIn the first days after our little one was born, this bassinet was truly a lifesaver. It was cozy, the round shape helped baby feel save and secure, and the size and wheels allowed us to move the little one from room to room without a problem. We wheeled the bassinet into our room at night for allow for easy feedings in the middle of the night, and then we wheeled it back to the nursery, to the kitchen, or the living room during the day. The bassinet has four well-positioned and very sturdy wheels– it moved around our home for the first 3 months of baby’s life with no problems at all. We LOVED this feature. Also– the bassinet is sized to easily go through doorways. So, baby can sleep while gently moved if needed. No worries about waking up baby or having a heavy item to move after childbirth. Truly an ideal first bed for baby and parents.2) CribOnce baby is too big for the bassinet, you simply extend it to a crib. I did this myself while my husband was traveling for work. The entire process took less than 20 minutes and I am NOT a handy person : ) It was simple and very straightforward. Everything you need (including the tools) is in the box and included in the price. Again, very simple. As a crib, the Stokke is a lovely oval shape. The look is modern and unique. The rounded ends help baby feel secure and cozy. The slats are all evenly spaced around the crib– so baby can look out from all angles. The crib can be lowered with multiple settings. As baby grew and developed, we simply kept lowering the crib for safety. At about 2 years old, the crib was at the lowest setting so baby could stand up, but would still be contained within the crib. Again, the wheels are a fantastic and thoughtful feature. We kept the crib in the center of the room, with wheels locked. But I could easily unlock the wheels and move the crib with an easy push in order to clean underneath or vacuum. When the wheels are locked, the crib is STURDY and will not budge. But unlocked, it is easy to move around which is helpful with a messy toddler : )3) Toddler BedOnce baby is able to crawl out of the crib, you remove one section and voila! Toddler Bed! Again, super simple conversion process that I did alone, and it took me less than 10 minutes with all tools included in the box. As a toddler bed, this is truly fantastic. As you will see from photos on the Stokke website, the toddler bed allows for a small opening so the child can get in/out of bed alone. However, the curved shape of the bed means that the child is protected from middle-of-the-night falls and will be safe and secure in the bed. This is a very unique feature that allowed us to skip all the worries of our little one falling out of bed.4) Junior BedWhen your child is too big for the toddler bed and needs a standard bed, you can buy a Junior Bed kid and the Stokke becomes a larger bed that is sized for young children. My guess is that a tall/big child can stay in this bed until 9 years of age.The ONLY drawback for some people is bed linens. They are hard to find and expensive. We solved this by buying king size flat sheets and sewing each of them into 4 crib sheets. Super easy and much cheaper than the Stokke brand sheets.There you have it– we are so pleased with the Stokke bed system! We own two, and grandparents bought another to keep at their home for sleep-overs. If you watch the prices on Amazon, there are often fantastic deals. This crib system is often sold for up to $1000 in baby stores, but we purchased on Amazon for $700. We own one in walnut– beautiful, classic finish and lovely wood– and one in grey– high quality, safe paint that looks beautiful.Super happy with our Stokke!!!!

Priscilla Petroleum, WV

Yay so pretty

I wanted to leave this review for the seller because they sent it right away and even changed the color to natural when I asked them last minute. The crib itself is really great and I couldn’t be happier that I decided on the stokke after months of research. Baby isn’t here yet but I will update when he/she gets here.

Krista Eastover, SC