Stokke Tray, White

Stokke Tray, White

The Tripp Trapp chair is designed to fit right into your table, bringing your baby into the heart of your family. However, for certain occasions the Stokke Tray which fits on the chair with the Stokke Baby Set can be convenient accessory. The child should be properly secured in the high chair at all times by the harness restraint system. The tray is not designed to hold the child in the chair. It is recommened that the children capable of sitting unassisted. Can only be used in conjunction with the current model”V2/V3″ Stokke Baby Set and Tripp Trapp harness restraint system. This accessory wil not fit Tripp Trapp chairs made prior to 2008 or older Kinderzet configurations.

Main features

  • Made in the USA and certified for food contact by the FDA
  • Available in white BPA free plastic
  • For easy cleaning the tray is dishwasher safe
  • Designed to be used with the Stokke V2 Baby Set and after

Verified reviews


it works

Although the stokke highchair and all associated parts feel very overpriced and expensive, we are very satisfied and dont regret buying it. At first we didnt buy the tray but our butcher block wood table was such a pain to clean after our baby would mush her food into it at every meal. The stokke tray is very easy to clean and gives the baby her own area to make a mess. At first I had a difficult time getting the tray off the highchair but after my husband went over it with me a couple of times I got it. The tray does fit very securely on and once you understand where to press with your finger underneath the tray to lift it off it is quite easy. So clean up is much better now popping the tray off and cleaning it off in the sink. The great thing abou the high chair and all the parts you ended buying with it, it is quite comfortable for the baby and she is at our level at the table.

Carmen Ponsford, MN

Great tray for child who isn’t quite ready to pull up to the table

We’ve been using this tray for a few months and it has been a wonderful addition to our Tripp Trapp setup. Yes, this tray can be used only with the baby set. The entire point of having a Stokke Tripp Trapp is that you will pull your child up to the table with you when they no longer need the baby set. That said, if you have the baby set model stated in the description, the tray snaps in quickly and securely, and is perfect for babies who are eating solids, but need an edge to contain the mess and help them “corner” their food.The tray wipes down easily and can go in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.

Sadie Penasco, NM

Love it!

Easy to snap into place, takes abuse from our son no problem, wipes clean & dishwasher safe- what’s not to love?

Samantha Mc Clure, OH

Awesome tray

I really love this tray. So long as you have the correct baby kit installed (needs to be the 2nd or 3rd generation baby kit), the tray goes on and comes off really easily and looks great on the Tripp Trapp. I was hesitant about buying the tray because the entire point of the Tripp Trapp is that it is supposed to draw up to the table so that baby can eat with the family, but for the first few months of solids, I find this tray to be invaluable. It actually sits 2-3 inches LOWER than a normal table top and so is great (and more ergonomically correct) for the smaller baby (baby doesn’t have to hike her arms up to get to the table top but instead can reach directly horizontally to get to her food. Also, at least in the case of my table top, I am able to fit the tray partially under the table so that baby really is sitting with us at the table, even with the tray. I have the American Walnut Tripp Trapp with the walnut colored baby kit and brown and white circle infant cushion. With the tray, my baby’s high chair actually looks like a beautiful piece of furniture that goes well with the traditional decor of our house.My only complaint is the gridded bottom of the tray that another reviewer mentioned. It makes cleaning and drying the underside of the tray a bit more difficult because of the deep crevices that are not easily accessible. Luckily, not a lot of food ends up underneath the tray (yet), so I’m not overly concerned, but my preference would be for Stokke to rethink those grids when creating the 2nd generation of the tray.

Mindy Waynesfield, OH

We Love It

This thing is awesome. Our 9 month old loves sitting in it. More importantly, it’s very well constructed and she can grow with it. It wipes down quickly and easily, with no upholstery or cracks/crevices where food can get stuck. We use it with the baby set and tray, which are also highly recommended.

Jodi High Springs, FL

bought for GD

Bought this product for my granddaughters highchair, but her chair is an older model and sadly did not fit it.

Penny Mount Airy, MD


Poorly made, broke after 3 non stressful uses. I wish I had read all reviews before buying. Amazon originally had it for around 39.00 dollars but, I thought I could do better. I was wrong everyone else wanted 49.00 then, when I returned to Amazon it was around 52.00 dollars, unsure how they raise their prices so suddendly. Anyways, purchased it for 49.00 and I am so disappointed.

Beulah Moody, AL

Easy to take on/off the Stokke highchair

Easy to take on/off the Stokke highchair, easy to clean. The Stokke systems (highchair, crib) are a bit of a racket (different things sold separately), but if you’re willing to spend the money it all looks very nice and blends in with the ‘adult’ furniture

Cora Ballengee, WV

Stokke got me again with another expensive attachment purchase

This is a great attachment for the Stokke chair but I ended up having to buy a ton of expensive extras for my chair, making it a very expensive highchair. Unfortunately, it was too late to return my Stokke so I am stuck buying all of the extras. I would recommend buying a different chair that has everything included. I thought i could just pull my little one up to the table with her Stokke but with all the cherrios going everywhere, babies really need a tray. Also, to use this tray, you have to buy the infant insert too, which is $75 or something.

Odessa Republican Grove, VA