Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby Set, Black

Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby Set, Black

Designed with safety in mind. At around six to nine months, your baby will be able to start sitting upright unaided. The Baby Set has a high back support and rail with an integrated crotch strap which lets your baby sit securely and comfortably at the table.

Main features

  • Provide additional support and stability and allowing babies as young as 6 months to safely sit and enjoy meals with the family^Made from material that is safe for children^Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe^Include a baby rail and a high-back (Does not include the strap)^Made in USA

Verified reviews



We were given the Tripp Trapp chair as a gift, and sadly I bought tihs baby set on my own without reading the reviews on Amazon first. This chair is literally TORTURE on our little one, and we have literally thrown away and purchased a different set for a fraction of the price that does not inflict severe harm on our baby.As mentioned in the other reviews, the baby can only be inserted in the chair by forcing the legs at such a weird angle that his/her legs are contorted at the very best. TEARS and more tears. clearly this was NEVER designed as a baby chair, and to throw this “baby set” in as an afterthought is absolutely fraudulent and cruel to TT customers’ babies .Interestingly, in wondering how anyone could rate this product anything better than HORRIBLE, I read in one “positive” review that one can simply “pinch” the tab that holds the baby seat on and lift up ,and voile, the baby will come out without breaking his/her legs in the process. Excuse me? This is the tab than holds the baby seat down in the front, and the plastic is hard and stiff so the idea of “pinching” it is a joke. More like, get your husband and two neighbors to help squeeze the incredible stiff pieces together while kneeling under the chair, and then take a hammer (all with your baby still in the chair) and pound on the tab until it pushes up through the extremely tight hole. THIS PIECE IS BUILT TO REMAIN INSTALLED, and the idea that one satisfied customer has to literally remove the entire baby seat in order to remove the baby (without the baby’s legs being broken or hyper-extended) simply confirms the reality that this baby seat is defectively designed. That this customer is furthermore satisfied with this makeshift “solution” to a horrendous problem only shows that they are clearly desperate to avoid admitting that they have wasted their money on this horrendous product.I also feel horrible about this complete waste of money and have tried with my husband to figure out some way that we can live with our mistake, but at the end of the day a real high chair is not that expensive and it is more important for us to be have something we actually feel comfortable using, that does not involve me breaking my nails and using a hammer to hammer the baby seat off every time I want to remove my baby. (Imagine him choking on something, clearly every high chair should feature a quick and easy release.)If I were TRIPP TRAPP I would immediately recall this product before a baby does die of choking while stuckin the chair, or breaks their legs being yanked out during a choking fit. This is literally a dangerous product and I am surprised it is even on the market.

Caryn Becker, MN

Works for ALL Tripp Trapps

Okay here is the scoop. There are two types of Tripp Trapp Chairs. 1. The original (made around 1972) 2. The classic made after 2008. The only difference between the two is the way the harness attaches to the bottom (seat).When I first ordered the baby set I had no idea there was a difference. I had purchased my tripp trapp on a yard sale and was excited to have a high chair that was not an eyesore. After the baby set came, I was really confused why the baby set did not fit perfectly. I then found out I had the older version of the Tripp Trapp. Not to worry! All you need to do is remove the plastic connector (where the harness connects to the seat). Don’t cut the harness! Once the plastic connector is removed, the baby set will snap right in. It does take the 5 point harness down to a 3 point harness, but unless you have a monster or want to carry your kid with the high chair on the roof of your car, I think the 3 point harness is just fine (the 3 point harness still goes over the shoulder and around the waist).

Estelle Springville, NY

LOVE it, but you can’t push the seat board out too far.

The Tripp Trapp is irreplaceable for us – our son has eaten with us at the table since he was old enough to strap in. I am wondering if those who have had terrible experiences getting their kids’ legs in may have had the seat board adjusted out too far. I was surprised, myself, at how tiny a space is really necessary for a baby to sit comfortably. The back of the chair arches out, accommodating quite a bit of diaper bulk. I’d give an adjustment a try before ditching the chair, for what it’s worth–hope this helps.

Adeline Grand Rivers, KY

Just another expensive attachment you have to buy for your Stokke

This is a great attachment for the Stokke chair but I ended up having to buy a ton of expensive extras for my chair, making it a very expensive highchair. You have to buy this to use the tray attachment. Unfortunately, it was too late to return my Stokke so I am stuck buying all of the extras. I would recommend buying a different chair that has everything included. I thought i could just pull my little one up to the table with her Stokke but with all the cheerios going everywhere, babies really need a tray. Otherwise, you don’t really need this.

Chelsey South Salem, OH

You’ll need accessories

We really wanted the Tripp Trapp chair for it’s versatility (baby to adult — high chair with table, then eventually allowing the child to eat at the table, with my plans of finally getting rid of it when he’s on his way to college!)Having said, the baby kit is the weakest part of the package. The “bucket” and harness work well enough, but you really do need the cushion. Also I wish the harness could be tightened a bit more, so the baby wouldn’t hang forward. We tried using this when he was 5 months, and he would really just hunch forward too much. But lately (6.5 months) he sits in it better. I think the tabletop is essential as well.

Terri Lakeside, MT

nightmare to install

We inherited a Tripp Trapp chair from my brother and sister-in-law, but purchased the baby set for our almost 5 month old son. It works fine, seems supportive and safe. It was, however, a nightmare to install… Lots of manhandling and way too many screws involved (we had to essentially disassemble the entire chair to get it on).I really wish we had just a regular high chair with a tray, but since we got this one for almost free, I guess we will make the best of it!

Adrian Greybull, WY

Nice color, not sure if necessary with harness but it helps

I’m not sure if this is really necessary since the Stokke already has a harness. Not to mention that the cushion doesn’t seem to work nicely with the harness. Our baby can basically sit fine w/ just the Baby Set, w/o using the harness. But she sometimes seems to prefer having the harness on any ways. I think this is a good addition to the Stokke high chair.

Letitia Gloucester, NC

works well

i finally caved and bought the stokke baby set – after reading tons of reviews on the web about it, i was convinced that i could do without one but it has gotten to a point on our small apartment (stumbling over bouncers left and right – we have 2) and my son wriggling in his bouncer seat (and choking while eating in his bouncer because he is not upright. we have a bumbo that we have outgrown and a dog that will grab food from the kid if left sitting on the floor with food) – when it made sense to get a baby set (i also got an inglesina fast chair for the kitchen because the inglesina will not work on our dining table).it is a bit pricey for 2 pieces of plastic. but it keeps my son securely in the seat (he does pushes away from the table with his legs and the stokke high chair is amazingly stable and solid).i have read many reviews that the baby set will not work on big babies. i do not have a big baby but he has thunder thighs. after installing the baby set properly (after reading and staring at the instructions for a while since stokke’s instruction manual has no words, just pictures in the instruction set, that i can’t see a baby not fitting easily into the baby set if you follow instructions. you DO HAVE TO MOVE THE SEAT back so that it enlarges the leg opening on the baby set. it works.another option that may work with this high chair (you have to check) that i saw at the store today that may work as well or better – the keekaroo infant seatKeekaroo Infant Insert – Chocolate. it has a cushy bottom, very nice. i put my son on it and it holds him up very well but i am too tired to figure out if the keekaroo will work on the stokke and if someone does have the energy to check – do let me know.

Wilma Chattanooga, TN

read the directions

I debated on buying this for a while, because of all of the negative reviews. We went to a store that carried them to test it out, and they had them put together incorrectly! And I thought “what expensive junk!”. When I got home I read every review I could find, and I decided it was worth a try (mostly because of Amazon’s free baby returns and all the reviews saying “read the directions!”) and installed it according to the directions, and my baby goes in and out just fine! You definitely have to make sure the seat isn’t too far forward. I’m not really sure how we could use the Tripp Trapp without the baby set, (our daughter is 8 months old). We love it!

Tracey Cumberland, NC

Fine for our little one

I was somewhat hesitant to order this given the bad reviews – but can’t figure out what the problem the others have. I did, before ordering online, try this chair out in the store with my, then 5 month old, son. He loved it – and we had no problem getting in and out.He’s now 7 and a half months old and we still love this chair. It pulls right up to the table so he can interact with us during meals and we can give him food – if he/we so desire.The cushion works well and we haven’t had to clean it (other than to wipe off crumbs/debris). I lift him in an out of it several times a day without protest from him. My only complaint (and why I didn’t give it 5 stars) is that the straps are too big. I just loop them on the back of the baby set, and we’re good to go.

Loraine Mount Carbon, WV


purchased this with the whole set to get the stokke put together. recommend having all the pieces together before you buy. worthy investment piece, beautiful design and addition to the dining room if you don’t like the standard loud and bright kitchy colored high chair options

Charmaine Boelus, NE

Great item for starting out

I think some negative reviews may come from expectations that this item will last for a long time and are disappointed when their child outgrows it. I think it is a necessary item for starting out and we love it and would gladly repurchase it. It is disappointing that it does not come with the chair, but this way you can mix and match colors.We got the baby set in green to go with our natural wood chair to have a big more fun with the color and love it. It is great for our 15 lb daughter. She is not able to sit on her own yet but in here she can. We chose to skip the cushion and dont miss it.This set allowed us to have her in the stokke high chair as soon as she was ready to start on solids. We were then also able to skip the bumbo and other transitional chairs. It has a nice rounded lip on it that baby can grab onto and she seems very comfortable and happy up at the table with us.

Marci Heath, MA

Great high chair

I like that my babies are safe in this chair and it grows with them. It’s very high quality and looks great. A bit expensive. I got the cheapest color. The white food trays by stokke are great too.

Latonya Desmet, ID

We couldn’t have used the high chair without it.

I love the Stokke high chair, but a young baby is not very safe without this baby set. It was very easy to install, even with the separate cushion.

Carol Fleming, PA

Essential for the tripp trapp

Great product and essential for use with a baby in the tripp trapp highchair. Very easy to put my baby in and out and I feel it holds her safely in the seat.

Kitty Frisco, TX

too stiff

The baby set seems needed, but it is so stiff that it is hard for my little one to get in and out of it. She has to keep her legs stiff in ofer to get in and that is a process, then the straps connect within the seat and that too is hard to manuever. My 6 month old daughter doesn’t like the hard confinement the chair offers. I’m looking forward to her growing a bit so we can try it with straps only and not the baby set.

Mellisa Bishop, GA


This high chair is great and the insert is great for smaller babies. I like the bit of extra support that it gives. It fits perfectly under the edge of our table so we can bring our little girl all the way to the table to eat with us. She loves being up at the table!

Vicki Ewing, MO