Stokke Tripp Trapp Cushion, Beige Stripe

Stokke Tripp Trapp Cushion, Beige Stripe

Your little one will enjoy mealtimes with the Tripp Trapp cushion. It provides a cozy seat by adding lush comfort and support to your child. Made to accompany the Tripp Trapp Baby Set, this cushion will keep baby comfy and happy for every meal.

Main features

  • Adding comfort and support for your child
  • 100% Polyester filling
  • Easy to attach to and remove from the Tripp Trapp chair
  • Easy to clean and machine washable at 40° Celsius/ 104° Fahrenheit

Verified reviews


Not quite same color as picture and not super nice to the feel

In the picture it looks like the colors are nice, but when it arrived it was in far stronger colors than expected and not to my liking. The fabric also seemed a bit stiff. I wanted to return it but have yet to hear from the company, mind you its only been 2 days so they can still make it.

Imogene West Brookfield, MA

I’m in the minority — I love this Stokke cushion.

I had reservations about buying this cushion because of the lukewarm reviews but it has turned out to be totally great — makes the Stokke chair for my son cuter than ever. I started my son in the Stokke with this cushion at 4 months, without the added baby set. For such a little one, it is a plus to have the cushions and kept him in place more securely than sitting on bare wood. (We of course used the harness straps.)Pros:
• sturdy fabric, reasonably resists stains — it is all cotton and does not shrink much when washed properly. Comes in great prints.
• easy to take on and off — yes! I know everyone else thought it was hard to remove/put on. It velcros in place; you don’t have to remove harness parts if only using the harness. Easy.
• machine-washable
• decently priced
• padding was just right — not too thick, not too thinCons:
• Art stripe pattern is very cute but I found it was a little bright & busy for my dining room. Not the fault of Stokke of course… I prefer the brown dots pattern that we also purchased
• NOT OxiClean proof. I had a fading problem so be forewarned.I recommend buying 2 cushion sets so one is always clean when you need it.

Corine Wren, OH

CUTE but a bit hard to install

We think the cushion gives the chair the “final” touch it needed! Really cool, looks comfy and all.The only downside: They should really send installation instructions with it!!!! Seriously. It’s one of those things where you feel like you need a Master’s degree or two to be able to set it up… it took us almost half hour to figure it out… and looking at other reviews we’re not the only ones who had exactly this issue. We were able to get it done ourselves but later also found a video on youtube that showed the trick.

Jane Dickson, TN

Great pattern, but not quite as nice as the rest of the chair

This is a great looking product, and makes the chair fit our 6 month old a bit more securely (along with the Baby Rail). We got the black chair and this adds some personality to it.However, I had to give it only gets 3 stars for the following reasons:-The quality and texture of the fabric was definitely less than I expected from Stokke. It just isn’t near as soft as I had expected.-The cushioning is rather thin.-It is surprisingly difficult to take on and off because of the harness. The instructions aren’t very clear that you have to unthread the plastic chest brace install correctly.

Diana Lebanon, IL


so sleek so modern, love this whole stokke set. grows with the child, much prettier in a dining room than other kiddie styles out there. so nice that parents can have a beautiful furniture option. recommend!

Amelia Hamburg, LA

Very cute, and very useful!

I love the Stokke high chair, but for a young baby who is just starting solid foods, the chair is a little hard. This cushion is not only extremely cute, and very easy to clean, but it also fits well with the baby set up. We did have some trouble figuring out how to install it, because the directions are pretty useless.

Adele Remington, VA

excellent cushions.

my wife loves the fabric and designs of these cushions. Its comfortable for our daughter and looks great. Must buy

Coleen Mangum, OK

Very cute

Our baby is definitely comfy in her highchair with this cushion. It is great quality and a good product. I like how colorful it is as well.

Flossie Hondo, TX

You don’t need these.

Being a first time Mommy, I wanted to make sure my baby was comfortable and sitting on something cushy.These items are not very cushy and to be honest, they just get dirty. Your child will probably not even care if they had a cushion or not.They aren’t easy to take off to clean either.I wound up spending most of my time washing these bad boys and looping them back into the seatbelts.After the fifth time, I stopped and my daughter actually preferred to sit on the wood chair. It wasn’t as slippery and made it easier for her to pick up food that dropped onto her chair. It also made it easier for her to climb in and out of the chair as she got older.Save your money and skip this accessory. You don’t need it.

Estella Houghton, SD

Great cover and great splash of color.

I bought the Tripp Trapp chair in natural as well as the baby set…both looked pretty drab so I decided to purchase this cover. It adds comfort plus a jolt of color. Some say it is not necessary, but my daughter seems to enjoy the added padding.

Pauline Dahlgren, VA

Colorful, but not very functional

It’s a nice colorful cushion. Not sure how much cushioning there really is. Does not seem to work with the harness; I didn’t bother to put the top on.

Kelsey Cloverdale, IN