Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair, Red

Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair, Red

The chair that grows with the child. The Tripp Trapp is an ingenious highchair that revolutionised the children’s chair category back in 1972 when it was first launched. It is designed to fit right up to your dining table, bringing your baby into the heart of your family, allowing him or her to learn and develop alongside you. The intelligent, adjustable design allows freedom of movement with both depth- and height adjustable seat- and footplates. When adjusted correctly, your child is ensured a comfortable and ergonomic seating position at any age.

Main features

  • Seat and footrest are adjustable to the size of your child from approx 6 months to adulthood
  • Ergonomically designed to provide stability, comfort and confidence
  • Made of cultivated beechwood, providing strong, solid and durable product
  • Five-point safety harness
  • Holds up to 300 pounds

Verified reviews


Warning To All Parents!

I don’t know how this chair has passed so many safety standards. They must not test it on carpet and with all table types because our son pushed himself back from the table today and the chair flipped backwards. He hit his head on a console table that was behind him, which was actually probably a good thing because it helped slow the momentum, but then he did hit the floor. It was the most horrifying thing for us so far. He is 11 1/2 months old. Please be warned that if it even seems like your child can push off the table with this chair do not use it.This thing is going to be torn apart and put out with the trash.In all fairness I must update this review…I am a huge proponent of parents taking responsibility for their children and after further review we saw in the downloadable safety information on this chair that there is indeed a tipping possibility if the chair is on certain surfaces and if they can reach a certain part of the table. So please, please make sure you do not fall into this category before buying this chair.If you are in the safe zone then I will have to say you may just love the chair as we did before the fall.

Clare Lancaster, MA

Not practical, comfortable, or safe.

This chair isn’t safe for a squirmy baby. It’s harness isn’t practical as it has to rely on small shoulders, the seat is hard and not soft. It doesn’t make any sense to put a baby in a chair where as soon as you take off the harness, she can slip off and fall. I used this chair for a weekend and hated it. Every time you have to put her in you have to keep your body up against the baby as to make sure she doesn’t fall. My girl loves to move around and this thing was in danger of tipping when she would push off the table.I know it looks chic, but its not safe. I don’t know how this thing is being produced. It’s a danger.

Antonia Lansing, IA

Just buy another highchair!

I’ve made some rookie mom mistakes and this is one of them. I picked this chair out when I was pregnant, mainly because it looks cool and has a million great reviews. I thought it would be something that lasts forever making the cost worth it. Now my daughter is 18 months old and this thing is a bit of a burden. I just now ordered an expensive tray to attach to the highchair because my kid pushes away from the table with her feet and then finds herself too far away to reach her food. She thinks it’s funny and now does it every single time I feed her. Which is why I need an attached tray. In addition to the tray I’ve also purchased the baby seat separately and the cushion set separately. I think in all it’s ended up being about $375. For a highchair. After seeing the cost of the tray I very nearly just went to Ikea and purchased the $20 highchair and tray that I’ve used before at a restaurant and found that it works great. I honestly have no idea why I thought this would be good. Don’t do what I did and get all swept up in the cool baby stuff and think you need the expensive things. After a year you find yourself donating so much of it or letting it sit in a closet unused. It’s ridiculous. Also, when I first put this thing together, which was NOT SIMPLE, I found that the metal bar that goes across the middle of the chair had only one end drilled out to fit the screw. The other end was not. So my husband had to make a special trip to a hardware store to have it fixed. Another issue is that the cushions shrink and fade when washed. Another issue is the 5 point harness (WHY? This is not a friggin’ car seat!) is difficult to fasten and unfasten every single time, and it just gets food embedded in it and is difficult to clean. Oh, and anytime you want to wash the cushions you must move heaven and earth to get the straps off the plastic thing and then unthread them through the holes. And it’s clear that the straps are not comfortable for my kid. Try sitting with your back against a seat with thick straps and plastic things jutting out. Nice design, Stokke. I think if babies could speak NOTHING would be designed the way it is for them. They would all be able to tell us “Hey! There’s a hard plastic thing poking into my back and I hate it. Therefore, I’m not eating this creamed chicken stuff you are trying to shove in my mouth!” I’m really going to be glad when this can just be converted to a regular chair and moved into her room with a desk. Then I can pretend it never existed.

Helga Jacksons Gap, AL

Ok if you have a kiddo on the small side

I’ll admit it, my kiddo is big. He’s 21 months and almost 35 pounds. Tall too. He’s a little intimidated by a booster seat and doesn’t seem to like to sit “over” everyone, so I bought this. Unfortunately it was a huge waste of time, effort, and money. The harness is too tight and he has to “slump” over. And no, I’m not an idiot – I realize they are adjustable and are adjusted to their largest setting. Incidentally, he fits just fine in the old cheap plastic high chair harness. I would not recommend this to anybody with a larger child.

Rocio Milford, IA

Excellent Chair

I love our new Tripp Trapp Chair, but most importantly, my toddler loves it. Putting this chair together took about an 30mins but I am i could’ve have done it faster. This chair is fabulous and the chairs are functioning perfectly for my 2 year olds.My only complaint is that Stokke shows on it’s videos children pulling the seat and foot plates in and out to re-adjust them, which is misleading because you can’t do that without loosening all the screws on one side of the chair. Once all the screws are tightened both plates are locked in place (which is probably safer, but not convenient for quick adjustments). Other than that a perfect chair, very stable, puts the child right up to the table and isn’t bulky like other high chairs.I would also like to note that the chair had a flaw in the paint on the seat plate so i called the company and they immediately sent me a new one so the customer service was fabulous!I am VERY pleased with them all around and would recommend to anyone.

Loraine Norwood, MA

Fine product, not perfect

Useful if there’s no space in the kitchen / dining room for a self-contained high chair with tray. It’s sturdy and well-made. One flaw is that the chair is NOT completely tip-proof; an older toddler (2.5 years and above) can stand on the footrest and tip it forward. We’ve had several close calls. Also, it’s expensive; if we had to do it over, we would have shopped at Ikea; but that goes for all of our baby / kid furniture!

Terry Garyville, LA

It’s great!

The only reason why I gave this 4 stars is because I think the price is a bit inflated and the straps could be made a bit better. Other than that, this is a great chair for my toddler. I never planned to buy one of these because of the price but one day my toddler tipped herself over while in her booster seat, smacking her head HARD on the floor. So, I decided to give the Trip Trapp a try. I am really glad we got it.It’s MUCH safer than our chairs. We put the extended feet on it, which came with the original packaging, and it makes the foot print rather large. Our 20 month old has already kicked off the table multiple times and she just slides back. It’s VERY difficult to tip over. I would say, however, if you put this chair on carpet or partially on carpet, you will want to put a hard plastic carpet protector under it (like those used under office chairs) to give it a hard flat surface to sit on. Stokke clearly prints in their user manual that they can’t guarentee it not tipping if it’s on a soft uneven surface.Was easy to assemble, took about 15 minutes. It’s easy to adjust, just loosen a few screws, move the steps and retighten.The straps are OK, but not great. They are a little difficult to adjust and only have a 5 point configuration. I think for the price, Stokke should have made something more adjustable, that could be easily removed and put back on as needed for different age groups.Very easy to clean. I didn’t realize when I was using my booster seat that all the food crumbs from my daughter were getting underneath it and into the crevices of the seat pad. The chairs being fairly expensive, I wanted to save them. I just wipe down the Stokke with a wet cloth and I’m done! If any food gets into crevices, the screws can be loosed and you can clean right into the cracks. Great!My toddler loves it. It’s “her special chair” and she knows it. She can easily climb up onto it. Ultimately, we’re very happy with the purchase.UPDATE 4/2012: We’ve now been using the Tripp Trapp over a year. It’s still great. Easily cleanable. It has grown with our child. It’s so easy to adjust; just loosen the screws, move the seat or footrest and retighten. Takes about 1 minute to do. Our eldest child is almost 3yrs and she has not been successful with tipping it over (not for lack of trying). She can easily climb into the chair, put the belts on and clip it by herself. We just bought another one for our 12 month old (without the baby seat accessory) and she fits on it just fine. Stokke customer service was great when one of the seats clear finish started to bubble up. They asked for a picture of the defect and mailed another seat right out. They were very nice and the issue has not happened again. I still give it 4 stars because it is pricey, though I will admit it’s holding up great under the stress of a very active toddler so I might upgrade to 5 stars soon.UPDATE 12/2012: Upgraded to 5 stars. Still taking a beating from my 3 year old. Looks the same, cleans the same, still going strong. I now consider it “worth the money”. Second child in one of these and it’s SO worth it because she’s a super messy eater. I need something I can easily clean and this is it.

Odessa Maypearl, TX

2-year old climbs up himself

He can’t quite get down yet without help, but he’s working on it. So much preferable to a stand-alone high-chair as we can sit at the table with him while he eats. We read the reviews about it falling backwards, so we keep it against a wall. Very happy with this purchase.

Judith Park Ridge, IL

Style over substance

I bought this chair because I thought it was cool. I admit it. We also liked the idea of our daughter being able to sit at the table "with us" and the fact that the chair would be good up until 6 years old.Here’s the thing: you dont want the kid AT the table when they are a year old, not in the sense of sharing the same surface. NEXT to the table- great, but AT the table is a big mess. They really do need an attached tray and space to make an inevitable mess.Between the highchair and the baby kit, we’re in almost $300 and really don’t have a suitable highchair for our 13 month old. this might be a good chair for a neat eating 2 or 3 year old, but if you are using it for a younger child, it’s really really impractical.We got plenty of compliments on the design. Unfortunately, they were all from people who appreciated the look and didn’t have to watch the elaborate cleanup. Thumbs down.

Heidi Valdez, NM

perfect family mealtime chair

This is invaluable. It brings the baby right up to the family table for mealtime and it’s easy to reach baby. It has great scandinavian design and will fit her until she is comfortably sitting in the adult chairs. I think we’ll keep it forever; great for when company visits, because with a turn of the allen wrench, the seat can fit any child. The baby set is outrageously priced but essential. (Shop around; in April we bought a second chair as a gift at and the baby set was thrown in for free.)Ours is walnut and I will say that deeper scratches show. The stain is only on the surface. It touches up fine with scratch cover. If you detest scratches, maybe get the natural wood color.I am glad we did not bother with the pads; they would get so dirty so fast and require constant cleaning. The wooden seat is designed nicely so I can’t imagine it would be uncomfortable, and the baby only sits there for the duration of the attention span and meal, which is not long.The packaging for the chair is dismal. Just barely enough cardboard to get it to your door. It’s an awkward triangular box with no discretion about the contents; something to be aware of if you are trying for a surprise! Have it shipped to another location.

Mallory Antioch, CA

Great High Chair

This high chair is so cute and looks exactly like the picture. It is great for our little one who can eat at the table with us in this. I also like how it can grow with her.

Susanna Big Creek, KY

Great for wood floors

Lots have been said about this chair, we personally have 3 in Cherry and absolutely love them. A few things to add, though. 1) They are meant to be used on wood floors. That is important with toddlers who like to push themselves away from the table around one years old. I personally don’t know of anyone with kids who have carpeting under their table, but I guess some people do. 2) Make sure you are adjusting the seat and foot rest properly. Highly suggest you follow the directions and never allow the foot rest to come out further than the front legs of the chair. and 3) it’s only meant to hold 150 lbs – so don’t let grandpa sit on it just for fun, it’s not meant to hold that kind of weight and can lead to minor cracks over time.I saw recently that Stokke succumed to the pressure and is now providing a tray to attach to the seat. It’s sad, I think, because the whole point of this chair is that it brings the child to the table, not making them feel like they separate. Bringing the child TO the table early on allows them to feel this connection, so I personally will never buy the tray and think it’s a waste.

Latanya Woodstock, NY

Fabulous chair but I want the previous version!

We have a Stokke chair in Red that we purchased nearly 3 years ago. We love this chair and even brought it with us when we moved to South America nearly 2 years ago. Initially we used it with the baby rail and cushion from the time my daughter was 6 month until about 15 months. We have since adjusted and adjusted the chair to fit her as a 3 year old.We are planning for baby #2 and as I am researching what we need, I see that the Stokke chairs have been redesigned. I think that the striped cushion set that we have would work with the new design, but the baby rail connects to a different part of the seat and I believe we’d have to purchase a new one, which is not cheap (and then we have one useless component laying around that we already own!)My daughter loves her seat and I don’t want to make her give it up for her sibling. I will have to call customer support to ask some questions, but we love the old design, my infant did fine without an extended back rest. Why mess with a good thing??Some said the straps are impossible to deal with: The straps on our older model were hard to adjust, but you don’t have to do that frequently and we took them off a while back because our daughter kept pulling them off of her shoulders, but could never get the clip unsnapped.One way or the other, I will buy another of these chairs, I just hope that my existing components will work with the new design.

Shelley Flowood, MS

Beautiful; worth the investment

Stokke makes beautiful high chair options for those of us who like more sleek, furniture style baby needs. It fits beautifully in my dining room with my adult furniture. it is a more expensive option but think of all the uses you get as the years go on, even as an adult seat option. that makes the price completely affordable when you compare how long you use a standard high chair.

Jeannie Chadds Ford, PA

Fantastic chair

The only reason I didn’t give this chair the full five stars is that I feel like the harness can be a bit difficult to operate. The clipping mechanism seems to me to be finicky and for all the design and thought put into the rest of the chair, I think this part could be done a bit better. Still, it’s a great piece and well worth the money.

Donna Selmer, TN

Excellent product, accessories need work

My son was very unhappy with the plastic Graco highchair that we first tried. It blocked his view and was overly confining both of which agitated him. He is very happy in the Tripp Trap and I know it will last for years. It is also very attractive. On the down side, I was not at all impressed (nor was my son) with the baby set and had something made out of leather instead. Also, I wish there was an affordable option for a tray for the early finger food days. The concept of eating right off of a placemat on the table is great and will work when my son is a bit bigger, but my table is too high for him currently even with the seat at the highest notch and a tray would be much more practical than buying a whole new dining table!

Lenore Renick, MO

So good I bought a second

I have a number of friends with kids the same age as mine and my daughter has sat in a number of other high chairs and none are as good as the Tripp Trapp. I like that she is right up at the table instead of separated by a gigantic tray. I think this has helped her learn how to eat and how to behave at the table because she is right there with us and watching us. (I’m not saying that this is going to solve toddler eating behaviors but that by sitting with us from infancy (we started at 5.5 months), she has seen what eating is supposed to look like.) I like that she is sitting up properly and not slouched or reclined like with some chairs. I like that her feet are supported instead of just swinging wildly. I like that this chair scoots rit up to our dinner table and easily fits in and doesn’t stand out and scream “I’m an ugly plastic high chair!” like some chairs. I like that this chair doesn’t come with a fabric cushion because it would just get filthy. I like that it is easy to clean and doesn’t have a bunch of crevasses where food can get trapped. I like that the it is easy to adjust as she grows. I like that it’s durable enough that I can keep it for years to come and pull it out for young guests at Thanksgiving instead of searching for a phone book to sit on like I had to do as a kid. I like how my daughter is secured in the chair and can’t stand up or twist around or such like she can in our cheap portable clamp-on travel high chair. I like the colors available for the chair and also the baby rail. I like the Tripp Trapp so much I’ve purchased a second one for our second baby and hope to find some used to keep at Grandma’s house once we move back near them in a few months.

Kimberlee East Wakefield, NH

The best highchair out there!

I did a lot of research when it came to highchairs for my baby. I also went to every baby store and tried different ones, as well as ones that my friends have. This is by far the best one out there. It is SO easy to clean. I can’t stress that enough. I am doing Baby Led Weaning with my daughter, so it is very messy and this is a breeze to clean. I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND GETTING A COMPLETE SET rather than purchase the chair, the baby set, the pad, and the tray all separately. Just get the complete set as it saves money because I think all of the additional items are very overpriced. The baby set is definitely necessary if you have a little one. I also love how this chair just can pull right up to the table so that baby can join in at meal times. I don’t even use the tray that came with the set. One less thing to wash! Definitely worth the price is you get the complete set and I can’t wait to use it throughout my daughter’s life as she grows.

Arlene Estcourt Station, ME

Best purchase decision yet.

As another writer noted, the highchair is an item that you want to be VERY pleased with, not just find satisfactory, because you and your child will be using it multiple times a day for a long time. I initially purchased a consumer reports recommended model that cost about half of the stokke. I found the chair impossible to keep clean and hated the seating positions that our family was forced to assume at meals because of it. Over a period of three months I grew to HATE mealtimes because of the chair and finally splurged on the Stokke.It is like night and day.The stokke is simple to wipe clean. I have been able to adjust the height so that our son sits comfortably at the table with us. His feet no longer dangle. I bought the baby insert but not the padding and he has always appeared perfectly comfortable without it. To protect the table I bought several BPA-free serving trays from IKEA and attached non-slip shelf liner to the back using double sided tape. They work wonderfully in containing spills and also make bringing food to the table much quicker. We are nearing the age where other toddlers are getting booster seats but luckily do not have to worry about that extra transition with the stokke. All in all I am very glad that I purchased this chair.

Claire Montrose, CA

Worth the price for long-term use.

I love the quality of this chair. The design fits right in with our dining room table and I love that we’ll be able to use it for years. My now toddler eats right at the same table we do, no big plastic chair or tray in the way. We use a suctioned placemat along with the chair and we don’t have any trouble. Yes, I have to clean off my table, but I’d have to clean a regular highchair tray/seat, too.

Tami Little Plymouth, VA


We’ve only had ours for 2 months, so I can’t comment on durability. But with the harness, cushion, and tabletop it works well as a high chair. The reason for buying this is for its adaptability. From high chair to adult chair and everything in between. Given the solid construction I can see this lasting for years. The red is an appealing color.

Ramona Orrville, AL


My toddler & infant love it. Perfect space saver. Blue color looks great in my kitchen. real wood.This chair works perfectly with just a harness. My infant seats with us at the table comfortably.

Iva Absecon, NJ

A great chair!

This chair is great if you don’t have a lot of room for a traditional high chair. It pulls right up to the table. I love the fact that it is adjustable as the child grows. It can grow with her until she is an adult. Then it becomes an extra chair for guests.

Millie Glenford, NY

Perfect transition to the dinner table

We bought this for our 2 year old so she could join us at the dinner table. It’s perfect. She enjoys climbing up and helping to put the straps on. It is very sturdy and I have no worries about it tipping over. It also looks like it fits in with the rest of our dining room set.

James Buchtel, OH

Have tried all the options, and this is great, for what it is

I was a late adopter of the Tripp Trapp. It’s not the be-all-end-all, but it’s a pretty great toddler chair.We started with a regular high chair (a chicco polly) and then transitioned to the FP Healthy Care booster when she was 18 mo or so. The booster was great, and worked perfectly for us until extra-tall daughter was 2.5, then got too tall to rest her feet on the chair. With her feet dangling, she got fidgety, kept trying to put her feet on the table, or would bump her knees on the table edge and cry. With our baby in the Polly now, and no patience for any of this, I broke down and bought the Tripp Trapp.Having the footrest is key! 3 year old daughter loves it, and sits happily through meals now, no feet on the table. We don’t use straps or cushion so it’s easy to clean. I don’t regret having a regular high chair (though it was cheap from Craigslist), because is so great to be face-to-face when you first start solids. And we still use the booster as a spare high chair, and for travel. Though if I had to do it again, maybe I would have just gone straight to the booster or a space-saver high chair.The only problem? Is that our 13 month old loves it the tripp trapp too. She climbs in by herself(!) and prefers it to the Polly for eating. So now I might need to buy another.

Octavia Hillister, TX

One of the most worthwhile pieces of baby gear we’ve purchased!

We debated long and hard about the Tripp Trapp after seeing the scary video of a child pushing himself over backwards on youtube. I think the most important thing for anyone thinking about buying this chair to consider is what your flooring and table design is like. We have hardwood floors plus a table with a fairly shallow lip. After thinking through how the chair works, we decided to give it a try and for our dining set up and for our 11 month old son, it works perfectly. We’ve been using it for about 5 months now and are as happy now with it as we were at first. We love having him sitting right at the table with us and he’s super comfortable sitting in the chair, especially with the place to set his feet. I love how adjustable the seat and foot rest are. The only thing I’d mark down on the chair design is the harness – it’s a little tricky to adjust and can be difficult to get secured. Other than that, I’m happy we bought this when our son was young, it’s going to be used for a long time in our family.Pros:
• Excellent design & manufacturing
• Lots of options for adjustment, fairly easy to adjust (except harness)
• Nice to all eat at the same table
• Durable
• Nice looking
• ComfortableCons:
• Harness is a little tricky to adjust
• Be aware of the flooring and table design you plan on using this withAdditional note: we considered buying the infant set to use with the chair, since we got the chair when our son was about 6 months old. We decided not to purchase that based on reviews here on amazon and elsewhere, and I’m glad we didn’t spend the money on it. I highly recommend getting this placemat to use with the chair to protect your table:Summer Infant Tiny Diner, Green

Elsie Waynoka, OK

Absolutely the best baby to adult chair

The best chair on the market. My baby was too big for the baby rail after one year (she still fits, but its uncomfortable for her – I probably wouldn’t buy it next time and just stick with the harness… but that’s just me. It was very useful while it lasted), but the love the fact we can adjust it as she grows really easily and she loves the fact she can comfortably sit by the dinner table with everyone. Easy to clean and maintain looking like new as well. One of our best baby buys and absolutely worth the money!

Rhoda Rockwood, IL

Looks good and sits well!

My 2-yr old sits great in it and it looks good too. I like that my daughter can now sit at the table with us; instead of at an awkward position with the old high-chair.

Tessa Ware Shoals, SC

Stylish but has its drawbacks

We live in an apartment that has a living/dining room and I did not want to have to look at a big plastic eyesore high chair for years and years. This color blends in with our dining room table and once it is pushed in, you cannot see it at all. Luckily we got this chair as a gift and we really like it – but the price (with baby rail and cushion) makes the chair very expensive. I personally like that it does not have a tray as it encourages proper eating habits with adults.

Rosemary Tad, WV

Great for toddlers but expensive

My oldest child is 9 1/2 and when he was of the age to get this, a friend had 2 and I loved them. They used to be called Kinderzeats and were touted as “the chair after the high chair.” I think the chair itself is essentially the same but back then there was a wooden bar across the belly area and a single strap between the legs and that was how this worked for younger babies. I don’t think it had a 5 pt harness at the time. This could explain some confusion with some of the older reviews or reviews by people who have had this chair for years and years. It has changed somewhat.I was super practical and penny pinching with my first and as much as I wanted this chair, we didn’t NEED it, so I just could not justify spending the money. Back then it was two hundred bucks. I considered other brands but they were still pricey and I know wouldn’t resell well which is something I always consider with baby gear. I’ve always thought Ikea would come up with something affordable but they never have. We got by with the Fisher Price booster when he was small (
• highly
• recommend) and as soon as he was able, he climbed up in a normal chair. He knelt but he got by. It worked well enough.Then I had twins and there was no way I was buying TWO of these puppies. Yikes.I kept an eye out for used ones but they were few and far between.Now I am on kid 4, the final kid, the kid who is getting the things the others didn’t just because this is my last spin on this merry-go-round. I was out buying a shower gift for a friend and saw two of these on clearance. Still pretty pricey for what it is, but a serious discount from what they sell for now (I swear Stokke stuff has inflated worse than anything else since my oldest was a kid.) So I snagged one for myself. And the next day I went back and snagged the other for my friend.I know, it’s just a chair. But it is so awesome for a little kid (my little dude is a recent 2 and small for his age) to be able to climb up easily and sit comfortably at a normal height at the table. The independence for this age group is priceless. He can climb up and sit comfortably to eat or to color with his sisters. No kneeling or fidgeting or squirming. And it is HIS chair which means he ONLY sits there – he is very territorial over it – which helps me a lot with containing the mess. I have tried in the past to assign the messiest eaters to a certain spot, I have tried decorating a chair with ribbons LOOK IT’S YOUR SPECIAL CHAIR, I have tried having an easy to clean kiddie table – it just never works. They always end up back at the big table, moving from chair to chair, spreading the sticky and the crumbs as they go. But he will ONLY sit in this chair and I keep it in one spot which means the worst of the mess stays in one spot instead of migrating to cover the whole dining room if I go longer than 11 minutes without cleaning. It’s very smooth and easy to wipe clean.Now, as great as this chair is for toddlers and preschoolers, it is mind-numbingly expensive for what it is. There just isn’t much to it. Some wood. Some bars. Awesome design. But not enough to justify the cost especially when you factor in how much the add-ons cost. They have been making it for decades so it’s not like they need start-up funds at this point.If you want to use this as a high chair for an infant, you are going to have to shell out at least sixty bucks more for the infant part. And that is JUST the seat part, not the tray. The seat part is well made and durable but it’s PLASTIC. It’s not made of diamond-encrusted unicorn horn. (Seriously, someone from Stokke correct me if I am wrong here. Were any unicorns harmed in the making of the insert?) For twenty-five bucks you can get a fisher price booster WITH a tray which will serve you just as well if not better. Yes you will have to use one of your existing dining chairs but if you need another chair for a guest buy a folding chair for twenty bucks and you’re still way ahead. (I should mention though that that plastic part is at least made in the USA which is great – but still. Plastic!)The 5 point harness on this is over the top as far as safety. If you don’t start to use the chair until the child can get in independently there just isn’t much point to it. I removed it entirely because high chair harnesses get gross quickly. It’s not easy to remove, you need tools and you need to take the chair apart slightly – an improvement would be a no-tool removal for easy washing, if you decide to use it. Everyone is going to have their own opinion on this one.If the infant add-ons came with this, I’d
• possibly
• give it a 5. But the price is utterly insane for what you actually get. It is an awesome chair for a toddler or above but there is just no way to sugarcoat it into being a cost effective choice for infant though adult. If you can find a deal, or if this is your first kid and you will get years and years of use from it, snag it. You will LOVE it, for a toddler or preschooler. But for an infant, odds are, you can do more for less, in the baby stage.I will say, at the other end of the spectrum, an adult could sit in this chair. Many of the “grow with me chairs” (such as the OXO), while they are more inclusive of baby items for the price, they still LOOK like high chairs once they are in big-kid mode. I could sit in this chair and maintain my self-respect. Which means we might just hold on to it, long term, until we have grandkids, and actually have it in regular use, vs. being stashed away in the interim. But still. Wickedly expensive for the add-ons. And that keeps me from saying 5 stars. But for what we paid and for how well it works for us, we love it.One more thing, I have read some complaints of the painted ones chipping – so if you have the choice, you might want to go with a stained one rather than a painted, colored one – or at least be aware that could happen.

Kellie Hoopa, CA