Stokke Xplory Cup Holder

Stokke Xplory Cup Holder

Parenthood is often a balancing act, but with the Stokke Stroller attachable cup holder, you’ll have one less thing to juggle. This cup holder is designed to easily attach to the Stokke strollers handle. Made of sturdy polyamide plastic, it can hold up to 2.2 lbs (approx 1 liter). This product is designed to be used with cold drinks with lidded containers. Make your life a little easier and keep your water close at hand with the Stokke Stroller Cup Holder.

Main features

  • 100% cotton / 100% polyurethane
  • Designed to fit with the Stokke Xplory stroller handle
  • Made of polyamide, a sturdy plastic quality
  • Hold drink container up to 2.2 pounds
  • Easy to attach to and remove from Stokke Xplory handle
  • Only to be used with cold drink with enclosed or lidded containers

Verified reviews



Crazy that this thing is so pricey. A simple cup holder is $25 but I think its so worth it. I LOVE MY STROLLER!

Rocio Bleiblerville, TX

Fits Stokke Crusi

The cup holder came in a box with 2 other pieces. Those pieces are for attaching it to the Xplory stroller. The Crusi (Stokke’s double model) already has the fitted groove in the handle bar. All you have to do is slide it down into place until it clicks and you’re set.If you have the Xplory, then you have to follow 7 steps illustrated in the instruction booklet. These are for the attachment pieces included in the box. No tools required except when you have to remove it. I believe a flathead screwdriver is needed to "pry" open a certain part of the casing.It is a sturdy, large upholder with prongs inside to hold smaller containers. I took off a star because of its location. I have the Crusi, which has the cup holder groove located directly in front of the button to adjust the handlebar. It also juts out towards the person pushing the stroller. It stick out so I have to always be careful when placing the folded stroller in the trunk, so as not to damage it.

Winnie Burnside, LA

it gets in the way

Not that crazy about spending a grand on a stroller just to have Stokke nickel and dime you on something that comes standard on most other strollers. With the cup holder installed it is challenging to adjust the angle of the handle bar. Lastly, this stroller is already a nightmare to break down to put in the car and this is just another piece that you have to take off and then put back on.I say just get the fabric cup holder by Uppababy or even the velcro adjustable one by Britax.

Jodi Reidsville, GA

A little expensive but well worth it

The stokke stroller is pretty minimalist and, as such, you have to purchase separately the cup holder for the handle. It is worth it. Everything about stokke is expensive and so you just have to bite the bullet but after $1300 for the stroller, a few extra bucks for the cup holder won’t kill you.

Tracie Sinajana, GU

Best for the stokke explory

It fits pretty much all types of cups and bottles… From a water bottle to a coffe cup.A must if you have the explory stokke

Nikki East Galesburg, IL

Easy to install and so convenient !

This cup holder was easy to install and extremely convenient to bring along a bottle of water or a coffee. Great purchase.

Juanita Curryville, PA

Works great.

Easy to place and remove. It’s much better than after market cup holders and it even holds those huge movie cups.

Angelina Haralson, GA

great for cell phones

Why am I reviewing a cup holder? I don’t know. It does it’s job and also it’s a great place to keep your cell phone.

Bertha Lawrenceville, PA