Stokke Xplory Stroller, Beige

Stokke Xplory Stroller, Beige

Stokke Xplory Newborn StrollerStokke® Xplory® stroller’s innovative design brings your child closer to parents and away from dust. The innovative height optimizes eye contact and bonding between parent and baby, and toddlers enjoy a more interesting panoramic view. Just as exciting, the height allows it to function as a high chair so dining out, meeting friends at a café and other social activities are more enjoyable for all. Being higher up also means easy handling for parents in caring for the

Main features

  • Height adjustable seat brings the child up closer to the parent
  • Seat designed to be used from birth to 45 pounds, or 3-4 Yrs
  • Two way facing and 5 seat reclining positions suitable baby’s needs as they grow
  • Made in Europe from lightweight aluminum and automobile-grade polymer
  • Stokke Xplory textile is SPF50 offering a high level of protection to a baby’s sensitive skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays

Verified reviews


Coche super fancy pero un poco pesado

Estudie todas los coches de bebes antes de comprar este. Finalmente nos decidimos por esta y resulto buenisima. Mi hija durmió los primeros 3 meses en ella. Es un poco pesada entonces a fuerza tengo que salir con alguien que me ayude. No la recomiendo para alguien que no tenga ayuda. El color, escogí la azul, es hermosa y llama la atención de la gente cuando salimos a la calle.

Lorene Villamont, VA

Over-priced, doesn’t hold up, bad customer service, and lacking luxury features

=====UPDATE #2This update is being written six months after my original review, but given that I have changed my star rating, I am putting this update at the front of my review so it makes sense! I hope this information will be helpful to anyone looking to buy a nice stroller.After 6 months of use and much deliberation, I returned the Stokke. (Amazon actually took it back after all this time!) The paint had started to chip off after only a few months and it looked horrific (see photos). I just couldn’t stomach having paid soooo much for it and having it look crappy so quickly. I bought a 2012 Uppababy Vista to replace it, and my Uppababy makes me even more glad I returned the Stokke.The intelligent engineering of the Uppababy makes things that were annoying with the Stokke but that I just dealt with look utterly ridiculous.Folding: the Stokke folds into 8,000 pieces (okay, four – the chassis, the seat, the foot rest, and the bumper bar) and is still so huge that it takes up the entire back of my SUV. The Uppa baby folds compactly in one piece, has a standing fold, and I don’t know how I ever did without it.Textile Material: The material on the Uppababy is beautiful as well. It is a thick, durable-feeling material, unlike Stokke’s, which is nice but feels like it would rip or snag very easily.Canopy: Both have UPF50 canopies but the Uppababy has a HUGE canopy extender, about double the size of Stokke’s. Plus Stokke’s canopy extender is hard, like a bendable plastic, so it was getting warped out of shape with creases from continued use, and it only allowed the canopy to retract as far back as this ~4″ ridge of plastic. Uppababy’s is made of the same silverish UPF50 material that lines the rest of the canopy, with boning at only the front, so when you tuck it back and retract the canopy it lines up with the boning on the canopy.Foot Rest: I thought I liked the idea of Stokke’s foot rest that extends in and out and is not connected to the seat. However, that meant that when I placed my baby in the seat in the upright position, he was precariously balanced on the edge of a ~6″ ledge (or narrower if you have the infant insert in) until I strapped him in while holding him in place with one hand as he reached forward to grab things. In the Uppababy, I am actually placing him IN the stroller, as the foot rest is connected and has a 180 degree range of motion. With the foot rest up (parallel to the ground) he can safely lean forward, grab his feet, grab at me, and throw his weight forward with no risk of falling out while I strap him in.Bumper Bar: Stokke’s bumper bar was detachable, but not a swing away, which meant that every time I took him out of the stroller and put him in the carseat, I had to find a spot to put it – in the back seat, on the roof, on the ground – it was a pain.The swing away on the uppababyis sooo much easier!Diaper Bags: The Stokke doesn’t accommodate any other diaper bag but its own to attach to the stroller. I tried the Stokke bag it for one day and it was horrible. There aren’y enough compartments, and you need to fully zip and unzip the bag to use it as the shape of the zipper around the bag means items would fall out if you didn’t zip it every time. Who has time to do that when you need to grab a spit up cloth, or toy, or water bottle, or whatever quickly and often one-handed?? Plus if you had the seat position in anything burt the highest the bag would drag on the ground when attached to the Stokke. So I promptly returned the Stokke diaper bag and went back to my cheap but amazing Skip Hop Versa. But, with the Stokke, I had to wear this bag on m shoulder everywhere, which got really heavy.On the Uppababy, my diaper bag attaches to the handle bars or sits in the basket.Basket: With the Stokke, I was already carrying my diaper bag and then had to carry shopping bags in addition. I looked like a pack mule with a fancy stroller. The bag thing on the front was pretty much ran out of space with the rain cover, mosquito netting, and one stuffed animal. It could never fit a shopping bag containing shoes or several articles of clothing. Plus, stopping, walking around to the front of the stroller, and unzipping the bag was much more trouble than it was worth. Now imagine holding shopping bags and a diaper bag and needing to change a diaper in a public restroom where there are no hooks nearby….yeah.On the Uppababy, the basket is HUGE and accessible from all sides!!!! I’m obsessed. It’s so nice to go shopping and have my hands free to tend to my baby! The basket can hold all sorts of essentials for a day trip where we’d be walking away from the car (around the city, a fair, zoo or amusement park for example) that a diaper bag alone cannot – a heavy blanket, meals and snacks, sweatshirts, toys etc.Multiple Children: The Uppababy accommodates not only a rider board as the Stokke does, but also a rumble seat, which the Stokke does not. That way I have the flexibility to know that if I have subsequent children more closely spaced, they can both ride in the stroller.Accessories: The Stokke accessories are so expensive that it’s kind of funny. I wanted to buy a foot muff for the winter so I can go for walks in the chilly weather and Stokke charges about $300 for their foot muff, which is included in their winter kit. That’s nuts in my opinion. And there are no other options for a muff to fit the Stokke, as the design is so unique.Uppababy charges $60 for their foot muff. Much better! They also have really cool accessories, like they make a stand to hold the bassinet for home/overnight use, and then sell a laundry component to turn the stand into a laundry basket when the bassinet is no longer being used. Now that’s smart!Engineering & Construction: The Stokke is unique, but the design seems to lack common sense. So much of the Uppababy just makes sense and is easy to use. Plus, the Stokke was made out of “automobile-grade polymer,” but let’s call a spade a spade: it’s $1,000 for plastic. And it’s not even dye cast plastic; it’s painted! Cheapo cheapo cheap. Gracos are made out of plastic. Even before the painted finish started to chip off like crazy (see photos), I found myself turning my head to strollers with aluminum frames (like the Bugaboo, Quinny, Bumbleride, Peg Perego, and Uppababy). They just look so much nicer, and they are so much more sturdy and durable.The Uppababy has an aluminum frame that looks beautiful and durable.Company: Customer service and company values matter to me. Before purchasing my Stokke, the company took over a week to respond to my inquiries. They also were unhelpful and then unresponsive when the paint started to chip off making the stroller look horrible.Uppababy responded within 15 minutes too all of my inquiries when I was researching the stroller prior to purchasing it. 15 minutes!! I’ve read that they’re great about honoring the warrantee as well. In addition, they’re an eco-conscious company. For example, the bassinet carrying case is made from recycled product.====ORIGINAL REVIEWAs another reviewer said: I want to marry this stroller and have its babies!!I am not the $1,000 stroller type of person. I mean, I want the best of everything for my baby and I am really serious about quality, but who the heck in their right mind pays $1,000 for a STROLLER? So I mean this wholeheartedly and truly when I say, this is seriously seriously worth every single penny for the NEW one. If you’re reading this review and thinking about looking for a used one, DON’T! I mean it! Just buy the new one! Here’s why.Back before I even knew the baby’s sex I was researching strollers and fell head over heels for the Stokke concept. I’m big into attachment parenting and natural birth and all that, so I love the idea of a stroller that facilitates a bond between parent and baby as well as encouraging baby’s interaction with the world. It’s not just a marketing point; it’s true that with baby so much higher, he can engage so much more in his surroundings, maintain eye contact with parents and be “part of” conversations going on around him.I initially considered looking for a used one since for the most part, the hardware functions the same and it’s the same concept. But while the old ones still have the same concept, but there are some flaws. The new ones are literally PERFECT. In 2010 Stokke did a total makeover on the strollers and the new ones blow the old ones out of the water. Here is a comparison of the pre-2010 model vs. the post-2010 model. (It might not be comprehensive, but it’s things that made the difference for me.)Old: On some older models there’s a problem with the seat dropping down the chassis. I’ve seen it. It’s not pretty. The problem can range from shimmying down as you go over bumps, to outright collapsing down immediately under the weight of the child. Stokke does offer a fix for this but it’s a metal pin that immobilizes the seat height entirely, so you can’t take advantage of one of the signature features of adjustable seat height.New: The part that holds the seat in position is really firm and secure. Plus it’s supported by a 3 year warrantee (but I haven’t read of anyone having that problem with the new model).Old: Removing the foot rest on the old ones requires you to turn nobs on both sides of the footrest while pulling it down (basically you need three hands).New: The new ones have one lever on the bottom portion of the footrest so you can do it one handed.Old: The old seat is quite heavy.New: I believe the new seat is roomier (don’t quote me on that one though), and it’s much more lightweight.Old: The old textile has outdated colors (that have been discontinued so you can’t get anything that matches), looks like kind of a cheap material and offers no sun protection.New: The new textile is this beautiful athletic material that feels durable yet looks sleek and has UPF 50 sun protection.Old: The old canopy does not have an additional visor and the mesh panel for air circulation isn’t secured by anything.New: The new canopy has a huge visor, and the cover to the mesh panel zips closed and secures open with a snap.Old: The old stroller seat is kind of square with lots of exposed grey plastic (not pretty in my opinion).New: The new stroller seat is completely covered in the textile from front to back and is rounded for more comfort for baby (Stokke says it’s supposed to be round like a mother’s womb), and it is much prettier.Old: Stokke makes a rider board that isn’t compatible with the older model. Although, Buggy Board makes a universal rider board that can snap on to the old frame.New: You can use the rider board with the new stroller.Old: The old bumper bar attaches with four screws (so forget about removing it on the go).New: The new one clips in and out with the touch of a button. So easy! Plus the new one is covered in a removable nice matching fabric.I then tried to convince myself to get a less expensive stroller. I still wanted a really high quality stroller, but I was thinking maybe the Baby Jogger City Select, justifying to myself that it would be a few hundred less expensive and more versatile (since it converts to a double with the addition of a second seat for a second child). The City Select was really the best alternative I could find to the Stokke, but here is where the Stokke still comes out on top.City Select: It’s just so low to the ground so baby seems so far away from me and so much closer to nastiness on the ground.Stokke: The height is really what makes the Stokke – away from the level at which people hold cigarettes; closer to the parents; and away from a view of just bags, briefcases and knees.City Select: The seats are not really well padded (although the 2011 model did add a lot more padding than the 2010 model), and it does not come with an infant insert.Stokke: The seats are not only super well padded with firm yet comfy, high quality material; the padding is also adjustable! The infant insert for littler babies adjusts the fit of the seat so they feel secure and nestled.City Select: One of the big problems that’s been reviewed with the City Select is the size of its seats. They’re really small!! (Seat Back Length: 18.5″ Butt to Canopy height: 24″ Seat Width: 12″ Seat Depth: 8″ 2010 model, 9″ 2011 model Knee to feet: 9.5″) The City Select foot rest really only goes up and down too and just about any video you watch shows toddlers with crunched up legs.Stokke: The seats are so big! It is 13″ wide with a 19 1/2″ seat back and a measurement of 25″ from seatback to canopy. The foot rest also goes in and out so it can accommodate really long legs.City Select: The City Select does not come with a rain cover, insect protection, or a bumper bar, and the accessories are pretty darn expensive!!Stokke: It comes with the rain cover, mosquito covering, and bumper bar. Albeit, the Stokke takes the cake for expensive accessories, but at least it has all the necessities (except maybe a cup holder…)City Select: The City Select converts from a single to a double with the purchase of an extra seat which is pretty cool! My husband and I want to have a second baby in a couple years, so we were thinking about this. However, the City Select seats are already really small. If we have a baby when the first baby is 2-3, the first baby will be all cramped in his seat, and we’re really only going to use a double stroller for a matter of a few months to a year. Plus I definitely want to encourage him to walk and be active/independent when he can walk… I hate seeing 4 year olds in strollers! So we just wouldn’t use it long enough to justify the expense.Stokke: The stroller is so perfect in every other way that we just decided that if we have two overlapping stroller-aged children, we’ll make it work. Perhaps for the few months that a second baby is really little we’ll carry one of the children in an Ergo baby carrier. Then we can just get the Stokke rider board for when the older baby is old enough to walk but still might need a rest so he doesn’t get too tired.Regarding making the plunge and buying the stroller, just a word to the wise – some companies are selling the stroller without the rain cover and bug canopy. According to Stokke the stroller should come with both (and they are not sold separately), but I contacted one online merchant (that looked a little sketchy anyway) to see if that would be included and they told me it wouldn’t be. Plus I’ve seen some sellers reselling the bug canopy and rain cover separately for around $25/piece, which I’m presuming they’ve taken from new stroller sets.It was probably inevitable from the beginning, but finally, after months of deliberation about used Stokkes or a different stroller entirely, my husband and I bought this new Stokke. You really can’t beat the free shipping, free return shipping, and no tax on Amazon as well! As I said, I’m not a $1,000 stroller type of person, but I really really feel like I made the right decision. I know I totally sound like I work for Amazon and/or Stokke, but I swear I don’t! I’m just really enthusiastic about my stroller!! :-)=====UPDATE 1I have been using the stroller a few months now and have encountered some major issues with durability and customer service. I still love the functionality of this stroller, so I’m conflicted about changing my star rating, but I think the negatives warrant sharing nevertheless, particularly for an item that’s so expensive!I use my stroller very lightly – a couple times a week at most, all indoors (I live in the desert!). I have an SUV so it’s not really scraping anything to get in and out of my vehicle. But it has horrible scuffs, scratches, and scrapes on the silver-grey parts of the stroller! It looks terrible! I don’t even know where the scratches keep coming from but they’re continuously getting worse and worse. It’s truly embarrassing to explain that yes I spent so much on a stroller and yes it looks beat up already. I posted pictures here.To make matters worse, I think I would’ve had better customer service with a flipping Graco! They told me that my warrantee is not applicable, as the finish scraping off after mere months of use is not a manufacturer defect. They neglected to respond to my followup email.I’m so conflicted. I LOVE the functionality, but I like my belongings to look NICE, especially if I paid $1,000 for something! I may (with a tear in my eye) look into returning this stroller.

Octavia North Bend, OR

Worth the price

I love it! I want to marry it and have its babies. This is the best stroller on the market, bar none. I absolutely love that my little guy is so high up. He really gets to interact with his environment. It’s also great for pulling up at a restaurant table. If you live in a cold wet climate like me you will also appreciate that baby (and his warm stroller liner) are kept well off the ground. Where I live, it seems that everyone has a Bugaboo. I see these folks, and their children are practically IN the snow when they walk down the street. My little love is nice and dry high up in his stroller.This thing is ingeniously designed. Every adjustment is easy to do and largely intuitive. I have rarely, if ever, needed to consult the directions. You can actually fold this thing almost one handed. It is easy and you don’t need an engineering degree like you do on some other pricey strollers. It is also much less heavy than the other fancy strollers out there. Getting in and out of cars is a breeze. The stroller handles beautifully and can even be navigated one handed for the most part. It doesn’t hurt that the design is beautiful and chic. I get stopped on the street all the time by people asking about this stroller. I admit I was a bit put off by the price, but I have absolutely no regrets. This stroller was a fabulous investment.I have only two complaints1. The lack of storage. If this stroller only had a large storage bag like other high end strollers, it would be perfect. If you live in an urban environment like I do and you want to be able to be out with baby for a good part of the day while running errands, the lack of storage space can be a problem. I have gotten around this by buying inexpensive stroller hooks and a mesh stroller bag to attach to it. It would be nice if Stokke acknowledged the reality of how one actually uses a stroller and provided such a bag themselves.2. I wish that Stokke would make their amazing, fully reclinable IzI sleep car seat available in the U.S.!!!! The car seat is made to attach to the stroller but is only available outside the U.S. A car seat that can recline flat so that baby can sleep in it for hours if he falls asleep in the car??? And it can attach to the stroller? Sign me up!!

Maryann Lincolnshire, IL

Stokke Xplory Stroller

Overpriced and just average in design execution. Nothing moves fluidly and construction is less than solidLet me put this another way too. I saw this for sale at a high-end maternity hospital in China. That’s the last place you’d want to buy it (in China) because of a hospital’s high pricing. They selling for 1398 Yuan, which is US$226. My point is, that’s all this stroller is worth, about $225. The front and rear wheels don’t even have any form of suspension system.Don’t even consider spending over $1000 for this stroller. Look at Britax and the other established brands.

Gayla Kingsland, GA

Good stroller if you are okay with the $$$$

I purchased the Stokke for my daughter when she was about 5 months old. I wanted a front facing stroller that’s high up so I can interact with her when we go for walks – and the Stokke was perfect for that. So let me list the Pros and Cons from my experience with this stroller.Pro:This is a unique stroller – you will def get compliments and looks everywhere you go. If Bugaboos are the Cadillacs, then the Stokke is the Rolls Royce of strollers.The navigation is great and it’s a smooth ride – perfect for walks in the park – grocery shopping. You can easily push with one hand and adjust the handle for taller or shorter users.I didn’t really use the carry cot (bassinet) because my daughter was already sitting up by the time we got this but I wish I had this when she was born. We had one of those travel system strollers and she was always in the car seat and I really wish at the time I had those flat stroller so if you are getting this for a newborn, then get the carry cot but if you are getting this for a 6month+ baby, then you don’t need it because it’s really big and they rather be in the seat.So the seat also reclines nicely when it’s facing you and it’s very easy to adjust. I love the fact that it’s high up so I can see my child and not having to constantly bend down to talk to her. Also it’s great to take to restaurant (that’s children friendly) because you can almost just use your stroller as the highchair because it’s so high up. It was nice when we take her to the park and she can sit there and I can feed her easily.The foot rest is also adjustable – that’s a nice touch because it’s good for when they are 9months and 3 years.The canopy is large and very good – it provides great coverage for your childAnd now the Cons…This stroller is very $$$, especially when starting buying the accessories that comes with it. You would have to buy the Foot Muff since the regular BundleMe doesn’t work once your child is older. And you might want to get the cup holder for $25 (there are strollers out there that cost less than the Stokke cup holder!) And also you might want the Stokke diaper bag… Most diaper bags will not “hang” on the Stokke handle, we got lucky because we got this SkipHop bag with side clips that works with the Stokke handle.It’s a BIG stroller – especially if you use the Carry Cot. And it’s not one of those strollers that you can easily fold. I still don’t know how to fold it! The lady in the store and the Stokke video online makes it look so easy… but it’s really not! And it’s bulk and heavy – we almost never take this in the car because it takes up the whole trunk space. And you have to remove the carry cot and seat to take it apart and empty the bags. This stroller stays erected in our Apt… so make sure you are okay with that.Overall – this is a great stroller if you live in the city. I am a Manhattan Mom so this is a great stroller for us. The customer service is very good – it should be given the price of this stroller! Uppababy and Bugaboo from my understanding also have very good service too. Another plus is this stroller has decent resale value… you can probably sell it used anywhere from 300-600 depending on the model and condition… so if you aren’t buying this for your newborn, you might want to consider buying a used one.

Lupe Kirksey, KY

Out of this world design!

I really like having my baby so close and facing me while strolling! This stroller seat is high enough that you do not need to bend over to reach your baby (such a back saver). The seat is sturdy and well padded. It includes the shopping (diaper) bag shown in the photo, which matches the stroller perfectly. The handle is fully adjustable in height and tilt to suit the shortest or tallest of parents. The seat can face forward or backward, which is very quick and easy to change. Given the size, this stroller is lightweight – however it does not fold as compact as some other models. If you are looking to have a stroller to go on evening walks for around your neighborhood, I would recommend this 100% to you for ease of use, style, and function. GREAT STROLLER ~ very well built!

Vickie Hinckley, UT

Great stroller for city life

I love this stroller for the city and even outdoor gatherings. It puts my inquisitive baby at adult eye level so there is no need for any other chair for him. Great when he wants to sleep too. The one hand turn is awesome and we to ours second hand for a steal . Never got to use the bassinstte but when we sell it it will get used by the next owner as this stroller has rest resale value

Tami Manito, IL

You won’t be disappointed

This stroller is wonderful but it is a bit different then the typical stroller so you have to know what you are getting into. before I go into pros and cons–for those who ae buying secondhand you should know that there are three versions of this stroller–v1 an v2 look similar and v3 is redesigned with a slightly more modern look and more comfortable seat. If you have a v2 chassis you can buy the seat complete set if you want to upgrade to the new look-it fits the chassis. I think it fits v1 too but I can’t say for certain.ProsThe smoothest ride of any stroller I have tested and pretty much the only one I have not tested is an orbit. The wheels are not air filled which cuts down on maintenance but manage to not have the bumpy ride that strollers without air tires can have.The fact that you have so many options with the seat is really fantastic and useful–not just a gimmick. It really IS great the the baby can sit high up–not only for the experience but also in restaurants. You can also recline the seat for sleeping.The canopy with the visor is wonderful — too many times stroller canopies are too short but that’s not the case hereStroller comes with a rain cover and mosquito netLots of customizable options–a carrycot for newborns if you are a city person without a carseat, a carseat adaptor that allows you to make a travel system, a cupholder, a blanket that snaps into the seat so that the baby doesn’t drop it, a winter and summer kit that allows you to change the textiles for the weather, the ability to change the color of the stroller, a parasol that attaches to the stroller, a rider board for older children, its really great. You can basically tailor this stroller to your lifestyleThe stroller comes with a bag and you can opt for a second diaper bag that attaches to the seat at the back. This is a lot of storage which can also come with you as it detaches and has handles for easy carryingIt’s a very stylish stroller. Many people will ask you about it. If you are not one for attention or don’t like to make small talk with strangers– this is not the stroller for you.It’s an established brand with great customer service. I’ve had good experiences with them. If something goes wrong-they set you up with someone who will fix the stroller.ConsI would love to see a console type addition instead of just the cup holder like bob strollers have.There are about 5 steps to fold down the stroller which includes popping off the seat. It takes about 1-2 minutes. For city people this will be no issue but those with vehicles may like an easy fold n go like the city mini. We lived the stokke so much that am extra min wasn’t an issue.Make sure it’s compatible with the storage space in your car. It’s not terribly compact.They have a rider board if you have more then one child but no rumble seat attachment and no double strollers. The rider board is only compatible with the V3 chassis so if you have a v1 or v2 you have to go with a non stokke rider board optionThere is no basket-we find the bags sufficient but that might not be ok for everyone.Bottom line: this is a no brainier for those who live in the city–it maneuvers like a dream.For those who travel often by car, make sure that it fits in your trunk and that you are comfortable with the fold down process.Final word: this company really thinks of all the details and as a result it’s well thought out, streamlined and convenient. We love ours. I actually think its worth the money.

Millicent Newbury Park, CA

The BEST stroller!

I have owned numerous strollers over the years & the Stokke Xplory has been the very best! It steers with one hand & maneuvers extremely smoothly.I LOVE that baby can face me AND that the seat is so high up! A major plus for someone with a bad back! My daughter loved her stroller! I am only disappointed that I never got the limited edition pink model!

Harriett Saint Marys, AK

Love it! Especially great to help with my back pain.

This is a great buy totally worth the price. I love this stroller. I already had a stroller from my first daughter but due to me having a lumbar back problem I needed a higher stroller to avoid the pain. There is no advertising about this benefit at all but this stroller is awesome I do not need to bend at all which is what I needed but also allows him to be at our height at dinner table sharing all the fun (he is too small to sit up yet). On top of the stroller is very well done, the shape of it plus the horizontal setting makes it super comfy and my son loves it so much he can sleep on it for hours. It moves supersmooth and I can move it around with just one hand and all the details are very well made and finished. My only drawback is how it closes to put in the car as it is impossible to do it with one hand as you need to separate 2 pieces.

Young Lehighton, PA

Expensive and Could have better textiles

I bought the 2012 complete Xplory set (with bassinette and the toddler seat) at Allbeebaby. I have loved using the bassinette. My baby is 14lbs and 5 months old now, she still has room to grow in it. The bassinette is very sturdy and comfortable. I have used it as a day-time nap bed at home, for walks around our home, and on day-long trips to my in-laws with the baby, keeping her out of everyone’s reach and far above the pets and her toddler cousins.Five months into using it, I have now put the toddler seat onto the chassy, to have my baby sit on a stroll through the park today. I notice that the toddler seat and the infant insert use polyurethane foam for support and cushioning. I think for the price, Stokke could have used some healthier material that the PU foam, although most things around us today have this PU foam unfortunately. I replaced the bassinette mattress with plant-based natural latex foam that I bought at foamsource dot com and cut with a pair of scissors with precision to fit the inside of the bassinette. The original mattress for the bassinette is made out of PU foam as well (petroleum-based), and I did not like this.Textile covering: Also, by now, I wish the inside of the bassinette (and possibly even the seat) would use some cotton fabric: soft and plush inside bassinette and durable and tough inside the seat. The current fabric seems very tough and sturdy but is almost completely non-breathable and made my baby sweat when she slept on it in the bassinette. I, therefore, have removed the cover from the bassinette mattress and use only the Stokke cotton sheet over my own plant-based latex mattress now. Also, my baby has eczema and I don’t like the idea of having her face roll into the tough synthetic sides of the bassinette. I think durable and soft cotton would be better.For the toddler seat, I am considering purchasing a cotton stroller liner from nollie covers dot com or by Itzi Bitzy. For the summer, I purchased the Stokke Summer Kit, which includes the terry cloth cover for the toddler seat.Suspension: The stroller rides like a dream on smooth floors and is very good on all the streets around our house, over the cracks and bumps! I love, love, love how close my baby is to me at all times and how far she is from the dust, pets and toddlers down below. But the toddler seat was vibrating and jumping way too much on our gravel walking trail in the park. For the price Stokke charges, I would have expected a true smooth suspension for the rougher terrain. Overall, I love this “connection” full-size versatile, and durable stroller and there are no other strollers that bring your baby so close to you, but I wish Stokke would add a more versatile suspension, a plush cotton fabric on the inside of the bassinette, and possibly use plant based latex instead of the polyurethane foam. Fortunately, I think Stokke products do no use brominated or chlorinated flame retardants that are poisoning our domestic and all other indoor environments. Overall, I think this is a unique and durable, high quality stroller, a Cadillac of the modern generation full-size strollers. It does fit into our tiny Suzuki SX4, including the bassinette, but we have no room for much else. This is not a compact stroller for sure.

Ashlee Offutt A F B, NE

I love my stokke

I have a three months old doughter and I’m very happy with this stroller.It drives EXCEPTIONALY easy and smooth… I can literely push it with two fingers to stroll the city.This stroller offers comfort, ease, practicality and style … All in one.I receive compliments for my stroller almost every time I take it out for a stroll… The colors (I have it in red) are very beautiful.Last but not least, having my baby at eye level allows us to interact while exploring the world, which makes our trips much more fun…

Carissa Raymond, KS

Great stroller

Great materials.Easy to drive, I can steer it with one pinky.Easy to fold.Fits easily in the trunk of my Jetta.Holds Stokke diaper bag as well.Cup holder even holds large theater cups.Most importantly, my son is happy in it.

Concetta South Paris, ME

Best stroller on the market, especially if you live in the city

I was really surprised to read that the Stokke is not durable in one of the reviews. We have seriously used our Stokke EVERYWHERE in the city, tossed in the trunk of our car, gone for countless walks and rides and airplane trips and it looks brand new. The material has not snagged or ripped, its super easy to wipe down, and it has fantastic accessories. It is an expensive stroller but aren’t they all? As for the accessories, they are of great quality and useful. We also had a city mini with tons of accessories but they were all useless. The Stokke Muff is about $100, and the winter kit can be found online for about $200.The Stokke does require that you take it apart, but that is nothing compared to the fact that I live in the city and the collapsible wheel option is a lifesaver when I want to go up and down stairs on my own. The design is brilliant. Our baby loves being able to sit high up in the sky. We don’t need a high chair at restaurants, it works great at the aquarium or museum visits. And when our baby started walking, he could use the Stokke as a walker because of the adjustable handle.

Janie South Sutton, NH

Love it

I was hesitant to purchase this stroller because I thought it would be too heavy and difficult to fold, but it’s been a dream. I live in a one story walk up in Manhattan and I don’t have any trouble walking it up and down one flight of stairs. It’s definitely a great stroller for an urban environment. Also I bought the Peg Perego car seat and adapter to use with the stroller and it’s pretty easy to pop in and out of cabs with it, which was a huge concern of mine before baby was born.

Kristin Morrill, KS