The flexiBATH is the ultimate solution to fun bathing and space saving. With a simple snap, the flexiBATH opens to a large bath tub or folds flat, perfect for storing or traveling. Excellent for bathing and great for so many other uses. The flexiBATH is recommended for infants and toddlers up to the age of 4.

Main features

  • Save water and space with flexiBATH
  • flexiBATH opens to a large bath tub or folds flat when not in use
  • Great for travel, sensory play, outdoor time, pet use, or storage
  • For ages newborn to four years

Verified reviews


an ok travel tub

This tub is great that it folds up and easy to travel with. However, I found it diffcult to try and lean over and bathe my daughter with it sitting in the tub. Also, she liked it when we tried it out at home, however, when we got to the hotel she didnt want to sit in it, which of course defeated its purpose. Maybe, when she is a little older she will like it better, I hope.

Selena Eidson, TN

Very small and narrow!

Whoever thought that this bathtub can be used for a 4 year old needs some serious eye exam. This bath is very small and narrow. I have a 3 year old son who is on the tall side so far we have been using the One step ahead inflatable bathtub with two major downsides-they last from 2-5 months tops and get punctured and deflate- I already went trough 5 of them. And at the same time one step ahead greedily charges 8$ shipping for this super light item, not to mention that last time it took about 10 days to arrive. So I decided to buy this one hopping it will last but no luck.This bathtub is suitable for a baby that can sit up by itsefl and can last the most up to 2 years so if you are buying it for an older child don’t bother.I ended up buying a similar inflatable bathtub from amazon that wasn’t only 3$ cheaper then the one form one step ahead but it also shipped for free and arrived in 3 days.34″ BABY SAFE INFLATABLE BATHTUB

Twila Lovell, ME

Best there is!

i LOVE this tub. I wish i had known of it sooner. Compared to our son’s infant tub, the Flexibath takes up 1/3 space when folded flat. It’s much safer than the regular tub, and saves on water. As other reviewers have mentioned though, the bottom is slippery–you really have to get a bathmat (the green sprouts baby bath mat fits perfectly). I highly recommend it!

Elinor Hollis Center, ME

Great tub with a little help from Puj when you have a less than one year old.

Puj Tub – The Soft, Foldable Baby Bath Tub, WhiteThe main complaint I have with this tub is that the company claims that it can be used for newborns. It is really difficult to use for babies who are under 1 year old because even if they can sit unassisted outside the tub, they cannot sit at all in the tub when there is water in it. So I would recommend it only for babies closer to a year old UNLESS you use the FlexiBath tub with the Puj Tub (made by a different company)!!! I used the Prince Lionheart WashPod for my baby’s first 6 months (LOVED IT BTW!), and I never really used my Puj Tub. Now the Puj Tub has a new life (after the recommended 6/7 month use period) as it fits fantastically in the FlexiBath. I called both companies to tell them about my find, and I think they should cross-promote.So, if you are like me and like “alternative-style” bathing for your babe–different from the usual “American laying-back-style” tubs–then my recommendation is the WashPod and/or the Puj Tub (if you have the right shape/size sink) for baby’s first 6 months. Then use the Puj Tub WITH the FlexiBath from 6 months to 1 year. Then the FlexiBath solo from 1+ years.Also, I like to bring the WashPod and the FlexiBath-Puj Tub combo into the shower with me…I find it keeps him warmer and we both get clean together!

Lilia Popejoy, IA

Better than the big tub!

The first time I used this tub I was disappointed. From all the positive reviews I thought this was going to be a miracle for bath time. My son likes to stand up and climb around at 11 months, and I’m still trying to teach him to just sit and play. The big tub was a nightmare because he would always nearly get hurt from slipping around. The bathtub seat sucked because he could climb and wiggle out which made it dangerous. This tub is the best option I’ve found. I fill it up very shallow so he won’t be tempted to climb out and do a very quick bath. It cleans up nicely and stores easily out of the way. It also looks neat. The clip that holds it in place when it’s folded is a bit of a hazard.. It sticks out while they are in the tub and scratches skin easily. Not a reason not to purchase, but Just a heads up.

Madeline Jericho, NY

Very Slippery Bottom – Be Careful

I almost did not buy this because I thought it was a bit too expensive for what it is, but I’m glad I changed my mind. This is a very nice travel and/or transition tub for your infant and/or toddler. It folds down reasonably compactly, so it fits nicely in a LARGE suitcase with other clothes and it’s sturdy.Please be aware that the bottom is very slippery, so if you’ve got a toddler who is sitting or standing in it for a few seconds while you get them out they will slip! Yes, you can put sticky anti-slip tub stickers on the bottom, but if you’re using it for the first time you may not think you need to do that. Also, the little black plug that you pull out to drain the tub is lodged so tightly that you will fight to get it out – lol.Overall I like it, but had to remove a couple of stars for the bottom of the tub being so slippery. That is a huge safety issue for a toddler who may need to stand in it if only for a few seconds.

Lela Gastonia, NC

Baby hates bath time now!

It is too slippery. I read some reviews before buying it. Yes, they mentioned that. But I think my baby is already 28 months, and I bought a tub mat for her. It should be ok, right? The answer is ‘no’. She fall down in the water two times while I was grabbing her. Now my baby hates bath time. But I have to say it is a great idea to make the bath tub foldable, also the size is big enough. The company should really to more effort on solving the ‘slippery bottom’. Also the ‘latch’ is not safe, and can be easily broken. Overall, this product has a big safety issue, should be recalled.

Willie Wimauma, FL

Great for countertop use with newborns

We were looking for something small that we could use with our newborns and our sinks were too small to accommodate a bath seat. We bought this and used it with thePRI Infant Bath Seat (White)and it worked great. We were able to bathe our girls in it, on the countertop, until they were about 9 months old, first with the bath seat until they were about 6 months old, and then without the seat from 6-9 months. Now that they are approaching one year of age, we continue to use it, only now I place it in the bath tub and bath them in this (it saves water since I only have to fill this small tub, instead of the large tub). I love that it folds up nicely so it can be easily stored after each bath. We have found the tub to be very durable and it does the job perfectly.

Selena Ghent, MN

Great, Practical tub for travel and at home!

We live overseas and travel in and out of a lot of different places. I am so glad I found this tub before we left the US! Before we used the inflatible ones while travelling, and it was always a hassle having to blow one up and then deflate it again, trying to cram it back into a suitcase…not to mention that we went thru 2 or 3 with the inflatible ones with wear and tear. The Prince Lionheart Flexibath Foldable Bathtub is so convinent I even use it at home, because it takes less time to fill than the regular bath tub… conserving both water and energy. It collapses up easy to store, or throw in a suitcase. One of the best baby/toddler purchases I have made so far…. only wish I had tried it sooner!

Malinda Pardeeville, WI

Great space saving design

After having a baby I noticed our house began to be taken over by baby stuff. This bath is great in that it saves precious space in storage and is the perfect size for your little one. I have used it for months (at least 3 times a week) and it shows no signs of wear and still works great. When you first get it it is somewhat "stuck" in it’s folded up shape but that goes away once you put water in it for the first time.

Joni Lookout, CA

Absolutely perfect

I love this tub!!! It is small for storage, cleans well, drains well – and fits either in the tub, or on the kitchen counter. I can see all sorts of use for it after we are done using it as a tub. In the meantime, I cannot say enough positive things about this. It empties easily when we place it over the sink. It feels solid while she is in it, and folds up pretty thing for storing in the closet. Love love love when the PRI Infant bath seat is used in conjunction. They fit perfectly in unison and I am really happy with the combination.

Sonya Gregory, AR

Easy to Store, Easy to Use

I use this tub with the infant insert. If you’re planning on using this from day one, get the insert! I’m a big believer in buying once – I don’t want to have to buy three tubs during my child’s infancy. I want one tub that will work and grow with him. This is it! My son hasn’t discovered the latch, but I can see that could be a problem.

Beryl Mountainside, NJ


My fiance’s house doesn’t have a tub, so when my 3 year old son and I visit (and we’re moving there) we had to give him showers. We found this flexibath online and figured we would try it. When it first came in I was skeptical as it didn’t appear to be as big as described. However it is PERFECT! My son has enough room to flip and splash, he actually loves his tub time now. It would fit in the shower stall, but we just put a towel down and bath him in the kitchen. He loves the feel of the tub and enjoys his baths. I only wish I found this earlier – a great tub for even infants, saves water and is easily folded and stored!

Effie Warner, SD

A must have for anyone traveling with a young child!

Love this tub. We travel ALOT and take it with us everywhere. It is super light weight and folds compactly to fit into our checked luggage. I am a bit of a germ freak so I could never let my daughter bathe in a tub besides ours at home. This tub works well and even at almost 3, she still fits in it comfortably and there is room for many toys.

Celina Westville, OK

OUTSTANDING DESIGN! The BEST tub for 6mos & up!!

After researching tubs for the next step after the molded plastic newborn/small infant tub that fits in the kitchen sink, I chose the Flexibath & am really glad! My 8 month old was THRILLED when put in the Flexibath tonight…got a good warm legitimate tub soak experience instead of laying on top of the water in the plastic newbie tub in the sink. I give it 5 stars for the awesome design that literally folds flat and stores almost anywhere. That factor alone is worth the expense in my book! I will say that I didn’t pay attention to the dimensions before buying, and expected something a bit bigger, but still love it. I’m sure we’ll be using this for a solid year or more, & can easily repurpose it once baby transitions to the real tub. It looks a little bent out of shape when you first open it, but once you fill it with warm water (read directions) it flexes out into its intended form. I fill the tub at the kitchen sink and then slide it over onto the counter for bath time. It does become a slippery surface for a soapy little bottom, so be sure to rinse soap off before setting baby back down in the tub. (or put something down in the tub for traction). The drain works super fast. We chose the white color & I like it a lot. Eventually when baby is a little older and splashing more, we’ll move the flexibath to the bathroom & use it in the big tub, but for now I’m saving my back as long as possible 😉 You will be very pleased with this tub! A++ Prince Lionheart!

Tonia Hainesport, NJ

Great bath tub for toddler!

Heard about this tub awhile back and finally ordered it. Love that it’s free of phthalates and also bpa free. My daughter loves it as well. My only complaints are the plug. It’s a bit difficult to put back in the hole and it doesn’t drain as well as it should. They should have not made the bottom of the tub so flat. Stores nicely and is perfect for travel.

Jaime Silver, TX

Doesn’t required filling up a bathtub

That’s why I really bought it. I don’t want to put water in a big bathtub for a 6 month old. Even when he was a newborn I put his mesh sling in there while I bathed him and it fit with no problems.

Shelley Eclectic, AL

Love this tub!

I have a two month old and I love this tub. I happened to already have a basic bath sling that I use without any difficulty. I was looking for a basic tub that I could use for a long time and this has been perfect.Pros:Folds up easily for storage.Fills up quickly with water.Cons:None

Angelina Avenue, MD

Love it!

My poor little one year old was still bathing in his infant tub up until I got this one. We both love it! He spins around and kicks his legs and just has a blast. Just like with any bathtub, you have to really watch them and he his little butt slid a bit when I first put him in it so I’m considering buying some grips to put on the bottom. I haven’t had to take it anywhere, but it’s folds up nicely if I ever have to. I would recommend this to anyone with a baby old enough to sit up.

Shelly Walpole, ME

Great Item

Nicely built and space saver. I purchased it because we’re limited in space in our bathroom, it does a great job. A bit on the pricey side but it’s compact and priced for that reason.

Sondra West Memphis, AR

Narrow bottom, but smart design as a flexible tub

Bottom is too narrow and babies can easily tip over. Not very stable. But a great idea!If only the design was upside down, then, it maybe a great product. Tab broke with a few uses, now we use it as a drink tub for patio parties.

Laurie Jenkintown, PA

Loved the concept but a few flaws

Pros: love the color (green), simple to clean (no odd ridges or folds), fits great in our stand alone shower stall, plug works great when draining, folded very flat, can fill with as much or as little water as you wishCons: very slippery bottom when a naked behind is sitting in it. We obviously stay right beside our LO when bathing and hold on to her, but its so slippery that she can sometimes slip even though you are holding her while she is sitting. To remedy this, we put a spongy bathing mat on the bottom on which she can sit. It might work better if the manufacturer had some type of texture or something to hold the baby in place while seated.Our LO pulled on the side of the tub and it cracked after we had it for about a month.Though we like the tub in general, we are probably going to look for a replacement soon.*After some thought, we applied textured bath pads to the floor of the tub and our LO can now sit without slipping.

Audra Walled Lake, MI

Bath everywhere!

Me and my husband love to go on weekends to the beach. I bought this item to avoid bathing my baby everywhere but in a confortable place.Is very portable. Is easy to clean. My baby is starting to learn how to sit and he defenetly enjoy being inside this little bath. I love to green color is very playfull.Defenetly a good buy!

Helene Oakland Gardens, NY

Perfect Baby Bath for Small Spaces

I love this baby bath. We have a small home and a small bathroom. I needed a bath that wouldn’t take up too much space when not in use. This fits into the small space next to our pedestal sink with no problems. I’ve been using it for 3 months and it’s great! Our daughter is very comfortable in the infant seat attachment but I think we will keep using this when she can sit up on her own but doesn’t need or isn’t quite ready for the whole big tub. I don’t use the little rubber drain, I just dump the tub when I’m done. It dries quickly and hasn’t caused any problems at all. It’s one of those baby items that just works all the time so you don’t have to think about it – that’s an "A" in my book. I recommend this tub to everyone!

Angelia Van Orin, IL

Perfect for us!

We recently moved into a new house – one without a bath tub. We are planning on having one installed, but in the meantime had to figure out how to give our 8 month old baths. We tried a cheapie infant tub we bought at WalMart, but it was too shallow for him and he kept trying to flip out of it.Then we tried sink baths, but those were a pain.My mom bought us the Prince Lionheart Flexibath tub, and it was exactly what we needed. I set it up up in the shower and he got to happily splash away. I agree with some of the other reviewers that the bottom is slippery. I bought some of those tub grippy stickers (have no idea what they’re called) and put them on the bottom and that solved the problem.

Edna Jenkinjones, WV

We used the Fisher-Price Animal Krackers Rinsin Fun Baby Bath Tub for our daughter from birth to …

I’m underwhelmed by this product. We used the Fisher-Price Animal Krackers Rinsin Fun Baby Bath Tub for our daughter from birth to 14 months. Although we had a good system going, she started to want to stand up and play with the various temptations around the kitchen sink so we decided it was time to move her into the full sized tub. I don’t know why this product has such overall high ratings. I found the same issues as other reviewers. #1 the latch was an immediate temptation for my daughter and she was reaching over to grab it throughout her bath #2 it’s virtually impossible to empty the tub without tilting it up or lifting I WITH THE CHILD IN THE TUB. If you don’t lift it off the tub floor, it drains painfully slow; my toddler’s attention span is far shorter than that and we struggled to keep her in the tub while we drained and prepared to rinse. #3 I don’t think this tub is any bigger than the infant tub.Bottom line: it’s ok but could be so much better. I don’t think it’s worth the big price tag.

Lorna Kite, KY

Love this little tub!!!

This tub is a little smaller than I expected, but that’s not a bad thing. I love it! I gave my daughter a bath in it for the first time yesterday and she loved it! There was enough room for her to splash around, but it was narrow enough that she couldn’t spin around like she had been doing in the kitchen sink. She just turned one today (yay!) and there is plenty of room for her to grow. She’s currently wearing 18 month clothes, going on 24 months. She’s pretty tall for her age, not sure exactly how many inches, but I know last time she was in the 90th percentile.I didn’t take the plug out, I just turned it over in the tub to empty it since a few people said it was difficult to get the drain back in. I didn’t fill the tub that much so it wasn’t too heavy. Plus, a lot of water was lost due to splashing. I also love how flat it folds. It fits in the space right between the tub and sink in my tiny apartment, which is a HUGE bonus!!!! You won’t be disappointed with this tub!

Pearlie Maple Mount, KY

This is what I need!

Light weight and saving water design. My kids love to take a bath in it. And it is good for home use and travel.

Rebecca Bellingham, MA

Works great

We have been using this for 6 months so far and it work great and does not take up too much space. Just what we needed 🙂

Sharron Saint Charles, IA

Does its job, but very slippery

I bought this to take on vacation so my 8-month-old didn’t have to take a bath in the hotel tubs. It definitely took up a lot of room in the suitcase lengthwise! It did its job as a place to bathe her, but it was extremely slippery. She has been sitting well for months, and she couldn’t keep her balance in this. I put a towel on the bottom and it helped some, but I am not really that happy with it, especially for $30.

Evelyn Versailles, KY