Stork Craft Beatrice 4 Drawer Chest, Black

Stork Craft Beatrice 4 Drawer Chest, Black

The Beatrice 4 drawer chest features the perfect combination of modern and sleek design elements, solid, well built construction and generous storage space. The spacious sized drawers are just right for your little one’s most precious belongings. The round wooden pull handles add to the smart tone of this exquisitely designed piece. All Stork Craft chests are designed with security in mind, featuring a tipping restraint and fortified steel drawer glides with safety stops. Set up this modern piece, made of solid wood and wood products, effortlessly with it’s easy to follow directions. Complete your nursery look by adding an assortment of matching accessories by Stork Craft: Stages Crib, Beatrice 3, 4 or 5 drawer chest, combo tower dresser and matching hutch.

Main features

  • Designed with safety in mind as it meets current U.S. and Canada safety standards
  • Complimentary accessories: Stork Craft Beatrice 3, 4 or 5 drawer chest, combo tower dresser and matching hutch
  • Constructed of solid wood and wood products, offered in a selection of non toxic, durable finishes
  • Easy assembly using sturdy cam lock construction
  • Features a tipping restraint and fortified steel drawer glides with safety stops
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.

Verified reviews


Came with no instructions

Just bought this for baby number 2’s room and thank goodness my husband is good at figuring things out. The instructions were completely missing. We checked the box twice to see if we missed them. I then went online to hopefully find them on Graco’s website or from some other poor soul who’d ran into the same issue and uploaded and shared. I found nothing but an e-mail contact, which you could write to and receive instructions. Seeing as it’s a holiday weekend, I guess we will take our best shot at it and hope it all works in the end.

Laurel Jolo, WV

Cheap…not pleased

I purchased the Storkcraft furnature for my daugher’s room, after over a year of use I am really disappointed in this furnature. The finsh scratches really easily, the drawer gliders are coming apart, this is just very cheaply made. I wish I would have purchased something else.

Carrie Masontown, WV

Falling apart after less than 2 years

This dresser is a pain in the rear to put together, no doubt. I did it alone at 7 months pregnant….it just took me a couple days. It is very pretty and goes well in my baby’s nursery. It doesn’t seem flimsy and although it’s not an heirloom piece of furniture, I believe it will hold up for at least a few years. At this price, I can’t complain!Update February 2013:Well, I changed my review of this from 4 to 2 stars. My son is 19 months old and the dresser is falling apart. The drawers won’t stay together for more than a day before the hardware starts popping out again. I’m really disappointed.

Emma Potsdam, NY

For $188, this is bad!!! DO NOT BUY!

Usually, you get what you pay for, but in this case this should have been worth $70 if I were to get what I paid for!Where to begin:1. The description of the product was misleading. Solid wood would make you think decent quality. It turns out the “solid wood” aspect is 2% of the entire item. (The Top shelf, and front of drawers.)2. The internal of the drawers made of “Wood products” is super cheap/flimsy. We have a cheaper , very nice looking 6-drawer chest from Target (definitely no hardwood), with the interior really solid-feeling pressed wood, night and day compared to this product. That drawer chest was probably $80.3. Some places where there should have been holes for the screws, didn’t exist. Trust me, there was no error on our part.4. After it was assembled the second drawer wasn’t level (holes not aligned properly for the railings), so the left side of the drawer has a slight gap compared to the right side of the drawer when you look at it face forward.5. The Honey Oak color was a little darker than we expected.Just DO NOT BUY. You’re better off getting something from Target!It’s too late for us to return and get full refund.I’m giving it 2 stars instead of 1, because some use will come out of it and will fulfill it’s purpose, short term.

Chandra Loyalhanna, PA

Great value, good quality, 4 yrs and still looks great

I did a lot of research and this is best quality dresser available at this price. We purchased one in white 4 yrs ago and it still looks great (see photo). I purchased a second one in espresso this week for our second child’s room (see photo). It isn’t complicated to assemble but it does take time and patience. It took about 1 – 1 1/2 hrs to put together. The instructions are clear but keep in mind there are similar size pieces that are finished and unfinished in the illustrations and the finished stained pieces are in the front visible and the unstained panels are in the back. Initially the drawers seemed to get stuck when I added them but I just removed and repositioned them and they all open and close smoothly. Great dresser at this price point. Highly recommend.

Nina Hayden, AZ

Nice but hard to put together!!!

This chest was hard to put together but looked nice when it was all said and done!!! The directions are not that easy to follow. Have patience with this one!!

Jennie Runge, TX


I wish I could give this dresser a 0 rating as it is the worst quality dresser I have ever seen. My husband had to replace all of the rails with new ones from home depot, we had to use wood glue on the knobs, and it scratches SO easily. Its truely horrible. Truth be told, the dresser that I got in a nursery set for my first, from walmart that cost me 200$ total is a much better quality dresser than this one. That set came with a crib, changing table, and dresser- all for 200$. I will never buy from stork craft again.

Bettye South Grafton, MA

Assembly required, but worth it.

This comes completely in pieces, and while the assembly took a little while, it was straightforward and not difficult. I am not using it in a nursery, but for myself, and I really like it. (I chose the oak finish.) It is relatively lightweight but not flimsy, looks beautiful, and has plenty of room for my clothing.

Bettie Deltona, FL


Overpriced and falls apart… WASTE of money, drawers do not stay on track at all.. Very small for it to be almost $200

Frankie Valley Bend, WV

Great furniture for the price

This dresser looks great. Pictures are accurate depiction of product. Assembly did take awhile, but considering it was less than half the cost of baby furniture I looked at in stores it was worth the effort. The furniture is basically just particle board, but the veneer looks really nice. I didn’t see the point in paying for full on furniture my kid will probably destroy.

Alison Rockbridge, OH

Its a bargain!

I read the reviews on many drawer chests before purchasing this one for my 5 month old son’s room. I was a little apprehensive before I received it because of some negative reviews, but I am pleasantly suprised. This chest is very nice for the price I paid. It was not that difficult to put together, just need a screwdriver and patience. It took about 3 hours to assemble. There aren’t any scratches on the finish, it is also pretty sturdy. The drawers are on metal tracks which makes them open and close very smoothly. I can see us using this for at least several years to come. It came with an anti-tip over attatchment that is very important as my little guy learns to pull up on things and walk. All in all, I am very satisfied with this chest, it was worth the money and I would buy it again if I needed another.

Leigh Matewan, WV

duh cheep

i got 2 of these for my girls(one each) the first one…took me about 2 hours to put togeather useing a multi-tool……and well…lets just say dont do it that way.(im goning to “re-screw” all of them tonight) the second one i used an electric screw driver that we got so we could anchor the dresser to the wall corectly….NOT THRILLED with the anchor kit they come with, just something about a zip strip holding a 70lbs dresser(shipping weight). anyway it took about 30 minutes to do the second one with it, and it seems much more sturdy. the instructions wheren’t hard to follow, dint evan need them for the second one. some of the holes had not been drilled corectly, but you can usaly expect that with this typ of furniture. other than that they are nice looking peices and the drawers move smothly all and all good for the priceupdate 11-5-11 ok the second one we got is rock solid however the first one(the white one) is absolut crap. the scond one(cherrie) has never needed “adjusting” as the white on is constantly falling apart, it has got so bad that we bought 2 new dressers off one of my hubbies coworkers(500 grand total) and a twin bed for her, or guests, since she still fits the toddler bed we got her last yearupdate 6-12-12 my oldest has finnaly succeded in disloging one of the doors on the second dresser(cherry), much to my dissapontment. as she has compleatly broken the bottom drawer on the first one(white), wich is going out to the curb in a few days.

Ladonna Morley, MO

Overall good chest of drawers

Overall for the price this is a nice chest of drawers. Hard to assemble because nothing is marked. Took my wife and I about two hours. It’s not the sturdiest piece but not bad for the price. We bought the Stork Craft Portofino 4 in 1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib and this is the only chest of drawers that we found that matches it. The two pieces look really good together.

Mandy Pringle, SD

Looks nice, drawers leave something to be desired, but for the money it’s great.

This unit is a combination of solid wood parts and particle board parts. The drawer sides and back are low-quality particle board but the front panels are solid. The drawer bottoms are basically just thick box-board (think 8-10 layers of cereal box material pressed together. If you’re concerned these might not hold the weight of your clothes and other items, there is enough of a lip beneath the drawer bottom to install a couple of side-to-side dowels or 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch trim wood using wood glue to augment the bottom support.This is cam-lock construction, but for the price and the fact that plenty of particle board is used this is to be expected. For the price, this is a pretty nice dresser! I gave it 4 stars because the value you get for the price is great, but the way the drawer runners attach to the particle board is less than snug. Just don’t try to make the screws for the runners TIGHT and you’ll be all set. Also, the pre-drilled holes for the brackets that secure the top were too high on one side. This is no problem as you can just move the brackets and insert the screws directly into the wood for an even tighter fit than the pre-drilled holes.

Bessie Pennington, AL

Not worth it

Cheaply made! One of the boards were completely broken, the instructions had NO words on them, just letters and numbers but the actual pieces weren’t labeled at all. Took my husband 5 hours to put it together. By that time he was too pissed to take it apart and send it back, so I’m stuck with an over priced piece of crap dresser. The color is nice. That’s about it…

Elsa Glendale, AZ