Stork Craft Beatrice Combo Tower Chest, White

Stork Craft Beatrice Combo Tower Chest, White

From holding Baby’s clothes to storing toiletries to providing a comfortable place to change diapers, this Beatrice combo tower is perfect for your new nursery. The 3 drawers slide out effortlessly on metal glides while the cupboard door opens to adjustable shelving. Quality constructed from wood and wood composite with a nontoxic finish in your choice of cherry, cognac, natural, oak and white. A coordinating 3-, 4-, or 5-drawer dresser is available (sold separately). Imported. 32-1/2Hx48Wx18D”.

Main features

  • Made of solid wood and wood products
  • Easy assembly using cam-lock construction
  • Steel drawer glides with safety stop
  • Round wooden pulls
  • Durable non-toxic finish, tipping restraint included
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.

Verified reviews


A little pricey for the trouble…

I hesitantly purchased this item because my husband and I have a hard time agreeing and we both liked this style. Ultimately it looks wonderful, but it took us 3 hours to put together. The instructions are in pictures which are suprisingly harder to understand than words!The pieces don’t fit together perfectly, but I’m satisfied with the result. If i had to do it again, I would probably spend the extra money and get a higher quality table in hopes that it would go together easier.***UPDATE ***10 months later. . . It’s still held up remarkably well! I really do like this item. I’ve forgotten how difficult it was to put together, now it is just a very nice piece in my son’s room that’s the perfect height for me as well as my husband.

Connie Elizabethtown, NC

So pleased with product & company!

To start, the dresser looks amazing. Great quality for the price, fairly easy to assemble. A little time consuming, but most furniture is.The only problem we had was that the knobs were missing from our shipment. I contacted Amazon’s customer service and was told they could not replace the knobs, but I either had a choice of returning the dresser and they would ship me a new one or they would give me a $20 credit. Since we had the dresser completely assembled, I didn’t want to send it back and graciously accepted the credit thinking I could just buy some knobs. Before I did though, I checked with Stork Craft and let them know about the missing knobs and they are shipping them out to us for free! Amazing customer service from Amazon and Stork Craft. Normally I would be frustrated at having to wait and them being missing in the first place, but I am so happy with how it was handled I can’t even complain.

Elda Clayton, NC

Look Elsewhere

Received this dresser as a gift for our baby’s nursery and I spent a couple of hours putting it together myself (not too bad considering I’m 8 months pregnant). The directions were clear and the dresser is sturdy enough to work well for clothing and baby blankets.One major negative to me is the depth of the drawers. They are only a little over half as deep as the drawer fronts are tall. Why not make them a couple of inches deeper so they can hold more? Doesn’t make sense, even as a way to cut costs.Overall the dresser is decent for how much it costs. We couldn’t afford a high quality dresser this time around, and this dresser should do just fine. We’ll see how well it lasts over the next couple of years.UPDATE, 1/2014: I would not recommend this dresser. It’s so cheaply made, especially for the price. The veneer is peeling off in 2 spots and the surface scratches incredibly easy. There are marks around all of the handles caused from fingernails, and not just the fingernails of adults! I am constantly having to tighten the screws on the handles the handles, we’ve almost lost a few. I’m on the hunt for a new dresser because this one is about to fall apart.

Tamika Council Bluffs, IA

its just ok….

I purchased this for the upcoming arrival of my first child. I would give it 5 stars however, the predrilled holes to hinge the door do not line up, I am going to have to go and purchase a drill to make new holes.

Marsha Cameron Mills, NY

Happy with my purchase!

Read some not so great reviews on this dresser, so I was hesitant and just bought anyways. And glad I did because I really like it. It wasn’t the easiest thing to put together, nor the hardest. The quality is actually pretty good and I love the functionality of it. Definitely happy with this purchase!

Denise Soldotna, AK

Looks nice but…

This looks nice when it’s set up but a few things wrong with it. First when we put it together the wood split and he made it a point to let me know he wasn’t using anything other then a regular screw driver. Lucky it was on the bottom so not to noticeable. Second the long door was very hard to get on just right so you could open and close it. Even now we still have a little trouble opening it if it gets closed all the way. Also the handles are screwed in all the way and still seems loose to me. A simaliar looking one for double the price had about the same ratings as this that’s why I went with the cheaper one and all in all it looks fine and I’m sure it’ll hold but it’s not the best but for the price I’ll live with it.

Socorro Hayfield, MN


We ordered this product because it is so hard to find black nursery furniture that is a reasonable price. We planned to use this as a dresser and changing table. Basically you get what you pay for, this item is made of processed wood/particle board so it is not the best quality. I knew this before I ordered it so I’m not giving it a bad review for that. My husband and I are not pleased with the dresser because it has a million pieces to it and the company put the wrong screws into the package. It is frustrating when you begin putting this dresser together only to discover part way through that they gave you the wrong screws. We tried to call the company but they were closed. Ultimately we can wait to get a hold of the company and I am sure they would send us the correct screws, but we don’t really have time to wait. It is just a hassle to not have all the parts you need for the item. So now we have to try to find screws that will fit from a local hardware store. If we cannot find them we will have to wait for the company to send us the correct screws. I am sure the dresser will be sufficient once it is done but basically I am giving it a bad review because it is a hassle.UPDATE: After finding screws that worked and getting it put together I would NOT recommend this dresser. The wood is very cheap and cracked in a few different spots when tightening screws. We are not idiots and didn’t screw them too tight, the wood just would not hold up. Also, we purchased the hutch (top part) for this dresser, it was actually better than this piece, but be aware that the top and bottom part do not match up perfectly. You can’t really tell with the naked eye though. Once the hutch is on you cannot used the dresser as a changing table, as we would have liked to. It cuts a few inches off so therefore unless you have a very short changing pad it will not fit.

Tonya Tulsa, OK

Good but not great

I bought this because of how versatile it is. After opening the box and pulling out all of the parts I found the instructions….They refer to every piece by a letter. No problem right?…Wrong…Nothing was labeled! As far as the hardware…haha…that was a hurdle all it’s own! Where most companies label and have all the different types of screws,nuts and bolts in different compartments this company lumped everything into one bag…Wow….so as you can imagine with every little piece I had to compare to the picture to make sure it fit and it was the right screw for the particular piece that I was working with. The directions were fine but nothing was labeled like it should have been, it would have made the entire process a whole lot faster. Finally all done, and I’m attaching the knobs…I’m down to the last two and they are not a match for the screws that were meant for them. The knobs were too big. This is not what I would have expected from Stork Craft. I’ve used them before and have been really pleased but this time was a complete bust. Very disappointed with the manner in which the item was packaged and just “thrown” together so they could sell it.Update!Recently had to move some furniture around and I’m greatly disappointed with this particular piece of furniture! Immediately upon moving it I looked down and noticed a huge chunk of particle borad on the carpet! This thing is falling apart on the bottom…I’m so unhappy with Storkcraft at this point I vow to never buy anything from this company ever again! Visually it’s beautiful but as far as quality goes it’s largely lacking in that department!

Marisol Skellytown, TX

Beautiful! If you can put it together

We got this dresser to go with our Graco Lauren crib in espresso, and it looks like it was made to go together! The color matches perfectly, and looks amazing. The top is the perfect size for a changing pad.BUT assembling this thing was a nightmare! It took 3 people 3 hours. There are a million pieces, none labeled, and the hardware came in one big bag, with all the screws and things mixed in. I had to sort them into separate sandwich bags and label them by letter myself, otherwise I don’t want to even imagine how long assembly would have taken. The instructions are all pictures, and not all of the pictures are accurate.

Rita Lakewood, WA

Cheap construction, smells HIGHLY of chemicals, but aesthetically mostly what I wanted

As most of the reviews mentioned, putting this thing together was (according to my husband who is friggin’ AWESOME with tools/manual labor, as he is a commercial diver who blows stuff up underwater, and deconstructs oil platforms on a daily basis) NO EASY TASK. He actually had to bust out with a GRINDER at one point to shave down a protruding screw the manufacturer sloppily installed from the opposite side of where the drawers were to glide in and out, impeding the ability for the drawer to clear the passageway/rails once it was installed.There is also a REALLY REALLY REALLY strong chemical smell to this piece, so don’t expect to receive it and then immediately use it. I am airing it out as we “speak”, after wiping it down in a disinfectant and leaving all the drawers open, in hopes the strong chemical smell eventually subsides. So glad I have 3 more months til my baby is due! MIGHT NEED IT!I spent a very long time surfing the net and looking in furniture stores for THIS furniture piece’s configuration, though, I have to say. (ie: Drawers for storage, the appearance/function of a dresser, and the elevated surface level on the right side upon which I plan to place a lamp/wipes warmer/diaper supply basket). I didn’t find ANY like it until I found this piece, which is why I bought it in spite of the terrible reviews.So, although I am complaining a lot here (AKA: tellin’ it like it is), and although this piece is made of heavyweight particle board, I must say on the plus side that I am pleased with the aesthetics of this piece, for the most-part.In a nutshell: it will serve it’s purpose if it doesn’t chemically gas us out of house and home. 😉

Rosalia Franklin, ME

overall satisfied…for the price

This dresser is exactly the look I wanted at the price I could afford, so I took a chance & ordered it despite mixed reviews online- though I am not unhappy with it- it is along the “get what you pay for lines”- I would not say it “exceeded” any expectations- but it’s what I expected for $200 and I’m satisfied overall. It was packaged well & we had no problems with its condition upon arrival as others have mentioned- it also arrived within about a week. If you have a bigger budget, I would suggest going for a better brand in hopes of a little better quality piece of furniture, if you are like us though and you simply can’t spend more- this dresser will serve the purpose and it does LOOK very nice- it def. appears more expensive than it is. My husband put it together pretty easily with only minor “glitches” visible to us once it was done- the door on the front hangs just slightly crooked/doesn’t latch perfectly because the pre-drilled holes for the hardware are slightly off & there are also some small (inconsistent) spaces in between the drawers that also probably shouldn’t show… while these things are noticeable to us- it’s highly unlikely anyone else would notice them unless they really inspected it. The drawers slide smoothly in & out and to me, there’s plenty of space in them, which is a plus compared to some reviews I read prior to purchasing. Parts of the piece are particle board and you do feel like you have to be extra careful with certain parts during assembly- once all together though it does look & feel sturdy… All in all- it’s not a 5 star product but I think we will get $200 worth of use out of it at the very least.

Jeanette Little Falls, NY

Looks nice

Of course it is as much fiberboard as they can use. The front of everything that you see is nice quality and looks great.There was one piece, drawer side left, that was broken. It was easy to call them up and tell them. They are shipping it at no cost. The dresser other than the drawer took me, a 6 month pregnant mommy, 4 hours to put together. The back panels you are supposed to screw into the frame did not line up completely. Screwing into fiberboard or chipboard, whichever it is called made it just split apart and now there are 3 places on the inside of the drawer tower that i have to hot glue back together. They should have came up with a better way to do this. Keep in mind that with any product nowadays unless super high end, is going to have these unfavorable materials.

Robyn Rochert, MN

Easy to assemble and looks great!

The assembly for this product was super easy. Even though the directions call for several different tools, all I needed was a screwdriver. The chest is very sturdy! I am very pleased overall with this product.

Kaitlyn Colliers, WV

Terrible instructions!

This is beautiful and just wanted we wanted, once we got it put together. The top part is the exact length of a standard changing pad. There isn’t even an inch of room left after adding one. So if that’s what you’re using it for, just a heads up. It doesn’t bother us, but it may bother others. It seems as if it’s a very piece of furniture though. I do wish the drawers pulled out a little farther.Now, the reason this lost a star… the instructions were TERRIBLE. Nothing was labeled. all the hardware was in one bag. It took me about 20 minutes just to separate everything. None of the boards were labeled. The instructions didn’t have words, just pictures… and in the pictures the boards and hardware were all labeled with numbers and letters… but that doesn’t help when the actual pieces aren’t! Some pictures would show 1 step, and others would show 4. it was very easy to lose track of what you were supposed to do next. it got done, but it took my husband and I about 3 hours. Good luck!

Rosemarie Smyer, TX

You get what you pay for

I decided to go with a cheaper piece of furniture as this had some decent ratings at the time. We only used it for about 6 months and the back legs have broken off (cheap particle board). When putting it together, you can tell that it is not a sturdy piece of furniture. Very disapointed. I know it is cheap in comparison to a lot of furniture but we had hoped to get a little more use out of it.

Janie Carrollton, TX


We received this product in a timely manner. Husband put it together rather quickly. Only issue would be that the top drawer on a rare occasion doesn’t close properly but it’s not a big deal at all. It’s very spacious and has a wonderful look. I would recommend this to anyone who has a baby already or one coming.Feb 2013 update: The piece is very easily scratched. We had to move it up an inch and the piece just about fell apart. I am now searching for something more sturdy as I am afraid that even with a wall mount it may decide to fall apart.

Tommie Seaford, VA

Great dresser/changing table combo!

Not sure how its going to look in a few years when we don’t need it for a changing table anymore, but we love it now. It has plenty of storage space and the drawers open easily. It does not come preassembled so you may have a disaster in your room till you get it all put together. Over all it was easy to assemble and looks nice in the end. Read directions CAREFULLY! Took my husband about an hour to put together.

Roseann West Newbury, MA

Drawers come off tracks and jam; cam locks fall out and drawer fronts fall off

We have had this dresser/changing table for 18 months. It’s sturdier than Ikea and that’s all I can say for it. It worked fine for almost a year, but gentle regular use is showing the poor quality of the construction. One of the drawer slides keeps popping out of the track and leaving the drawer jammed shut; the cam locks that hold one of the drawer fronts on won’t stay secure, so our daughter kept pulling the drawer apart, finding little pieces of hardware, and popping them into her mouth. Wood glue didn’t help, so we’ve just taken the drawer out, leaving a large portion of the dresser unusable, wasted space.

Mildred Simpson, IL

Paint scratches easily

This dresser is OK. We use it as changing table and has been a great item for it however the minute I put it together and ‘tested’ out the changing table I noticed that due to the closed up front (where your feet are when changing child) you always pump into the dresser with your feet. It’s better to choose an item that has free foot room when you use it as changing table. Overall good high for changing table and I love the little elevated area however it can get more difficult with child growing as the babies feet can push items on top of elevated area off the dresser (if child wants to).

Claudia Ashfield, MA

Im happy with it.

Ok, this is a fairly good tower chest. Its price is the reason I purchased it. I didnt expect it to be the best thing since slice bread but overall I think for the price its a good purchase. The drawers are ok, I would not jam inside them 5 pounds of stuff because they would probably give. Hmmmm as for screwing it together, I did it in 2 afternoons. Take your time and it will be fine. The only problem is the back, like all furniture that requires assembly screwing or nailing the back is tricky. If you do it wrong the nails will end up inside the chest. I would suggest you do this slowly (maybe even delicate pre-drill?) The end product looks sturdy.Take your time, get your pieces arranged and all will be well.

Reba Ivanhoe, MN