Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman, White/Beige

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman, White/Beige

Storkcraft Custom Hoop Glider & Ottoman – White/Beige With many different combinations to choose from, you can create a beautiful glider that offers the comfort of your favourite sofa, but has the ability to glide you into a relaxed, tranquil state. Imagine yourself in that perfectly matching glider and ottoman combination for your nursery; watching your little darling sleep soundly, with your feet up reading a baby magazine, relaxing before bed. This stylish Hoop Glider and Ottoman can offer it all and is sure to be your favourite. Stork Craft Manufacturing (“Stork Craft”) is one of the world’s leading juvenile furniture manufacturers. Over the course of sixty plus years of business, Stork Craft has emerged as the epitome of operational excellence. All of their furniture is manufactured to bring you affordable, quality products of the newest designs because your baby deserves the very best. Storkcraft is constantly updating their product offerings as they recognize that you need attractive items that can be used safely, for your child. Shop Stork Craft to find that perfect piece of furniture for your child.

Main features

  • This is the ideal glider and ottoman combination for your nursery with generous seating room, padded arm cushions and a pocket to store your belongings
  • Featuring metal, enclosed ball bearings for a smooth glide motion to help you unwind
  • The back and seat cushions are spot cleanable, keeping the look clean and fresh all year long
  • Cushions are currently available in beige, butter, pink, light blue, light green, denim blue, chocolate, pink gingham, and yellow gingham, with wood base colors in white, cherry, espresso, black, cognac, oak and natural
  • Easy to assemble into a beautiful piece of furniture for your nursery
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.

Verified reviews


Inexpensive, easy to set up and looks great

I must start out to say that I’m 5’10” and my husband is 6’5″ and the reason I gave 4 stars is because the fit isn’t that great for tall people. Our necks aren’t that comfortable in it. We have just recently set up the chair and it’s an easy set up. Took approximately 25 minutes since most of the chair comes already set up. We have theLaJobi Nursery 101 Coconcord Classic Crib, Cherryand the finish matches perfectly. I was a bit concerned since not all cherry finish is the same but I guess we got lucky. Must say also though that the color of the green is a lighter green than is shown online, its more of a mint green.The cushion is a bit hard but I plan on buying an extra cushion to help with the cushioning but then again I didn’t expect much cushioning with the price. I did try another glider at a baby store that was worth more than this one and the cushioning was comparable. The chair glides comfortably with just me in it. Baby is due in another 4 weeks and I’m sure that with the extra weight that it will do just as well since hubby is much bigger than I am and he has yet to complain.If you’re on a budget and looking to save a few $$ then this is the chair to get. If you can afford a more expensive comfortable chair then by all means go ahead and get it. Once baby gets here and I’ve used it a lot more frequently then I’ll be sure to update.

Pamala Olivia, MN

Great value!

This glider meets all of our needs, was easy to assemble, and is very cute! I personally don’t think the product photos do it justice; actually – when I ordered it I thought it appeared somewhat dowdy, but for the price I went for it. I was pleasantly surprised once it arrived and was assembled at how cute it is. In addition, it is more of a pastel mint green, and matches perfectly with my daughter’s lavender/mint green themed nursery, most of which came from Pottery Barn Kids. Absolutely no need to spend $500+ on one of the cute Pottery Barn Kids gliders, or like brands when this glider exists. I have found it to be comfortable, well constructed and sturdy, and my 6′ 1” husband finds it to be of decent height for him too. The ottoman could be constructed slightly better, but as long as no adults or older children decide to sit on the ottoman, it is fine. Highly recommend!

Bernadette Waverly, OH

Good for the price…

The glider looks great in the online picture-but the fabric is a lot lighter in person. It still looks very nice in the nursery, but it’s also very small. I’m only 5’2 and I feel like a giant when sitting in it. It’s pretty comfortable and I believe it will do the job once the baby arrives. For now I do sit and read in it and am pleased for the most part, but I do wish it was a little larger so I could put my head back. But I guess for the price, it will do the job-the one we originally picked out was double the price, so I’m happy we were able to get something similar for a lot less money.

Tamika La Grande, OR

It’ll do….

This is an inexpensive glider. Could I nit pick it? Of course….But honestly, it is perfectly fine for what it is.The definite pros of the chair are:Inexpensivefunctionalbasicexactly as describedlarge enough for my "bigger" behindThe pocket hanging from the arm of the chair is very nice.Cons of the chair:Not "fall asleep in it" comfortableNot the same color as the picture shows (it’s more like ecru or eggshell colored cushions on white furniture….there’s nothing "brown" or "beige" about the cushions).Not really meant for tall people (I am 5’10 and hubby is 6′). The back of the chair feels very short. I imagine that when baby is born, if I fall asleep in this chair, I will suffer from serious stiff neck.In conclusion, for the cost and in comparison to the other "cheap" chairs I checked out locally, I feel like I got exactly what I ordered and paid for. I will sit in my more expensive recliner in the living room if I’m looking for $1000 comfort, but if I’m looking for $150 comfort and function, this chair will do quite well.

Whitney Tyler, TX

Bad quality Control. The bolts didn’t have threads!

Bad quality Control. The bolts didn’t have threads so I couldn’t assemble the arms to the chair! There was also no cushion included

Enid Talmo, GA

Very Comfy!

I am so happy with my purchase. It is so comfortbable especially the headrest. Baby loves it and so do I. I definitely recommend this to all the mothers who look for an easy way to soothe their babies.

Milagros Saint Francis, KY

Uncomfortable and SQUEAKY cushions

PROS1. Easy to assemble. I just had to put together the arm rests, back rest, and cusions.2. The arm rest cushions. They actually snap on to the seat on the bottom part, keeping things (or baby) from dropping through. Moreover, there are handy little pockets on the outsides of the arm cushions.3. It’s cheap and comes with the ottoman.CONS1. The paint on the wood is sparse in some spots and, even worse, had some scratches on the wood itself, up on the top of the back rest. Thankfully, the cushion covers it, and the other paint issues aren’t too noticeable since they are toward the bottom of the glider.2. Uncomfortable! When I fall asleep in this, I wake up not being able to feel my arms. Also the chair area is kind of small and makes it so that I have to sit up stiffly with my back straight. I don’t usually notice it until I’m getting off the chair and realize that my back is a little sore.3. The arm rest is too short. My baby has the habit of leaning back for a stretch after she is done nursing, and on this glider, her head dropped off the end!04. The cushions are very squeaky, kind of like the hinge of a door that needs to be oiled. The back cushion as well as the seat cushion will make these loud squeaks with any amount of movement. Even after three months of use, they are just as bad and have become more and more annoying. And the sound is loud enough to wake my baby up when I want to leave the room. Terrible!I would definitely rather buy a used Dutailier on Craigslist than buy this again.

Terra Shandon, OH

Hoop Glider and Ottoman – best deal around!

We had at first tried to purchase this item at Babies R Us – only to be told it was not available to purchase in the store, nor was it available for store pickup (avail from thei website only). The shipping charge they wanted was outrageous!!We came home quite disappointed as I had planned on having this glider in the nursery. I came online to Amazon, not only was it available, it was $25.00 CHEAPER and shipping was FREE!! Its a lovely set, and perfectly matches our nursery.Thank you AMAZON!!

Luisa Rowley, IA

The best purchase

This is the best purchase that I do in my life… I so comfortable!!! I recommend more than 100%… Thank you…

Maricela Goldfield, IA

Works perfect

This is really a great chair. It went together relatively fast and quite easily. The cushion seems well put together, although slightly thin. Once you sit in the chair though, you hardly notice. The gliding action is smooth and the chair feels great. Unlike some previous reviews, I’m 6′ 2" with no issues whatsoever when rocking our son. I don’t sit in the chair for long hours at a time, but I have absolutely zero problem in the middle of the night when he needs rocked back to sleep.The only thing to be careful for is that the ottoman can become a bit "un-sturdy" if you sit on it by itself and use it as a stool often. We did that when we first got it because of the ease of moving it around but luckily we stopped before we ruined it. Just something to note for people so that no one makes the same mistake we did. That is no fault of the manufacturers though. All in all, a really great chair for a really great price!

Isabel Makawao, HI

Nice Chair For Mom and Tot

We bought this chair/ottoman for our daughter after our grandson was born. After purchase we had the chair shipped directly to her home. The chair was intact upon arrival with no missing parts. Assembly took twenty minutes tops. The ottoman comes already assembled, so you can use it while the chair is being assembled. These are attractive pieces of furniture that most parents would be proud to own.The glider/ottoman seems to be a good deal and can be bought for even less from Walmart.Arms on the chair are padded and have convenient pockets for storage of remotes, phones, magazines, potatoes.The covering material is soft and sturdy and wipes clean with a wet rag.We like that the glider stays stationery and doesn’t travel while rocking. Of course, the ottoman can be repositioned at will. Gabe seems to enjoy the motion of the glider while sitting on his mother’s lap.About the only complaint my daughter has is that she would like more padding on the seat. For most other users I think the amount of cushioning and support is more than adequate.

Becky Leola, PA

Great Value nice piece!

Really loved the color. Not a bright green but a soft green…like mint green. Padding is sufficient and the piece seems to be great quality. Easy to put together too!

Bobby University Center, MI

just as i imagined.

Very cute, matches the room perfectly, was easy to put together!perfect size for the space I have for it.

Isabel Bogart, GA

Extremely disappointed

I had high hopes for this chair in light of the other reviews, but realize now I should’ve spent a little more and gotten a better quality glider – if I’d spent just $30-40 more I probably could’ve avoided everything that was wrong with it.For starters, this chair is NOT sage in color. It’s definitely mint – that wouldn’t have bothered me if not for the other issues. It arrived in new packaging and didn’t look refurbished at all, however when I opened the plastic-sealed cushions, I noticed several extremely visible stains. Was somebody drinking Coke when they packaged this? Gross.Admittedly, assembly was very easy and thankfully it arrived with the proper nuts, bolts and instructions – however, there’s no accounting for the fact that the arms labeled “left” and “right” were mislabeled to their opposite and I had to figure that out from the drawing.Once the chair was assembled I put on the cushions (after a good cleaning with Resolve to remove the stains), only to discover that on one of the cushions which snap onto place wouldn’t snap, and I easily identified why – the male end of the snap closure was completely smashed in prior to packaging. I now have to go to Jo-Ann Fabrics and buy a new set of snap closures so that the armrest cushion attaches to the chair. Seriously?If it wouldn’t cost so much to return this damaged, stained glider I would. If you decide to purchase it, I can only hope yours doesn’t arrive in the condition mine did. It’s comfortable and pretty if you don’t mind the color being off, but having to remove and repair the snap closure, plus the stains and poor part labeling really isn’t worth the price of this item.UPDATE: I contacted the manufacturer directly and they were very willing to fix the issues with the chair by sending new cushions and snaps. They were very helpful and so at least if you purchase this chair and it arrives with defects they are very responsive.

Rosella Commiskey, IN

back not high enough

I am just under 5’5″ and tested this at babies r us. The cushions were really comfy but the back simply was not high enough. When i rested my head back it went over the cushion and hit the hard edge of the wood. If I were shorter i would have loved the chair.

Angelina Vernonia, OR

I’m very happy with it!

This was easy to set up, arrived very quickly, looks great and is super comfortable. I’m very excited to use it when my baby is born. Happy with the purchase 🙂

Beulah La Conner, WA

Very happy! Great chair!

Day one- So far this glider ottoman is a great buy. It arrived in a large box. The box contained the padding, two very small packages of screws and hex wrenches, and two wooden rocker bases. The directions are straight forward and simple to use. Consisting of three pages with 6 steps. I assembled it in around ten minutes and it feels great. The wooden pieces came protected with foam padding and bubble wrap. The packaging and all materials were very clean. I found a few nicks on one corner, but it isn’t visible unless closely inspected. My wife is very comfortable in this chair. It has plenty of room for breastfeeding. I will update this. So far, five stars!UPDATE- The chair is a great chair for the price. It has plenty of room for breastfeeding. The chair has held up great to the kids climbing on it, extensive use, etc. It doesn’t squeak or make any sounds after heavy use. The chair itself is very comfortable with extended use, EXCEPT the padded seat.The cushion isn’t the greatest. I had to replace the cushion the week of heavy use. It was no problem switching it out. You need to untie the strings that tie it to the back of the chair. After having to replace the cushion and spend another $25, I lowered my rating one star. I would still highly recommend this chair for the great quality and cheap price.I will update if anything changes.

April Daleville, AL

Worth the Money

Of course you get what you pay for, but for the cost of this chair it is a great value. The seat cushion is not very comfortable, but that can be fixed with a blanket, pillow, buying a new seat cushion, or just dealing with it. Of course it is not as comfortable as the $500 chairs, but I did not want to pay $500. For the price, it is a great deal and very easy to put together.

Britney Mason, MI

Decent glider for the money

Like many others I didn’t want to spend over $200 on a glider. This one was easy to assemble, not too many parts to put together. The cushion though is super cheapy. Just regular square foam seat, but back portion is fine. Stains a tad easy – especially the beige color. It does squeak just a little but not super annoying. Glides easily. If you want something functional and inexpensive – this glider will do.

Ashley Whitefield, ME

Great Glider

I’ve only had this for a few months, but we use it everyday it has held up nicely. I love the pockets on the sides. The assembly was easy… took about 15 minutes tops. Looks good in our nursery.

Vicky Fillmore, IN

Comfy but Prone to Squeaking

I really like this glider. It was super easy to put together. (I was able to easily assemble it on my own while 7 months pregnant.) Overall, it’s super comfy. Actually, for me at now 9 months pregnant, it’s the most comfortable place in the house. My only complaint is it’s loud squeaking. However, two liberal sprays of WD-40 on all of the joints seems to have fixed the issue for now. Also, the back is on the shorter side. However, it’s the perfect fit for my husband and I.(Posting under my husband’s account.)

Darlene East Syracuse, NY

3 base replacements and counting…

Well, I really wanted to like this glider..however, I have had three base replacements sent to me, and we still have a creaking/squeaking chair. The chair is less than a yr old and for the 4th time basically unuseable to rock baby to sleep. When it is not squeaking I really like it..Also, there is not much lumbar support so I placed my own padding (towels) behind back cushion. (very minor problem) Since we have replaced the base so many times, the snaps for the arm rest padding on 1 side have completely ripped off.Customer service (not very friendly) is pretty easy to deal w/and only once needed a picture before sending another base. One of the bases they sent, the spring completely broke within a cpl weeks. Maybe we just got a “lemon”of a chair? I am going to call tomorrow and ask for a new chair or a refund..**update..I called to get new parts to fix squeaking and creaking again. I spoke w/the rudest lady I have ever had the displeasure to speak with. I actually had to ask her half way through why such attitude? She started being sweet as pie. The parts department wanted pictures of the squeaking?? After sending pics of the chair and a few emails back and forth, I decided to return the chair to amazon! Best decision ever. Got the new chair in 2 days and just have to send back the old within 30 days w/free shipping. If this chair is just as bad we will get a refund and buy a worthy chair.

Tanisha Bullville, NY

Gets the job done

I wanted an inexpensive glider for my son’s room. This gets the job done, but is definitely lacking in quality. Arrived scuffed and with a stain on the seat cushion. Kept it before it was too much of a hassle to return, but pretty annoyed nonetheless. It holds me and my 200 lb husband easily, though I’m not sure how long we’ll get use out of it. It doesn’t exactly seem sturdy enough to use for a second child in the future, but we’ll see. — If you’re looking for a cheap glider that gets the job done, but don’t plan on keeping it for years to come, this is for you.

Annabelle Gans, OK

Decent, not great.

Good price, but feels kind of flimsy. Also, squeaks when rocking. Color matches the description. Nice padded arms. Fabric has good feel to it.

Marisa Big Pool, MD


I really like the color of this glider. It is a little on the small side. I am 5″7 and the chair back doesn’t come up as high as I would like. It was very easy to put together.. I did it by myself at 20 weeks along.. I think it will work fine but if you are very tall, or have a bit of excess around the middle.. You might want to buy something different.Update..2/3/14.I have been using this for about 2 months now. I was making lots of noise, so we had to use WD40 on it. It has worked really well since then, but does on occasion still make noise.. For the price I still think it was a good deal.. Just be aware you may have to fine tune the chair..

Wendi Atwater, IL

Great deal for the price

I bought this about a week after my first {and so far only} child was born. Its definitely not the highest quality glider and ottoman, but it works great and has held up under the extensive use both its been put through with nighttime feedings and daytime rocking. Its not an heirloom piece, but I have a feeling it will last quite a while.

Lila Randlett, UT

Great glider

No issues here. Cozy, sturdy, nice color, and convenient side pockets. Hubby even finds it relaxing. Anxious to see if this will last through more babies to come as we are pregnant with our first.

Katharine Bulpitt, IL

Good glider for the price

We sat in a glider at Babies R Us and it was heaven. We knew we had to get one. I ordered this one off Amazon since it was WAY cheaper than the one at BRU. The back cushion is very comfortable. It glides very nicely and quietly. My main complaint is that the seat cushion isn’t very comfortable. It’s just a piece of foam rubber. So I plan to put a seat pillow over it to help add some cushion to it. But overall it’s a good chair and good for the price.

Lourdes Harristown, IL

glider rocker

I gave this as a baby shower gift and the parents love it! It is a great price and fairly easy to install. I didn’t hear that they had much trouble with it. It has decent cushion and they love the fact that it glides.

Cathy Russellville, TN

Looks great!

Beautiful natural wood color. The chair is very comfortable and is of a good quality. It fits our baby’s room perfectly. Great price!!!

Deborah Varney, WV