Stork Craft Rochester Stages Crib with Drawer

Stork Craft Rochester Stages Crib with Drawer


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Great Crib, not-so-great drawer

It is true that the directions are not very clear, but it is easy enough to figure out because of the size of the pre-drilled holes and the hardware. The only real problem we have is with the drawer. It fits on the rails just fine and will pull in and out smoothly, but you won’t want to put anything in it that weighs very much. We put extra packages of diapers in it and the drawer would fall right off the rails from the weight. We moved the diapers and just keep extra sheets and blankets down there now and we haven’t had any problems. Other than that, the crib is beautiful and nobody can tell that we took the cheaper route and assembled it ourselves. We saved a ton of money from the other sets we liked. We have the rest of the set(changing table, dresser with hutch and 5 drawer chest) and the drawers on those pieces seem to pull in and out much smoother than even the most expensive sets!

Carolina Flatwoods, LA

Extremely disappointed

I was so disappointed in this crib. We spent over $200 and it’s all scratched and chipped. It’s not very sturdy and the drop rail is a joke. You pull the side up and there are small notches at the bottom that is suppose to hold the rail up. Well, if the baby grabs it and shakes it at all, the rail comes right down. We have to leave the drawer open so the rail can’t fall all the way down. Trying to work with Storkcraft is a joke too. They close at 3pm pacific time and they are on the west coast, as are we. They want a crib number, even though we know the crib name and can locate the crib on their web site by name and it has no number. The wood is light weight and really cheap. I highly doubt it’s going to last longer than crib use. I’ve seen so much better built cribs for less money, just not as pretty. So if you want pretty instead of quality… I guess this is an OK choice.

Darla Franklin, AR

Junk product and even worse customer service

Never, ever buy from this company. They have the worse customer service I have ever dealt with.They are the only company that will completely ignore emails, phone calls, etc.

Deidre Otter Rock, OR

Love it

I have this crib in cognac. We received it late, but intact. It is very sturdy and very easy to put together.

Madge Dorchester, SC

Frustrated… be prepared to be on HOLD

First off, the item’s cherry color wood looks like it will be beautiful once put together, however that may not be for a long while.I just spent 45 minutes, yes 45 minutes on HOLD before I even spoke to a customer service representative!I received this crib and it had 3 damaged parts… the 3 large main pieces so there was no hiding the damage. The outer box was completely torn, brackets were even hanging out of the box!!They gave me such a hassle about shipping because I am at an APO address overseas. But their product was delivered to me to begin with, but now replacement parts are shipped via Fed-Ex only. There is a US operated Fed-Ex on our military instillation, but Storkcraft’s shipping database will not accept AP as a state. AHHH! So right now I am stuck with a damaged crib that is lying in pieces in the distraught baby’s room and I have no idea how this problem can be resolved. Oh, and pending all this wasn’t a problem for you and the item was in stock it would take 1-2 months to arrive to your door in the states.Yes, I just got off the phone- 90 minutes of bs!!!!!! I feel my blood pressure spiking right now. Though I will say both the rep and supervisor did very well handling a frustrated pregnant customer… but nothing was resolved and obviously I am upset about my experience so far with this company.Best of luck to you! I could really go for a frozen margarita right now after all this mess… and some cuddle time. Guess I’m opting for the latter of those two. Good night.

Gayla Ludlow, SD