Stork Craft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Espresso

Stork Craft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Espresso

The beautiful solid construction of the Tuscany 4 in 1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib by Stork Craft, with its magical sleigh design, makes this a royal centerpiece for your nursery. All four sides are stationary and include an adjustable one piece mattress support base to add to the security and stability of this versatile crib. It has a well built construction made of solid wood and wood products, offered in a selection of non toxic, durable finishes. Designed for multiple stages of life; it converts from a full size stages crib to a toddler bed, to a daybed, to a full size bed (bed rails not included). Complete your nursery look by adding an assortment of matching accessories: a changing table, chest, dresser or Tuscany glider and ottoman by Stork Craft. Set up this extravagant piece effortlessly with it’s easy to follow directions into a crib that’s perfect for your babies’ sweet, delicate slumber.

Main features

  • Converts from a crib to a toddler bed, to a daybed, to a full-size bed; Toddler rail is included but full bed rails are not included
  • Adjustable three position mattress base support; Constructed of solid wood and wood products
  • Meets or exceeds all US and Canadian safety standards
  • One year limited manufacturer’s warranty; JPMA certified
  • Solid stationary sides offer security and stability to last a lifetime

Verified reviews


Crib far exceeded expectations

I was a little nervous ordering this crib despite all the great reviews, because it was so cheap. It was something like […], with free shipping because I have free Prime through Amazon Mom. The crib arrived in 2 days and is so much better than I dared hope.It didn’t have any dings or scratches like some people complained about, and it was reasonably easy to put together (it took my husband and I about an hour and a half – if we took it apart in the future, I’m sure we could reassemble it much more quickly, now that we know what we’re doing). Once assembled, the crib is extremely sturdy and looks gorgeous. The wood looks and feels high-quality, and it is a rich dark chocolate color, somewhat darker than some of the pictures make it appear.One of the best things about this crib is that it works for tall people. My husband is 6’3 and I’m 5’9, and I didn’t want a crib where I would have to bend way down to put the baby in. This crib allows you to set the bed height at 3 different levels. When the baby is new, you can set it quite high to make it easy to lift the baby in and out. When he gets older and can stand up, you can set the level lower so he can’t climb or fall out as easily.I also purchased the Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress, and it fits the crib perfectly, nice and tight so there are no gaps on the sides.One caveat: the crib is just a little too wide to fit through a normal bedroom door, so make sure you set it up in the room you want to keep it in. I’m sure you could take off one of the sides without too much difficulty if you did need to move it later.

Minerva Glen Oaks, NY

Horrible wood smell

My husband just installed the crib yesterday for our 1-month old looks nice & quality..but be careful to install this several months in advance before your baby arrives because the smell of this wood is extremely HORRIBLE..i mean it..It must be the coating that they apply on this crib…you can smell it even 50 ft away..that’s really bad..and imagine in a closed room…This can be harmful to your baby…

Selena Gheens, LA

Defective Both Times!

Received this crib as a gift off our Amazon registry. My husband assembled it and I went to check it out only to find the stain was uneven all over the crib! Some parts were dark, others light. It was obvious there were defects from manufacturing. Parts of the wood were also in bad condition and not smooth like it should have been. I called Amazon for a replacement which of course meant I had to take the first one a part which took awhile. The second one came and had the exact same problem! I was so disappointed! UPS picked them both up for return. Amazon issued us a credit to our account since it had been gifted to us. I noticed when I was calling about the second crib that Amazon had this crib temporarily unavailable for sale from its site so I am guessing the whole batch was bad. What a shame. Wasted hours and hours putting this together, taking it a part, and on the phone with Amazon.

Kathrine Swiftwater, PA

beautiful crib

i absolutely love this crib. it was a little work for my prego self and hubby to put it together, but we did it! i don’t think anyone could do it alone tho, you need someone to hold one part while you bolt it to the other was easy moving the mattress down to the lower slot too.i look forward to using this as a toddler bed and future full size bed. i love that this can grow with my son and it was SO affordable! i will either buy one exactly like this or similar for our next child.gotta love Amazon Prime, free shipping!!

Jennifer Emmetsburg, IA

Beautiful Crib, Great Price

We received and put together this crib last night, and I must say, this is a beautiful crib. Very modern looking, and looks more expensive than it is. Assembly required a little work, but was fairly straightforward and as expected. The convenience of having this delivered to my front door made things very easy. Based on reviews, I also ordered the”Sealy Posturepedic Springfree Soybean & Latex Foam-Core Crib Mattress,” which was absolutely the perfect size for the crib. In addition, I ordered the “American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Chenille Crib Sheet” and “Baby Dreams Top Waterproof Fitted Crib Pad,” both of which fit the mattress very well.

Ofelia Platte City, MO

Strong chemical smell

We bought this crib because it was inexpensive, and we needed one to set up at my parent’s house. My son stays there while I work and naps in it. The smell permeated the entire room, and still smells after several months. It is sturdy and functions well, but I wonder what kind of damage the chemicals are doing to my son. 🙁

Eleanor Wilmington, NC

So so

We bought this for our son and its supposed to be Espresso, but the wood is different shades of colors. Looks like they didn’t cover it with stain how they were supposed to and instead of throwing away they still sold it. Plus my son’s legs keep getting stuck in between the bars so to speak.

Mona Brady Lake, OH

I’m a craftsman and I like this, but it’s not 5 stars

It goes together very easily, if you can do ikea furniture, you can do this just as easily. The bonus of this is it is wood. We had one area that was a little damaged on the corner, but doesn’t take away from the experience, it’s a crib and you’ll do the same amount of damage to it moving it around, leaning over it, etc, so I don’t think it’s something to fuss over. I also torqued one of the bolts too tight by hand and it snapped, so I had to get a replacement, but other than that it goes well together. For ease of assembly, put the sides on the floor and assemble that way with the mattress support, that way you can do it by yourself and don’t need assistance. The allen bolts are ok but the one’s around the mattress support are hard to get to easily, I tried to use my ratchet and extension to speed things up, but I didn’t have the clearance. They could have designed it little better to go together and that’s why I give it 4 stars.On another note, we let the finish air out a few days before we let our little guy sleep there as the smell is very strong from the finish of the wood.

Bernice Limestone, NY

Very Good Value

The crib has a beautiful finish, with nice thick pieces of wood, and was easy to assemble. All the bolts go into nuts inside the wood so there are no screws going into bare wood. My only suggestion is that the manufacturer should include a couple of extra pieces of each size of nuts and bolts in case something happens to the supplied pieces. This crib is a very good value for the money and I would recommend it to anyone.

Katina Boothbay Harbor, ME

You get what you pay for

I gave this 4 stars based on the price of the product compared to the quality. Is it the best quality crib? No, but look what you are paying for it. The quality is definitely comparable.That said, here are the pros and cons:Cons:Wood scratches easily, and was nicked in a few places when we received itThe bolts are very visible. Silly they couldn’t have included some caps to cover them!Pieces are SUPPOSED to be labeled, but very few were, so don’t expect to be able to follow along with the part numbersWhen you want to move the mattress position, you will need to completely unbolt the platform, which is a painPros:Looks nice for the price, despite the bolts and small nicksEasy to put togetherDirections are permanently attached to the bottom of the mattress boardThe mattress board is MDF, not metal like many are. This is good if you want to use an Angelcare monitor where you would normally have to buy a piece of plywood to put under the monitor sensor. This crib is already perfect to use for the monitor.The Sealy Organic Soybean mattress fits UNBELIEVABLY perfectly in this crib! NO gaps, at all. Excellent!Would I buy this again? For the price, most definitely! If I had more money, I would buy something a little nicer looking, though, with a harder wood and covered bolts.

Irma Malden, WA

Looks expensive yay!

1st the look. It looks expensive. Its heavy. I got mine in oak and I love the color. This crib was sold out in oak when I was going to buy it, decided to wait acouple weeks to see if it can back in before finding another crib, and I’m glad I did. It is very heavy. If you are pregnant do not try to even move that box, even into the house, by yourself.2nd the price. The price is great for a crib that has a 4 in 1 feature. The toddler rail does come with this by the way. I’m not sure if I would pay over $200 for this, but I wouldn’t pay over $200 for any crib…expect one that cames with the changer attatched. Stork Craft does make a Tuscany style with a changer connected, but I haven’t see it available in the oak color. But that’s ok, I’m good with just the crib.3rd putting it together. Not to bad. Took almost 2hrs n that’s because you have to look at the whole picture and figure out which screws match what letters. We did scratch the wood in one spot while screwing. I was annoyed, but you can’t really notice…I am just that picky. I would say this is a softer wood like others reviewed. Will this bed last atleast 5-10yrs? Yes. Is this forever furniture? No but kids do take a tole on ALL furniture so what do you expect. …I hope mine doesn’t “accidently” get painted pink by my little girl 🙂 . I was 6ish months when we put this together and I’m glad I didn’t do it on my own, although its not impossible. I had no problem being the one who only had to hold up each side as they were being fitted together.4th safety. My little one is almost here (the crib has been up for a month) so I can’t really give a full safety review. But the matress we got fits really snug, the spaces inbetween the bars are not too wide which is good. I don’t see a problem. Some people mentioned it had a strong chemical smell. It did right when we pulled it out of the box…I’m not to sure why people were suprised by this. Its a stained/painted wood that was put in a box right after it was manufactured…what do you expect? The smell goes away. Leave the window open for the day if you have to.Note: ALL cribs with thick rails on the top, like this one, can cause a problem if you have your heart set on a certain crib mobile. Most mobiles are ment to clip on little thin rails. Thinner rails means a totally different look in the style of crib you would have to choose. I love this Tuscany style, wouldn’t change it, even for a mobile. I did ask for a specific mobile on my shower registry. If I get it and it fits right I will repost what the name of it is and etc.

Susanne Burkeville, VA

Beautiful Crib

This crib is very beautifully made. I had no problem putting it together and there was no dents or scratches that I noticed. I do think the board that the mattress rests on is a little thin and flimsy, but so far we have not had any problems with it after using it for 6 months.

Brandi Echo, MN

Great height and easy assembly

We just put this together last night. My husband said that this has been the best put-together project so for out of all the baby gear. The directions are printed on the mattress base, so you’ll never lose them. He said the directions were clear and logical, unlike other baby items like from IKEA. I like the height of the crib. With my original crib and I had to go up on my tip toes to put my son down and I would occasionally accidently flop him in, not so gently either. Now I just set him down which is so much better for the both of us.So far we’re really happy and I love the color.

Kay Midland, SD

Perfect crib all around

I did a lot of research on cribs. A crib is a very important item that you need to be happy with. I got the espresso color and it is a true espresso color. I am 5′ 1″ tall, and I have no problem with this crib. My baby started sleeping in it at 2 months and now she is 10 months and 23 lbs. The crib is on the lowest level (which is not hard to adjust) and I have to stand on my tiptoes to lay her down, but it is not a struggle. It is tall enough that I don’t feel like she is going to flip out when she stands up inside of it. My baby sleeps very well in it, and it is an attractive crib. I was worried about the crib getting scratched and dented, but it looks fine. We bought my sister in law one of these, and I am 20 wks pregnant now, so we will be purchasing another one soon.

Connie Dittmer, MO

Love this no-slide option

I’m extremely short and have had problems with the sliding side type of cribs. I’ve also had problems with cribs being too deep. This crib has a no-slide side which I actually prefer. It also has different levels which you can set the base. I can now safely remove and set baby down without having to get a step stool or having any other issues. Look is very attractive and resembles the Pottery Barn cribs I see.

Patti Alpine, NJ

very high quality and safe

this is my favorite crib I have bought ever I had many cribs before this one. I have plan to keep it for all my future kids :)​

Silvia Remlap, AL

Sturdy and gorgeous!

I purchased this crib in the espresso finish and I love it. It is an extremely beautiful crib for this price and will definitely last your baby throughout their childhood & teen years. It is sturdy and easy to put together, just a little time consuming (like most cribs). Comes with extremely easy to read instructions that are permanently attached to the base for the mattress.Which, brings me to me next point. The base that the mattress sets on is like a flat board, not a metal support, which is awesome for us! We use an angelcare monitor and you need a flat board underneath the movement sensor. My previous crib I had to purchase one to put under the mattress, with this crib I do not! Anything that makes my life easier is awesome for me!A few people have noted the smell, and I will say there is a slight smell from the furniture (not sure if it the stork craft crib or the stork craft dresser that matches) but I am not too concerned. I put it together four months before my due date and will have plenty of time to air the room out. It’s been two days already and I can not smell anything anymore.

Nona Owanka, SD

Great Buy

It was really easy to assemble. Great quality. Beautiful crib for our baby girl. Only downside is the edges are thick and couldn’t attach a musical mobile accessory.

Sondra Montour Falls, NY

exactly what i wanted

our new crib looks just like the picture if not better. it seems to be of good quality and i love the dark finish. my husband and i put it together relatively quickly. we didn’t have any problems with any missing parts or screws. the instructions are glued onto the base so you’ll never lose it and it comes with two additional pieces so you can convert it to a toddler bed or a full later on. the only extra tool we needed was a screwdriver which is something most people already have on hand. all and all, we are super pleased and would recommend this crib to any expectant parents!!

Yolanda Williams, AZ


This crib is absolutely beautiful and very sturdy! The picture does not do it justice. Husband and I put this together in about 2 hours(but we were taking our time with it). Assembly was very easy and we had no problems. The crib was packaged very well, no damage, and shipped very quickly!

Jacqueline Mount Morris, NY

Tuscany Crib

Bought this crib for our Grandson for when he comes over to visit. One thing, make sure you open the package and let the wood air out. The stain smell from the wood takes about a week to leave the room. Other than that the crib is great! Very beautiful, all of our guests were very impressed with it when they saw it at the baby shower. My husband said it was easy to put together. Quick delivery, would order from this company again!

Latonya Mc Minnville, TN


Being that this was our first baby after 14 plus years, we had no idea the cost of cribs and had total sticker shock when we went to look. However, we were resigned to spending what they seemed to cost- $400 to $600. Then, I went onto Amazon to compare the reviews on those cribs we had seen and I stumbled on this crib- I couldn’t believe the price and the positive reviews seemed almost too good to be true. I finally decided that I would order it because the worst case scenario was I would return it with Amazon’s no hassle return policy. Well, I am THRILLED with this crib!! I got it in Espresso and it’s beautiful!! It took us (my husband and I) an hour to put it together- we are not handy types, but the directions were clear. The crib could easily pass for any one of the pricey cribs we saw! I LOVE THIS CRIB and THE MONEY WE SAVED!! SEE THE PIC I ADDED

Ursula Zapata, TX

Great value!!

I bought this crib for my daughter. I managed to put it together myself (daddy was in Afghanistan). Had to use a box to prop up the bottom board but it worked so that I could get it together without help. Also, I was 7 months pregnant at the time. So far it has worked perfectly. So beautiful and I found a dresser to match. I have only used it as a crib but plan to convert it once the time is right. Recommend buying as I feel that for the price I paid I received a high quality item. I have no complaints.

Agnes Buttonwillow, CA

We love this crib and the twins love it also.

I’m amazed at how high quality this is for the price. Many cost much more than this and the quality was lesser.We haven’t used 3/4 modes (only the high crib now) but we ended up ordering a second one for the second child (we have twins).Did have some issues during assembly (part didn’t fit) and had to email and call and it was a hassle, but it did finally arrive. Luckily, it was the front rail and we had time, so we put the crib in place and when the part showed up I just screwed it in. I would have been frustrated if we had a child and were simply waiting on this one part, or if the part made it so the crib waited in pieces in the room.Friends of ours bought the same crib and had similar issues, and had to request new parts. I did contact amazon to ask them to assist in the part replacement, and although there was little they could do, they were generous and helpful in trying to assist.

Johnnie Marco Island, FL

It looks great when finally put together

This crib did not come with all pieces labeled to it made the assembly more difficult. I also had to re-order two replacement pieces because they came damaged. It was a good thing we were not in a hurry to get the crib assembled because it took over two weeks to get the replacement parts. With that said, now that the crib is put together and complete, it looks great!!!

Antionette Guy, AR

Wonderful Product!!!

This is a wonderful baby crib!! When I had my daughter I purchased a $600 crib from babiesrus and while it was a great quality crib I definitely did not want to spend that much money the second time around especially since I’m set on using a bunk bed for the kids after 2-3 years. I purchased this on Amazon for $185 with free shipping and wow what a deal!!!! It looks wonderful and is nice and sturdy! Perfect, very dark brown color… minor scuffs didn’t bother me… I drew them in with a brown marker and they are invisible. I decided to put it together myself at 7 months of pregnancy because I am used to putting furniture together and it took me an hour and a half to do it which wasn’t so bad considering how awkward it is with a belly 🙂 Transforming it into a day bed will be a piece of cake and I love that feature. There are no rails for the full bed but I don’t plan to do that since a full size bed is way too huge for a toddler and an appartment with two kids. Overall this is an amazing buy and I totally recommend it!!!

Anita Rogers, KY

Beautiful sturdy crib

Pros:Easy to put togethermattress adjusts to several positionsconverts to crib, toddler, & full size bedbeautiful, looks expensivesturdy and durableCons:most plastic teether rails dont fit (get the cloth ones to protect wood)I have had it for 11 months and it is still doing great! Loved it so much bought matching glider and dresser. The glider is okay (look for my review on the expresso/beige glider) and the dresser could be better with slight improvements (check expressso 5 drawer review)Overall beautiful crib, would definitely recommend!!!!!!!!!!!

Anita Virgil, KS

Beautiful, sturdy crib!

We just built this crib last week and it is beautiful! It’s cheaper than some of the cribs at Target, yet looks to be built MUCH sturdier and is equally as beautiful as the others out there. The espresso color is beautiful and the box arrived in great shape with strong packing materials and no chips except for a pin-sized mark on one of the boards which was easily touched up with a dark brown furniture marker.The instructions are built into the mattress-holding base so you’ll never lose them. However, our instructions had a few type-o’s which made us laugh. They spell “toddler” as “toodler” and “Toddler Bed” was worded as “Toddlerbed”. It just made us chuckle. Those silly Canadians. :)Also, yes, the crib has a wood “smell” (but what furniture wouldn’t?). But we’ve left the nursery door open with the ceiling fan on and day by day it gets less and less. It’s not a “chemical smell” as noted below. It’s just the typical “new furniture smell” that our cubby and changing table both had as well. The earlier you can build the crib and air out the room, the better.Overall, the crib looks great in our future son’s room and we are happy with our purchase (a registry item bought early from the parents) and can’t wait to have our baby in it for years to come.

Lisa Waynesburg, PA

Beautiful and Sturdy

I bought this crib for our now 6 month old and I am so happy with my purchase. It took about 15 minutes to put together with 2 people (one very pregnant person). It has stayed looking great for the first 6 months of use and I look forward to using it for a while to come with the toddler bed conversion. The finish is nice and it looks like a well made piece for much less than you would spend on something from a furniture store.

Beatrice Athens, TX

Awesome crib, great value.

It was pretty easy to put together, it looks amazing – it honestly looks a lot more expensive than most of the $300-$400 cribs at Babies R Us, etc. – and overall I’m really impressed. Great quality.

Alyssa Rock City Falls, NY