Stroll-Air Stroller Organizer, Console Black

Stroll-Air Stroller Organizer, Console Black

Stroll air stroller organizer/console can be used on most strollers on the market. The unique six straps allow the organizer to be attached horizontally or vertically on most strollers on the market. The velcro straps are padded with rubberized material to prevent slipping from strollers’ handles. The organizer has two insulated cup holders, one with drawstring and middle pocket with key clip, cell phone pocket and zippered pocket for storage. The magnetic closure will not disturb baby during opening and closing.

Main features

  • Attaches to most strollers on the market
  • Mounts horizontally and vertically
  • Insulated bottle/drink holders, one with a drawstring
  • Larger compartment in middle with lots of pockets and a key clip
  • Magnetic closure

Verified reviews


stroller organizer

Product is good, the only problem I have with is the way it attached on the sides of the handle, it is a bit awkward

Ana Glidden, WI

Poor magnetic closure

I purchased this stroller organizer to replace my bugaboo universal organizer for my Bee and it fits perfectly. The cup holder can hold my huge insulated travel mugs and there is even a key hook inside the center pocket! The long straps are a little annoying, but you can easily cut it off. I will give it five stars only if the magnetic closure was stronger. It opened up each time I fold/unfold my stroller, and I ended up dropping my wallet twice!! I fixed it by stitching a velcro on the flaps, but since the fabric was pretty thick, it took a long time. The manufacturer should just use velcro instead of the flimsy magnet.After fixing this issue, I have been using this product for nearly a year without any problem. If you fold your stroller often, be very careful!

Etta Peggs, OK

fits nice on combi twin sport

I wanted cup holders for the adults on my double stroller and this one works really well, very happy w/ my purchase. I can fit 2 drinks, cell phone, keys, etc – lots of room. And w/ the 4 straps it fits well on the stroller handle and I don’t have to worry about my drinks spilling!

Monica Pleasant Plains, IL

Different from picture

The photo and description both depict an organizer with magnetic closure for the main compartment. However, the console I received was zipper closure. Not a huge deal but I liked the quiet and easy access that a magnet provides if my LO is napping while I’m pushing her in her stroller, unlike what a zipper would provide. I returned it.

Maritza Curran, MI

Fits wide range of strollers but extra strap loops annoying

I like that I didn’t have to buy a console for each stroller – this one fit them all! I like that it has insulated cup holders and a nice size area to throw your keys.On the other hand, the extra strap loops were annoying. Also, this wasn’t the sleekest looking console – mainly due to the flexible style – which, btw, I wouldn’t give up because I’d rather have a console that will fold with my stroller. The console flap is flimsy and doesn’t stay closed (wish the magnet closure was stronger or that the flap had a velcro closure) Also, it does make it a bit harder to set up your stroller as you need to pull the console up near the handles prior to opening the stroller – otherwise it typically gets in the way of opening the stroller. :(Would I buy it again? Yup. Function over style.

Valeria East Nassau, NY

Great console for Bumbleride

We have the Bumbleride stroller and unfortunately it does not have a console. The Strollair fit perfectly on our stroller. It has quite a few velco straps so you can adjust it to fit any stroller, as well as an adjustable strap. The cup holders fit a nice size water bottle and the pocket in the middle is good sized for cell phones, keys, i-pod, etc. It was definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Maria Nashville, MI

Never got to use it like I wanted to

Too bulky and kind of weird to attach onto the first years wave stroller. It would get too dirty dragging on floor once I folder up stroller and it just didn’t come in as handy as I would have hoped. Aside from my personal issues with it, it looks very durable and holds a couple of baby items. Probably better for a quick stroll or trip to the market with a toddler that doesn’t need much.

Bernadine Baring, WA

Works on Uppababy Cruz

After reading all the negative reviews for the cup holder made by Uppababy, went with this one instead. The velcro straps were easy to attach and it works just fine. The large section in the middle is perfect for cell phone and keys, and we keep a drool bib and bonnet in the second cup holder. The large section zips and one cup holder closes, so you can fold the base and turn it upside down and not dump all your belongings. Since it’s designed to work with most strollers, there is a set of straps that aren’t needed to put it on the Uppababy that just sort of dangle there. That’s why it didn’t get 5 stars.

Candy Arlington, KS

Universal and awesome!

Bought this for my Hauck tandem jogging stroller (similar to Phil & Ted’s). The product is very high quality and the three different straps make it easy to attach to any stroller in a way that it won’t move and swing. There are plenty of pockets that help keep things organized. The bottle pockets are deep enough to hold a tall metal drinking bottle in place.As others have mentioned the straps are fairly long, which helps it accommodate different kinds of strollers, but they have not been in the way and I can live with that.All in all great product!

Bobby Atlanta, KS

Great organizer for hard to fit strollers

This is a great organizer if you have a hard to fit stroller like a bugaboo or a quinny. We bought one for our bugaboo and love it. It’s pretty easy to strap on and adjusts fairly easily. My main complaint is that the drink holder compartments are not that large. They are great for holding water bottles but I would NOT rec. putting anything hot in them (like coffee). And be careful about putting open containers of soft drinks in them bec. they may spill. Also make sure to push down all drinks completely into the holder bec. the openings are a little tight.One final thing. When you attach the organizer it is going to sit upright facing a certain way. However, if you have a stroller like a bugaboo where you can flip the handlebars back and forth so that you can face toward or away from your baby, then you will need to RESTRAP the organizer so that it is sitting upright again. Otherwise it is going to be off.

Rachael South Woodstock, VT

Not the best with the City Select stroller

With the reviews on here I thought this was a sure buy but I’m disappointed in the way it attaches to my Baby Jogger City Select stroller. I think this is the pitfall of a “universal” product.Firs the positivies – it does have a of room and little areas where you can fit a lot of things. The thermal compartment is perfect for milk bottles although I wish it was like the compartment to the left which has a little tie/cover. I was also happy that my stroller does fold with this on.What I don’t like is that it’s always sliding off, shifting, and moving since its not made for one stroller. Because of this it doesn’t look that great either.

Olga Sardinia, OH

Great organizer

I was concerned that this wouldn’t work for our Mamas & Papas Urbo stroller but it worked great. We used it for the first time today and it was so convenient I don’t know what we ever did without it! I was able to keep my daughter’s snacks, sippy cup, pacifier, my phone, and camera in there with room to spare. My only complaint is that the unused straps are a bit of an eye sore but it isn’t too big of a deal. Overall, I’m very happy with this organizer.

Hallie Wana, WV

Great for Uppababy Vista

This works great with the uppababy vista 2011. It helps to have the handle extended if you are using the piggy-back board for an older child. Holds bottles really well, is not heavy, stores the phone, wallet, keys and two drinks no problem. Makes the stroller much more functional.

Millie Fittstown, OK