StrollAway Over the Door Stroller Storage Hanger, White

StrollAway Over the Door Stroller Storage Hanger, White

The StrollAway is the first and only over the door stroller storage hanger. Made of sturdy steel, the StrollAway’s arms adjust to hold most any stroller model up to 40 pounds. The StrollAway hangs easily over any door with no screws or drilling required, and includes a removable spacer for a perfect over the door fit. The StrollAway’s arms fold flush to he door when not in use. Adjust the arms, hang the stroller, close the door and get the stroller off the floor, out of sight, and out of the way.

Main features

  • Holds most stroller models up to 40 pounds
  • Made of cold rolled steel
  • Perfect fit spacer included to work on any door
  • Arms adjust to hold most any stroller model
  • Folds flush against door when not in use

Verified reviews


Perfect for apartments

Apartment living you need to get creative and this is *the* product to have for the stroller if you don’t have closet space as most small apartments lack. Fits over our closet door and holds our joovy ultralight perfectly. Love this product!

Adeline Pennsylvania Furnace, PA

Ok but could be better.

I received a white one instead of the pictured silver. It is nice that it is adaptable to fit thicker doors but makes a lot of noise when the stroller is not hanging from it. Build quality is OK at best.

Terra Aladdin, WY

Brilliant hook!

This hook is awesome. We have tried two different strollers on it, and it easily modifies to hold pretty much any kind of stroller. If you have a particularly fat stroller (that is thick when folded), it will save you the floor space, but then you have a fat stroller hanging against the door. It works best on strollers that can be compressed as flat as possible when folded. We have ours hanging on a closet door that opens out against a wall, and since our main stroller’s wheels stick out a little when folded, it keeps the door from opening all the way. My only complaint is that the packaging was very difficult to remove, one of those hard plastic vacuumed sealed things. Small annoyance for a great product.

Gail Norlina, NC

A must for small spaces

This works like a charm for stroller storage. The frame is much wider than our door so my husband cut a wine cork in half and placed it between the door and the hanger part. Recycling!

Jill Kelseyville, CA

Ok product, a few flaws

We bought this to hang our Maclaren Twin Triumph stroller.Upside: Good quality materials and sturdy enough to hold our stroller, which is a beast for an umbrella-style stroller at 30 lbs.Downside: the hooks move to allow you to adjust the size of the hook for your stroller and while they have ridges to ostensibly hold the hooks where you like them, in practice if they’re even barely touched, they move. The result was as I lifted my stroller to hang it every time a part of the stroller touched it, the hook would move. It made it quite the frustrating game to get the stroller hung. If your stroller is on the heavy side and you’re a petite mom, this might not be the solution for you. Also, the stroller stuck out far too much to be useful. We were hanging it on the back of our coat closet at the front of our apartment and when hung, it was far too obtrusive to work. Granted, we’re in a small apartment so we have to walk by the closet frequently, but I think we’re the target market. If we had a mud room or basement or lots of storage space, I wouldn’t need to be hanging our stroller on doors, right? I was also concerned that given the stroller winds up about head height for my toddler, it might be possible for her to mess with it and it fall on her. It never did, it just looked like it could.In the end, we decided it wasn’t worth it and returned it. But I think with the right door in the right place, this could be a lifesaver. I wish we had that as my stroller is now on my floor. Sigh.

Claire Saint Lawrence, SD