Stroller Clips by Freddie and Sebbie – Luxury Velcro Stroller Hooks Prefect For Diaper Bags, Toys, Bags, Stroller Accessories, Baby Changing Pad – 2 Pack of Multi Purpose Hook

Stroller Clips by Freddie and Sebbie – Luxury Velcro Stroller Hooks Prefect For Diaper Bags, Toys, Bags, Stroller Accessories, Baby Changing Pad – 2 Pack of Multi Purpose Hook

Stroller Clips – The Safest And Securest Method to Attach Your Diaper Bag! Guaranteed to Keep Your Bags Safely and Secure! How would you like to make your life a little easier and give your shoulders a much needed rest? Now you can with Stroller Clips. Stroller hook clips have been designed to take out all the heavy lifting, so parents can keep their hands free and pay full attention to their children. These heavy-duty metal Stroller Clips are designed with a non-slip velcro strap, which allows the stroller hook to attach to any stroller bar – horizontal, diagonal or vertical! The Stroller Clips were also designed with security in mind. Once your bags have been hooked, the spring-lock hook snaps back into place, keeping your bags securely attached which discourages theft. Also by using 2 clips this allows for safer cargo distribution to avoid tipping Freddie and Sebbie products are made to the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability. You can read what Verified Purchases have to say about our products. We believe in giving the very best to both parent and child. Benefits: * Perfectly designed to fit all strollers * Heavy duty strong metal clips – won’t break like the plastic clips * Clips locks for security this allows you to secure your valuables * Stays firmly fixed to the stroller handles * Made with the strongest quality materials available * Won’t scratch or damage you stroller * Child friendly * Takes all the weight out of your heavy bags Take action now and click the Add to Cart Button at the top of the page and protect your bags today! ‘Freddie and Sebbie – Stroller Clips are also backed by a lifetime NO-Hassle free replacement guarantee!

Main features

  • Guaranteed to add security to your valuables. Stays firmly fixed, and doesn’t damage or scratch your stroller handlebar.
  • Designed with adjustable velcro straps. Works on most different makes and models of strollers.
  • Made with top quality materials to a very high-standard which gives this product a super-long life.
  • Our very highly rated stroller clips comes with a lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee, so you can buy now with confidence.
  • Free shipping with amazon when you spend $49 or more on your order.

Verified reviews


My favorite stroller clip

After just two days with my JJ Cole bag and their stroller attachments breaking after me trying to pull on them to tighten them on the stroller’s handle, I ordered these new ones. What a difference. You can put them anywhere on the handle(s), they don’t slide because of the handy Velcro, easy to put on and take off, attaching the bag is a breeze…. I could not be happier.

Jayne Groveland, CA

These Stroller Hooks are made of two sturdy carabiners, perfect for holding that diaper bag …

These so-called “Stroller Hooks” are actually heavy duty, solid metal carabiners that are high quality. Usually many carabiners are thin (these are 1/4″ in diameter) and some have plastic gates. The gate is the part that you press in so you can hook it on something. The spring action is good and the carabiner itself is held on to the Velcro strap by an elasticized band that is a full 3/4″ in diameter. The Velcro strap itself is a good 7 1/2″ long and 2″ wide, a nice size that will fit just about any stroller I can think of.FEATURES:~ Hook locks for security, allowing you to secure your valuables or that diaper bag~ Stays firmly fixed, and doesn’t damage or scratch your stroller handlebar~ Fully adjustable straps accommodate all stroller makes and models~ Comes with a set of 2 stroller hooks per pack~ Lifetime replacement warrantyKeep in mind that if you overload these Stroller Hooks you might tip the stroller. Been there, done that by trying to hang a heavy diaper bag on the back of one. The only weak spot is that the strap hook is made of plastic. I don’t think this will be an issue unless it is directly impacted by a heavy object. These are ultra-easy to use. Simply loop them around the handle of a stroller, slip the strap through the strap hook, and let the Velcro do its thing. These are solid carabiners and will last for a long time holding your purse, a diaper bag, or any number of things you don’t want to carry.Sample provided for review.

Rosalind Hope, NJ

These are amazing!

I love these clips. I have a Graco Click Connect Travel System stroller, and while it has a fairly large storage space at the bottom, I wanted a way to hang bags from the stroller (I had previously been tying the plastic bags to the handle bar, but I find that too annoying to do). These are packaged very nicely, and I like that they had no chemical smell like products sometimes do. I attached these to the stroller bar on the sides, and these things do not budge. There is just enough space between the foam covering of the handlebar and the top cup tray on the stroller to wrap these, one on each side. The clips are metal and look very durable. They are incredibly easy to open, and it takes a second to slip a bag onto it. What I love best about these is the customer service; a few days after I ordered these Angela from Freddie and Sebbie customer service emailed me to see how I liked them. I hadn’t had a chance to try them yet, and I emailed her to tell her that and she responded right away. I also noticed that the 1-star review for this item had a response by her. When I see this, it makes me want to keep ordering from the company. So many times we buy products and when something happens with them there is no response from the company. More companies should be like Freddie and Sebbie and care about their customers and the experience their customers have with the product. These clips also balance out items very well; I brought home plastic bags filled with three large tubs of powder formula, a subway sandwich, Starbucks brownie, large Pringles, and four ice cream sandwiches. I split the bags on each side of the stroller, and even though the formula is pretty heavy it did not tip the stroller at all. Another day I also brought a large pack of Bounty and about four packs of toilet paper, and they hung nicely on these clips. I really can’t say enough about how easy they make it to shop with a stroller. There’s no need for you to search further; if you need a way to hang bags from your stroller (or other items as well, the straps have Velcro that wrap around things of various sizes to attach the carabiner clip so I’m sure there are many other uses for these) these are the clips to get!

Katina Bertrand, NE

Fantastic product and customer service!

When I received the clips, though they both worked fine, one of them "stuck" in the open position unless I closed it. I didn’t think much of it until customer service contacted ME to make sure I was pleased with the product. I told them I was, but one of them stuck a little. They sent out a NEW set immediately. I appreciate their concern and follow through and I love the clips. I hang everything on them…shopping bags, shopping hand carts, the heavy diaper bag, umbrellas, foldable chairs, you name it! These are awesome.

Leslie Alborn, MN


Great concept, but one of them broke after only a few times of use. The caribeaner is what broke. The handles part still works.

Roxanne Wappingers Falls, NY

Sturdy and reliable

I purchased these stroller hook clips to replace ones that came with my stroller bag that ripped after 2 months of use. These seem much more sturdy, can be used on any stroller and are easy to add on. My favorite part of them is that they can stay on after you fold the stroller. The one I had before was just looped around it and had to be removed every time I put the stroller in the car. Received them in 2 days (prime membership). Highly recommend!

Lessie Millerstown, PA

I wouldn’t buy these again

I waited for a while to post this review since I have really mixed feelings about these hooks. Pros: they are well made and durable. The velcro that holds them onto the stroller handles is tough and I don’t have any fears that they will fall apart on me. Cons: If you want to move them from stroller to stroller, then they are just as cumbersome to deal with as the others that are for sale–only these are far more expensive. In fact, I would have returned them except for the fact that I didn’t want to pay for the return shipping. I regret not buying an open hook because getting my diaper bag onto these is tricky and I have to support it with my knee so that I can get it high enough to latch onto the carabiner. I feel like they "get" you with this by pricing them so high that no one wants to return them. I probably wouldn’t purchase these again.

Glenna Norris City, IL

Must have

As a new mom, I was freaking out about going shopping with my newborn (Do you put the carseat in the big part of the cart and then smoosh the groceries all around it? Do you push the stroller AND the cart? Do you put the carseat in the small part and hope that it doesn’t fall off? AHHHHH!!)I purchased these and used them to hook reusable shopping bags on my stroller handles, and shopping is really easy now. I wouldn’t do a ‘big shop’ with these – you can’t pick up 12 packs of soda or bulk items, but for shopping for small items it works wonders. I have even used them to hold a big IKEA bag for shopping trips.They also work wonderfully for just hanging your diaper bag on. I have a Chicco stroller and the bottom tray is too small for my diaper bag – enter these hooks.

Ivy Shawsville, VA

Very sturdy

These hooks are amazing! Nothing these hooks can’t hold! I have a very heavy diaper bag and these hooks have no problem supporting it. Definitely buy more if needed!!

Leanne Toledo, IL

Beyond handy!!

These are so simple, but so useful!!!! Much, much better than the Mommy Hook, in my opinion (which I have found to be big, cumbersome and breaks VERY easily). I am blown away by how strong and secure they are! We even had a small suitcase hanging from it while going through the airport!!! I took off a star because the stitching is coming apart just a bit, but this in no way would prevent me from either recommending them or ordering them again in the future. It was also great to get 2 in the package for such a reasonable price!

Sofia Shell Lake, WI

Love these

These clips are so easy to use and very durable. I love that they can fit on any type of stroller. They hold my diaper bag and purse without difficulty. I have already recommended these to all of my friends who are mothers. These are definitely a must have.

Reyna New Albany, PA

Great Stroller Clips

These strollers clips are awesome. It is so easy to hang my diaper bag on my double stroller with these clips. Even my husband said "Wow, those work great."

Esmeralda Brookville, KS

Clips are great!

Clips are great! I use them to attach my diaper bag to the handle of the stroller. They are very sturdy and can be attached to any size bar on any stroller.

Gwendolyn Cobden, IL