Stroller Connectors

Stroller Connectors

Make a tandem stroller in a snap with the Prince Lionheart stroller connectors. Molded plastic connectors easily snap onto stroller tubes to turn 2 strollers into an instant tandem stroller. Connectors remove with a squeeze release when not in use. Includes 3 Connectors.

Main features

  • Turns two single strollers into a double stroller
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Makes managing two strollers a possibility for one person

Verified reviews


do not buy it

do not waste your moneyi got it and i tried with 2 strollers the same exact one but it would not work goodyou can not move that much and its hard to make a turn……

Eva Huey, IL

Definitely worth the money

Very convenient – I have a one year old and I babysit a one year old. I’m definitely not going to spend 100 bucks or more on a double stroller, but since I found two umbrella strollers on sale for 10 bucks each, my double stroller was only 30 bucks! It handles well. When you put the connectors on, make sure they’re tight, and even so it will seem like there’s too much slack for it to really move, but it does work. Just give it a go. 🙂

Joni Biglerville, PA

It’s very useful!

I connected two different brands, a double jeep and single (? brand) which are two different heights. It was slightly difficult especially since the double didn’t have much room to put the middle connector on.. but it works! It’s not like a SMOOTH push or anything (but it is smooth with same size/brand ones, I have another same brand single lol), but it’s worth it! Love!

Sherrie Randlett, UT

Good not great

I like the idea of this however they do not stay connected very well. If they stayed connected it would be perfect. I have twins and have 4 strollers but sometimes travelling it is nice to travel a little lighter and use umbrella strollers.

Sonia Pinckneyville, IL

stroller connectors

These are easy to put on and take off. They work well to connect two umbrella strollers. The rubber inserts do fall out easily, so I can tell these may not last long. They only work with one thickness of bar so they are not compatible with all strollers. I use a combination of these for the top connection and a different brand for the bottom that are adjustable since my stroller bars are wider at the base and I connect in 4 places instead of 3 for a sturdier connection.

Leanna Ashland, ME