Stroller Hook – 2 Pack of Multi Purpose Hooks – Hanger for Baby Diaper Bags, Groceries, Clothing, Purse – Great Accessory for Mommy when Jogging, Walking or Shopping – Best 100% Money Back Guarantee

Stroller Hook – 2 Pack of Multi Purpose Hooks – Hanger for Baby Diaper Bags, Groceries, Clothing, Purse – Great Accessory for Mommy when Jogging, Walking or Shopping – Best 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Secret to Carrying Your Bags, Pushing Your Stroller, and Attending To Your Children, All at the Same Time, Without Losing Control – OR Your Mind! Introducing The Multi-Purpose Storller Hook – Keep both hands on your stroller to ensure the safety of your children – Push and steer your stroller correctly – Easily maneuver over hill and dale, sidewalks and pathways – Securely carry diaper bag, purse, clothing and more without hitch or hiccup – Address your child’s moment-to-moment needs instead of your freight As a busy parent or grandparent, you know what it’s like to multi-task on the go with a child in tow. But did you know how easy it is to transform annoying, stressful treks into pleasant pastimes where baby and your outings matter most? Instead of lugging excess cargo in one hand while doing your best to aim a wayward stroller with the other, why not free yourself to push your stroller properly-and far more safely? With this durable, easy-to-attach, multi-tasking stroller hook, you can make your outings enjoyable again. So lose the stress of multi-tasking and focus on the pleasure of spending quality time with your children, unencumbered by the ‘stuff’ that so often makes a journey with a stroller a pain. Great for baby jogger strollers, garage hanging, rollator drive, walker, wheelchair accessories Order $35 of Amazon products Today and Get Free Shipping… so, you could get one for yourself, and surprise a few friends with a great gift! Stroller Hooks are Backed by a 100% No Questions asked Money Back Guarantee! Click the Button on the Top of This Page to Get Your Stroller Hooks Now!

Main features

  • Strong! Velcro Straps make attachment to any stroller a breeze
  • Swivel allows 360 degree rotation for super convenience
  • Strong & Sturdy hooks hold 6 pounds each, even a small pet… 🙂
  • Free Shipping! – See details below
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Verified reviews


These are excellent and not just for strollers

I love these hooks. I did receive them at no cost for me to look at with nothing expected in return. However, I felt that I need to post a review because I find these so useful. They are very easy to put on the stroller, and because they turn in so many different ways they stay out of the way until you need them. I’m using them on my Maclaren Quest, so I don’t really put anything too heavy on them because the stroller topples, but they are so useful since that stroller has absolutely no storage space. It has a small little hook on the other side of the big hook, which is great for hanging something small in addition to your shopping bags. Another use I found is for an elderly person’s walker. My mother used to tie shopping bags to her walker (not the fancy kind with the seat but the regular metal kind given by Medicaid) and then had trouble untying them, so I took one of these and attached it to her walker. Now she can easily carry her bags and go shopping because all she does is hang the bag on this hook and she’s off. I find them to be very sturdy and easy to use. I would definitely buy these again, and will in the near future since my mother keeps eyeing the one I have left on my stroller!

Michele Bellingham, MN

versitile, functional

I love how you can hook these onto any type of handle and adjust with the very sturdy velcro attachments. I finally was able to put these to what I call the real test this weekend at the farmer’s market. I have the Uppa Baby Cruz stroller, and while it has amazing storage capacity, my farmer’s market haul always overflows the basket. The hooks were perfect for carrying two bags of vegetable and herb plants – they hung safely, the plants did not get damaged, the bags did not bump into my shins, and they did not change the handling of the stroller during about a mile or so walk home. Can’t wait til next Sunday’s haul!

Sharon Pleasant Hill, MO

Useful and versatile stroller hook

This stroller hook easily attached to the handlebar of my Bob Revolution Duallie double stroller and I have found so many great uses for it. I have hung my hat, purse, waterbottle, grocery bags (between two hooks) and I am so glad that I found this product. I highly recommend it as it is a great value. Of course be careful about hanging things from a handlebar as the stroller can tip as your children exit the stroller, so use it smartly!

Kerri Tuthill, SD

Excellent Mom Must-Have!

After loving my Mommy Hook for so long, I was skeptical that I would like another stroller hook as well as that one, but I’m happy to say I do. In fact, I LOVE the BabyBubz stroller hook even more!The first thing I loved about it is that the velcro strap keeps it snug and in place. I have a very large diaper bag, and one thing I hate about the other stroller hook I have is that sometimes it will slide around and my diaper bag will end up getting in the way of the wheels, so I have to stop and readjust. I don’t have to do this with the BabyBubz stroller hook! It stays in place and I don’t have to stop to readjust anything. I was a little concerned that the hook wouldn’t be able to hold my bag up. As I said, my diaper bag is pretty big, but the BabyBubz hook held it up with no problem at all.The second thing I love is that the hook swivels so you can easily hang your bags on it without having to wrestle to get them on. Also, the hook is open so you don’t have to fiddle around or fight with a clasp. There is also a smaller hook on the outside of the main hook that is perfect for hanging plastic grocery bags or bags with a small strap on.At this point, I am definitely happy with this product and will be recommending it to all my friends. My only complaint is that I wish I’d gotten one sooner! 🙂

Tiffany Ponderosa, NM

Easy to use.

Usually I will stuff my purse and everything else underneath the stroller. But, usually it would get to full down there plus, it is a hassle to kneel down there every time I wanted something out of my purse. This stroller hook makes it so much more easier, it just velcro around the handle and then you can place your purse in the hook. And it is at a good distance to reach down and grab something out of my purse as well.Although, these hooks can only carry 5 lbs of weight. So, if you have something heavier than that it might not hold. Also, if you don’t have your child in the stroller and you have two hooks on the handles with two heavy purses it does come top heavy and your stroller will topple so you have to put that in consideration. Sometimes my toddler wants to be out of the stroller and than these do become a hassle rather than putting your purse down below the stroller where it won’t cause a top heavy issue.But overall, these stroller hooks let me carry more items on the stroller then I could before and it just makes everything a bit easier.*I was given this stroller hooks in exchange for an honest review*

Elva North Providence, RI

Great Product…

I received this product in exchange for my review, so here we go…Do NOT let your baby play with these hooks, the stroller was in the truck when I received the hooks so when we were planning to go out on our first outing with the hooks I let the baby (15 months) hold them. Thank goodness I was sitting in the back seat with her because all of a sudden I noted something in her mouth, one of the little stick on logo disc was in her mouth and could have been a choking hazard. I recommend from package to stroller and no little hands in between.I’m only giving this a four out of five stars ONLY because of the logo disc coming off (partly my fault for letting her hold them) and I haven’t had them very long so I don’t know how durable they are long-term. But other than that they would have received five stars.These are great hooks, they fit any stroller (or item with a handle) and are easily installed thanks to the Velcro design. I love the fact that the hooks swivel, this allows me to hang my purse and/or shopping bags and then turn the hook opening to the inside to help prevent easy removal by anyone just walking by. They are rated to hold 6lbs each, I haven’t weighed my bags, but after a while, they sure seem to weigh more than that.The swivel hook design makes it very easy for me to remove bags when needed. I’ve also used the carbiner clip and it is next to impossible to get my bags off it, but these open hooks make life so much easier.Thanks for sending such a great product…I would recommend these to anyone!

Cassie Winterville, GA


These hooks are LIFESAVERS. They are very easy to attach to ANY stroller and even leave there when you fold the stroller up. I am able to put my purse, diaper bag, groceries and anything else. I also love that it comes with two so it balances out the weight if the child is not in the stroller. I recommend these for every mom. Especially those on the go!!

Wanda South Burlington, VT

Durable – High Quality

I have been using and abusing these stroller hooks for about 3 weeks on my Mountain Buggy Nano. These stroller hooks are fantastic and durable, I have loaded them to the max with heavy groceries and other items, pushed my little one everywhere, and nothing falls off. The velcro is super-strong, you want to get the hooks situated in a good spot because you will not want to undo and do the velcro constantly. These are not going to slide all over your handle, like other hooks, they stay in place where you put them. When I am not using the hooks, I find them to be quite inconspicuous. They are not that large and don’t bother me at all. Highly recommend, makes life easier especially with small baskets.

Evangeline Rochelle, IL

Great hooks. Recommend.

Works great. I had a different set of stroller hooks that had a piece of metal that formed a closed loop (hard to explain) but they were a huge pain. With these, I don’t have to fuss with getting the straps of my bags through, it’s just very fast and easy.

Rosalia True, WV

Handy, durable hooks.

I LOVE this product and I wish that I had gotten them sooner. My son is two years old and he isn’t in a stroller too often, but we were going to our local county fair this past weekend and wanted to bring the stroller. The hooks turned out to be a lifesaver. I have the First Years Ignite Stroller and there is not a lot of space underneath for storage. I attached them to the stroller and as we passed through booths and I made purchases, I hooked the bags on and kept strolling. At one point my son wanted to get out of his stroller and the bags stayed on the hooks (I was wondering if the uneven weight distribution would make the stroller tip over but it did not).I think this would be a great baby shower gift. Like I said, I wish that I had been using these hooks since my son was born!

Brooke Wadena, IA

Seriously strong!

I received a free pair of stroller hooks in exchange for an honest review.Wow! These hooks mean business. I had my doubts, at first, that the velcro would be able to hold my heavy bag, but it absolutely and easily does. The hooks were extremely easy to attach to my stroller, and I love that they swivel, so my bag doesn’t hang at an awkward angle.My only complaint is that the brand labels on both of my hooks (the little white "B" buttons affixed to the side of the hooks) are slightly bent outward. They aren’t terribly sharp, but it means the sides aren’t as smooth as they could be and they look a little cheap.Still, overall, I am very happy with these hooks, and I know I will get a TON of use out of them.

Patty Flinton, PA


I use these stroller hooks with my Summer 3D lite Convenience Stroller. These stroller hooks work fantastically as they are supposed to. They are super easy to attach to the strollers handles using Velcro. The Velcro is strong and I don’t need to worry about the hooks falling off or losing any belongings. I LOVE that the hooks swivel in 360 degrees too – our diaper bag has shorter straps and so the hooks automatically adjust to accommodate to the shorter straps of our diaper bag without much effort on my part (a BIG plus when you have your hands full with getting baby situated into the stroller). I also own a different set of stroller hooks which work just fine but were about $5 more than this Babybubz and for the price and the added feature of the swivel, I would go for this one over and over again.I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.

Katrina East Berne, NY

Great, strong hooks

Wonderful hooks! They hold a lot of weight and make a huge difference in traveling/shopping with the stroller. Great buy.

Lynnette Black Eagle, MT

Just love these

I just took my double stroller to a Ripley’s aquarium with these hooks and they are great. I had my diaper bag hanging off of them as well as my purse. They don’t slip and slide everywhere, and the hooks twist any way you need them to. I hate having to shove everything underneath a stroller and prefer to hang my diaper bag. Both of my diaper bags come with stroller hooks, but they are a pain compared to these, plus I can just keep them on the stroller all the time. A definite must have for a stroller user.

Ines Racine, MN

So versatile!!!

These hooks are great! The thing I like most about them is the versatility and compact. I throw them in my purse and use them at the store to hold my purse so snoopy little hands don’t get in it. We live near the beach so they are great to hang wet and sandy items on the stroller while we walk home. I also use them in my car to hang toys on the back of the front seat. They are not an eye sore and easy to just throw in a bags and go. And the price for such a handy product is AMAZING!!!!This is my new go to for new mom gifts 🙂

Ethel Albany, GA

Sturdy and easy to use!

Disclosure: I received these products from the company in exchange for my review.I put these to the ultimate test – a day at Lowry Park Zoo. The last time I went I used my sit and stand and it was brutal pushing that thing around. Since my eldest rarely sits in a stroller now I didn’t want to push a big double, but still wanted a stroller on hand should she get tired after all the walking. These hooks arrived just in time. I use a Baby Jogger City Micro for my youngest and was able to attach one of these hooks at the top of the side and one in the middle of the same side. Then I was able to hang a cheapy umbrella stroller on these hooks, attached to the City Micro. Genius! It was a breeze to push, these hooks kept the umbrella stroller attached very securely and towards the end of the day when my 4 yr old got super tired, we unhooked the umbrella stroller and my husband pushed her around. Am going to try that set-up when we go to Disney in the winter.Yesterday went to the mall and these hooks held my Ju Ju Be BFF really well. Super easy to velcro on and off of the handle and you can position them anywhere on the stroller you would like. I think they would also work well on walkers and wheel chairs. Great product. Glad I got to try them out and look forward to them getting heaps of use.

Caryn Reva, SD