Studio Diaper Tote Bag, Black

Studio Diaper Tote Bag, Black


Main features

  • 14 pockets and zip-top closure
  • PVC-free
  • Snap-down front pocket lets you stash a blanket and bib underneath
  • Hangs neatly on a stroller and can be worn over the shoulder
  • Contrasting lining makes it easy to find what you need

Verified reviews



I’m currently using this bag as a diaper bag on the weekend but during the week as my breast pump bag. There’s enough room to fit the breast pump, all accessories and even the large insulated breast milk carrier. Even with the breast pump, there’s still enough room for my lunch, a water bottle in the easy access outside pocket, cell phone, wallet and even some paper work. The best part of this bag is that there is absolutely no PVC so no gross odor and earth friendly. It’s a high end bag with a reasonable price. The only small complaint is the red skip hop tag on the outside which is a dead give away that it’s diaper bag…otherwise no one would have a clue.Update: After a month, there was a small defect in the bag. I contacted Skip Hop and they sent me a new one overnight. I couldn’t believe how great customer service was. Buy with confidence.

Iris Marshall, IN

Style + Substance + Organization = PERFECT

At last, I’ve found my perfect diaper bag. I’ve tried many other brands (Petunia Pickle Bottom, Fleurville, OiOi, Lexie Barnes and even other Skip Hop models) only to find some important element lacking – usually lack of organization, space, style or security. But this bag has it all.
• Two roomy external bottle pockets also fit sippies and 16 oz. thermos bottles
• Two interior bottle pockets also fit sippies (hard to see these pockets in the Skip Hop provided photos, but they were a nice surprise)
• Nice and roomy interior zip pocket in main compartment, large enough to fit a spare onesie, socks, and knit pants
• Foldable changing pad which is softer nylon, not the cold cheapy vinyl Skip Hop uses in the Dash and Duo lines.
• Large exterior pocket in the back fits coloring books and magazines, and has a magnet closure (magnet isn’t that strong, however – wish it was a snap closure instead)
• Medium pocket in back which has antimicrobial lining. Not sure if this pocket is supposed to be for food (seems too small for use as a lunch compartment and snacks might get crushed) – it is way too big for pacifiers…would fit around 20 pacifiers though if necessary. I use it for my wallet and wristlet and hair comb. Diapers and wipes would fit here too.
• 2 front zip pockets. One on top is good size for your cell and keys. One on bottom a good size for burp cloths, bibs, travel size lotions.
• Nickel feet on bottom – protects from wear and scuffs
• Beautiful ribbed nylon (not sure how nylon is “eco” though) fabric. I have this bag in black and it looks sharp.Overall, the only thing I would change is having a snap option on the back pocket (versus magnet). That is a very minor issue compared the issues I found in other bags (poor construction, lack of interior pockets, no exterior pockets for sippies, cheap zippers, etc…). This one is a keeper, wish I had it when my second child was born a year ago!

Maude Decatur, IL

Nicer than solid black

I did tons of research on diaper bags in all price ranges before deciding on the Skip Hop Studio Diaper Bag. I registered for the black dot one because it looks MUCH nicer in person than the solid black. The solid black looks a bit cheap and very mommyish. The tonal dots on this bag give it more of a designer bag feel. One of my “high end designer” type friends saw this at my baby shower and said “Really nice bag!” – I’m not sure she realized it wasn’t a $400 bag.Anyway, I just wanted to chime in on the fact that the dot version is much nicer than the solid. It’s not tacky polka dots — just a nice tonal element that is consistent with designer bags. It’s otherwise completely the same as the solid bags. Somehow those are listed separately here on Amazon, and while those have many reviews, this has very few. All the reviews on that bag apply to this one. So feel good about buying this one because it looks better, knowing that it is the exact same style/model as the solid ones.

Sherri Bitely, MI

Love it!

I just found this bag at BBB and took it home right away! Our first diaper bag was the Skip Hop Duo and I hated it. I was able to fit all of our things from that bag and… have space for more. I think with the Duo the middle compartments are hard to use b/c the pockets get smooshed when you fill the other pockets. Anyway, I love this bag too b/c it doesn’t look so casual. I’m also short, so I hated the long shape of the Duo. This bag can be attached to the stroller or carried like a shoulder bag. I don’t feel so frumpy with this bag! My husband will have to deal. I got the black one, but the gold and slate are nice too. Only negative is the patent trim. It does look a little cheap, but with the black one you can’t really tell. The brown one looks more obvious. I would have gotten slate, but it wasn’t at the store.

Chris Falls Mills, VA

Review of purchase through Target only

I purchased this diaper tote through the Target option here on Amazon, who advertised that they were selling the Skip Hop Studio Diaper Bag Tote Bag, Pewter Dot for $29.99 (currently still being advertised). I purchased this item on September 3rd, and when I received the item, I was sent a completely different diaper bag, which after some research I discovered was calledSpark by Skip Hop Stroller Tote Mod Circles – Bluein Berry, not actually Blue, which looks completely different from the Studio Diaper Tote Bag. I returned the incorrect bag thinking it was a minor mistake only to wait almost a month later to receive my replacement and to get the wrong bag again! What is up with Target advertising that they have the Skip Hop Studio Diaper Bag Tote Bag, Pewter Dot for sale for $29.99?? They’re clearly mixing it up with another bag that they’re selling and misleading the buyer! SO unhappy!****Update 5/4/2011I finally received the correct bag after purchasing it directly from Amazon and have used it for several months now, so I just wanted to edit my review. Originally the review was for the purchase made through Target only, and I gave 1 star for the constant bad service from Target/Amazon, however that was not a fair review of the product itself. I have now upped the rating to 3 stars.The bag has lots of helpful pockets, however I find that it is too narrow to fit a lot of things inside. I have aSkip Hop Pronto Changer Diaper Bag, Blackthat I like to bring along instead of the diaper change pad that comes with the purse, so that I can hand it off to my husband to do a diaper change if necessary, and it’s just easier to carry the Pronto changer to the bathroom instead of lugging the whole diaper bag, but once that is in the bag, there’s very little room width wise for much else! It is a deep bag height-wise though, so things can fit in vertically, but if they are wider/fatter objects, it becomes a little tight space wise.Also, I’m a very petite mom, 5’2 at the most, and this bag looks enormous on me. Totally disproportional to my height and body shape. It’s not that big of a deal, but it makes me look a little like a munchkin, so if you do care about how your bag looks against your body, this is definitely a bag for a taller mom. Shorter moms should reconsider getting a slightly smaller bag.

Sierra Largo, FL

The color makes or breaks this bag

I ordered this bag in black after reviewing it online and seeing a brown one in a store to try out in person. I love the style and size of this bag. The black color though ruins this bag, it is harsh and the shiny straps and accents in black do not commplement it at all but make it look cheap. When I saw the brown one in the store it was much more pleasant. I wanted the champainge bag originally but was afraid that the color may be too dull from all the pictures I have seen of it. I am sending this bag back only because of the color. I NEVER send items back, but this has to go. I ended up ordering the City Chic in Columbus Circle and am hoping I am not going to be disappointed. I just noticed the Studio in Kakhi (champaigne) on the Land of Nod website and the color looks nicer than other pictures.

Deanna Zortman, MT

I suppose I’ll keep it

I did return this thing after all. Just too gawdy for my tastes, and really not big enough. We love our baggalini tote. I just took this bag out of the box. My initial reaction is that it’s a bit small, and a bit too gawdy for my taste (I got the pewter one, which is shiny and kind of glittery). I’m a minimalist and have “classic taste” so this is a bit over the top for me. I think I’ll keep it anyway. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and tired of sifting through a million different products. I was considering just getting a big Baggalini (I love that brand) at my local store, and probably will get one for my boyfriend, since I’m certain he will not want to carry this one around. Anyway, I’m giong to stuff it full of things and make the best of it, although I do feel it’s overpriced for what it is. Also, in my opinion, the straps are too small, making it a somewhat tight fit. I’d prefer to have the option of one over the shoulder strap as well. If this was purchased locally and I could jsut go return it at the store, I would.

Stacie Kingston Springs, TN

Did not last

This began falling apart after a few uses. I wanted a cute, black diaper bag that looked like a purse and this was cute but totally not worth it because it’s made so cheaply.

Ila Lasara, TX

functional and stylish

I actually haven’t used this yet, though I tirelessly researched the best diaper bag (too much time on my hands, right?). I waited and waited for a good deal on a roomy Skip Hop bag and once this dropped below $70 and my patience had run out, I went for it. The bag came as exactly as described, same as I’d seen in stores, and it came fast! Can’t wait to use it. 🙂

Nannie Pendleton, OR

First time mom, handbag connoisseur.

I spent several months deciding which diaper bag to choose. I looked at dozens of bags, read hundreds of reviews… It was a huge decision for me. I wanted a bag with a lot of pockets, something large enough to fit everything I’d need for my baby as well as my own things, and I’d never had a baby before so I didn’t really know what to expect.A huge factor in deciding on this bag was that it looked like a purse. I planned to use it exclusively for several years, so I didn’t want something that had cartoon characters on it or that was in bright baby colors. I chose the Pewter Dot color, after much debate. I almost went with charcoal, but I’m glad I didn’t. The pewter color is perfect. It hides milk stains that a darker color wouldn’t.The pockets inside are perfect. It has 2 large pockets on each side. I use one side for my stuff and one side for baby stuff. In one pocket I hold my wallet and cell phone, and in another I hold my makeup items and a small pack of tissues. On the baby side I use one pocket to hold 6 diapers and one pocket to hold several small packs of wipes. On either end there are bottle pockets. i don’t use these for bottles most of the time. I put baby powder in one and in the other I have a tube of diaper rash ointment for her and a tube of hand lotion for me. There’s a zippered interior pocket that is hidden under the zipper, I often forget it’s there. I use that one to hold sensitive things like bank deposits. I don’t think anyone would know the pocket existed if they were trying to steal something from my bag.The outer pockets have pros and cons. The small pockets on the front of the bag are awesome. I use the lower pocket to hold pens and a small notebook. I use the notebook for shopping lists and to jot down questions that I want to ask the pediatrician at the next visit – that way I know I’ll have those things all the time. The upper pocket on the front is indispensable. I put my keys in there, as well as my lip balm. On the back of the bag are 2 pockets. One is the anti-microbial lined dirty diaper pocket, which is clearly great. The other pocket is a large open area with just a small magnetic clasp. My only gripe about this bag is that clasp. It should be a snap or several magnets, as I cannot get it to stay closed at all. I use that pocket to store the changing pad, and I keep a tiny roll of small trash bags there, to hold messy diapers and gross clothes. That really comes in handy. I just wish the pocket would stay closed!The outer bottle pockets are really useful. For quick trips I put a bottle for the baby in one and a bottled drink for me in the other. If we’re going somewhere for longer I’ll put a baby bottle in each one. I haven’t needed to take more than 2 bottles out with me anywhere yet, but if I did I would just let the baby powder float loose in the bag and use one of the interior bottle pockets.In the “open area” that is inside the bag, I put an extra outfit, a few bibs, and a receiving blanket. Admittedly there isn’t a ton of room in that area once the pockets are full, but I find that all of that fabric takes up the bulk of the space at the bottom of the bag, so that if I have to drop in something that doesn’t have a particular spot then it rests on top of those things instead of being lost in the bottom. Oh, and the stroller straps and so great! Seriously, I’ve used them on both my stroller and on shopping carts, and they really make things convenient.As a first time mom and a chick who is seriously picky about her handbags, I am in love with this bag. It serves every function I have needed it to, it’s very nice looking, and it seems very sturdy. I’ve been using it for 3 months on a daily basis, and I notice no wear and tear. It looks just like it did on the day I got it. I really could not be any happier with this bag.I’m glad I wasn’t swayed by the bad reviews, because I just cannot agree with anything that was said in them. I don’t think the materials look/feel/behave cheap. Admittedly I’m only 3 months in, but the bag seems to be very well made.I’m 5’3 and a little heavy (baby weight!), and I disagree with the reviewers that sat this is a bag for taller women. I think it’s perfect for women of all sizes. It’s a diaper bag! It needs to be large!Overall, I couldn’t be happier. I’m so so glad that I chose this bag. If after a year it falls apart on me, I’ll simply buy another. It was expensive, but not like $1000 or something. I’d happily pay $90 a year to have such a stylish and practical bag if necessary.

Marietta Huxley, IA

Cheap materials for the price

I soooooo wanted to love this bag. The price was agreeable and i watched a million YouTube videos and it looked great. For a long time i debated between the JuJuBe BFF and this one. in the end, i went with price. In person it’s a disappointment. The zippers are cheaply made and do not glide easily. The top zipper is not attached the end, which means you need two hands to close the bag: one to drag the zipper and the other to hold the end of the zipper to help it glide. Without two hands it will get stuck. The faux leather is really tacky. I wasn’t expecting high quality glamour but it looks/feels like VERY cheap pleather. I’ll be returning this for something that has better hardware.

Flora Pattersonville, NY

So elegant, hard to believe I carry diapers in it!

love the pockets galore. holds 4 bottles, 2 inside 2 out. i usually like the inside better and use the outside pockets for storing my glasses. Love the pewter sparkle very stylish. own a lot of skip hop bags that are all great. this one is my go too. a must have for a handbag, diaperbag and ipad tote in one.

Emma Mitchellville, IA

Stylish, Durable, but a little heavy

I agonized over purchasing a diaper bag because I didn’t want one that screamed “MOMMY!”, but I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars. I kept coming back to this bag, and finally I gave in.It is so cute! I’ve gotten compliments on it from strangers, and even my husband doesn’t think it’s horrible (he often questions my more fashionable purchases). The colors are as pictured online – a nice pewter and a lighter grey with some teal undertones. It seems to have worn very well in the two months I’ve been using it – no loose strings, broken zippers, ripped lining, etc… The main issue I have with it is that it is so heavy, but I imagine all diaper bags are heavy.The changing pad it comes with does not seem to be washable, which is gross to me. But she hasn’t peed on it yet… so we always put the “dirty side” down and put her on the cleaner side so she doesn’t pick up public restroom germs.Lots of exterior pockets for organizing – oh my! I love that they have the anti-microbial pocket because even if I don’t know if/how it works, at least I know to only put pacis and nipples in it! The side pockets are large enough to fit a 24oz water bottle easily for mommy, and her little 5 oz bottles fit well on the other side. The interior space is questionable. I find once I load the outer pockets I don’t have a lot of room inside, but I try not to carry too much.The inside of my typical bag includes (Organized by pocket):-4-5 diapers, Wipes Case, travel Desitin-Cloth diaper, small receiving blanket-hooter hider-2 toys-Wallet (mine is huge)-sometimes a warmer blanket or babyBjorn stuffed on the topThe outside pockets have:-water bottle, baby bottle-all my travel makeup, pens, etc…-keys, cell phone, sunglasses-changing mat, coupon envelope-pacis, nipplesWhat I wish I had known:1. The stroller clips are NOT as easy as they look, and take serious getting used to. Also, because the bag is SO heavy, if your baby isn’t in the stroller, it will likely tip over.2. The shoulder straps can feel a little short at times, especially when the bag is full.3. The blanket pouch on the outside I think is almost unusable because the blanket can just slide right out and you can’t have anything in the pocket above it for it to work.Overall, yes, I recommend this bag because of it’s looks, it’s durability, and it’s drawbacks aren’t strong enough to make it anything less than really usable.UTDATE! I used the bag for 6 months, and it worked wonderfully. Only problem is the zipper pull broke. I contacted SkipHop and they said they’d send a replacement, but that was 3 weeks ago… Anyways, I ordered a larger bag because I needed more room. I went with the SkipHop Bento bag because, despite the zipper breaking, I think my bag was really well made. I LOVE the Bento as much as my old bag. It’s huge though, so if you are looking for a purse/diaper bag combo that isn’t gigantic, I’d still suggest this bag.Another Update: So, I never heard back from SkipHop, but this afternoon my doorbell rang and it was FedEx delivering a brand new replacement bag. Seriously, SkipHop’s customer service is superb! So the one little defect of the bag was more than compensated for, and now I overwhelmingly recommend buying any bag from SkipHop!

Karla Muscle Shoals, AL

Nice diaper bag

This bag has enough space for everything needed for baby. I keep cloth diapers, a change of clothes, and also my small purse in this bag. I breast feed so I don’t usually have bottles but the one time I pumped and took a bottle in the bag it fit nicely in the side pocket. You could actually use the front zipper pockets to carry your purse essentials i.e. credit cards, I.D., coupons, make-up, if needed but I haven’t done that yet but plan to in the future as I get out more with the baby. It’s also nice that you can use the stroller straps to keep the bag within arms reach. It also looks nice and is made from good material. Overall very nice bag.

Manuela Natchez, MS

So far so good

I was kind of disappointed at how the bag looked when i got it…it did look kinda cheap and the straps looks plasticky…but i really do love the style and how i can fit a lot of baby stuff inside including mine! Stroller straps are kinda hard to use, i think i spent a good 5 minutes trying to get it on. But once it was on it stayed in place. For me the bag doesnt stand on its own, tends to tilt and fall to one side (im thinking bc of the weight of stuff thats on that side). But i can live with it since i got it for $60

Adela Warren, IN

Best diaper bag so far!

This is the best diaper bag I’ve tried/seen so far. My husband was irritated by the cost of it, but now that we’ve lived with it I think even he is sold on it. So much room, so many places to keep things–I love it! It stands up on its own/doesn’t tip over, the zippers are great quality, it hangs from a stroller, and it very durable.Here is what I don’t like about it (there always has to be a downside)1. The two side-pockets for bottles: it is kind of hard to get a water bottle in them because the pockets are not stretchy. You have to use two hands to get the bottle in and out, which is kind of annoying. For a baby bottle, that may not be the case since they are smaller. We don’t use baby bottles so I don’t know about that firsthand.2. The styling of the bag: is really nice, but not “me”. I would prefer a more natural, earthy looking bag, but oh well! Function is more important than form, in this case.3. The stroller clips: are kind of hard to use, but they are still good quality and work well enough.Great bag, however, and I recommend it.

Mina Geigertown, PA

LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag!

I have 4 year old, 2 year old and 9 month old boys…and I have tried every bag there is to try! I have been in the search for the perfect bag…stylish, useful pockets, large inside… I am not sure I would have thought to buy this bag as you are never sure about the quality when shopping online. I received the indigo dot as a gift and the quality is amazing! It looks like a designer bag, has the the most useful pockets of any bag I have tried and has enough space for me to carry around all 3 boys’ things. I love it so much I empty it of baby gear and take it with me even when out by myself. I will definitely keep using this after my boys are past the baby stage. This is a very good gift idea!!

Mable Roseglen, ND

Looks great

This bag looks great and fits a lot of stuff. This is my second Skip Hop, the first being the Versa. I think this has more room than the Versa, definitely holds more, good for a day trip out. I have two babies, so if you only have one, you will have more room than I do for your child. Love all the zippered pockets outside.

Janell Bath, NH

cute bag

very cute bag. very large. i thought i would carry it more but its just so big. it is definitely a carry all. i actually keep it in the car stocked and ready for baby emergencies.

Becky Wishek, ND

Great tote bag

Absolutely love the tote bag, great quality, looks awesome, big. Personally I feel that the bag is awesome, but really haven’t used it that much, because it was very unpractical being so big – have used a smaller more compact bag.

Tori Westpoint, IN

Great Bag!

I am so happy I bought this diaper bag. It was not expected to arrive until next week and I received it today which is awesome! The amount of pockets and room for everything is so great. Our daughter is not here yet but I packed it for the hospital and I fit so much stuff in it already. We plan to cloth diaper and the pockets are definitely big enough to fit them! Also the quality of this diaper bag is really nice, it looks like a purse so I know no one will even think it to be a diaper bag. I love it!

Noreen Berlin, MA

GREAT for a Cloth Diapering mom!

I don’t know how this bag does it. We tried 3 other bags before finally getting this one and I’m in love. It defies physics with how much it can hold, and my husband calls it mary poplin’s bag. I can fit SIX OS fuzzibunz, a changing pad, wipes, solution, diaper cream, two bottles, formula, a water bottle, two extra outfits, a wet bag, toys, tylenol, gas drops, a blanket, and an extra shirt for me without this bag even looking like it’s full. I also keep my keys, check book, and important cards in the zipper pocket on the outside. This slides easily into the bottom of my stroller (which has a small basket) and I love the clips for when I’m grocery shopping! The ONLY thing that could make this bag better would be if it came with a long should strap option, but that still won’t make me give it 4 stars. I love everything about this bag.

Bettie Erie, IL

Not for everyone

I bought this bag because it’s so pretty and all of the reviews seem so positive. I even looked at video reviews on youtube of how women pack the bag. I love that it has so many pockets. But once you put items in the 4 large pockets on the inside, there is very little room left to put anything else in the main compartment. I put a change of clothes on the bottom of the bag, diapers, wipes, lotion and bibs in the pockets. The bag was full! I put one toy and a formula dispenser on the top of everything else in the bag and i couldn’t fit a single thing more. Despite all of the reviews on how BIG this bag is, i found it to be too small. It just wasn’t wide enough to see into the bottom of the bag. The length of the bag is listed as 17 inches, but that INCLUDES the 2 bottle pockets on the side. So the main compartment is only like 14 inches. And if the height is 12 inches, then the bag is almost a square. I wanted a bag that was much longer than wide so you can see everything in the bag. If it’s square, it’s harder to see what’s on the bottom. That’s only my preference. The only other negative (besides the fact that’s it’s too small for me and more square than rectangular) is that the straps are very cheap. They’re like thin vinyl. I would expect an expensive bag like this to have straps of greater quality.It’s really too bad. I really wanted to like this bag! I love the fabric, the colors and the look of the bag. But the functionality of the bag is so much more important to me.

Mina Cairo, WV

I’m in love.

I bought this from a bigbox discount store for less than half the price after deciding my first hopskip bag was trying to drive me insane. I adore this bag. It doesn’t tip over, it’s roomy enough to hold everything without having to dig around and move things around. The side bottle pockets are high enough to actually cover the entire bottle, plus they’re snug enough to hold it. It has zipper closure to the main compartment, which my last bag didn’t have. Plus this one doesn’t fall over constantly! It’s a dream.. a complete dream.

Keisha Spencer, NY

love it

updating my review.. ive had this bag since my son was born and hes 17 months old now. the bag looks like new. the material is wipe clean and very durable. it has plenty of storage in a way you can find what you are looking for. It looks way nicer than the regular cheap store bought ones and feels nicer. I use this bag every single day. This is the first and only bag you will ever need. seriously. it has a special antimicrobial pouch specifically for holding dirty diapers if you dont have a trash can anywhere. It has insulated pouches for bottles. it has easy access burp cloth holder in the front. the front two pouches are great for little items maybe for yourself that you dont want buried in the bag of baby stuff. it has stroller straps for long walks and you dont want to kill your shoulders carrying it.con: the hooks they used on the stroller straps are awkward. hard to explain but basically you need both hands to keep the hook open in order to hook it onto the stroller. its not a big deal once you have one end already hooked and its holding the bag up for you but the first strap your trying to hold the bag up by the strap and the bag is hanging almost upside down as you fight to get the first side done. if you have someone with you which most the time you will they can hold the bag up for you and it takes only a second to hook. its just an annoyance but i really dont use a stroller that much. its not a con i would say dont get this bag. this is honestly the best diaper bag you could ask for for features, look, and quality.

Octavia Johnsonburg, PA

Bigger than it looks-follow up about 6 mos. later

I love this bag. It’s cute, but not too cute. And, it’s very functional. I just travelled alone with baby by plane across country and fit everything we both needed in this bag. The flaps across the top with the zipper on them can spread out to make the bag much bigger when needed or sag in and let the two sides of the bag come together for a smaller purse-like big, if you can picture what I mean. The side pockets are great for all my personal belongings since I don’t care to also carry a purse these days. The Skip Hop diaper changing pad was a little too big and bulky to fit nicely in the outside pocket that I believe is made for that. But, my JJ Cole changing pad fits great in there. Overall, I”m very pleased. FOLLOW UP 6ISH MONTHS LATER: Bag has been awesome, big, stylish, and very functional, but I must have overloaded it and blown out the fabric. Fabric blew out in seemingly non-load-bearing place, which is strange. I’ll try to get them to warranty it, at which time I’ll follow up again.

Rae Forestville, WI

Love it!

I wanted a bag that was cute but practical. I based my purchase off reviews, and I don’t regret it at all.The pockets on the inside are perfect for diapers, wipes and the changing pad it comes with. The other pockets make organizing and finding items one-handedly easy. And the number of outside pockets are great for my wallet and keys, and the side pockets are perfect for water bottles.We BF, so here’s what fits inside this bag of ours:Full pack of wipes5 diapersTravel tubes of baby powder, butt cream, lanolin and sunscreen2 animal toysNursing cover+Blanket OR Moby wrap2 water bottlesWallet2 OnesiesPantsHatChapstickPaciMagazine/bookOhh and I like the hanging straps for the stroller!

Latasha Hanamaulu, HI

BEST Diaper Bag EVER!

I can’t say enough about this diaper bag – it’s perfect! Everything about it makes sense & works. (Even my husband agrees and he’s not into bags like I am:) There’s enough info. out there to tell you all of the things this bag includes so I won’t go there. I would HIGHLY recommend you buy!

Evangeline Port Ewen, NY

Great bag but wish the faux-leather didn’t look SO cheap

Here is what I love about the bag:1. It’s big2. Lots of USEFUL pockets and pouches, so you can stay organized3. great styling – you won’t look silly carrying this bag everywhere if you are like me and don’t like to have a separate purse from your diaper bag4. I have a 2 year old and still carry diapers, a sippy cup, blankie and snacks for EVERY trip out of the house in addition to my wallet, phone, etc. For half or full day trips I bring a couple books, maybe a toy, even more snacks. This will easily accommodate all of that…and if a second kid is added to our family soon there is still enough space to carry a second child’s necessities.What I don’t like about it:1. The faux leather trim is BAD. Very cheap looking. Granted the bag doesn’t cost that much but I wasn’t expecting it to look quite this bad. It isn’t so noticeable on the actual bag itself (because I got the black bag) but the straps are just awful…that it makes the whole bag look cheap. I even wonder how the bag will hold up over time because of the straps. I would gladly pay a little more for better looking straps. In fact, I am so disappointed in the way the straps look that I may return the bag. I haven’t used the bag or taken off any of the tags because I’m still undecided…it’s too bad because this is the PERFECT diaper bag otherwise.

Eleanor Norge, VA

Nice Looking, Functional Diaper Bag

I have been very happy with this bag. Have been using it for a few weeks now and it looks nice while being very utilitarian. lots of pockets (big and small) to stash all the stuff you need when out and about with baby. I tend to take more than I need (bottles, 6-7 diapers, several changes of clothes, my personal stuff) and am able to get it all into this bag. The design is such that it doesn’t really look like a diaper bag, which I like. The only complaint is that I wish it came with a larger, detachable shoulder strap for when you need it. The straps that are on it don’t work well when you’re wearing a bulky winter coat. But otherwise, excellent bag.

Jeanie Ilfeld, NM