Sugar Booger “Prehistoric Pals” Feeding Collection Silverware Set

Sugar Booger “Prehistoric Pals” Feeding Collection Silverware Set

With items from the Prehistoric Pals Collection, your child can be transported back into time, where the dinosaurs are nicer and a whole lot cuter. The Prehistoric Pals two piece silverware set is made from ABS plastic and stainless steel. Fork and spoon are 5.5 x 1″. Dishwasher safe, do not microwave. Non toxic and lead free and conform to U.S., European, and Canadian standards.

Main features

  • Set of fork and spoon
  • ABS plastic and stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lightweight design
  • We all have a little boy in our lives who’s crazy about dinosaurs

Verified reviews


Love it

Love this set. Print is adorable. Case seems sturdy and these are the perfect size for my toddler. This is definatley nice to have when we go out to eat. I hated having to worry about too sharp forks or silverware that was made for giants.

Amber Dyer, NV

Good for on the Go

Great for packing in the diaper bag for trips out and about. Fits any standard learning fork or spoon for toddlers. However, it is too short for the longer baby spoons you typically start out using.

Judy Annapolis, CA

Good for travel.

Bought for my daughter who was going on a cross country trip with her father for a few days. These worked great on-the-go and the case is really nice. The closure is magnetic so it really stays closed. My daughter thought they were something special and looked forward to using them.

Lourdes Emerson, GA


These are great! Sturdy with colorful designs.I really wish the spoon wasn’t so shallow. They are ok for more solid things, but no good for liquids (like soups.)

Harriett Arctic Village, AK

My 15 Months Old Loves It

Just the perfect size for his mouth! I love that it’s so portable and it has a box to keep it sanitary. My 15 months old quickly learned to eat by himself with the silverware set.

Cristina Horntown, VA

Very cute!

I got these for my daughter to take to school with her lunches. They are very cute and I love the cover. Perfect size for my 5yr old and seem very well made.

Letitia Durand, WI

Great set of Silverware

We bought this set after we got tired of using Plastic spoons that probably aren’t BPA free and regular silverware wasn’t small enough for our baby’s mouth. These spoons were not too small and not too big and scoops up a good amount of food for us to feed our little one. The case is a nice touch, love the magnet closure that comes with it.

Lillian Ontario Center, NY

Great for Restaurants and the Diaper Bag!

I carry this in the diaper bag so we can use it when we go out to eat and our son has his own fork and spoon that he can actually use. He is 17 months old and has no issues using these. The case stays closed and they are easy to clean.

Carole Torch, OH

adorable handy & safe

I use these in our diaper bag because my husband hates restaurant cutlery. their adorable and the case is super handy. they are safe for my 18 month old and she loves eating like mommy & daddy.

Kimberlee Bangor, WI


It is supposed for my trip to China. But they deliveried so so late. It take almost one month. I think they lost my package. I got it when I returned from China. If they come on time I would give 5 stars.

Gwen Gile, WI

Perfect for restaurants!

These are great for eating out. I carry them in my purse so we are ready whenever we need to go out to eat because our plans have fallen apart to make dinner.NOTE: the Gerber Graduates Kiddy Cutlery fits amazing inside this case so you don’t have to wait for the others to run through the dishwasher to be reset and ready to go again.

Monica Cunningham, KS


These utensils are super cute and durable My little girl just loves eating with them! And the case is a big plus as well for transporting in the diaper bag.

Rosanna Lone Grove, OK

Too big

It looks like my baby will be using this when she turns 18mos,the spoon is too wide but it looks sturdy though for years of usage. Cute design,great that it comes with a case for trips and travels.

Tessa Bear Branch, KY

Great for my toddler

I like this silverware set so much that I ordered two more. My baby started using this silverware set around 18 months. The case is a nice addition too – perfect for traveling, diaper bags or lunch boxes. One star deduction for the design fading away after awhile and I only hand wash these.

Audra Olpe, KS

Cute matching silverware

These are super cute! I got them to match the lunchbox in the set. She also got a Yumbox, which you can put yogurt in, so she needed a spoon most of all during the day. And I wanted one that matched!

Kathleen Yermo, CA

Perfect for traveling

Perfect when we are away from home and I need to take food with us. My daughter is still comfortable feeding herself and I can put it back in the case even if its dirty.

Alissa Petersburg, WV

Spoon “scoop” portion isn’t deep enough.

The spoon “scoop” isn’t deep enough. It’s pretty flat – thus won’t hold or scoop anything. Wish I hadn’t removed the tags – as I’d otherwise return it.

Christa Rock Springs, WI

Good product and price.

I chose this product as fun utensils for my grandchildren. I purchased many different designs, a different one for each of them, and some to stay at Grandmas house. I especially like how they come in their own carry case so they can transport them anywhere. Lots of different designs to pick from.

Winifred Perrysville, IN

Love it

Perfect for packing for daycare and/or trips and outings. The case is great and easy to clean. My little one is learning how to use them.

Yolanda Salisbury, CT

Great set!

Very cute, easy for my little one to hold. Only issue we had was the spoon is pretty wide for little mouths, but still functional.

Tisha Central Islip, NY

cute set

This is a nice set. The carrying case is useful for bringing it places. The spoon is a little large.

Alma Voss, TX

Spoon is too big

Folk is normal size but the spoon is too big, it’s strange… it is very cute and case is nice, everything is good except this part…

Dorothea Bishop, TX

Cute and convenient

I would like the spoon to be a bit more narrow so that my baby can use it more easily, but otherwise this is cute and sturdy. I really just wanted it for the case because I keep losing her spoons and forks 🙂 I like the magnetic closure.

Sarah Lonaconing, MD

Great for toddler ready to eat on her own

This set is expensive but worth the $, especially for the fork, which lets toddlers actually spear the food in a safe manner. My experience with anything plastic and even with a lot of other metal forks is that the tips are too dull, and as a result my daughter (18 months) gets very frustrated because she can’t use them. These are probably unnecessary and difficult to use for babies under a year, but for toddlers who are getting better with fine motor skills, they are great. We own 2 sets, one for home and one for the diaper bag for when we eat out.

Meagan Ripon, CA


These are handy to carry in my Grandma diaper bag. Good size for little hands to learn to use utensils.

Cristina Fairdealing, MO

sugarbooger silverware

My daughter asked me to purchase this for my grandson. She had heard really great reviews about them and guess what… here is another one. They are first of all adorable and sturdy easy to clean and he loves eating with them. He is 2 years old. But I bought them for him about the age of 1 . I bought him several pairs.

Janette Chappell, KY