Sugar Booger “Vroom” Feeding Collection Silverware Set

Sugar Booger “Vroom” Feeding Collection Silverware Set

Set of 2 ABS plastic and stainless steel silverware set features Vroom Collection graphics. Fork and spoon are 5.5 x 1″. Dishwasher safe, do not microwave. Non toxic and lead free and conform to U.S., European, and Canadian standards.

Main features

  • Set of fork and spoon
  • ABS plastic and stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lightweight design
  • Perfect for little boys that love cars

Verified reviews


Our favorite silverwear for the babies

Along the way I’ve probably picked up 6-7 different brands of eating utensils. For 16 months and up this is by far our favorite set. Our daughter doesn’t like to eat unless she’s using these. We have about 6 sets of these and I will probably buy more for baby #2. I don’t want a shortage.They hold easily, they are a good size, their cute. I also like the box when traveling.They fade a bit after many washes, but that doesn’t really concern me or my daughter.

Gena Harmon, LA

Baby loves her own silverware!

This is a quality silverware set that matches the Sugarbooger Hoot plate that we already have (Sugarbooger Divided Suction Plate, Hoot.The material is strong stainless with a bonded plastic handle.My baby has started trying to borrow our own forks which are too big and too sharp to be convenient.This set is the perfect size for little hands. The fork ends are rounded enough not to be dangerous but can still stab food reasonably. The spoon is quite large compared to the plastic feeding spoons (Munchkin) we have been using so far but our 14 month old does not seem to mind.She can hold each piece easily and about manage to use them correctly already. And she is asking for this set every time!On my side, I like the convenient carrying case which is quite well made and closes with a magnet. The owl theme is very cute; I wish that the design was repeated on the back of each silverware instead of printed on one side only (when baby uses the fork to stab food, the design is facing down).We have had this set for a few weeks now; we wash it by hand only and it looks like new.

Cecilia Argyle, FL

Quality Silverware Set

Perfect compliment to the Vroom lunch sack. Love that it comes in its own case as shown in the picture. There is a magnet closure that keeps the case closed. Easy enough for a three year old to open/close on their own. My 6 year old daughter still uses her set. This silverware is good for preschoolers up to early elementary school kids. It is good quality and will last these early years.

Ines Roebuck, SC

Great product.. maybe depending on the age

Love this fork and spoon set. My friend actually bought my first set for my baby shower. It took me a while before I started using it since it was metal. Finally at 14 months… I decided to try it out. I can’t believe I waited this long! My child was actually able to pick up food with the fork. She had such hard time with the plastic sporks. Also the spoon was a little wide I originally thought, thinking it was way too big for her little mouth but its actually perfect. Especially since she’s trying to feed herself.. the food was able to make it into her mouth and not fall off. I accidentally drop the fork in the disposable which is the reason I purchased another set. The traveling kit is a definite plus.

Freda Dixon, MT

Really Adorable Utensils – But The Spoon Is Too Big!

I got these for my 13 month old son. The design is so adorable! And it comes with an awesome travel case with a magnetic closure!! What a neato idea! It can be easily packed into a diaper bag for feeding on-the-go!However, as much as I wanted to LOVE and keep these, the head of the spoon is too wide! My son normally takes full bites of food (basically, the entire spoon of food goes into his mouth), but as soon as I looked this spoon, there’s no way he can use it. Why is the spoon so wide?? Sigh. Oh well…..

Minnie Meers, OK

Practically Perfect

I bought this silverware set on a whim, because I needed a way to tote my baby’s silverware, without worrying about stuff getting on them. I am so glad I did! The case for the silverware is held shut by a magnet, and I have been toting this set for a while, and nothing has jarred them open yet. The fork and spoon themselves are sturdy and well built. I have been using this set since my son was about eight months, and it will be a perfect fit for when he is a toddler as well. The design is super cute and reminds me of being in grade school again. Love SugarBooger, and will definitely be buying more sets!

Matilda Bomoseen, VT

great fork, spoon too big

The fork is great and was the main reason I bought this. Not too wide and not too sharp, but sharp enough to get food easily. The spoon is way too wide – much wider than the fork and shallow so food falls off easily – we don’t use it. I will try to buy the fork as a stand alone item next time.

Ginger Elliottville, KY

Great idea but the spoon is too flat

I needed some travel silverware for my son since a lot of times restaurant silverware is too big for my 2 yr olds mouth. When I found this set, it looked perfect, including a case and all. However, when I got the set, I noticed the spoon is so flat it really shouldn’t be called a spoon at all. When my son tries to scoop soup, he barely gets a teaspoon. Minus this design flaw, the set would’ve been perfect.

Arline Blue Hill, ME

Nice set but overpriced

I really liked this set and thought I would like the carry travel case but it ended up being bulky and I stopped using it. The fork and spoon are very nice and have held up nicely, but I think it is overpriced for toddler silverware.

Tommie South Portland, ME

Five star for the case alone…

My daughter isn’t quite 14m right now, but we are graduating to metal utensils, as she’s demanding her own real silverware at meal times…However, after a few messy attempts, these end up on the floor, and her hands end up being the utensils….They are cute though and seems decently made….But I an in love with the stupid case!You know those baby mum mum rusk that always ends up broken and crumbled in your diaper bag, and hence difficult for toddlers to hold?Well, these are the PERFECT size to fit two of them in there with the utensils sandwiched in between to keep from rattling, or one baby rusk, utensils and a granola bar!I’m in love with the case alone, as it’s become a staple in my diaper bag!

Olga Essex, IL

Cute, Nice Carrying Case, But Not My Favorite

The Pros:-These are cute. Really cute! I love all the prints they have available.-Great carrying case.The Cons:-Handle isn’t sealed where it connects to the metal, so soap and food get stuck up in there. Annoying!-The fork is sharp. I say that in reference to the BPA Free Gerber Graduates I picked up locally. The tines are rounded at the end to avoid accidental pokes and unnecessary scratching of the high chair tray plastic (which my 13 month old LOVES to do).Overall, you’re paying the extra for the carrying case. Worth it? Guess it depends on how vital a carrying case is for you! I prefer my BPA Free Gerber Graduates set over this one though.

Beth Morton, IL

great fork, ok spoon

my kids like the design on the plastic, however, unless your kids eat with their left hand, the design will be upside-down; the spoon is too broad for an almost 2-year-old to fit in the mouth, so we tend to use other spoons; the fork works great; the travel case is ok, but I was considering to send it for lunch to preschool and it looks like it might be a little too difficult for the kids to open and close on their own

Wilda Holcomb, MO


Perfect for the diaper bag for when we eat out or have a playdate picnic. Will buy another set soon

Kelley Bound Brook, NJ

Great travel set.

I love this set. The case is big enough to fit a couple of wet wipes and/or a thin bib (like the Bumkins ones) folded up, which is absolutely perfect to throw in a purse and go – no bulky bag required!

Christie Oxford, MS

Cute, but not perfect

Love that these come with their own case. The fork is used daily by my little guy, but the spoon “head” is very large for a toddlers mouth. Heck, its big for my mouth. We don’t use the spoon at all and I can’t say I’ll be purchasing any more of this brand.

Ann Opal, SD


These are perfect for small hands and easy to clean. Previously we were using plastic (BPA free) silverware but these are ideal for toddlers and he loves the fruits and vegetables on them as well!

Angela Arkansaw, WI

Great product! Very durable!

Great product! Very durable and very cute! Comes with nice case good for travelling with silverware. Dishwasher durable as well

Ingrid Ben Wheeler, TX

So cute!

This was a gift for my daughter. I love the case and she uses it for school lunches. The print is darling and brings back many memories of my grandmother’s kitchen!

Deana Wheeling, WV

Decently made. Would recommend

This silverware set is perfect for toddlers. The overall length of the silverware makes it perfect sized for your little ones to hold and dextrously maneuver. The case is a nice touch, and for being plastic, are relatively well made. Definitely worth picking up if you are looking for something like this!

Kelly Donna, TX

Cute but the design wears off easily

I love these silverware sets! They are super cute, easy for my 1 year old to handle, and come with a great carrying case with a magnetic closure. One big problem is that the design on the bottom of the utensils wears off very easily. We don’t have a dishwasher so we hand wash everything and the design on this set (Vintage Alphabet) started wearing off within a few washes. We also have another design (Polar Pals) that has held up much better, but is beginning to show some wear after a few months of washing.

Sasha Seymour, TN

Cute, durable, not plastic

I use these in my diaper bag. They’re great when eating out, as they’re perfect size for a toddler, with a not too sharp fork or too small spoon. The holding case for them is great, with a magnetic closure.

Haley Gambrills, MD

Love love love love

These are awesome. We bought two sets, because we use them frequently while out to dinner, or when dining at friend’s or family’s house when they don’t have small silverware for our toddler. The carry case is awesome. Our toddler is in a phase where she likes to have silverware, even if she isn’t really using it to feed herself quite yet. Washes easily in dishwasher.

Malinda Tower Hill, IL


Receipt of goods to use, very good. Recommend to buy friends. But if the price is a bit lower is better.

Bridget Cassville, PA

Great On-the-go Item

I’m going to start with a disclaimer – yes, I am admittedly over-the-top with our restaurant organization, but it makes eating out a pleasant family experience, and my daughter loves her special restaurant accessories.I really like this set – we’ve used it for over a year and have bought a second for when my son is old enough to use them. The little container is the best part for me, and it comfortably fits several different toddler cutlery brands. I love it because it is just big enough to hold our restaurant kit without being bulky, then we wrap the whole thing in a roll-up bib. I deducted one star, because I wish the plastic hinge were actually a hinge and not just a thin section where the plastic folds, because those inevitably break eventually, but we’re at a year+ and going strong.Here’s what we fit into the kit:- Cutlery (obviously)- Bed band, which we use as a napkin clip around the waist to stop the napkins from sliding onto the floor (The ORIGINAL Bed Band – Adjustable Fastener/Holder/Strap/Suspender/Gripper for Your Sheets. Patent Pending (1 Pack))- One table topper – as much to stop messes as to keep the area germ free (Neat Solutions Sesame Street Table Topper with Travel Case, 18-Count)- Fun Chop chopstick clip – we eat sushi a lot and get them for free at the restaurants, but you can buy them (6 FUNCHOP Chopstick Helpers)

Elisha Coulee City, WA