Sugar Booger “Vroom” Feeding Collection Sippy Cup

Sugar Booger “Vroom” Feeding Collection Sippy Cup

Put kids on the road to good eating habits with this playful divided melamine plate plate from the Vroom Collection. Measures 8 ” in diameter with 3 divided sections and removable suction base. Dishwasher safe, but remove suction base first. Hand wash for best results. Do not microwave. All our melamine and vinyl related products are non toxic and lead free according to U.S., European, and Canadian standards.

Main features

  • Melamine sippy cup
  • BPA free plastic lid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Holds 6 ounces
  • Perfect for little boys that love cars

Verified reviews


The perfect trainer cup

At meals, my 15 month old daughter is obsessed with drinking out of my cup. She is not interested in sippy cups, and instead wants to use a big person cup which is incredibly messy and requires supervision from my husband or me. I bought one of these Sugarbooger cups because it’s a hybrid between a regular cup and a sippy cup. She loves it. She learned to say ‘owl’ immediately and points at the owls on the design, and she drinks lots of water just to use the cup. The little handles make it very easy for her to get the angle right when tipping it into her mouth.It can be messy – certainly messier than a controlled sippy cup. However, your child will learn how to use a real cup much faster than if he/she only uses sippy cups because the water flow is the same as an adult cup and requires sipping rather than sucking. It also seems like more fun for babies.

Alta Sandstone, MN

Cute! Great gift for toddlers

I bought this one for my friend who has 2 years old son because their son wanted to use it whenever he came over to our house.They said that their son loves it and uses very heavily. This is very durable in spite of other reviews. Maybe it depends on what kind of floor you have or I was just lucky.

Jewel Mercer, PA

Great cup!

Unlike most other sippy cups, this one is not spill proof-which meets the American Dental Association recommendations. It acutally trains a child to drink out of a cup. And it’s very cute and easy to handle and clean. Perfect!

Joyce Pauma Valley, CA

Awesome Cup ..

Well I’ve been trying at least 10 different cups .. looks like this one did the trick .. now my boy it’s finally drinking some clear and plain water in regular basics .. Keep in mind this one it’s not any spill so, if you baby put hand on this one as mine do, after he ( or she ) sip a bit every time it will just drop it and it will be a mess in your place .. so you gotta manage it as long as your baby get to know how it works …

Esperanza Basin, WY

Best sippy out there

This sippy cup isn’t perfect, but it is the best one I have found. The main selling point for me is how simple it is. No little parts for mold and bacteria to get caught in. Lightweight, fun patterns. Occasionally one of the cups has a lid that is a significantly different size than all the others we already have. Dropping it on a hard floor can crack the cup. In an ideal world it wouldn’t be plastic. The cup can spill from the spout if it gets knocked over, but it spills very slowly – worth the tradeoff of not having a difficult drinking valve.

Karin Martins Ferry, OH


Loved the design. Stopped using it after two days. 1) It leaks. 2) If dropped the cap opens up. I’ll keep it for when my baby will be able to drink from a regular cup.

Pearl Hughesville, MD

This is a hit!!!!

Love love love this cute, adorable cup! The best is out there!!! This cup is an excellent quality. It is small , but when you hold it it heavy enough , like real cup, so your baby doesn’t through it like other cups made with very light plastic . It has adorable image of a car which my son love!!! He just loves to drink from it. This one is his favorite!!! I recommend !!!!

Nelly Clifton, KS