Sugar Booger “Yee Haw” Feeding Collection Divided Suction Plate

Sugar Booger “Yee Haw” Feeding Collection Divided Suction Plate

Divided melamine plate from the Yee Haw Collection measures 8″ in diameter with 3 divided sections and removable suction base. Dishwasher safe, but remove suction base first. Hand wash for best results. Do not microwave. All our melamine and vinyl related products are non toxic and lead free according to U.S., European, and Canadian standards.

Main features

  • Divided melamine plate
  • Removable suction base
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non toxic
  • Rustic western graphics paired with best selling plate design

Verified reviews


Removable Suction!

This is a great little plate, it’s cute, it’s sturdy, however it did not fit onto our daughter’s highchair tray, but once I removed the suction ring it did. (We have a boon highchair and the tray is on the smaller side).

Erma Scribner, NE

Successful … for about 10 minutes

I tried it dry and with water on the suction part of the plate – both times my 13 month old was able to get it up off of her tray and separate the plate from the suction ring. It is now such a fun “toy” for her, I can’t use it to serve her food. She just wants to turn it upside down and take it apart. Very disappointed – was hoping the good reviews would mean it would work well for me, too.

Mellisa Winthrop, WA

These plates work great if you know how to attach them

I suspect that the readers who gave this plate a negative review for not sticking to the surface didn’t apply water to the suction side. A little water makes these stick tight to the surface they are set on. In our case, our 14 month old has tried to tear them off her highchair tray but they have stayed put. It is a simple fix for these very cute and easy to use plates (they are even cuter in person than in this picture)

Letitia Lake Jackson, TX

Plate broke first time it was dropped on the floor

I loved this plate when it arrived. The suction cup works as well as most suction cups do; it depends on the surface it is on. Even on our wood table it would stay suctioned long enough to allow for a much cleaner dining experience with our toddler. Yet, she did manage to pull the plate to the edge of the table, undo the suction, and throw it on the floor. I was really surprised to see that the plate was cracked with a big chunk broken out of it. Oh well! I guess I won’t be ordering more of these after all.

Karyn Adamstown, MD

Works great and too cute!

Cute designs, and suction on the bottom helps toddlers feed themselves easier. Neither my 1 or 2 year old grandchild have removed these plates from the table after auctioning in place, but easy for an adult to remove. The suction part comes off while hand washing and is somewhat tricky to reattach…but with a little patience it can be reapplied…still love it!

Lidia Chester, NJ

Cutest Plates

I was looking for divided plates with suction for my son’s high chair. While the suction area was actually too large to use with his chair we still love these plates!! They are super cute and show no wear after almost 6 mo of use

Valarie Cashtown, PA

The suction just doesn’t work.

My son drops plates, cups, spoons and food on the floor every single meal.It is just so tiring to pick it up over and over and over again.So I thought this would help him to keep the plate on the table.However, this suction is too weak that my son can lift it up and throw.Also, the rubber stains a lot.I just don’t see the usefulness of this plate.It’s so sad because this plate is so cute.I guess I just pick them up hoping someday he will learn not to….

Esther Grapeland, TX

Great plate

I got this plate for my son who is into pirates zone. My son is 4 years old and it works great for you. We don’t care so much for the suction (I know it was an issue for some of the reviewers) but I have to say it seems like it stuck pretty well on the table.:)Love the bright and colorful pirate design, as well as the little compartments for food!Overall good product for the right price!

Laverne Levelock, AK

In match with Vroom Sippy

I have the Vroom Sippy and of course I have to had this one for my lil boy .. quality it’s pretty good, and suction works decent, I mean it’s not the best ( the best it’s the other one you will find right here in Amazon that’s for adults too and it’s all white ) but the secret to make it work better it’s clean .. clean surfaces with few drops of water will help the suction a lot .. if your boy or girl are strong .. well they will manage to pull it finally ..

Bridget Mabton, WA

Really Great Suction!

I bought this for our youngest to prevent her plate from ending up on the floor. IT WORKS! We have a smooth, lacquered wood table instead of a high chair I have always used a Graco Tot N Loc with each of our 5 children. To make the suction strong I run the underside of the plate under the faucet, then flip over and put the food on the plate. I do not cut on this plate as the material won’t stand up to much abuse. Then, I place the plate at the table and push down on the center. We’ve had this for 6 weeks and I should have bought is sooner. The price is well worth the quality and performance!

Lillian Ridgefield Park, NJ

great suction

I have bought numerous suction bowls & plates & this is the only one that actually sticks. The design is cute. It cleans up easily & I like how the suction ring is removable so you can use it as a regular plate when baby is old enough. Thanks sugarbooger!

Suzanne Alamo, CA

Real cute but does not fit on the high chair tray

Real cute but does not fit on the high chair tray so will pull out again after we start eating off the dining room table!

Dionne Dover, NJ

6 month old figured out how to pick up in less than 5 minutes

This plate is cute, but just isn’t baby proof enough for our son. he figured out right away that he can slide it to the edge of the table and release the suction. it is also too big to fit on the Keekaroo highchair tray.

Miranda Norcross, GA

Works but still able to move

I am glad i got this, but my son can still move it if he try’s.Overall i would get another one if i need too.

Selena Hilltop, WV

Great item!

We love this plate, its durable, washes well (doesn’t leave stains) and it works! Granted, if our toddler wants to remove it he can do so but it takes determination. Best plate we own.

Lorene Black Mountain, NC

Works very well!

This is the best suction plate I’ve found that my 15 months old daughter can’t lift it off the table. We found it easier to hand wash it so we can keep the suction ring on. It takes longer to put the ring back on sometimes than hand wash it.

Sophia Sapphire, NC

Cute designs, but the suction ring comes off

Love the designs, but by the second using my 20-month-old had figured out how to remove the suction ring on the bottom. It also comes off easily during washing and is a bit of a pain to replace. Now we just use it as a regular plastic plate. Wish the suction ring was really attached.

Ina Westfield, NC

Easiest plate I’ve had for my toddler!

The rubber ring is removable which makes for easy cleaning, and also you can use the plate without it if you rather. The sections are nice sizes, not too deep and big enough to hold enough food for a decent meal. My daughter is just starting to feed herself with a spoon and so far she has done great with the plate 🙂

Deana Huntington, WV

haha!! she cant get it off

I use it on my 20 mo olds high chair. I wish I would have found this when she was throwing her food on the floor !!! now she’s learned to tell me "all done" and lifts her plate. but haha! now she cant lift her plate!! mommy wins again. I was concerned about the suctioning after reading mixed reviews and I never have to get it wet… the suction is phenomenal not sure if the others were just not pushing down on the plate?….

Lisa Darrouzett, TX


Second Sugar Booger plate I have ordered for my grandson. I really like the colorful designs of these plates. May keep baby’s attention longer. Baby has just started eating food and I have not used the plate yet. But it is sure to get lots of use in the coming months. I’m not sure of the suction quality of these plates, but that was not my first concern when buying them.

Hazel Brohman, MI

Great plate for little ones.

This is going to be a Birthday gift for our granddaughter. She will be using it for finger food and the sections will help make it easier for her to pick up the fruit and veggies.

Imogene Mapleton, MN

very cute, good suction

plate works great, the rubber suction part can be removed from the plate for easy washing and storing. sugar booger is a horrible name for kids stuff though lol.

Edythe Charleston Afb, SC

A little disappointed

I tried all of the suggestions written by the other reviewers to get this plate to stick in a way that my 14 month old would not be able to unstick it…and unfortunately he learned how to break the seal on the suction after his 2nd meal with this plate. It is a cute plate though, and the design is adorable. Hopefully it’ll be more useful once he learns to leave the plate on his tray.

Helena Tower City, ND

Cute plate but suction base is pointless

This plate is cute as a divider plate but the suction base and plate are two separate pieces. So any child can easily lift the plate off the suction base and spill the contents all over themselves and the floor. My daughter loved the design on the plate and for a while was the only plate she wanted to eat off of but for it simply being a cute divided plate, it’s way overpriced!

Laura Williamsville, VA

Good suction plate

I like this plate it worked pretty well for our son initially as long as we got it a little wet it would stay on his high chair tray (we have a wooden high chair). When he got older he made it his mission to remove the plate from the high chair and then it couldn’t hold up to his repeated efforts.

Josie Peru, IA

cute plate, but doesn’t hold suction

I tried this plate on several surfaces and the only one it held any suction to at all (after the ring was moistened and it was pressed down hard) – that was a table covered with a heavy epoxy layer, like is used on some bar tops. In that case, my 8 month old was able to just flip the plate up and remove it from the ring entirely.The divided sections are nice, but the plate doesn’t actually stay in one spot, which is the whole point, and is too expensive considering that you can buy regular divided plates much cheaper.

Eileen Rutherford, CA

Good plates.

The plates are cute and easy to clean but the gasket doesnt stick to granite counters very well. Also the gasket is tough to get on sometimes. Overall not a bad product.

Melba Quemado, NM

Great purchase- suction helps alot

I hesitated to purchase this because of so so reviews, but it’s the only plate we use now. It won’t outlast a determined toddler who is bored, but as long as the child is eating, the plate stays in place and resists being lifted or toppled. Anything stronger must be bolted down.Only comment- 2 sections or evenly divided 3 sections would better fit kids’ meals. The section proportions are more like Hungry Man dinners than simple toddler foods.Great product.Saves LOTS of clean up.

Annmarie Mountain City, GA

Great suction cup!

Love that this plate stays in place. My 11 month old has not been able to knock it off of her high chair at all. It holds up really well in the dishwasher too.

Josefina Ridgecrest, NC

Suction is fair

I love how cute this plate is, and the sections are nice, but the suction (even when you wet it) is only fair. My daughter (17 mo old now) has been able to pull it off since getting it 3 months ago. But I think no suction would be strong enough for a determined child who wants to pull her plate off of her tray.

Polly Myton, UT