SugarBooger ABC Jumbo Splat Mat

SugarBooger ABC Jumbo Splat Mat

Jumbo Floor Splat Mat with Alphabet graphics keeps floors clean while little diners learn mealtime skills. Made from laminated cotton canvas, measures 42 by 42-inches, includes a re-usable storage pouch. Wipe clean, line dry.

Main features

  • Laminated cotton canvas
  • Wipe clean, line dry
  • Handy during mealtime or picnics and while doing art projects
  • Great protective barrier between babies and bare floors
  • Includes reusable storage pouch

Verified reviews


not washable and contains PVC

This is not washable and it has PVC. I ordered them because other sites states it is PVC free and washable! Come to find out, it’s not washable (states it directly on the care label) and it’s not PVC free! It contains 18% PVC. Although I think the designs are cute, I am upset the products do not do what it states.

Margarita Mesa, CO

Doesn’t wash well

The mat is super cute and has a good weight so it doesn’t move around much on its own. We have wood floors in our kitchen (I know, weird!), so we wanted this to protect the floors from our food-flinging toddler.The care instructions say you can wash it in a washing machine and hang to dry, but DON’T do it! The coating and the cloth backing have separated in places all over the mat, so the coating appears to be all bubbly, and it looks really cheap. The mat won’t lay flat anymore, and has a tendency to curl along the edges. I was hoping this would be with us for years and we’d use it under a craft table down the road, but I doubt it will last that long.It’s also not especially “jumbo.”

Jane Columbiaville, NY

Works great as an arts & crafts mat for messy kids!

I haven’t used this mat very much at mealtimes, for two reasons: 1) my toddler can throw food way beyond the boundaries of the mat, and 2) our dog enthusiastically and thoroughly cleans up the floor after every meal, so between that and regular mopping, the floor stays clean. 🙂 BUT – this splat mat has been a godsend since our son started coloring and finger painting – being under age 2, he inevitably colors not just outside the lines but outside the book entirely. I spread the mat out, put his coloring book on it, and let him go to town – no big deal if he gets crayon marks on the vinyl mat! We’ve just started playing with washable finger paint, and the mat came in so handy for that as well. I may not use it for its intended purpose, but as an arts & crafts mat, it’s done a fantastic job of protecting my floors!

Beatrice Belfry, KY

I *so* wanted to like this…

I really wanted to love this, as I really needed some help maintaining the blast zone around my son’s high chair, but it wasn’t great. (1) It’s awkward to clean. If you take it up to clean it in the sink, the slick surface spreads water everywhere. (2) The back side is not slick like the front, so it attracts dirt and is impossible to clean properly. I used it as a picnic mat and the mud stains on the backside showed through to the front. I can’t seem to get it clean enough, so now the whole thing looks dirty. (3) In the end, it’s absolutely not a time saver to scrub down and dry this mat versus scrubbing down and drying the floor. I’ve folded up and stowed it away for use as a picnic blanket or changing mat, but it totally wasn’t worth the price paid.My son and I still do like the animals and numbers (even though the yellow ones are too pale to be clearly discernible), but that’s not cause enough to make it worthwhile. Oh well, live and learn.

Anne Anderson, MO


This mat is the perfect size to fit under a high chair, and is made of a thick material so it should last for a long time. The top is a laminated plastic, and the back is a type of canvas fabric. The mat has very bright colors and is a cute design. As another reviewer noted, the mat comes folded up, so yes, there are creases on the mat, but that’s not a big deal. I did not realize that the mat came in a matching zippered pouch, which is a bonus! I am definitely happy with this purchase.

Joyce Blanco, TX

Returned it without use

I ordered this mat because it was cute and received good reviews. I intended to put it under a plastic picnic table in my kitchen. First, the mat is very thin and slippery, so the table would slide on the mat just as it would my tile floor. Secondly, because it was folded up, it was bent throughout the mat, making it look cheap. I primarily returned this, because I think the mat is worth $10 in construction, not the $30 for which it is priced. It would maybe just fit under a high chair, but if your kid throws food, it would be of no help. I went back to using my foam block mat, which prevents sliding. Not worth the price.

Sallie Kealakekua, HI

Perfect floor protector

I love the Sugar Booger mat. It is very thick and has a nice weight which helps it to stay in place. My little girl fell in love with it as soon as I got it out of the box. She wanted to lay on it and look at all the pictures. It is a great size and catches all the food, saving our wood floor. I am a big fan and think it is definitely worth the price. Also comes with a cute little storage envelope with a zipper for traveling. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Briana Pilot Station, AK

Quality and super cute!

Very happy with this mat. I almost bought another for half the price but heeded the reviews saying they were thin and flimsy. This one is definitely not. Very thick and seems very durable. It is like a laminated thick canvas, and the design is just as it appears online…gender neutral too which is a plus. The addition of a pouch was just icing on the cake and will make it easy to transport it to other’s houses or for a picnic. Very happy with this purchase.

Rosanna Mount Jewett, PA

Just what I needed.

Great size, just what I was looking for. We got it to use at families houses with carpet in the dining room. I know it says it is able to be washed in the washing machine but I would not do it. It cleans up great with a damp cloth to wipe it down.

Nita Birmingham, AL


Great and saves our hardwood floors, very cute and gender neutral…only taking one star off because it tends to get bunched up.

Betty Maryland, NY

just a touch too small

I would give this 5 stars if it were about a foot longer and a foot wider. I just think that the designer should have considered that by the time babies are big enough to feed themselves and make big messes on the floor that necessitate its use, they can easily spill ( or throw) stuff over the edge of the mat.

Matilda Norwood, PA

beautiful mat

the mat is really great the only thing is that i was expecting bigger one but it look like it just can cover for 1 charge space 2.5 by 4 feels, kids are not that easy they throw farther than that

Allyson Milton, WA


so great for the adorable child who throws everything on the floor! only had it for a week, but i clean it every night with all natural cleaners and it’s holding up great.

Brianna Kennebunkport, ME

Not so jumbo, but still a quality floor mat

Sugar Booger floor mat is not so much jumbo, it looks as though it will nicely keep the wood floors free of spills during high chair time, but it is not the floor mat I was anticipating for craft time. That being said, it is still a quality item. The canvas mat is heavy and well sealed for easy cleaning and durability. The “Prehistoric Pals” design is a colorful collection dinosaurs and volcanoes in a green, blue and brown color scheme.I highly recommend this product to those of us who wish to keep lunchtime and playtime fun, but easy to clean.I recommend this whimsical touch to any kitchen/dining room.

Whitney Ellicottville, NY

easy to clean.

When my husband and i down sized to a small apartment i purchased this to keep our floor baby food free without a highchair. it is just the right size to catch flying food in what ever direction. i have recommended it to several of my friends who all love it as well. the dinosaur design also went over well with my husband!

Renae North Wilkesboro, NC

just what we needed

We ordered this splat mat for our 6 month old because she was starting solid foods. For now we sit her in a pod on the floor with the mat underneath. Works great as a splat mat for meal times and as a play mat for our pre-crawler to scoot around on. We like that it is PBA free. Wipes up easily. We will continue to use this mat when the baby graduates to a high chair and beyond that as a craft mat. The design is cute (our daughter tries to grab the lady bugs – funny). and the construction is good. The matching bag is great for travel as we can bring the mat to grandmas or fiends’ houses.

Jennifer Burgoon, OH

Perfect for carpeted floor

I use this for under. My 2 year olds chair when we eat in our carpeted dining room. It is sturdy and has prevented many spills from hitting the carpet.

Selina Sharpsburg, MD

Love this product

I bought 2 of these splat mats (one for the dining room and one for the basement). They are great. Keeps the mess off the hardwood and the carpet and the mats are cute.

Tracie Vernon, UT

Excellent quality spill mat

We got this to put under our son’s high chair. I love the animal graphics, and the colors are cute. The size of the mat is 42" square and is generous. It could be a little bigger, like 5′ square, but it does a good job of keeping most of the food off the floor. The thickness of the mat is great. I’m not worried about it falling apart at all. It’s a laminated cotton canvas. I actually didn’t realize until just now that the mat was machine-washable, which is great. I’ve just been wiping it off after meals. We haven’t had any huge spills on the mat, but we did have a leaking sippy cup leave a puddle of milk on it. It was sitting there a couple of minutes before I wiped it up. When I went to wipe it, I noticed that the liquid had soaked into the mat so that the underside was damp. Not a big deal, but I’ll try to make sure big puddles get mopped up quickly. The pouch is a nice touch, but honestly, we never store it. I did try to put it back in there once, and it was a tight fit. I’d prefer it to be a little cheaper and ditch the pouch. Overall, we are very glad we got this mat!

Dionne Volcano, CA

Splat mat lives up to it’s name!

I couldn’t be happier with the SugarBooger splat originally purchased for my daughter’s first birthday party. After that first use, I wondered why I hadn’t purchased it earlier! It comes in a wonderful array of fun patterns, wipes down easily, and is sufficiently large enough to handle the mess of a toddler. I am particularly happy with being able to repurpose it for outdoor picnics as my daughter grows out of the need for a splat mat (although at this point I see no end in sight). My only critical feedback is that the pattern is so busy it can be difficult to spot dropped food.

Maryann Brandywine, MD

Cute pattern, weird smell (for the first day or so)

Most of the splat mats for under highchairs were so obnoxious looking. This school/vintage pattern was really cute and looks the same as the photo. The only thing we didn’t like is that when we opened it to take it out, it had this plastic-rubbery smell for the first 2 days. After it had aired out, it was fine. We have hardwood floors under our dining table and we did have to get a rug pad (non-slip mat) to go underneath this. Otherwise, it bunches up and slides, much like a carpet would. Nice size and easy to wipe off.

Lynn Gloversville, NY

Good investment

This is a great splat mat. It’s large and thick. The cars are super cute. It is very easy to wipe clean or mop too. We will be using the same mat with our second child. Two thumbs up!

Shelly Sanderson, TX

NOT machine washable

Product tag says wipe clean. description led me to believe it was machine washable which is what I was looking for.

Jaime Jessup, MD

Helps me keep the floors clean

i got this thing and love it. It keeps the food off the floor which makes me happy. I use outside and a my folks house to keep things clean. one down side is that it has to be hand cleaned. Overall very happy.

Sofia Blacksville, WV

very well made. Awesome product

I use this mat for underneath baby high chair and for picnics. It is very well made and quite sturdy. It is also adorable. It was a bit pricey upfront but high quality items usually are. I have no doubt it will last through all my children.

Lorna Council Grove, KS

Convenient and Easy to Clean

Bought this as our baby was moving into his toddler phase. It is stays flat on the floor, is incredibly easy to wipe up any food, and doesn’t stain. We’re having two more kids in the spring and we’ll buy another one.

Angelina Herndon, KY

Good Floor Mat

We bought this to place under our little one’s high chair. It would be nice if it were just a bit bigger, but we’re pretty happy with it. It catches most of the stuff he drops and wipiing it up is a breeze. Our dining room is hardwood and we’ve had no problems with the mat sliding at all.I’ve never actually had the need to wash this item. I found using those Lysol wipes does the trick very well.I would definitely buy this item again if I needed to.

Jodie Lowell, AR

Splat Mat

I like this mat, but after using it/washing it several times the edges peel up and it doesn’t lay as flat as it used to which can be kind of annoying.

Elda Milo, ME


A great size to have a safe perimeter around the high chair. It can slip over our hardwood floors, so maybe tape a anti slip rug mat underneath.

Nina Lunenburg, VA

Thick, easy to clean splat mat

I was pleasantly surprised by how thick this splat mat is. It also comes in its own zippered pouch, which is a nice touch and now I use the pouch to hold the toddler’s other toys. The splat mat is easy to clean and is a good size for under a high chair use.

Marsha Hancock, IA