Sugarbooger Classic Lunch Sack, Dia De Los Muertos

Sugarbooger Classic Lunch Sack, Dia De Los Muertos

Edgy Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) decorated skulls in friendly colors adorn this SugarBooger lunch time basic. Whether off to school or daycare, this laminated cotton canvas Lunch Sack is the ideal choice to carry snacks, and features full insulation, a hook and loop closure, interior card for ID information and a convenient handle strap. Wipe clean, line dry. Non toxic and lead free, and conforms to U.S., Canadian and European Standards.

Main features

  • Laminated cotton canvas with handle strap
  • Fully insulated
  • Wipe clean and line dry
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Card for ID information

Verified reviews


Beware the mold!

As other reviews have stated, this bag molds relatively quickly, and there is nothing you can do about it. The only moisture in the bag is as others have said: an icepack a couple times, storing the items in the refrigerator, or putting a slighly wet container from the dish drainer in the bag. I air it out, but the issue has gotten worse.It is really too bad as the bag is a great size, and has no zipper to break, just a hook-and-loop strip. I have written to the company, and I will update my review if I get a response, but in the meantime, I cannot recommend this bag.ETA: The company wrote back to me, but seemed to think that the mold was a completely normal issue, even under the conditions mentioned. They sent me a replacement bag (which was nice), but weren’t very gracious about it, especially considering that I did not ask for the replacement bag, only questioned if the mold was something that they were aware of and were working on.As the company themselves seem to think it is normal, and not something they are trying to fix, I would have to say I cannot recommend this bag. It is really too bad as the size and ease of cleaning and opening for little hands is great.

Alfreda Thelma, KY

Loved it until it became stinky!

Purchased this lunchbag for my 8 year old son. Love the design of it and the price. I could fit plenty of food in for my son, as well as a water bottle. It was easy to wipe clean on the outside and the inside. However, after about a month this bag became so stinky I had to throw it away. I tried everything to get rid of the smell. What a waste of money.

Delores Summer Lake, OR

Right size, weight, design

My 4 year old daughter like the design and size. We like it too because it is easy to stack her lunch and it remains in the upright position. The quality looks good too.

Edwina Stanley, KY

Retro Adorable-Modern Durable

I ordered this to match my son’s Sugarbooger retro robot backpack and had his name monogrammed on both in brown. (The ID card pocket had to be removed before the lunchbag could be monogrammed, but that was done at the monogram shop and didn’t cost anything extra). We have really enjoyed the set. The lunchbag is coated on the outside and lined on the inside so that both are easliy wiped clean. I’ve actually rinsed mine several times with my sink sprayer and it faired just fine. It’s extremely durable and just the right size to fit everything we need for a meal out including a drink and utensils. It is insulated and keeps things cool for several hours, though I always include a little icepack. The pattern is so unique and looks vintage without the hazards of actually being old. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on these products and even had a friend order one after she saw mine!

Gloria Prosser, WA

so nice!

this is super cute!! made of very good material. the one thing is i bought it to go in the backpack and it doesn’t fit because it is so stiff with the plastic. so i have to carry it separate or bend it to fit. but it is so cute and i love it!!!

Georgina Port Wing, WI

Perfect little lunch bag.

This is the second set we have purchase and love the design and ability to clean it as needed and it is adorable. Our daughters will love them.

Sandy Colton, NY

Cute and Roomy for Young Kids

These lunch bags are so cute and fun! My preschooler loves cars so this design was the obvious choice. It is lightweight but roomy enough for a sandwich or soup thermos and several snacks. It will fit a nice size lunch without water canister or light snack with water canister. I usually put two flat ice packs when packing perishables. There have been times when my kids come home with uneaten yogurt or cheese still cold so I suppose the insulation is pretty solid. I have had to wash it in running water a number of times because there was food stuck at the seams that I just couldn’t wipe away (as per instructions) and I have not encountered the mold issue mentioned by other reviewers. I just make sure to wipe the inside dry and leave the top flap open to dry completely. I also purchased the matching spoon and fork set. It comes in its own case which is very nice.

Corina Fairlea, WV

Good bag but hard to clean

I really like this bag. It is the right size for my 18 month old. BUT it is hard to clean. When I tried to turn it inside out to clean the seams ripped. So far it has held together ok, but I will likely have to get another soon.

Josephine Tennessee Ridge, TN

Cute and well made

This is the second Sugarbooger lunch sack I have bought on Amazon. The first one has worked out so well that I just bought this cute monster one for my son to take with him to preschool. It is laminated so it is easy to wipe down inside and out. We load ours with a stainless steel eco-lunchbox stacker (which fits perfectly) or a Foogo Thermos and maybe a granola bar or a piece of fruit. I’m pretty sure it will also fit Lunchbots or most rectangular food containers and bentos. It holds more than enough food, is easy to carry and clean, and comes in super cute prints. The only thing it lacks (and why I’m not awarding it five stars) is an exterior pocket or mesh to put a water bottle in. If only it had a place for a water bottle it would be darn near perfect for the price!

Tamra Chapel Hill, TN

Quality is amazing!

I was so pleasantly surprised by the outstanding quality materials used in this lunch bag! It’s oddly wonderful to touch, it’s just lovely!!I use it for my 5 year old’s lunch (Kindergarten). She loves to eat cereal and this fits the EZ Freeze Cereal On the Go container (available on amazon), another milk to drink, a banana, gogurt or danimals smoothie, and a dessert. I also put in the Cool Coolers “Cool It!” Lunch Ice Packs (come in a pack of 4), they are super slim and much better than any other I’ve tried.This lunch bag definitely keeps things cool (with an ice pack). At lunch, my daughter says sometimes things are too cold for her to eat!! Since the on the go cereal container is like a teeny ice pack (meant only to keep the milk you pour inside it cold), I’m almost considering not putting in the Cool It ice pack and see how it goes, this lunch bag keeps it cold!Super easy to clean, durable, laminated fabric. When the top is velcro’d down and even when it’s loaded with items, it’s strong enough to hold it, plus when holding the handle, it does not pull up anywhere.We have the Pack It freezable lunch bag too, but I think this one keeps things colder than that!**** UPDATE *****We have noticed the dreaded stench on a handful of occasions when milk spills inside and leaks to the fabric when we didn’t realize it. It’s truly horrific. However, I have found a good system for getting the smell out. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) and tea tree oil in a hot wash with detergent and a soak. Once done, check for smell. If it still smells, wash it again, same stuff in it, soak again. To dry, I put it out in the sunshine for additional yuck erasing abilities. The very first time we had the stink issue, I only washed it with detergent, then left it out on the deck in the sunshine for about a week and that took care of it, but once I started using GSE and tea tree oil, it wasn’t a necessary step. Now to prevent the smells – every day after school, she takes everything out immediately, I spray some vinegar/water/tea tree oil solution in it, wipe it out. If I see that milk has gotten the fabric wet, I spray the inside with more of the vinegar solution and spray the seams where it’s wet on the outside. Let it sit for a few hours, wipe it out, set it over a floor vent to dry.Even with the washing we’ve done, it has held up really well – only a couple teeny holes in the silver lining inside. Food still stays cold, still cute as ever!

Leticia Pasco, WA