Sugarbooger Diaper Bag Organizer Pouches, Cotton

Sugarbooger Diaper Bag Organizer Pouches, Cotton

Sugarbooger’s diaper bag organizer pouches are a set of four cotton pouches with zipper closures and mesh backing for ventilation. Each pouch is printed with a different icon to help organize your diaper bag: clean clothes, dirty clothes (both 11 x 14″), goodies (10 x 6″), and extras (7 x 7″). Machine wash cold, line dry.

Main features

  • Diaper bag organizer pouches
  • Set of 4 pouches with zipper closures
  • Dirty and clean measure 14 x 11″ each, goodies measures 10 x 6″ and extras measures 7 x 7″
  • 100% cotton with mesh back for ventilation and easy visibility
  • Machine wash cold, line dry

Verified reviews



I really enjoy this product. It’s very convinient and keeps my diaper bag organized. However, I would recommend to have the dirty clothes bag to have a plastic lining on the inside – that would save a significant amount of time when it comes to having to wash it in the washing machine versus quickly cleaning it out and sanitizing it.

Bobby Lynchburg, VA

Don’t waste your money

I received these bags as a shower gift and they looked really cute in the package. When I took them out, they had a very strong chemical odor so I washed them in cold and dried them on the counter in my laundry room. They completely rolled up and I could not get them to flatten out or fold to put them in my diaper bag. In their current state, they just take up too much room. I haven’t used them at all, ziploc bags are just so much more convenient. I gave them two stars instead of one because I think I might use them when we travel this summer, maybe in the beach bag. I feel like I should find a use for them because they are not cheap. Bottom line, save your money and just buy a box of gallon Ziplocs.

Patsy Crum, WV

ziploc sandwich bags are much better

I bought this set a month before my baby was born. One of the smaller bags tore when I filled it with my babies toiletries. The bags are cute, but they are not durable. Once the bottom tears open you cannot use them again. I was very disappointed that they tore before my baby was even born! Ziploc bags are much better, and they’re waterproof! Unlike this set of bags.

Anastasia Irons, MI

very nice quality

These are a very nice quality, however the dirty & clean bags are a little bulky for my diaper bag, but I still use them to keep stuff organized for my weekender bag or extra clothes bag for the car. I use the extras bag all the time in my diaper bag. I still have not used the snacks bag yet. Overall I am glad I bought these because they are useful to keep stuff organized for the baby sitters even though they are a little bulky.

Louise Tyler, MN

Not that useful as I though

The fabric is too heavy and it does not accommodate very will in diapers bags and/or small bags. For big bags and trips it is too small.

Carol Ludlow, MO

Sugarbooger Diaper Bag Organizers — Very Nice!

I was excited to find these after I saw them mentioned in a blog about diaper bag contents. Our Babies R Us didn’t carry them, so I went directly to the Sugarbooger website. I compared prices between Sugarbooger and Amazon. Amazon was a few bucks cheaper, so I bought them there.I got two of them – one for each diaper bag (my son’s and my daughter-in-law’s). These are heavy duty and cute – but not too cutesie. The zippers are sewn in well. They are packaged nicely as well. A really attractive gift that I know is going to get a lot of oohs and ahs at the baby shower. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone!

Judy Mount Arlington, NJ

Great way to stay organized

I thought the bags would be small based on the image…but they are a nice size and really are very helpful in keeping our diaper bag organized. It makes it very easy to quickly located what we need to grab in a pinch. I washed one of the bags and I can tell from that that this product may not last for a long period of time. Regardless of that it is still worth it for as long as they may last.

Josefina Roland, IA

Must have for the diaper bag!

I have bought this item 3 times now. I bought 2 for baby shower gifts (was a hit at both showers). I just bought one for myself as I am expecting my first little one. The item is handy for clean and dirty clothes so I don’t have to carry around plastic zip lock bags for his dirty clothes. I would recommend this to any new mom’s are mom’s that want keep their diaper bag organized. These bags are a life saver.

Caryn Limestone, TN

Great product!

I love the look and feel of this product. I highly recommend it. I really like how one size is see through so you I can remember exactly what I put in there! Enjoy!

Janie Manahawkin, NJ

Did not like the quality

I did not like the quality on these products and returned them. They did not feel as soft as expected.

Mary Idaville, IN

Super cute

They’re adorable but a lot bigger than I had thought. I really like the small ones for little diaper bag items and love that you can still see the items when inside the bag. The big ones however are just in the way and too big for me so I keep them out. Id rather use a wet bag or something.

Magdalena Natalia, TX