SugarBooger Fairies and Berries Mini Bib Gift Set of 2

SugarBooger Fairies and Berries Mini Bib Gift Set of 2

Fairies and Berries Mini Set is a bib set with cotton canvas lining. It has a set of 2 mini bib set and a soft wipe clean material which makes this the perfect bib for everyday use. This set is machine washable and non toxic.

Main features

  • EVA 50%/NYLON 50%
  • Imported
  • Soft wipe clean material makes this the perfect bib for everyday use
  • Set of two mini bib set
  • Machine washable
  • Non toxic finish
  • Any age

Verified reviews


Great bibs!

I just love these bibs! For one they are adorable, but they are also really easy to wipe off which is an added benefit. I’m not quite sure if they can go into the washing machine though, so far I’ve just wiped them off.

Darlene Nine Mile Falls, WA

Looks cute, but smells very strong like plastic!

I didn’t realize that those bibs are made of some plastic-like material when I purchased them; they look really cute, but I don’t know if I can trust the material! It smells very strong.

Kitty Gilberton, PA

So cute

I love the pattern on these bibs. The front of the bib is easily wiped off. They are not soft fabric and are plastic.

Hillary Raritan, IL

So sad!

Not only were these not the size I thought that they were but after washing they were ruined! As much as I paid for these I am sad at the quality. They are completely stuck together and were very cheap… I really loved the look of these but they just did not turn out the way that I wanted. Completely ruined in the wash 🙁

Catalina Lakehead, CA

Love these bibs!

These are the best bibs on the market. They’re great because they snap in the back instead of velcro. My son has never pulled off his bib and they’re super easy to clean. Highly recommended! The price is worth it when you never have to replace your bibs.

Lula Woodson, TX

Cute pattern, small neck hole.

These are cute. I wish they weren’t made of plastic but that would be good when my son starts eating solids at 6months but by then the neck holes would be too tight. My son isn’t over sized either. My opinion: neck holes are too small

Sylvia Naylor, GA

The Only Bibs I’ll Buy

Granted you don’t want to run these through the dryer (they’ll melt), these bibs are the only kind I’ll buy any more… They actually last! The surface is plastic so they’re easy to clean! Plus, you can’t find cuter designs. Big fan of Sugarbooger!

Shari Collbran, CO

Awesome Cute Awesome Cute

Love love these. So cute and super easy to clean. Just rinse off squeeze and then leave on dryer rack.

Brigitte Rahway, NJ

great bibs, just don’t put them in the dryer

I love these as they are easy to clean and they snap closed so my daughter can’t rip them off. Just do not put them in the dryer as they WILL get ruined

Judy Marshall, AK

Love the design, but haven’t held up well

I love, love, love the Mexican folk art design on these bibs but unfortunately, they haven’t held up well. I’ve followed the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning (washed in washing machine, on cold, air dry) but the inner lining has frayed a bit. I still use these because they’re cute (and we use a lot of bibs in a day!) but I wouldn’t buy these again when there are so many other more durable bibs out there.

Josefina Gregory, AR

Cute but not as easy to clean as other vinyl bibs

I bought these for meal times so my daughter wouldn’t stain her cloth bibs and I wouldn’t add to the mound of laundry with every feeding.The vinyl part is great, wipes clean easy. The problem is the trim around the bib. It is not vinyl, but cotton. Any food that gets on the trim can’t be wiped away as easily as it can be on the vinyl part. I end up having to put these in the washer constantly.If you want something you can wipe off and reuse several times, I would recommend the Bumkins. Those are fabulous.These are adorable if you are looking for cuteness over functionality though.

Theresa Luray, KS

Ours broke

We used these bibs several times and they did pretty well in the washing machine (we didn’t dry them, per the instructions). The snap closure on one bib broke after about a month of use. Not the best product…very cute but not durable.

Margaret Saint Paul, AR

So hard to snap

These were so so disappointing! They are smaller than you would think. Only one snap setting and are so hard to snap. When trying to unsnap the bib I left like I was going to rip it. I have all the other matching items but I returned the bibs!

Annie Ferdinand, ID

sooo cute but…

Loved these things! great around the neck – my son is pretty skinny and most other bibs don’t cover all the way by his neck but these did…. they did not leak but…. the back is white like a plastic party table cloth and so by his first birthday party it was face down and cuz it just looks like plastic from the back it got thrown out 🙁 Very annoying cuz I really did love that one… I still keep the other in his diaper bag for when we’re out…’s just so cute! (I got the yee-haw ones btw) I would definitely recommend them it’s just that they’re pretty expensive… which is why I never bought more

Vilma Grant, CO


THese arrived larger then i thought but they will be very handy b4 long i put them on a Pirate themed Diaper cake i made for a shower and what a hit and im sure it will be when mommy to b is able to use them:)

Teri Palestine, WV

Great bibs

They are super cute and work great for messy babies. I can wash them quickly in the sink and don’t have to worry about doing 20 loads of laundry.

Willie Roaring Springs, TX


Cute as can be for our little pirate. They are not teething bibs. And when it says mini, they are not talking little either. They are saying these bibs are not as large as some other bibs you put on a child to eat. I think they are just the right size for a child beginning to eat. They are waterproof front and back. Very durable and just wipe clean. I’m pretty sure we have the matching feeding dish from the same company. Pleased as punch.

Michaela Signal Mountain, TN


I used them with my baby girl every day for 8 months and worked perfectly, but now the lining of the back of it is ripping , I assume it is due to high usage.

Lila Burbank, OK

So cute

These are extremely cute and adorable, they don’t prevent the food from falling down onto his lap but he looks good while it’s happening 🙂

Kris Landrum, SC

Cute bibs, but quality is just okay

What I like: They are pvc so they wipe down easy; The design is cuteWhat I don’t like: They are pvc (yes, I know what I just said about pvc…) so most everything slides down and onto baby or into the high chair; They seem to be a little on the cheap side, meaning I don’t think I’m going to get as much use out of these before the snaps rip out of the material or they just disintegrate…not compared to that $5 pack of ten washable fabric bibs that is still going strong after my 3 kids and one cycle through a nephew. Ultimately they’re just okay and there are better products to spend the money on, especially for bibs.

Frankie Burgoon, OH

Broke after a few months

I loved these bibs, I ordered 2 sets of them. After a few months (maybe 2 or 3), 2 out 4 bibs are out of commission, the snap just came right out of the material! One was broken by my son himself trying to pull the bib off, the other one by my husband when he was taking it off. Seams around the snap must be pretty weak.

Jane Ramsey, WV

too cute…

i got these as a gift for a new mom. they are too cute and she loved them. i’m not sure how they will hold up.

Cleo Earp, CA

Strong snap closure and easy to clean

This bibs are great- we bought them (and the dia de los muertos ones) because of the snap closure- our little guys like to pull their bibs off during mealtime. They’ve been great in that regard, and they’re easy to rinse off between feedings.They’re a little vinyl-stinky when they first come out of the package, but the smell goes away after washing a few times.Note: if you get these, be careful when taking them off…. the snaps are much stronger than the material so if you pull hard on the bib to open it, the snap will go right through the material (sadly we broke one of the bibs this way).

Mavis Summitville, IN