Sugarbooger Flip and Sip Container, Hoot

Sugarbooger Flip and Sip Container, Hoot

Hoot collection by SugarBooger is lovable little owls in happy trees surrounded by flowers and heart, what little girl could resist. A splash of pink with a dash of orange for pizzazz, the Hoot Collection is styled in vintage 60’s colors. SugarBooger’s Flip and Sip stainless steel drink container features an easy screw top lid that incorporates a simple flip top straw and cover, and soft silicone handles that are removable for cleaning or use by adults or older children. BPA free, phthalate free and lead free. Holds 12 ounces (350ml).

Main features

  • Wide mouth construction designed for easy cleaning or adding ice cubes
  • Removable, soft silicone handles
  • Straw and flip top lid helps prevents spills
  • Lightweight body made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel
  • Holds 12 ounces

Verified reviews


Cute design but leaks, all scratched up design

This stainless steel thing doesn’t hold up. I love the sugar booger designs so much! I wish they got better products to put them on. The stainless steel dings really easily which is a problem as every baby I know likes to drop their drink. Now it won’t sit flat. My little 14th month old loves it and talks to the robots on it. I just wish that the straw bit and the canister were more sturdy. I still use it because he loves it so but it’s not very practical as it spills liquid when dropped or when it weeble wobbles on it’s side. Maybe a smaller size and thicker steel would make it more sturdy?

Frieda Honesdale, PA

Cute and working great!

My 5 month old was stealing small plastic cups from me and using them properly so I decided to give sippy cups a try. He does better with the ones that don’t have a straw but he is still able to use the straw with a little encouragement. I’m sure he’ll be better at it as he gets older. I was worried that it would dent based on other reviews so to be on the safe side, I bought the boogin’ head sippigrip to keep it from hitting the tile floor. Seems to be a great combo so far. I have had the lid leak but that was from not paying attention to how I got it screwed on. For now, I have the plastic lid popped off because it was in the way when he was trying to learn to use the straw. But once he has the hang of it and learns to not lean over it, I will put it back on. I also like that the handles come off–makes for easier cleaning. Long story short, there’s a little learning curve for the little ones but I still think it’s great, especially the designs!

Matilda Rogers, TX

Cute, but hard to clean and it leaks

The cup is very cute, but it does not do the job well. When the cup is tilted to the sides, it leaks and of course, when it is upside down as well. Also, the clear plastic part of the straw comes out for easy cleaning, but not the black part. I tried to use the straw cleaner brush, but the hole inside the mouth piece is too small to clean. I’m using this cup as only the water cup and cleans every time she drinks out it.

Gwendolyn Modoc, IN

Great metal cup with a straw

I wanted a metal cup for my daughter to avoid plastic. I did a lot of research and this was the only one I could find that had a straw instead of a sippy spout. My daughter is 9 months old and has no problem drinking out of it. It occasionally leaks when left on it side for a long time, but she only drinks water out of it so its not a problem. She can easily pick it up with the handles too. I would recommend it.

Cortney Yadkinville, NC

how can i contact company with question

Hi, I bought this and was wondering, is it supposed to have a straw inside of it? It leaks when it’s tipped over and i thought maybe because it doesn’t have a straw inside. Does anyone know how i can contact the company? there doesn’t seem to be a link to contact them. If mine didn’t come with a straw then i’d like to order a replacement.

Lenora Martinez, CA

Sturdy Sippy

This cup only leaks for me if the mouthpiece is flipped open and it’s on it’s side. Other than that I haven’t had an issue. I love how sturdy this cup is. It’s a good match for my busy 21 month old. I like that she can get more water out of it than most straw sippy cups, she seems to be happy with it also! She’s been toting it around saying “new cup, new cup”! I think she likes it too!

Autumn Mc Intire, IA

Love the flip and sip

These are so handy. They are perfect in the car for long rides or running errands around town. We love that the kids always have their drinks available. It is also great not having spills and the kids can stay hydrated.

Kate Everly, IA


good thermos. I got it because it matched my daughters backpack and lunch box, but it leaks EVERY DAY. No matter how I twist the lid or how much liquid I put in (little or a lot). She doesn’t get to carry it to school in her backpack any more because it makes everything wet.

Alissa Lyle, MN

wrong color was shipped to me

The cup itself is great – the water in it tastes odorless and my son loves the handles.I ordered this cup in black but received the blue robot color instead. We’ve already got the blue robot cup at home so I wanted a different one for my son. Contacting Amazon – hope I can return it.

Nell Ramona, CA