Sugarbooger Set of 3 Good Lunch Snack Sack, Hoot!

Sugarbooger Set of 3 Good Lunch Snack Sack, Hoot!

Reusable Snack Sack Sets match Sugarboogers Hoot. pattern to make for a low impact lunch. Fabric Good Lunch Snack Sacks are made from lead free nylon and cotton. See through Good Lunch Snack Sack is made from FDA approved EVA. Set of 3. Large fabric sack measures 7 x 7″, small fabric sack measures 7 x 3.75″ and EVA sack measures 7 x 7″. Nylon and cotton sacks are machine wash using delicate cycle and line dry. EVA sack is hand wash only with soapy water.

Main features

  • Fabric good lunch snack sacks are made from lead free nylon and cotton
  • See through Good Lunch Snack Sack is made from FDA approved EVA
  • Set of 3
  • Large fabric sack measures 7 x 7″, small fabric sack measures 7 x 3.75″ and EVA sack measures 7 x 7″
  • Machine wash nylon and cotton sacks, hand wash EVA sack

Verified reviews


great set

I ordered these because they matched my son’s lunchbox. I mostly love them, but I was a little disappointed that the weren’t all “water tight”. The clear bag is great for moist items (sliced lunch meat, cheese, fruit, ect) but the two printed bags are really only suitable for dry items (chips, goldfish, popcorn, ect.) I really intended on using the two sandwich sized bags for fruit (which is what makes up the majority of my son’s diet) All in all I’m still satisfied with the set, I just wish all 3 bags held moist items.

Cleo Angels Camp, CA

Love it, only one flaw

I love these, they’re sturdy, they hold up in the wash and are durable for a toddler. My only con is the velcro used to secure the flap shut on the smaller snack bag doesn’t prevent the snacks from shifting and falling out. I do like that there is no choking hazard with a zipper, but we’re losing snacks like crazy when my guy wants to hold the bag but not ready to eat the snacks. (I know, the problem can be solved by not letting him hold it, but he’s an intermittent snacker)

Lessie Amenia, ND

Great quality. Very useful.

Love these bags. My daughter loves carring her snacks in them. Perfect for cut apples. Not so great for strawberries, stains. The good thing they are washable.

Lindsey Bradley, IL

Great for keeping snacks separated in the diaper bag

I can fit a 4 oz pouch of baby food, a bib, a spoon and a disposable placemat in the large "sandwich" bag and carry it around on a regular basis.The quality of the bag is good, thick material and after one wash on gentle cycle, it still looks good.The velcro pouches might not be enough to keep in all the crumbs, but they stay closed well. For the more crumbly teething biscuits, I use the semi-clear zip pouch.This is a handy buy for keeping the diaper bag organized and also useful to throw into my purse or dad’s diaper bag on the way out for quick trips!

Leslie Rego Park, NY

Very cute

These have been very handy and I really like that I don’t have to use a plastic bag. The only thing is that when they arrived they had a strange smell to them.

Rosario Fairfield, ND

Almost perfect

The canvas bags are fantastic. Perfect for putting snacks in for the kids. They can go in their lunch, in the car, outside, wherever. We have had no issues with keeping track of them, and it’s been wonderful to no longer buy plastic disposable lunch bags. This also comes with one clear, reusable plastic sandwich bag, but the zipper doesn’t work. My only complaint. May have been a faulty item, as our other set doesn’t have this issue. Regardless, I would still recommend this item. The kids also love the fun fabric choices. Also best price for what you get (3 bags).

Sheri Boulder, WY

Yes I took my son’s snack sack ok………. 🙂

Ok, so I bought this for my almost 3 year old son, and I love them so much I use them 🙂 They are washable and perfect for my breakfast and snacks to take to work. Of course I do share with my son, but anyone of any age can use these.

Alana Kershaw, SC

It’s ok. Pricey, though.

This item is ok. A bit pricey and the plastic detaches. It looks like I purchased an expensive zip lock Baggie.

Rhoda Pine Brook, NJ