Summer Infant 02000Z Baby Touch Silicone Protector, Pink

Summer Infant 02000Z Baby Touch Silicone Protector, Pink

Snug fit protects the monitor from accidental drops and bumps.

Main features

  • Allows full access to all functions of the monitor
  • Available in black (28330) or pink (28175)
  • Made from silicone

Verified reviews


Eases my mind

We purchased this case for our Baby Touch monitor after I dropped it down the stairs (they were carpeted so it didn’t break) I haven’t dropped the monitor since receiving this product, but his has been knocked over on our granite counter and it hasn’t broke. Obviously the silicone doesn’t cover the screen, so I would imagine that if you dropped the monitor onto something that was bumpy or jagged the screen would break and this cover would do nothing to protect it. But I think it just provides me with a peace of mind that there is a thin padding around the edges in case it falls over on the counter, etc.Update:We have been using this case on our monitor for over a year now. The monitor has been dropped multiple times and no damage has been done. I don’t know if the case saved it or not, but I would imagine that when it was dropped and bounced the case helped protect the edges from cracking. Maybe it would have been fine without it, but for such a low price I think this case is worth it for sure!

Rosalie Lackey, VA


my friend cracked her monitor and had to buy a new system. This will save your monitor! Just like a phone!

Clarissa Organ, NM

Great Monitor

This is a great Monitor. Color in my opinion is not important though, since I spent most of my time monitoring my daughter with the lights out which looks like black and white anyway, I would recommend saving some money and just getting a black and white monitor. That being said, this is a great product. Also, never used recording device, thinks it’s kind of useless.

Jimmie Isle Of Wight, VA

Great protector case!

We’ve broken one summer infant screen. This is perfect. It is rubber and fits perfectly around the screen. I wish it came in other colors besides pink, but I needed a protective case so badly that I didn’t care that it was pink. Summer please make more colors!

Jo Danbury, TX

Fits perfectly!

The case fits just right & we love it! I have dropped the monitor a couple of times & the case protected it well.

Felicia Greenwood Lake, NY


My house has a toddler and a newborn, I very rarely have extra hands. Needless to say, this monitor has been dropped more than a few times. It still works perfectly. I would buy this again and tell all my friends to do the same.

Manuela Salina, PA

Does a Great Job!

This protector is a great addition to the monitor. My husband and I can be clumsy sometimes, so it’s great to have a silicone sleeve to help cushion the inevitable falls that the monitor takes. The only problem we have is that we waited 10 months to buy it. We wish we had found this product when we first bought the monitor!

Shawna Long Mott, TX


I’m SHOCKED at the positive reviews! 1) It is U shaped and doesn’t stay on well. If your baby touches it, they’ll take it right off. 2) It won’t charge with the case on. It is cut to large for the charging stand. 3) Ordered Black, got pink. In short, doesn’t do anything well.

Kathleen Cloverdale, IN

Great cover but have to move a bit to put on charger

This protector is great but you just have to move the bottom ends a bit when putting it on the charger to make sure it fully connects and is able to charge right.

Millie Floyd, VA

Perfect for new mommies

The cover is very easy to put on and stays in place. As a new mom I was sleep deprived most of the time and I became a bit clumsy, so dropping the monitor wasn’t out of the question. Perfect to protect the monitor and would highly suggest – especially since the monitor isn’t cheap and this protector is.

Casandra Maitland, FL

works well

I wish we would have bought it before the wife cracked the screan. its protected now for the midnight dropseys .

Caroline Crawford, CO