Summer Infant 10 Piece Keep Me Clean Disposable Potty Protectors

Summer Infant 10 Piece Keep Me Clean Disposable Potty Protectors

Summer Infant’s Clean and Green Potty Protectors break down and decompose to provide a solution to keep germs away when using public toilets. Take them along on all trips and errands. The generous extra large size allows children of all ages to have a germ barrier large enough for hands and bottoms. Comes with a resealable travel pouch for added convenience. These Potty Protectors are a must for your diaper bag.

Main features

  • Polyester, Cotton
  • Imported
  • Generous size drapes over the front and sides where kids hold on, environmentally degradable, soft, waterproof material, fits standard and elongated toilet seats
  • Tape prevents the potty protector from sliding, comes with a resealable travel pouch for added convenience; Perfect for diaper bag
  • 10 Potty protectors included, fits standard and elongated toilet seats

Verified reviews


Not worth it for us

I bought these thinking they would be great for use on public toilets. Well, they are more hassle than they are worth. They cover the toilet just fine. They have tape to position it securely on the toilet, which seems great, but when you are in a hurry trying to get your child on the potty before they have an accident, it is more trouble than it is worth. I have found that is just as easy to lay TP down on the seat for my son to sit on. Also, I think these are NOT FLUSHABLE. The package did not say flushable. They are disposable, but I mean really, are you going to pick this off the toilet seat and carry it to a trash can?

Marie Burley, WA

GREAT product BUT…….

This product is GREAT but it is NOT as big as they show in the picture! that toilet MUST be one of those mini kiddy toilets….but all in all I love how they are plastic backed so waterproof..they are also VERY thin so I have actually flushed them without a problem. They do the job I needed them to do as I deal with 2 pottytrainers and my OCD about dirty public toilets!

Lois Stantonville, TN

Potty Protector

i was super excited about this product but was disappointed. where the adhesive is doesnt line up with most toilets so it didnt stay in place very well

Haley Vanndale, AR

Great for public bathrooms!

These stay in place & are large enough to cover the seat/edges where a toilet training toddler touches – excellent for public bathrooms.

Elma Spelter, WV


They are awesome! Helps me deal with gross bathrooms, keeps my daughter away from the germs, very small, and green too apparently! Not as long as some other brands, but I went for cheaper.

Jeanette Enfield, IL